one direction walls

i myself have trouble sleeping most of the times so here are some songs that will make you at least a little bit sleepy :) ENJOY ! 

(all links are to spotify)

  1. 42 - Bad Books 
  2. Gone - Bebe Rexha
  3. Over Again - One Direction
  4. Landslide - Fleetwood Mac
  5. Mexico - Acoustic / Bonus Track - Astrid S
  6. From The Dining Table - Harry Styles
  7. Lights Down Low - MAX
  8. Sunburn - Ed Sheeran
  9. Catch Me If You Can (Bonus Track) - EDEN
  10. These Four Walls - Little Mix

Let me know if you liked some of the songs :)

No More Sad Songs - A Harry Styles Imagine

*Based on No More Sad Songs by Little Mix 

“Put the chocolate down and get your ass up, we’re going out.” Your bandmates said busting into your room.

“I’ve got like three more episodes and then I’m all caught up.” You groan. “i’m not going anywhere.”
“Y/N, you’ve been watching Netflix and eating chocolate for weeks now.. it’s time you get out.” They say.

“I’m fine. I don’t need to go out.” You say.

“Yes, you do.” They say. “Now, get up and take a shower. We’re leaving in an hour.”

You sigh laying back in your bed. So, maybe they were right. You had been watching Netflix constantly and you haven’t really been out of the house since it all happened.
The day that your five year relationship ended.

It came out of the blue, after a pretty big argument happened. Words were sad and it ended right then and there. That happened over a month ago now and you still weren’t over it. There were so many times you just wanted to pick up the phone and talk to him, but then you saw pictures all over the internet of him out with a certain model that you two always argued over their friendship.
Maybe this was what he wanted… freedom, so you just never picked up the phone.

And if he was better off and happier without you, then maybe, at least for one night, you deserved to feel the same way.


After you showered, shaved, and got dressed in your best “night out” outfit, you and your girls were headed to a nearby club. Usually, clubs weren’t your thing, but tonight was a special occasion. You just wanted to get lost in the sound of the loud music, not thinking about what was going on in your love life.
You just hoped that the DJ didn’t play any sad songs…because you weren’t sure if you would be able to handle it if it did.
When you got the club, you all head inside and to the dance floor. You weren’t even bothered with going to the bar, you just wanted to dance.
Stay out all night, go where the music’s loud, so I don’t have to think about it…
You were swaying your body to the beat and singing along to the song that was playing in the background. Your bandmates were dancing along with you and you were having the time of your life.

With each song that played throughout the night, you just felt as if your broken heart was gone, even if was just for that night. During one song, you felt someone come up behind you. You turned around and saw that he was a guy. He was attractive and smile at you. 

“Care to dance?” He asks. 

Were you ready to dance with someone else? It was just dancing, you thought to yourself and that’s what you were here to do tonight, so you thought what the hell. 

“Sure.” you smile. 

For tonight, I’m gonna get my mind of it. Don’t care that somebody’s got his hands all over my body

You and the guy were dancing and it didn’t take long before the two of you got closer in your dancing. It felt weird, having another man’s hands on you like this, but this was going to be your life now, wasn’t it? 

After a few more songs played, you and the guy head over to the bar, where you just get a water.

“You sure you don’t want anything stronger?” He asks. 

“Nope. I’m not much of a drinker.” You shrug. 

“That’s cool. I’m not either. I mean I’ll drink a bit here or there, but I’m not one to get drunk.” He says. 

“Well, at least I don’t have to worry about you stumbling on me out there on the dance floor.” you giggle. 

“I can’t promise you that I won’t step on your feet though..” He jokes. 

You laugh loudly, which is something you hadn’t found yourself doing in a while.  Once you were finished with your water, you and the guy head back on the dance floor where your girls still were and all of you started dancing in one big group. 

You were sure that one of your friends was snap chatting or instagram storying this whole ordeal, but you didn’t care. 

The night was soon turning into the morning and the club was closing. Your feet were throbbing from all the dancing in heels you had been doing all night. You were hot, sweaty mess, but you were smiling. You were happy and this night was just what you needed…until you were headed towards the back exit of the club. 

The smile you had been sporting all night, vanished when you see the last person you expected to be there. Your ex was standing near the back door, almost as if he was waiting for you. 

“H-Harry?” You whisper staring at him with your heels in your hands. 

“Hey, Y/N.” He says looking back at you, with his hands in his pockets, leaning against the wall.