one direction thanksgiving

Lonely Thanksgiving

Summary: You are alone on thanksgiving because you & your family aren’t on good terms. But then you meet Harry and he tries to make you forget everything and have a happy thanksgiving


You blankly stared at your tea cup, tracing the rim with a shaking hand, trying not to cry. It was the evening of Thanksgiving and you couldn’t of felt more alone. The laughs and conversations around you in the cafe was ringing in your ears. Looking outside, every seemed happy on this holiday. Everyone was with family, everyone but you. The entrance to the cafe slammed, and it made you remember the last time you saw your parents as you slammed the door behind you.


“Is that really how you feel about me?” You said in disbelief as you stared blankly at your parents.

“Honey, we just think you’re throwing your precious education away, to be a writer is really nonsense.” Your mom told you.

“Is this what you believe Dad?” You reached out to him to hope he didn’t feel the same. I’m

“I agree, we are very disappointed in what your doing with your life. Did you ever think how this was going to make us look?” He said sharply.

You looked at them as the sadness dissolved into anger. “I can’t believe you guys are thinking about how this is going to affect you! How about my life. This is what I want, this is what I’m passionate about! And if you don’t agree with it fine, I don’t need your permission. I am 18, an adult now.” You yelled as you stood up.

“If you walk out of this house young lady. We will never forgive you.” The person you called your mother said.

Tears started to form in your eyes but you blinked them away. You stared at your parents right in the face and said, “you know what sucks. You guys didn’t even give me a chance to prove myself. You doubted me. You just assumed I would fail. And coming from your own parents, that’s heartbreaking.” That was the last thing you said to them. Before you walked out of the house and slammed the door you called home for so long behind you.

*End of Flashback*

You wiped the almost fallen tears with your maroon sweater of that memory. It was always so hard this time of year, being alone on holidays where you should be with your family. All the great memories you made as a kid during these times are the things you hold onto.

You are so deep in thought you almost didn’t notice someone talking to you.

You blink and turn to see a tall guy holding a warm drink in his hand. “Excuse me?” You said not catching what he said.

“Do you mind if I sit with you.” He pointed at the empty chair across me. “It’s bloody packed in here.”

You look around to see there are no open seats beside the one by you.

“Yeah for sure.” You said as he sighed in relief.

He pulls the chair out and slides right in. “Ah thank god. I honestly thought you were going to turn me away.” He chuckled and a cute dimple popped out of his cheek.

“Why would you say that?”

“I just thought you were waiting on someone.” You shake your head, as he is added sugar to his tea.

“A boyfriend maybe.” You shake your head. “oh no, I wasn’t.”

“Or just family since it’s thanksgiving.” You sadly shake your head. “Nope, it’s just little old me.” You smile sadly.

You didn’t notice but the guy looked up at you through his lashes and saw how upset you looked. While you looked down into your tea. He thought you were very pretty, and for some reason wanted to make you smile.

“I’m Harry by the way.” He takes out his hand for you too shake.

You look up “I’m Y/N” you shake his hand back.

“What type of tea is that?” Harry said looking at the mug you have in your hand.

“Well I usually always get Earl Grey but today I decided to be adventurous and tried this apple cinnamon. And it’s actually really good. How about you?” You tell him.

“Really? That sounds really good, can I try some?” He randomly asks.

You were a little shocked that this random guy you just met like 5 minutes ago wanted to drink from your cup. But for some reason you laughed,nodded, and handed it to him. You watched Harry bring your mug up to his pink lips and before he took a sip, he winked. You realized how cheeky Harry actually was, but he was pretty cute you couldn’t deny that.

“That’s some good stuff” He said “Do you want to try mine?” He offered you his cup. You didn’t hesitate to take it and take a sip while Harry stared at you. As you moved the cup away from your lips you realized you left a lipstick stain on the rim.

“Oops I’m sorry.” You say handing him back the cup. Harry just smiles and brings the cup to his mouth to drink it, on the same spot your red lipstick was. He smirked and you blushed.

You and Harry really hit it off and for the past hour you’ve just been talking about everything. You forgot how sad you were and just was happy. Harry was really good at making you feel that way. Until he brought it up.

“So what are you doing tonight for thanksgiving? Are you going to your families?” He questioned.

You break eye contact which you haven’t done and sigh. “Um, no. Im actually not doing anything. Just gonna probably go back home in a bit and maybe order pizza and just watch a movie. Nothing spectacularly on this night.” You tell him.

Harry wondered why you weren’t with any family or even friends. But at the same time he was happy cause he liked spending time with you.

