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His Favorite Place to Kiss You (other than your lips)

Liam: your nose. he loves how your face wrinkles as he kisses your nose. he finds it cute. he loves the little gesture and how you alway react to it.

Zayn: your hands. as you walk down the street he’ll raise the hand thats laced in his and give it a quick kiss. he knew the kiss would make you smile. so he enjoyed kissing your hands every chance he got.

Niall: your cheeks. not being one for pda niall settles for leaning over and giving your cheeks a kiss. there are many pictures that paparazzi have gotten on the irish lad pecking your cheek.

Louis: your forehead. he loves feeling like he’s protecting you, so when he’s able to kiss your forehead he does, and he loves how you always smile at him after the small act is done.

Harry: your neck. being the cheeky boy he is he loves to kiss your neck whether the two of you were alone, in a crowd, or well, anywhere. he loves to hear the small giggle that always escapes your lips when his lips press to your neck.

A/N- sorry if this was crappy, i tried though so…. 



Harry ; You got home to your and Harry’s house and all the boys were over. You usually wouldn’t mind but you were having the day from hell. From the second you woke up to the moment you left work it’s been horrible. The boys were all sitting on the sofa playing video games. “Hey Y/N.” Harry jumped over to the sofa and come over to you, kissing your cheek and intertwining his fingers with yours. “I missed you, how was your day?” He asked and you smiled at the boys before answering. “Horrible, I just want to be alone.” You excused yourself and made your way upstairs. When you were on your way you heard Harry say something to the boys. You stood on the stairs, listening to their conversation. “She’s had a rough day and just wants to be alone, do you mind? I’m going to make her some tea and try to make her feel better.” A smile crept onto your face. You wondered how you got so get lucky.  "Harry Harry Harry.“ Niall started to say. "I never thought id see the day. Harry Styles is whipped.” Louis finished. Harry chuckled before continuing. “So what. maybe I am. I just want her to be happy.” Once the boys left you went back downstairs to Harry. Your once bad day is finally turning around. 

Niall ; You woke up to a sharp pain in  your abdomen so you went straight to the bathroom where your suspicion was right; you started your period. Since it was night and you were going to go back to sleep you just put a pad on. It’ll have to be okay until the morning. Niall knew right away something was wrong. “I’ll be fine in the morning; I just started my period.” Niall made you lay on your back so he could massage your stomach. It helped but you were still in pain. The next morning came around and all you wanted was ice cream. “I’ll go get some for you.” He got back thirty minutes later with two tubs on ice cream in his hand. He was on the phone with someone. You didn’t know who and you didn’t bother to ask. “I wanted to make sure you had plenty.” Niall told you, holding the phone away from his ear. He kissed your forehead before returning to his conversation. “She wasn’t feeling good so I ran to get her ice cream.” Thinking you couldn’t hear he put his phone on speaker. “Man.” You recognized the voice as Liam’s. “It’s great to see you so happy with her but I swear she has you whipped.” Niall laughed into the phone. “Yeah maybe I am." 

Liam ; "No go out. Have fun. I’ll be here when you get home.” He tried to kiss you but you pushed him away not wanting him to get sick too. “I’ll be back soon, I love you.” 11 pm came and went and Liam still wasn’t home. Not being able to sleep you turned on the tv and laughed when the boys were on your screen. An interviewer asked the boys all kinds of questions. Who they were wearing, who they brought with them. “Where’s Y/N Liam? Any truth to the break up rumors?” Liam tensed up for a single second before answering. “She’s at home sick, but were fine. I’m going to cut out a little early to be home with her.” Niall chuckled and the interviewer turned to him, wondering what was funny. “He’s so in love with her, it’s not even funny. I’m surprised he’s lasted this long without her.” Liam ignored Niall’s comment and just continued to smile at the camera. When he got home and crawled right into bed with you, his arm around your waist. "Couldn’t stand to be away from me?“ You joked but he didn’t laugh. "Come on Liam.” You turned so you were face to face with him. “Lighten up, I was joking.” He tried to pull away not wanting him to get sick. “I don’t care if I get sick. I want to kiss my girlfriend."  

Louis ;  You sat on the sofa, your hands over your stomach; trying to muffle the sounds your stomach was making but you weren’t doing a good job. Louis looked over at you and noticed how your hands were covering your stomach "You’re hungry.” You and Louis were getting ready for dinner when all the boys just showed up unannounced and as hungry as you are you can’t kick them out. They’re all having a good time laughing and joking around. “No babe, I’m fine.” You laughed it off hoping Louis would drop it, but he didn’t. “You guys Y/N and I were on our way out. If it’s okay with her I’ll call when were done and you can come back over?” The boys agreed and you followed them out of the house. “He’s so whipped it’s not funny.” Niall told Harry. He meant for only them to hear but the rest of the boys heard as well. After dinner the boys came back over and you grabbed Niall wanting to talk to him. “Why would you say he’s whipped?” You questioned, you never saw it; Louis being ‘whipped’. He cared about you and you cared about him. “He watches you like he’s afraid you’ll get hurt. And he kicked us out because you were hungry. He talks about you all the time. It’s not a bad thing Y/N, not at all you’re so good for him. He just would do anything for you. That’s all I meant.”

