one direction tmhtour

“Tell me with your mind, body and spirit
I can make your tears fall down like the showers that are British Whether
We’re together or apart
We can both remove the masks and admit we regret it from the start”


Camping scene - This Is Us

this will forever be my favorite One Direction moment in the film and in life. This is when i felt like we finally saw who the boys really are. 

actually don’t watch this, it just broke my heart completely

“you think we’re still gonna be mates?”

  • On Tour With Them
  • Harry: Stepping onto the tour bus, you were exhausted from who knows what. Climbing into the top bunk, since Harry was the tallest, you cuddled up closest to the wall. Not realizing the boys filing onto the bus, feeling a hand reach up and rub your back, under your shirt, "Baby," you heard a deep whisper. "Hmm?" fatigue filling your voice. "You want me to come up there with you or you want room to rest?" You turned your head to face him over your shoulder, "Come up here with me," you replied, opening the covers for him, "please?" Climbing clumsily to get situated, Harry finally settled down on his back, with his arm under your head to act as a pillow, you snuggled into his side with your hand barely under the hem of his shirt to draw patterns on his skin, both of you soon falling asleep.
  • Liam: After finally settling into your hotel room, you opened the balcony door to reveal the bluest and brightest skit you'd ever seen. "Babe, come'ere," you called to Liam who was in the bathroom. You heard him make his way out to the railing to stand next to you, snaking his arm around your waist and placing his chin on your shoulder. "Thank you for letting me come on tour with you. I know I probably get pretty annoying," you stated absentmindedly, just blabbering. He hooked his other arm around the front of your waist, connecting his hands at your side, giving you kisses along your jawbone, "Don't say that, babe. I wanted you to come to all these places with me, otherwise I wouldn't of asked. And between me and you, if anyone gets annoying," he leaned down to your ear, whispering, "it's the boys." You looked up at him, laughing, leaning in with a smile to place a soft kiss on his lips.
  • Louis: "Are all your clothes packed?" you asked while folding the last bit of clothes into your suitcases. "Sure are," Louis replied with his eyes glued to his phone screen, scrolling through twitter. You finally were finished backing, closing the lid of your suitcase but stopping when it wouldn't close all the way for you to zip. "Uh, babe," you said, tugging the zipper, "we have a problem." Locking his phone and setting it on the bedside table, Louis stood up, coming to your side. "Seriously? Did you pack your entire side of the closet?" he said through his fit of laughter. "I have to be prepared! I never know what I might need to wear!" You defended yourself, with wide eyes, smacking his arm. "Babe, climb on top," he instructed you. Doing as he says, you situated yourself criss-crossed on top of your suitcase. After about 5 minutes of tugging, he finally got it to zip all the way, climbing back into the bed, "I bet you won't wear half of that," he stated with narrowed eyes.
  • Niall: "Alright, babe, we're done with soundcheck. You wanna go get something to eat with me and Harry?" Niall came walking into the tour bus, asking you as you sat on the couch on your computer editing some pictures you've taken. "Sure," you replied shortly, shutting your computer off and setting it in the bunk you and Niall shared while on the road. Grabbing your coat, you came up to Niall and grabbed his hand that was reached out for you. Instantly off the bus, you heard screaming girls from along the fences. Meeting up with Harry at his car, you jumped in the back and buckled up. Slowly but surely, you all finally made it out onto the road. "I swear, those girls want to get killed," you thought out loud, making both the boys laugh. Niall reached his arm back, landing it on your leg, squeezing your knee. Reaching your hand to cover his and playing with his fingers.
  • Zayn: Sitting in the chairs that were on the floor in the arena, you were sat beside Zayn as you two looked around. "I can't believe you boys are performing here tonight," you stated, looking around the entire room, absentmindedly playing with Zayn's fingers which rested on your thigh. "You're telling me," he muttered under his breath, with a hint of nerves in his tone. You looked at him, intertwining your fingers, "Babe, I am so proud of you and everything you've done. You deserve to be here and I know you're nervous, but you're gonna smash it, alright?" you encouraged him with bright eyes. He brought his hand to rake across your cheek and into your hair, leaning so his forehead was resting against yours, "I'm just really glad you're here," he whispered before putting his lips on yours.

never forget this gem from tmh tour.