one direction towel

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llauraspam: So… Omg I can’t believe what did just happen. Harry Styles looked at my eyes and sang. Then he took a towel and looked at me and said “catch it”. And yeah I did catch but then girls did tear me and I did fall and I was just like “wowowow girls don’t kill me” and I let it go. Then Harry fucking Styles said “Sorry! You’re okay? You’re perfect!” And then he imitated my reaction when girls did tear me/a towel. I cried then, and yeah I’m still crying ❤️ Someone did fall in deep love❤️ #1D#onedirection @onedirection@harrystyles #1DSUOMI #OTRA

we dont even know what this album is called?/?? five???? asleep all night??? is it designed by harry and instead of a title its just a b&w pic of a soggy towel????? @ one direction i need info pls