Zayn ; “Babe.” You whined against his chest. “I hate that movie, you know I do.” You and Zayn were hosting a movie night with the rest of the boys. They rotate and this time it was Niall’s turn. He picked out some stupid comedy movie that’s not even that funny, you’ve seen it multiple times and you’ve grown tired of it. All the boys were situated on the sofa waiting for Niall to put the DVD into the player. He got it going and you let out a deep sigh. “Hey Niall, how many times have we seen this movie? Why don’t we watch a new movie. Y/N bought that new Zac Efron movie.” You were happy he was taking your side. “Come on man, I love that movie and you know it.” Zayn got up and grabbed Neighbors and threw it in Niall’s direction. “Just put it in, you can choose next time.” He hissed. “You’re so whipped man.” Zayn ignored Nialls comment, he just wanted to hold you in his arms and watch the movie. He may be whipped but he doesn’t care. He loves you. The movie finished and the boys felt like watching another one so you put that stupid 'comedy’ back in. “Is that okay Zayn?” He laughed and flipped Niall off. 


You needed him and he wasn’t there for you.

Harry ; Lately you haven’t been eating much and you’ve lost a lot of weight. You told everyone, including Harry it was just stress but your boss didn’t believe you, he knew something wasn’t right. Half way during your shift you just left the restroom and he told you to go with one of your coworkers to the hospital. You said you needed to go and he didn’t trust you to go alone. You did what you were told and allowed your coworker to drive you. Going to the hospital. Sure it’s nothing, I’ll text you when I leave. You sent Harry a text telling him what was going on. You were feeling more and more uneasy when you got to the hospital and Harry hadn’t text you back. It got worse when the doctor told you that you have diabetes and you have to stay at for the next two tonight’s so you can get your blood pressure under control. “You’re lucky you came in when you did. Your blood sugar level was 500, a normal is 70-100.” After that the doctor was rambling and you didn’t listen to a word. The only thing you could think about was the fact that you have diabetes. You sent Harry another text telling him to call you; you didn’t want to tell him you have diabetes through a text. But like the last text it went unanswered. Your coworker stayed with you until he had to go home, once you were alone you called Eleanor. You needed someone to be here because you were scared and worried; the last thing you wanted to do was be alone. She showed up an hour later with nail polish, movies and her laptop. “Do you know where Harry is?” You finally asked. You’d wanted to ask the second she walked through the door but you didn’t want it to seem like you only asked her to come since Harry wasn’t here. “He’s out with Lou, I can call if you want me to?” You told her not to but she saw right through your lie. Her phone was up to her ear and as soon as Louis answered she told him to get to the hospital with Harry pronto. It was going on midnight when the boys got to the hospital and the only reason they were allowed up is because you begged the nurse, you told her you couldn’t sleep and you didn’t want to be alone. Lou kissed your forehead and asked if you were okay before escorting el out of the room. “Thanks for finally showing up.” You spat out, your anger only escalated since Harry walked through the door. “I’m sorry, my phone died.” You rolled your eyes at his response. “And you didn’t think to call me from Lou’s phone when you hadn’t heard from me all day? I needed you Harry and you weren’t here.” You snapped at him, tears leaving hot trails down your face. “Babe, I’m so sorry. I should have called or charged my phone.” You didn’t want to deal with his excuses right now, you were going through enough; you didn’t need Harry making you feel bad about how you reacted. “My life is going to change completely and you weren’t here for me and you didn’t even try to call me. Leave. Now.” You commanded but he didn’t listen. “I can’t talk to you right now. Now leave, go back to wherever you were when I found out I have diabetes.” Not wanting to get you anymore upset, he left. 

