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Now I Need Another Shower *Louis Tomlinson One Shot*


I stepped out of the shower and looked around I had stupidly forgotten my clothes and there weren’t any towels. Not only did that mean I needed to do laundry later but it also meant that I would have to walk into the bedroom naked. I tried to wring out my hair as best I could and then tied it in a bun to keep it out of the way. I smirked to myself knowing Louis was on the other side of the door probably watching TV. This could be fun if I played it right. I had been a bit a tease lately and I knew it was getting on his nerves but it’s not like I could do anything about this one I didn’t know there weren’t any towels. I shrugged to myself and opened the door, the steam from the shower rolled out and a cold rush of air danced over my body. I shivered slightly and started making my way over to the dresser. I picked out a pair of panties that I knew Louis liked and slipped them on feeling Louis’s eyes on me. I pulled them up slowly and then started to look for a bra. I rifled through my drawer trying to find the bra that I liked a few of them fell out but I ignored them, “Can’t you just pick a bra already, damn it,” Louis’s voice came out frustrated. “Sorry, gosh,” I said picking up the one I wanted. I turned around holding the bra up. “How about this one?” I asked. “I don’t care what bra you wear,” he said rolling his eye. I tried to hold back a smirk he was on to me and he was quickly getting annoyed with me. I liked him when he got this way. Sure sex with him was great but I liked the teasing I liked getting him so turned on that he just had to take me. Especially in public or when one of the other boys were around. I shook my head slightly and put it on. I tried to clip it behind me and couldn’t get it every time I thought I had it, it would unclip. “Damn, it get over here,” Louis called. I held the bra to me and walked over. He clipped it with ease and sat back on the bed to watch TV. I turned around and went to kiss him. He dodged my lips causing them to land on his cheek. I rolled my eyes and stood up to go to the closet. I leaned against the door frame and tried to pick an outfit. I could feel his eyes on me again and I made sure that I was standing just right. I heard the bed creak as he got up but pretended that I didn’t know he was coming over. I felt his arms wrap around me his hands landing on my stomach. He pulled me into him pressing his chest against my back. I could feel his tightened shorts against my ass and I knew I had him, “I’m not stupid I know what you’ve been trying to do,” he growled against my ear. His teeth nipped my earlobe, “I know you love getting me riled up so I’ll take you hard and fast.” He pressed harder against me one of his hands slipping down slowly. He dipped his fingers past the band of my panties and then back out. “You’ve been a very bad girl lately,” he mumbled his voice no longer angry. His teeth landed on my neck leaving behind an indention. “I think this behavior deserves some consequences,” he said turning me around. He pressed me into the door frame and pressed his body into mine. His lips came down hard on mine and his tongue took control. He griped my wet hair and pulled it out of the bun it was in. He pulled me by my waist into him his lips devouring mine. He pulled me along with him to the bed where he pushed me down roughly. He trailed his fingers down my stomach lightly sending a shiver down my spine. He reached my panties, “Do you want me to take these off of you?” he asked playing with them. I didn’t dare answer him I knew I was in for a boat load of teasing now. He pulled them back and let the elastic snap my skin. He leaned forward letting his face hover inches above mine, “You have to talk to me, babe,” he said a smirk on his lips. “I thought that I deserved consequences? I thought you were going to punish me?” I question my smirk coming back. A glare clouded his eyes and his hands gripped my wrists. He pinned them above my head and growled, “If that’s what you want,” he said his teeth digging into my shoulder. He yanked my panties down my legs and then flipped me over. He pulled me up onto my hands and knees, “Teasing me by walking around naked all the fucking time,” he growled his hand coming down on my ass. I gasped at the stinging but couldn’t help but feel myself become slightly more aroused. “Always with your hands all over me no matter where we are,” again his hand came down. “You’ve been doing it all week getting me riled just to decide your too tired when I’m ready to take you,” he said a hand coming to my wet center to feel how much I wanted him. He ran his fingers over my slick entrance and I let out a muffled moan. Muffled because I had my bottom lip pinned between my teeth soon to draw blood. I couldn’t help how he made me feel. He slipped his fingers in and I could hear the sound of his movements. “Don’t make a sound,” he growled into my ear. He continued his movements making sure to press into my g-spot over and over again. I wanted to scream I wanted to moan, but I couldn’t. I didn’t want him to stop and I was afraid if I made a sound he would do just that. He kept going and I gripped the bed sheets tightly in my hands my knuckles turning white from the force. My head dropped into the pillow just as I was nearing climax and a long moan left my mouth. Just as I had suspected his fingers slipped out and didn’t come back in, all pleasure abruptly lost. I could feel myself throbbing and I needed some satisfaction now!  He let out a chuckle, “All you had to do was stay quiet,” he mumbled, “that was all you had to do and I would have let you cum all over my fingers I would of even let you watch me lick it up.” Fuck he was being a major tease way worse than any time before. My face was red I could feel it I was flushed from desire and need. “Please, just fuck me,” I begged not being able to keep it in any longer. He reached forward and turned me over so I was on my back. He leaned over me and gave me a smirk, “I’m not done with you yet.” He started placing sloppy kisses down my torso leading to my dripping needy center. He looked up at me as his mouth leveled out with it. He gave me a sly wink and let his tongue swipe against my folds. I let out a loud gasp and my head fell back from the brief contact, “You’ve got to be quiet,” he reminded me and I nodded weakly. His tongue swiped up my folds dipping into me just slightly. I held my breath for a second to keep from moaning. I let out a deep breath as his mouth closed around my center his tongue working inside me at a quick pace. He kept his movements quick and never let up pulling me so close to the edge. I was on the verge of screaming but I knew I had to keep quiet. My back came off the bed and my hands gripped the pillow under my head. I started cumming and it was the strongest orgasm I had experienced yet. My legs tightened around his head and his hands came up to push them down. He kept going through my orgasm and even slightly after. I hadn’t let out a single sound the whole time and I felt like my body was numb. He pulled back his lips and chin covered in the result of my orgasm. I reached forward and wiped his face with my thumb. As amazing as it was I still wanted more, fuck I needed more. I rolled him over and climbed on top of him. He was only in his boxers so that made this that much easier for me. I pulled his boxers down exposing his rock hard erection. It was his turn to throw his head back as he moaned. I climbed back over him my center hovering over him. I slid down slowly my head falling back from the immediate pleasure. I bounced and rocked my hips over his watching as his head fell back and his hands gripped my hips making me go faster. He thrust up into me moaning hungrily as he kept moving. I felt myself begin to tighten around him again a second orgasm being reached. I stopped moving but he continued to thrust into me. He released with a loud grunt and a muttered fuck. I rolled off of him both of us laying there panting, “Now I need another shower,” I commented laughing, “and there aren’t any towels.” 

we dont even know what this album is called?/?? five???? asleep all night??? is it designed by harry and instead of a title its just a b&w pic of a soggy towel????? @ one direction i need info pls

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llauraspam: So… Omg I can’t believe what did just happen. Harry Styles looked at my eyes and sang. Then he took a towel and looked at me and said “catch it”. And yeah I did catch but then girls did tear me and I did fall and I was just like “wowowow girls don’t kill me” and I let it go. Then Harry fucking Styles said “Sorry! You’re okay? You’re perfect!” And then he imitated my reaction when girls did tear me/a towel. I cried then, and yeah I’m still crying ❤️ Someone did fall in deep love❤️ #1D#onedirection @onedirection@harrystyles #1DSUOMI #OTRA