“Yeah, well I’m not gonna doing anything either, with the family. My flight got canceled last night because of the storm, and back home in England, I wouldn’t have made it. So here I am, with you. But at the same time I’m not complaining.” He smiles and you do too.

“I’m so sorry Harry. That much suck. I honestly would do anything to be with some family right now.” You didn’t know why but you just felt like telling Harry everything, he was so easy to talk too. “My parents and I haven’t spoken in awhile, so this is my first ever thanksgiving alone.” You tell him.

He looks at you with a sorry look on his face. He sensed that maybe your parents and yourself weren’t on good terms. Since you barely mentioned them.

Harry unintentionally reached for your hand across the table. “Well Y/N, this is my very first thanksgiving alone too. And maybe we shouldn’t be all by ourselves.”

“What do you mean?” You weren’t really catching what he was getting at.

“Maybe we can go get that pizza you were talking about and have our own thanksgiving minus the home cooked meal.” He offers a little nervously, he didn’t want you to say no.

You laugh at his statement. Pizza does sound good right now. “Yeah, let’s do it.” You say.

“Really?” He didn’t actually think you would just go with him so willingly.

“Yeah. But first you have to apologize and say Pizza is a very gourmet meal.” You say while smiling.

Harry laughs as he stands up from the table. He takes out his hand, and you take it, as he eagerly pulls you out the cafe.

The pizza parlor was dead. It was only you and Harry and all you can hear were the ringing of both of your laughs. Harry was telling you jokes that were so bad you couldn’t help but laugh.

“Ok ok last one!” Harry said trying to contain his laughter for the final one. “Ok, who doesn’t eat on thanksgiving?” He asks you.

You thought for a second but couldn’t figure it out. “I don’t know who?”

“A turkey, cause it’s always stuffed!” He lays his head on the table and breaks down laughing. The workers kept looking at you funny. But You couldn’t care less. You were having so much fun to stop.

Eating the rest of your pizza and drink you look up to see Harry already looking at you. “What?” You asked subconsciously. “Do I have something on my face?”

Harry just shakes his head, “No, I just thought you look particularly cute, love.” You blush and shake your head trying not to smile with food in your mouth.

“I look disgusting but thanks, Harry.”

The waiter came and asked if we were finished, and Harry insisted on him paying even when you refused. But in the end he won. Harry drove you back to your apartment, and walked you to your steps.

You both stood their in silence, it wasn’t awkward, it was nice. You didn’t know what to say, you really wanted to see him again. You just hoped he would to.

“Well” you pulled out you keys from your purse. “I really appreciate you hanging out with me this evening. It really means a lot since I didn’t have anyone here. And I know you probably would of wanted to hang out with your real friends.” You sayed looking down at your keys and playing with them. Suddenly you felt kind of embarrassed for some reason. You hoped he didn’t hang out with you out of pity.

“Hey no.” Harry lifts his chin to make you look at him. “I had a really great time, I wouldn’t have traded it for anything. And here.” He pulls out his phone and you put your number in it, and texted yourself.

“Well I should better get inside.” You say. And Harry nods, and starts to walk down your steps. You hadn’t put your keys in before you run down the steps to catch him before he left.

He turns around surprised. “I just wanted to say that this thanksgiving I’m really thankful to have met you. So thank you for today. For everything, it made me incredibly happy.” You ramble off, you didn’t know why you just ran to tell him that. But you did.

“I’m thankful to have met you too.” Harry said & You smile, nod, and turn back to go inside but before you could Harry had taken your hand to bring you back around, and kissed you.

It was slow and passionate, and caught you by surprise. But you kissed him back.

He pulls back and says, “ I’ll see you soon, Y/N . Happy Thanskgiving.” He smirks and leaves you on your front porch.

You watch his car drive away. And you realized all the things you are grateful for, and Harry is now one of them.




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Can you help me out? I'm having a major headscarf Harry thirst...

Listen. I am too. Everyday. Of my life. 

Look at this angel baby. 

an actual Botticelli angel. 

Dad shirt wearing, headscarf sporting rock star. 

Little blue boy! Little blue boy! (this is an inside joke but I had to, for Cassie)

Remember 1D day harry? what a day. what a look. 

I LOVE this one. Might be my favorite. 


Pirate prince. 


He supports america! 

more 1d day. All the one 1d day. 

What a DAY. I’m pretty sure this is a shirt he’s rolled up and tangled into his chocolate curls purely for my torture. 

Polka Dots! 

Kissey Kissey!