Niall ; In the middle of the night you got a call from one of your best friends, another one of your friends was in the hospital. She got in a car accident and it was bad. From what your friend told you she has multiple broken ribs, a broken leg and a pretty bad concussion. Your best friend told you to just come in the morning because visiting hours were over. You tried to fall back asleep and eventually after worrying about her you were able to. What felt like an hour later you got another call, your best friend was now in a coma. “It’s her brains way of dealing with this trauma.” It was 6 am and you decided you were up, so you hopped into the shower and started to get ready. By the time your coffee was done and you were about to leave Niall was getting up, ready to start his day. “Love, where ya going?” You told him what happened and he promised you he’d head straight to the hospital when he was done for the day. He had promo for a new book, they had a commercial to shoot and they had to go to the studio. “I’m so sorry babe. I’ll be there later, I promise. I love you.” He pressed his lips to yours. You had to break it or you knew neither of you would be leaving the house anytime soon. You wondered how you deserve such an amazing guy. You said goodbye to him and gave him one more quick kiss then left the house. You got to the hospital and spent the whole day buy your best friends side. You told her everything that’s going on in your life, which wasn’t much because you’d only talked to her yesterday.  That’s when it hit you, yesterday she was fine, she was awake and talking; now she’s laying in a hospital bed, in a coma. You found yourself wishing Niall was the one here, wiping away your tears. You understood this was his job but that didn’t stop you from hating every second of it. You also hated the fact that Niall text you and told you that he forgot Liam had an engagement party that he had to go to. You were sure Liam would understand if he didn’t go to the party. You were out in the lobby talking to her doctors when you saw Niall getting out of the elevator. You smiled at the doctor and went to walk away but you couldn’t, he should have been here hours ago. “Don’t come here Niall.” You put your hand against his chest, stopping him from coming closer. “I’ve been waiting for you to show up for three hours, you should have been here but you weren’t. I don’t want to talk to you.” You were mad, your anger got worse seeing him in front of you, he didn’t even look sorry. “If you’re not going to say anything then leave because my best friend is in that room and she needs me. I’m going to be here for her unlike you, who wasn’t there for me.” He nodded and took a couple steps before turning around. “I got caught up and lost track of time. I’m sorry but I know it’s not good enough. I’m going to go now.” You wanted him to stay; you wanted him to be here for you. It didn’t matter if you mad at him you wanted him to be here. Before you could run after him and ask him to stay the elevator shut, leaving you all alone. 

 Liam ; “Stop treating me like a damn child.” You yelled back at your mom. This was the fifth fight you’ve had fought with your mom and you were tired of it, you wanted to leave but you had nowhere to go. You did have something to go. You had plenty of places but the last thing you wanted to do was impose on any of your friends, this was your problem. You’ve called Liam every night after your fight and he helped calm you down every time but tonight he isn’t answering. He told you that you were more the welcome to come and stay the night; he even told you that you could move in. You considered going over there but he wasn’t answering so you decided against it, you know where the spare key is so you could get in but you didn’t want to show up unannounced. "Well you’re being stupid. You honestly think that moving in with that boy is the right thing to do?“ Your mom didn’t get it, she didn’t get that you loved him and you wanted to be with him. And being here with your parents was only causing you stress. "You think you love him but give it a month and you’ll realize that he doesn’t love you.” You were mad. “You don’t know anything!” You yelled back. “Liam and I are happy, and he told me I could move in so I don’t have to deal with fighting with you every night.” You made up your mind, you were moving in with Liam. You called him one more time but he didn’t answer so you just left a voicemail. “Hey babe it’s me, if it’s still okay with you I think I’m going to start moving my stuff over. Call me when you get this, love you.” As you waited for him to call back you started to pack all your stuff into a duffle bag. You figured you’d take what you need and get the rest one day when your mom was at work. ’Hey babe. Can we start moving stuff in later? I’m out with the boys.’ A text from Liam read. ’Liam I need you, my mom and I got into a fight again and I need you but since you want to go out with the boys instead you can move in with then.’ Out of anger you threw your phone across the room. You didn’t expect him to drop everything to be with you but you did expect him to be a little more sympathetic. You decided you were over living here and stared to look at flats. You have a steady job and plenty of money so you know you can afford a flat, you were just hoping you didn’t have to get one. You wanted Liam to ask you to move in with him. Before you fell asleep you found a flat and planned on looking at it in the morning. You woke up and headed over to the building. You looked around the flat for a half an hour before you decided to go ahead and sign the papers. It was hard signing the papers, you wished Liam would have come over and told you to take your things over to his house, but he didn’t which means it’s over. Your flat was furnished which was nice. After you unpacked your clothes you sat down and had a glass of wine. A faint ding went off so you picked up your phone to see a text from Liam. ’Your mum said you moved out, please text me back.’ You deleted the text and finished your glass of wine.

