one direction superhero edits


ok look at this for a moment and process it.

this is the first picture without zayn and quite frankly I do it like it. harry, niall, and liam all look awkward as fuck and louis doesn’t even look like his heart is in this. you know exactly what they were all thinking when they did this photo-shoot? it’s not the same without zayn here.

it’s just fucking not.

this band was made for FIVE people.
the harmonies were made for FIVE people.
the fucking album has FIVE people on the cover.

one direction is not “”“one direction”“” without zayn. we say it every time he missed a performance before and especially now that he’s not there.

no one can hit the notes like zayn
no one can ever BE zayn or help fill that hole that he left when he officially left the band.

i will listen to their new music, i will still support one direction and i will forever be a fan.

but let me tell you this, im not going to another concert to see them live until it’s their reunion tour and zayn is up onstage with them.