one direction toronto concert

Concert Dads.

I swear concerts are probably the best place to meet people. 

You got the Crazy Fans, The Fans that cries over everything and the sexual frustrated ones (guilty for all)

But Nothing. 

Will beat Concert Dads. They literally put up with their daughters, or son’s shit to go to a Concert. I blessed their fatherness.

They will always be my favourite people at Concerts

They are fantastic human beings.


Okay okay best night ever omg
Like the genuinely seemed so happy and relaxed tonight the energetic in the Rogers center was amazing !

I currently have no voice soooooo GREAT TIMES

So first off Louis sounded amazing and incredible tonight I’ve never seen him so confident and powerful with his singing! All the boys had a great night vocally they have improved so much and do whatever they can to make the best of every night! Harry was coughing quite a bit I found , still sounded amazing but Yano.

The audience was so loud omg and boys kept saying how much they loved Toronto!

- Harry and Niall both sported and flew our Canadian flag proudly !

- Lima put on quite little hats , a cowboy one followed by a dance, a red SnapBack Yano , and a bright green wig in which upon niallseeing it he burst out laughing


- Harry fell on stage CLASSIC HAZZA - Niall did a huge jump and land weird , I thought he hurt his knee again and others seemed concerned but he was okay! THANK GOD - Liam and Louis had water guns out again and Liam blamed his wetness on Louis , and before act my age said “the reason I’m all wet here is because that man can’t act his age” - Niall then danced beautifully to act my age in a very traditionally Niall horns Irish way I LOVED IT AND WAS SO AMPED -

- Louis and Liam were at their antics again , Niall was having none of it , and the boys ended the night with Liam grabbing the fire extinguisher and spraying Louis all over in a big puff cloud , and then of course Louis did it back it was hilarious

-we sang happy birthday to Jill with the blue hair , it was cute - she is 15

-Harry went after the burley men on stage that were part of their crew - he was very flirty and cute

IF ANYONE HAS ANYTHING TO ADD LETS DO IT OR WANTS CLARRIFICATION LET ME KNOW ! My brain is tired and ill probably remember things I forgot later !Best night ever ! So happy and deffs won’t be able to sleep tonight ! Love you all and god bless one direction