Louis ; “Y/N hurry up!” Your best friend called from the living room as you pulled your black dress down a little bit before walking out of your room, your boyfriend hates when you show off a lot of skin. It’s your twenty-second birthday and you were about to go out with a group of friends and your boyfriend. He said he was going to meet you at the club a little later: he had to work late. By the time he got to the club you were five shots and three mixed drinks in. Your best friend kept shoving drinks your throat. You were a little wasted. “Babee.” You slurred as you wrapped your arms around his shoulder. “Where have you been?” You laughed in his ear; he pushed you off of him and walked away. “You’re drunk so were not talking about this now.” Your boyfriend walked away from you. He hated when you drank but it’s your birthday and you really don’t care, planned on getting drunk tonight with your best friends but that didn’t stop you from running after him. You wanted to have a good night. You grabbed his arm and immediately yelled at you when he turned around. “I told you I’m not talking to you right now. Just leave it be.” He walked away and left the club and you went to find your friends. Louis and the rest of the boys were sitting in a booth, drinks in their hands. Louis’ new girlfriend by his side. “Have any of you seen y/f/n?” None of the boys have seen her so you sat down by the boys and continued drinking and enjoying your night. “Another vodka and lemonade Y/N?” You nodded and Harry quickly went to get you more to drink. You quickly drank the new drink harry just handed you and then went to find your best friend. You looked around the club and still couldn’t find her so you decided to walk over to your boyfriend’s house. You put your key into the door and opened it. “Y/BF/N?” You walked into the living; all the lights in the house were off, all except his bedroom light. You walked towards the door and couldn’t believe what you saw. You’re best friend and your boyfriend in his bed, practically naked, making out. You were positive that it would have gone farther if you hadn’t walked in on them. Once you were in your car you dialed Louis number, he’s the only one you wanted to talk to. “Hey y/n, you okay?” He asked as you sobbed into the phone. “Can I come over? I need to talk to someone.” You heard a girls voice in the background and assumed it was Louis new girlfriend. “I’m busy now, I’m sorry y/n.” “Screw you. I need you. My boyfriend cheated on me with my best friend and I needed you to be there for me, but since you’d rather be with your girlfriend then your best friend I guess were done being friends too.” You hung up and automatically hated yourself for overreacting, you were just so hurt and he wasn’t there. Today was the birthday from hell. It was possibly the worst birthday you’ve ever had. You lost your boyfriend and your two best friends. 

Zayn ; To say you were mad at Zayn was an understatement. You were livid, when he got home you took your daughter out of her swing and stormed into the bedroom, slamming the door heading you and locking yourself in there. You didn’t want to look or even talk to him. Last night he promised you that he’d come home and spend time with the baby so you could get some sleep, but he didn’t. He was just not coming home and you didn’t care where he was. So here you are, locked in the bedroom, livid and exhausted. It’s been at least 36 hours since you’ve gotten to close your eyes for more than 30 minutes. On top of all that the baby is starting to get sick. She won’t stop crying and she’s colic. "Shh baby girl.“ You switched your daughter from one hip to another trying to calm her down. "It’s going to be alright.” You were getting really worried about her since she hasn’t been sleeping so you decided to take her to the hospital. The wait to see the doctor was almost unbearable, the only thing that made it better was the fact that the car ride managed to calm her down. A little cough would still escape her lips every couple minutes but at least she was sleeping. After waiting for an hour your name was called and you were able to back into an office, where you waited another twenty minutes. The extra time you had made you think about Zayn. He’s been rather distant lately and it’s caused you to wonder if he has one foot out the door. He promised when you daughter was born six months ago that he’d be there, your whole pregnancy you were afraid that Zayn was going to have enough of it and leave. You may be mad at him but you love him and the last thing you want is to loose Zayn. “Miss Y/L/N” You baby’s doctor walked into the room and started to check her out. You told the doctor what’s being going on as she moved the stethoscope around your babies chest. "Her lungs sound clear. Which is good, I’m going to tell you to just give her infants Tylenol.“ She continued to give you instructions and reassured you that your baby was going to be fine. You got home and Zayn got up off the sofa immediately, offering to take the baby from you. "Are we going to talk?” He followed you into the kitchen and as soon as you put the baby bag down you turned to face him. “She’s sick, the doctor told me to give her infant Tylenol and keep her clothing as light as possible, that’ll help her body temp down.” He bounced the baby in his arms as you crushed up the Tylenol and put it in her milk. “That’s not what I’m talking about. You stormed off this morning without one word.” “I’ve needed you to be here. I needed your help and you haven’t been here. Our daughter is sick and I can’t do everything by myself, I’m exhausted and I can’t do this alone. I need you to be here and to help me.” Your voice was shaky and it came out sounding more like a plea then a statement. “You didn’t come home last night and I didn’t even care. That sounds bad I know but I didn’t.” You turned on your heels and went into your bedroom, since Zayn currently was with the baby you decided it was time for you to get some sleep. 

One Direction Preference- What he tweets when you're getting hate.

Liam- Guys, sending @y/t/n hate hurts me as much as much as it hurts her. I want u to remember that she’s a real person with feelings jus like all of u. #thinkb4youtweet

Louis- So I just noticed the top world wide trend… #y/n IsAnUglySlut This is absolutely disgusting. I love her. She’s stunning. And were going to be together for a while, so deal with it, and mind your own fucking business.

Niall- it’s taken me a while to find a girl as amazing as @y/t/n and this amazing girl is being hurt cause she’s dating me… You don’t know how badly that hurts me. Please. leave her alone.

Harry- Hey, @y/t/n is a really great girl, and we get on really well. It doesn’t bother her when you send her hate cause she doesn’t care what people think of her, but it bothers me so #StopTheHate

Zayn- I love @y/t/n as deep as the blue ocean. As far as the highest mountain. As big as the bright yellow sun. And she has decided to ride on the roller coaster of life with me. So please don’t say things that will hurt her cause our hearts are connected, and therefore… It will hurt me.

