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Shawn and I had invited a few of the boys over for the football game. It had been a while since I had seen them, and I was pretty close with them.

“Babe! Are you almost done getting dressed?” Shawn called from downstairs, right after I heard the doorbell ring. I pulled on some jean shorts and the first sweatshirt I saw, running down the stairs.

There was a chorus of: “Hey, (Y/N)!” I smiled at both the Jacks, Matt, Cameron, and Jacob, as Shawn kissed the top of my head, holding a plate.

I headed into the kitchen to get more food. I wasn’t that girlfriend-that-brings-you-food-all-the-time, but Shawn had taken a seat with Cam, Matt, and Gilinsky. He had the biggest grin on his face as he tired on the TV for the game.

“Can I help you, babe?” I looked up, thinking it would be Shawn but it was Johnson.

I smile and hand him two bags of chips as I grab a plate. “Thanks, JJ.” I walk to the living room with the other boys and sat down with Johnson on the love seat.

Jack talked to me the entire game, clearly he wasn’t interested in who won. He said, “Those shorts suit you, babe.” I smiled.

I was counting seconds ‘til Shawn noticed, but he didn’t. He was so engrossed in the game. I pulled out my phone to check any notifications I had gotten, as Jack put his arm around me.

The game came to an end, and I got up to turn the TV off. I could almost bet money that Johnson’s eyes were following my bum, because as I turned around, Shawn was staring daggers at Jack.

I awkwardly smiled. “I’ll start putting the plates away.” I started off walking to the kitchen.

“I’ll help.” Johnson stated, starting to sit up and stand.

“I’m capable of helping my own girlfriend, thank you very much, Jack Johnson.” Shawn walked over pushing down on Jack’s shoulder to put him back in his seat.

Shawn walked into the kitchen, putting some bowls into the sink. “He was flirting with you.”

I shook my head. “No, he wasn’t.” I rolled my eyes at Shawn at he walked closer.

“Are you kidding? Of course, he was.” Shawn rested his chin on my head as I walked away, him rolling his eyes.

“Well, you weren’t paying any attention to your own girlfriend.” I said, as Shawn pulled a chair to the middle of the kitchen. I walked over to the fridge, as he gently pulled me over. I was as tall as him when he was sitting.

“I’m paying attention now.” He smiled and hugged me as I wrapped my arms around his neck. I kissed him quickly as he spoke quietly. “If right now isn’t enough, tonight I’ll pay so much attention to you, that you won’t be able to walk.” He smirked.

I hit his shoulder. “Shawn!” I said, looking down and almost blushing. This boy would be the end of me.

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