Not technically a headscarf but still…

AGAIN with the military green shirt. 

Only harry would wear a suit AND a keith richards type headscarf at the same time. Like he’s going to his first communion followed immediately by a Rolling Stones concert. 

Love this.


Put that away, harry. 

This was another look and a half. 

Drinky drunky headscarf harry. 

Smiley little cherub. 



Who else could sport this look at pull it off? No one, that’s who. 


and finally the best gif of all time every in the known universe. 

I need a nap, now. 

*none of these pic or gifs are ours, if you want credit let me know and I’ll update*

About to drive up to work because APPARENTLY my paycheck for a week’s worth of work has been sitting at the front service desk for a week and a half now. They told us multiple times at orientation that it would be sent to whatever we put our home address as, but it took me emailing the HR chick and asking about it to discover that said mailing program hasn’t been rolled out yet, and since I work overnights and don’t use my legal/dead name @ work, apparently no one on staff made the connection or thought to ask about who’s check was just sitting up front.

It probably makes more sense to just drive up there early, but quite frankly I’m awake now and would rather actively have the funds in my possession at this point. So. Yeah. Keep your fingers crossed for me that I’m not making a trip in vain, I suppose.

Preference #4

Niall calls you clingy

I’ll make the other boys one too, just figured since this is the only one I have access to I’d share it since my pre-planned imagines are on my phone which is currently broken :/ Trying to make it up to y'all.