He makes you jealous after you break up part 2

A/N : you asked for it so here it is! hope you like it! xoxo

Part One

Niall: 48 hours. It’s been 48 hours since Niall kissed you and he hasn’t tried to contact you since. After hi kisses you didn’t know what to do so you hid out in the ladies room. You chose him, you did the one thing you promised yourself you weren’t going to do after the break up; but you love him so of course you chose him. You’ve waited by the phone day and night, waiting for him to call.  "Screw it.“ You picked up the phone and called that number you know too well. Five rings and his voicemail picked up. "It’s Niall. Ya know what da do.” He laughed through` the whole recording. You remember when he recorded that, you had made a joke and he couldn’t stop laughing. “Hey it’s me. Just reminding you I chose you. I choose you Niall. Call me back before I changed my mind.” You threatened but he knows theres no changing your mind. Another hour went by and you still didn’t hear from him so you called him again and his voicemail picked back up. “Niall James Horan, so help me if you don’t answer your damn phone.” You started. “Look, I don’t know how to make this any clearer, I love you and I want to be with you. No more of this making each other jealous bullshit. You gave me an ultimatum and now I’m giving you one. You have one hour to call me or be at my doorstep with a dozen roses and if I haven’t heard from you in an hour then I’m done. You may not believe me but I will walk away.” You hoped your voice was stern enough that he would believe you. You needed him to believe it because if there is one thing you know about Niall it’s when he thinks something isn’t his anymore that’s when he wants it the most. So if he thinks your moving on hopefully he’ll realize he wants you. You watched your phone closely. Keeping an eye out for two things, 1. Watching the time. You watched it get closer and closer to that hour deadline you set. 2. You watched to see if he called which he didn’t and with every minute that passed your heart hurt more and more. This is it, it’s over you told yourself. Niall isn’t choosing you. As much as it hurt you needed to come to the realization that it’s over so it’ll be easier for you to move on. ‘Three minutes late’ you muttered as you walked to your door. You opened it to see a puffy eyed Niall, standing there with two bouquets of flowers. “Please don’t move on.” He begged. “Traffic was a bitch. We were in the studio and I got your message so I rushed over. I know I’m late but please, I choose you too. Don’t move on. Please.” Tears fell down his cheeks. “I don’t want to be without you anymore.” It’s only three minutes you told yourself. “God Niall, I told myself for the last hour that you weren’t showing up and it was over and my heart broke and here you are three minutes late. I know I don’t want to be without you but I swear if you hurt me again I’m not giving you another chance.” Niall dropped the flowers and wrapped you up in his arms. “I love you.” You said against his shirt. “I’m never going to take you for granted again. I love you so much." 

Louis: The feeling of uncertainty you had towards your and Louis relationship only grew while you waited to hear from him. You were sick of watching the phone waiting for him to call. You almost hated him for making you wait, he said that the two of you could work through it and he’d call but he hasn’t called yet. You hoped in the shower and decided to go shopping, maybe retail therapy is what you need to cure the growing anxiety in your stomach. But it didn’t help; the only thing that would help is talking to Louis. You’d tell him how you feel and he’d reassured you that everything is going to be okay, and it would be. You finally caved in and text him. "You better have a good reason for not calling me yesterday or today.” You sent the text and kept your phone in hand so if he replied you would know but he didn’t reply. Two hours went by and no reply. You were getting paranoid so you called Harry. “Hello?” He answered on the second ring. He sounded like he’d been crying. “It’s me. Have you talked to Louis? I haven’t heard from him, he said he would call.” You knew he would call you, you knew he was serious when he said you two were going to work things out. Which is why you’re so worried about him. When he says he’ll call he calls. “Y/N. I’m so sorry. I’m sorry I left this happen.” Harry choked out. You grabbed your keys and ran to your car. You didn’t know where you were going but you had to go. “He got in an accident last night, some drunk guy T boned him. He’s in the hospital Y/N” You drove to the hospital, going way over the speed limit. When you got pulled over the officer could tell you were upset. "My boyfriend, he’s in the hospital. I need to be with him.” You told him and he told you to just follow him, you’d get to the hospital a lot faster following a cop. You were thankful because now instead of sitting at every red light you ran them. You thanked the officer one more time then ran up to his room. The whole way up you prayed that he’d be okay. You needed him to be okay.  "Excuse me miss you can’t go in his room.“ A doctor stopped you. "No, he needs me. I’m his girlfriend and he needs me.” You shouted at him, you felt bad but this is Louis, you can’t leave him all alone in there. “Only family allowed in at this time.” He told you sternly and you wanted to yell at him or hit him. Something. You needed to see Louis. “His friends and in a private room down the hall you can join him.” You completely ignored him. “Johanna.” You thought out loud. “What if I call his mom and she tells you to let me in. Then you have to oblige right? Because that’s his mom and she knows he needs me.” You needed him you needed to see him. You were hysterical at this point. Tears flying down your face and your body shaking. “You’re not going to stop until I let you in are you?” He asked and you shook your head. “No chance in hell.” You got out in between sobs. He let you in, but not before telling you that you can’t stay long. “I’m already breaking protocol.” You ran to Louis side and grabbed his hand. “I’m here. I’m here.” You told him, your tears landing on his hand. “Can you stop crying? My hands all wet.” Your head shot up and Louis was smiling at you. You wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him. “Thank. God. You’re. Okay.” You said I between kisses. “If you ever scare me like that I’ll never forgive you. I thought I was your emergency contact?” You questioned. “You are, but I told him to call Harry instead. I didn’t want to worry you.” His thumb wiped your tears away. You wanted to argue and yell at him for not calling you but you decided not to. “I love you so much Y/N. Will you be my girlfriend again? Can we work everything out?” You nodded and realized the uncertainty is gone. You and Louis are going to be fine. 

