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Harry styles blurb


I was sitting on the couch watching tv when my phone went off. 100+ twitter mentions. Oh great more hate. I already had to deal with drama earlier today. I shrugged and ignored it.

Later on Harry came home. “Hi baby.” I said and walked over to him hugging him. Harry’s hugs were the best. I always felt safe and secure in his arms. He hugged me tighter but didn’t say anything. He soon released and went straight up stairs to our bedroom.

My phone went off again. 1,000+ twitter mentions. I walk back over forgetting Harry and started reading the tweets. Instead of reading hate I read stuff about Harry’s fav on twitter. I looked at what they said and it was true. He faved porn.

I didn’t know if I should be mad or sad or laughing. I did all three of them. I kept reading and laughing. I got so carried away in my own little world that Harry scared me when he put his hand on my shoulder. “Y/n? What are you laughing about?” He said smirking and sitting next to me.

When I looked into his eyes anger appeared in mine. “Nothing!” I said spat back and carried on with my twitter. Harry backed off and started to watch TV.

After I finished with my comedy run I put my phone on the charger and moved to the other end of the couch far away from Harry. “What’s wrong?” He said and came closer. I got up and went to the kitchen he followed. Gosh I hate when he does that.

“Y/n!Im right here!” He said turning me around and crossing his arms at my lower back caging me in. “Nothing Harry I’m just…I’m just…” I said avoiding eye contact until he lightly pushed my chin up to make eye contact. “What,love?” He said with a single tear in his eyes. “I’m just tired…” I said and slipped from his grip.

Harry stayed still for a while and then brushed past me to return back to the couch. I started feeling my eyes getting wet and I walked up stairs. I glance back at Harry. His face was in his hands quietly sobbing.

I walk into our room and sit on the bed. I hear Harry’s phone go off. 2,000,000+ twitter mentions. Harry walks in and went by his side of the closet and started to strip into his boxers.

He walks to his side of the bed and picks up his phone but then puts it back down. I move off the bed which allows him to pull them up and slip under them. He turned his back towards me.

I get up and get one of Harry’s shirts. I undress and put his shirt on. I love wearing his shirts. I love smelling him where ever I go. It feels like he’s there. But it didn’t feel like that this time


I wake up from the smell of bacon. I turn over to see that Harry was gone. He left his phone untouched. I check my phone. 10,000,000+ twitter mentions.

I get up and walk into the bathroom. I put my hair up into a thing I call a bun. I put eye counsellor on to cover the dark circles from my lack of sleep.

I then walk out back into the bedroom and put on a pair of black work-out shorts under Harry’s Kiss t-shirt.

As I open the door I hear voices. The boys were here. I’m glad I fixed me up. I walk down stairs to see the boys smiling as I walked in the kitchen. “Good morning Miss (where you come from)!” Niall said. “Good morning Mr.Ireland!” I said pouring me a cup of coffee.

I kissed Harry’s cheek. No response. The boys looked puzzled. “You know don’t you!” Liam mouthed to me. I nodded. “You ok?” He mouthed back. I shrugged. Louis walked up to me and whispered “Let’s joke around with him for hurting you” I smirked and nodded.

I was lucky to be close to them.

Harry handed everybody a plate, but me. “I didn’t know if you would be hungry or not.” He said. Wow that’s shallow. Zayn finished first. He walked past Harry and spilt his drink on him. “Oops!” Zayn said flirty. All of us tried hard not to laugh.

“Zayn what the hell!” Harry said and stood up. “Want me to lick it clean?” I jumped in. Niall started laughing so did the other boys, but Niall the most. Harry gave me a very dirty look. “What?” He yelled back! He clenched his fist and walked up to me.

“What is it with you y/n! You ignore me all last night and now your embarrassing me in front of my friends!! Wow! You deserve an award!!” He yelled in my face. A tear slipped from my eye. Liam walked up behind him and turned him around and away from me. “She has every right to do this to you!” He said “ This was our idea anyway!”

I walk to the couch and sit down. Niall and Zayn come sit in front of me. “We’re sorry we got you yelled at” Niall said looking at the ground. “It’s ok I should’ve known better.” I say. “He shouldn’t have done that.” Zayn said.

“That’s why your twitter is blowed up!! That’s why y/n is pissed off at you!!” Louis said clearly angry. “I don’t know what your talking about!” Harry said. “Here!” Liam said. “I didn’t do that!!” Harry said a bit hurt.

Niall and Zayn walked back in the kitchen. A little after they all walk in. Harry had tears all down his cheeks. Harry walked up to me and sobbed in the crook of my neck. “I’m sorry!” He managed to get out. Louis was mocking him in the back.

Harry pulled away and went up stairs. “So you see The Ceremonies pranked Harry as a joke. He didn’t even know.” Liam explains. I nod. “I’m speechless” I say. “Y/n Harry loves you…a lot!” Niall says. “I know…” I respond.

A moment later Harry returns down stairs. All of our phones go off except Harry’s. @Harry_Styles: “Sooooo…the weather?” “Wow nice cover up styles nice cover up” I say. He smirks. “I truly am sorry y/n” he says before my phone goes off again.

@TheCEREMONIES:“@(your twitter name) it was all us not Harry. He’s a good lad.” Wow. I turned to Harry “I’m sorry.” I say “don’t be now I know not to lick anything and not to give other bands my phone!” He said smirking. He kissed my lips with passion. “Ummm you know we’re still here…” Niall said.

Soooo this is a blurb about the Harry Styles tweet. I found it funny though soooo. I’m working on other request so hold on there almost done. :D thank you guys for everything love you!!
-Mallory xoxo