It was only until you were supposedly sleeping on Niall’s lap when he was with the boys, but the truth was, you only were curious about what they talk about. “You’ve been mighty close with (Y/N),” Louis teased as Niall ran his fingers through your hair. Niall softly chuckled and watched the way you slept, or “slept” anyways.  “Yeah, I really love her. She’s my love you know? Keeps me grounded,” Niall explained softly.  “Okay let’s get to the good stuff,” Louis smirked. “Is the girl clingy?” Louis asked and you anticipated for the answer from Niall.   “Yeah, actually she is. A lot. But I mean, what can I do? I love her a lot but she’s getting really clingy and annoying, but I love her too much to let her go. Just hope she will soon kind of back off because I need my space to think things through,” Niall’s words shocked you. Did he really find you that annoying and clingy? Butterflies rushed through your stomach, and you were determined not to be clingy.  The next day when it was morning, Niall’s arms were wrapped tightly around you, pulling you to his warm chest with his intoxicating scent. You had to let go, if you want to keep this thing still going, you need to distance yourself, you mentally muttered to yourself. As much as you didn’t want to, you ripped yourself from his grasp and went downstairs to watch tv every morning without him. It went like that for a while.  Only soft kisses when he went to work, no cuddling, no real kisses, no falling asleep on Niall. There were a lot of things you sacrificed, though you knew it was for the better.  One afternoon, you and Niall were watching a football game. You guys always do this, so he’d immediately think something is wrong if you were to refuse. However, he was on one side of the couch and you were all the way on the other. He came in beaming while he got the snacks and blanket.  “C'mere Princess, I feel like I haven’t held you in my arms for days,” Niall grinned, as he held out his arms for you to go and sit on his lap. ‘It’s because I’ve been avoiding you for 2 weeks now,’ you thought to yourself.  “I’m good here thank you. I’m cuddling with the couch,” you smiled to reassure him that your were comfortable enough. “You should be cuddling with your boyfriend,” Niall muttered to himself but it was loud so you heard.  Niall ignored the way you rejected him, but you could tell it got to him by the way he tensed up and he would glance at you every now and then. It was not until 35 minutes into the game until he finally had enough.  “Okay (Y/N), enough with the bullshit,” he turned off the television and he faced you.  “Hey, I was watching that!” You whined. He shrugged and turned to face you.  “Tell me the truth. These few weeks have been shitty. You’re not yourself, we never look at each other, we haven’t had a proper conversation, and I always wake up to a cold bed. What’s up?” He glared at you with his blue piercing eyes.  “I just was busy these two weeks is all,” you shrugged. He shook his head with obvious sarcasm pouring from it.  “Don’t try to lie. All you have been doing is having binge-athons on Netflix and with reading and have been doing everything you have been doing. I’m going to ask you again,” Niall said in a louder tone.  “I just wanted some space alright?” You tried to sound as serious as you could but Niall saw right through it.  “Bull. Shit. I’m asking you for the last time. What is up with you?” He gritted his teeth. You knew he was serious so you decided to tell him.  “I’ve been giving you some space,” you muttered loud enough. “What?” Niall squinted one eye.  “I heard you on the phone with Louis saying that I was clingy and annoying. That you would leave me. And that I should give you some space. So there, I’m giving you your space,” you mumbled looking Niall straight in the eyes.  “Sweetie-,” Niall began but you cut him off.  “No, don’t try to make this better by saying you’re sorry and that you didn’t mean it or something like everyone else than next thing you know it’s back to normal and you’re going to leave me. If I have to be distant from you, I don’t care as long as I’m not loosing you,” You ranted but not yelled. You crossed your arms and stormed up into the bedroom.  Niall was stunned by your sudden outburst because you usually always let him apologize and things get back to normal. But this was different.  He said he loved you too much to let you go. But what if that love runs out? He will let you go.  “Open the door (Y/N)! At least give me a chance to explain myself,” Niall banged on the door but you stood your ground.    “Go watch the game Niall!” You hissed. 'Better yet…’ You thought as you gathered some pillows and your favorite brown blanket.  You opened the door and Niall was there. He was going to hug you, but you retorted “save it.” You went on the couch and made yourself cozy.  “I’m taking the couch tonight. You go ahead and go in the bedroom and watch the game,” you sassed and laid down on the couch, turning on the tv so that the game was back on.  Niall thought about it for a second, and he eventually went up to the bedroom, but not before coming up with a plan.  You watched the game quietly and didn’t even yell at the players when they missed a clear shot at the goal. “Damn it,” you thought to yourself once you realized Niall forgot to bring a soda for you because you don’t drink.  Lazily, you walked up to the kitchen to get a soda from the fridge. When you least expected it, Niall pins you down by the wrists against the wall, making you drop your soda.  “Hey!” You whined angrily. Niall looked at you with dark blue eyes filled with anger.  “You are going to listen to me (Y/N).” He hissed and you looked away. Niall let go of one of your wrists and you didn’t hesitate to take the chance to run. You sprinted toward the living room but not far since Niall was still holding one wrist tightly. Since he was taller and more buff than you, he pulled you to his chest with ease.  You began to squirm and kick and try to bite Niall’s neck but he didn’t have none of that and threw you over his shoulder. “What’s your problem!” You yelled angrily.  “You’re my problem and we have a problem that I’m trying to fix (y/n),” he side before throwing you down on the couch facing up. You began to get ready to make a break for it, but Niall quickly reacted by pinning you down with both your feet and wrists.  “You’re going to listen to me,” Niall said loudly. You again looked away and this time he took one hand to make your face look at him and the others to hold both of your wrists.  “I love you God damn it. And you should know that. I had a rough day that day, and the media were saying that you were too clingy which you obviously are not. You barely post about me on social media. In fact, I post more about you then you post about me. Anyways, that night I was trying to blame everybody for my problems and I ended up blaming you. My mistake because you’re not annoying and you’re far from clingy and thats the reason I like you when you’re sick. Because you’re so clingy and it’s adorable since you’re not always,” he sighed.  “These two weeks have been fucked without a hug or kiss good morning, no cuddling, no waking up to you and seeing your face, not even being arms length next to you on the bed because you won’t even so much as look at me for more than a few seconds. I want to be able to hold you, kiss you, hug you, tell you about my day, talk to you about everything and everything and I want you to talk to me. I want you. And most of all, I want my girlfriend back.” Niall looked me in the eyes the whole time he apologized.  “I’m sorry my love. Just give me my girlfriend back,” Niall looked genuinely sorry.  He slowly leaned in to your lips and kissed you. You were reluctant at first, but then kissed back and you felt right for the first time in two weeks. He pulled away and grinned.  “Let’s watch the game, shall we?” Niall smirked. You nodded and he let go of you. He helped you sit up properly.  “I love you Niall,” you mumbled as he sat down next to you.  He held out his arms like before and this time you gladly accepted the offer and sat on his laps. He pulled you to his chest and you inhaled the intoxicating smell you missed for so long. He wrapped his two strong arms tightly around you like he didn’t want to let go anytime soon. “I love you too. Never think that I wouldn’t love you for one second, because you are the love of my life.” For all you Niall girls, including myself.

cute present idea:

step one. put a little piece of mistletoe in a small box.

step two. give the box to someone special.

step three. they open the box.

step four. reach forward, take the mistletoe out, and hold it above your heads.

bonus step. flash a cheeky smile.

step five. now kiss ‘em, stupid.

This Day in 1D History - November 26



  • amazing


  • the boys’ Dec/Jan covers of Seventeen hit stands 
  • the boys perform, interview, and officially announce the WWA North America leg on Good Morning America