 Liam: you were mentally exhausted. When you tired to go to sleep earlier every time you went to close your eyes you saw Liam all over numerous girls and winking at you. Your stomach turned each time “Niall you slept with my girlfriend?” You woke up to Liam shouting. “She’s not your girlfriend anymore mate. Plus I doubt she wants to speak to you.” You replayed last night’s events in your head. You went off on Liam and left with Niall. And here you are, in his bed and one of his shirts. But you and Niall didn’t sleep together, neither of you could do that to Liam. He meant too much to both of you to do that. “No Liam, we didn’t sleep together but she was upset when we got back, she didn’t want to be alone. She crashed in my room and I slept in the guest bed.” Niall told him sternly. “Now you need to go, after last night I doubt Y/N wants anything to do with you. You can’t play games with her mate.” You heard footsteps go towards the door and the door opened. “You’d like me to leave because you want her to fall in love with you but mate I swear I’m going to get her back if it’s the last thing I do.” He walked out and you felt sobs creeping up your throat and it was only a matter of seconds before they escaped your lips. Niall came running in and immediately comforted you. “I love him Niall. I don’t want to cause problems between you two. I. I should leave.” You tried to get up but Niall refused to let you go. “He loves you too and he’ll still love you tomorrow, well really later today, when you calm down.” Niall kissed your forehead and you fell back asleep right away. You woke up four hours later and made your way to Niall’s living room. He was sitting on the sofa, a bowl of noodles in his lap. “Hey.” You sat down with him and watched TV for a little bit before going back into his room and changing into last nights clothes. “Ya know you can wear those if you want.” You appreciated him being there for you. “I don’t think Liam would like that; you know he’s going to be at the flat.” You reminded a Niall. “Oh that’s right, 'I’m going to get her back even if it’s the last thing I do.’” Niall mocked Liam. You laughed and kissed him on the cheek. The drive back to your flat was short. You pulled into your parking spot and rushed up to your flat, not bothering to look for Liam’s car. You needed to get out of these clothes. There was no sign of Liam as you made your way to your room. You were disappointed when Liam wasn’t there waiting for you. You walked into your room and all the disappointment was gone. There were at least 9 dozen roses decorating your room and Liam was asleep. You took off your dress and climbed into bed cuddling up against him. Knowing that everything is behind you. You two are going to be fine. 

Harry (His POV): I kept an eye on Y/N during the concert. I didn’t know what was going to happen between us but I needed to try. That’s why we broke up in the first place, because I didn’t try anymore. And after everything I’ve put her through I need to try. I totally forgot that I had an old friend here until I saw her storm off half way through the show. I felt relief when she left, I just completely ruined things with her and I was glad. That’s one less thing in the way of me winning Y/N back. After the concert Y/N left right away. She went back to the hotel and locked herself in her room. I wanted to call we and tell her I love her. Tell her that I don’t need to think about us. But I didn’t, before I say anything to her I needed to figure out how I’m going to get her back. 'It has to be special’ I though. She deserves that much. Once I had an idea I managed to talk Gemma into taking her out for the day so I could get everything ready. 

Your POV: You woke up to Gemma pounding at my door. “Come on we’re going out.” She waited while you changed. You didn’t question where you were going or why. You needed to get out. While part of you wanted to wait to hear from Harry the other part of you needed to get out of the hotel. “Gemma this is boring.” You two have been sitting in the food court for twenty minutes. The mall is small and doesn’t have any good stores; you and Gemma ran out of stores to shop in thirty minutes in. “Your right. Let’s go get our nails done.” She chirped. “My nails need it.” You arched your eyebrows. “I dunno Gem. I just want to lay down.” She grabbed your hand before lecturing you. “No, you’re not going to sit around and be sad because of my loser brother. I’m not allowing it.” She led you out to the car. “The nearest nail salon is twenty minutes away so it looks like were going on a little road trip.” The car ride was awkward. You could tell Gemma was trying to keep you entertained but it wasn’t working. You didn’t want to be entertained so you weren’t that great of company. “I like this color.” Gemma picked up a shade of green. “What color do you want?” I shrugged and picked out an orange color. “Fine we’ll go now.” Gemma agreed after we were done.  You couldn’t wait to get back into your room. “Holy shit.” You couldn’t believe what you saw when you opened the door. There were rose petals everywhere, on the bed, on the dresser and on the floor. The candles all over the room set the mood. Harry stepped out of the bathroom with a little box in his hand. “I hurt you, I know that. And I’m sorry, but I love you. I love you so much it doesn’t make sense. And if you let me I’m never going to hurt you again. If you’ll let me I’m going to spend the rest of my days trying to make up for hurting you, for not trying and for taking you for granted. I’ve wanted to do this for the longest time, I want to marry you Y/N. Please.” He took a breath and got down on one knee. He looked at the box before opening it. “Marry me. Marry me and let me make it up to you. Let me make you happy for the rest of my life.” He took the ring out of the box and put it on your finger. “It fits perfectly.” You sat on the ground so you were face to face with Harry. “I love you." 

Zayn: "Y/N that’s great!” Niall jumped up and congratulated you. You just got the call that the boys’ stylist decided to take more time off after having her baby. So for the rest of the tour you’re the boys’ stylist. "You’re our new stylist! That’s great!“ Harry and Louis both hugged you and congratulated you as well. Zayn didn’t say anything, he just left the room. "His girlfriend still here?” You asked and the boys shrugged. “Dunno, don’t care really.” You laughed and walked with the boys to the dressing room. “Niall I am not letting you go on stage with that on.” You laughed as you tried to take the jacket off of him. “Niall that outfit is hideous.” The boys all took turning fun of Niall’s outfit choice. “Mate, green and red doesn’t go together, this isn’t Christmas.” You moved onto Zayn, he didn’t need much help; he’s been wearing the same outfit the whole time. “I love that jacket on you. Ya know that?” You were trying to make small talk but Zayn wasn’t having any part of if. “Just knock it off Y/N. I have my outfit, you can leave me alone now.” He hissed and turned away. “Okay, I’ll leave you to go to that girl you don’t love.” You walked away from Zayn and went days without talking to him. You felt like you were tip toeing around, you avoiding Zayn at all cost which is hard since your around them all day. Avoiding him was starting to affect your job and you can’t have that so you decided to talk to him. “I want to change your outfit so meet me in the room in 10.” You demanded. Ten minutes later Zayn made his way into the room. He asked what you wanted to do to his outfit and you ignored him. “Look Zayn, I am so tired of feeling like I’m walking on eggs shells around you. I want us to be together. I know you love me too. You can’t stop loving someone after two weeks so please just admit you love me too. Then everything can go back to normal for us.” You pleaded but Zayn just rolled his eyes and walked out of the room. You chased after him and grabbed his arm. “Y/N leave me the fuck alone. I don’t want to be with you anymore. I’m tired of you constantly trying to be around me. I don’t want anything to do with you.” Once he was done yelling you wiped your tears and walked away. You knew exactly what you had to do. You have to quit and that’s what you did. While you were waiting for the boys to get ready you tried to figure out how you were going to tell the boys you were leaving. “Y/N what’s wrong?” Harry came up to you. “Tomorrow’s my last day. I quit.” He asked if this was about Zayn and then stormed off. He went over and grabbed Zayns arm then dragged him out of the room. Harry came back into the room and told you Zayn wanted to talk to you outside. You walked around looking for him. “You wanted to talk?” His red eyes looked up at you. “You’re leaving? You’re leaving me. You can’t.” His voice cracked. “Don’t leave me.” His sudden change of heart made you laugh. “Zayn, fuck you. You told me you don’t want to be around me. You might as well tell me you hate me. I have to go.” You wanted to walk away. You wanted to walk away from Zayn and leave all this behind you but you couldn’t. “You told me you don’t want to be around me. So I’m leaving.” Your voice was ice cold. “Stay with me. I’m sorry, you were right when you said I didn't love her like I love you. I’ll never look at anyone like I look at you. I tried to stay away from you because I love you and I don’t deserve you. You deserve better then me, but I want you. And I can’t let you go. You can’t quit. I’ll go to whoever and tell them you need your job back.” You felt like you won. But that didn’t matter; you and Zayn are going to be fine. “I love you too.” He hugged you and you hugged him back. 

My Poor Clothes... a harry imagine for kristen (hazzastyl3z)

  why did i let harry do the laundry?! i thought to myself as i pulled some clothes out of the dryer. i pulled out various pieces of my clothing that looked ruined, including some of my favorite bras…

  “hey babe,” harry greeted me as i entered our shared room with an arm load of clothes. “didnt i tell you not to put my bras in the dryer?” i asked giggling at the look of confusion that crossed his face. i held up a ruined bra to show him what i meant. “oh, sorry. i didnt mean to ruin them… or any of these.” he sighed looking at the pile of tatered clothing that i threw on the bed. “i know you didnt, but next time remember the little details ok?” i smiled giving him a quick kiss before grabbing the clothes and walking back to the laundry room. “what are you doing?” harry asks me as i throw the clothes into a trash bag. “saying one last goodbye.” i sigh. “sorry. but look on the bright side, now i get to take you shopping.” he smirked. "really? for what, you only burned my dance clothes.“ i said eying him. luckly the only things i had to throw away were a few pairs of dance shorts and some of my favorite tops, well and my bras. "well… you need your dance clothes for practice, so i’ll replace them for you. and you need new bras dont you?” he smirked at me. “i think i’d rather do it alone thank you very much.” i said brushing past him. “no no no no no…. i deffinatly have to see what you get.” he said walking into the kitchen. “really? and whys that?” i asked ready to accept his cheeky answer. “because…. i want to see how you look in them…” he tried. “cant you do that when i get back?" i smiled to myself knowing i was going to win this hands down. "well yeah, but i want to be there when you try stuff on.” he said while trying to make tea. “admit it harry you just want to see me try on bras.” i stated earning myself a small smile from him. i walked to the hallway closet grabbing my coat and purse as i heard harry follow. “where are you going now?” “to replace my dance clothes…. alone,” i smiled giving him a quick kiss before leaving.

  it’s not that i dont like shopping with harry, but he can get to be too much very quickly. within a few minutes of being in a store he’ll have racks of clothes that "i just have to try on", and after a while he’s bored and ready to move on to the next store. and i knew from past experience that this trip wouldnt be a quick trip, it would take forever to find the perfect type of shorts, tops, and bras for me.

  two hours later i was back at home with 5 new pairs of shorts, 5 new dance tops, and 5 new bras that needed to be washed. which i planned on doing myself. i threw them into the washer carefully and easily before walking into the living room. “kristen?” i heard harry’s voice call for me from the couch. “harry?” i answered. “how’d the shopping go?” he asked me, a hint of dissapointment in his voice. “great! i found everything i needed, and wanted.” i smiled cuddling into his side. “wish i could have gone." he grumbled. "oh come on! you know you hate shopping!” i exclaimed sitting up looking into his green eyes. “no i dont i love it!” he said giving me a look of entertainment. “you always get bored within a few minutes.” i said. “no i dont kristen! your the one that gets frustrated when i take you!” he stated easily. i thought about this comment before begining again. “only because you start acting like your done with it.” “no i dont!” “yes you do!” “no i dont! the only reason you think that is because your the one that hates shopping with me.” he laughed. “maybe… but thats no the point!” i smiled. “yes it is!” “no its not!” “yes it is” “no its not!” “yes it is!” “wait! are we fighting?! you know i dont like fighting with you!” he said, his cheeky smile staring to form. “whatever, ” i said as i heard the buzzer on the washer go off. i walked back into the laundry room with harry hot on my trail. “sooo, whatcha get?” he smirked. “a few pairs of dance shorts and shirts” i started grabbing some of them and throwing them into the dryer. “these are really short…” he said holding up a pair of the shorts. “thats how their suposed to be haz… and plus they were the only style that fit me right.” i sighed throwing the pair into the dryer. “just so you know haz, for these things the dryer has to be on low heat.” i said turning the machine on. “and my bras you just hang up and let them dry on their own.” i smiled at him. i pulled my new bras out of the lingerie bag and hanged them on the hanger noticing harry watching me closely. “i like these,” he says smirking to himself. “wierdo.” i comment heading back to my spot on the couch. "your the one that bought them.“ he laughed. "your the one commenting on them.” i smirked knowing i would win…  

Preference - Stressed

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Harry ; “What’s wrong?” Your best friend asked, setting your coffee down on the table. You thanked her, knowing you’re going to need all the help you can get if you’re going to be up all night. “Everything.” You complained, burying your head into your economics book. It’s exam week and you’re freaking out. On top of exams you and Harry are fighting. Your best friend asked what happened. “He wanted me to fly to LA for the weekend and I told him just to come home and he refused, he said he has friends there so I told him it’s a good thing he doesn’t have a girlfriend here or anything. So I think I broke up with him?” You continued to study for the rest of the night, trying not to think about the fact that you and Harry possibly broke up. The longer you stared at your book the more you wanted to pull your hair out. You and Y/B/F/N quizzed each other until you both were fighting to keep your eyes open. As soon as you lay in bed, sleep quickly took over. “Y/N.” Y/B/F/N gently shook your shoulder, waking you up. You thought you were seeing things until you rubbed your eyes and realized that Harry was in your room. “Hey, I’m sorry I shouldn’t have refused to come home.” He didn’t waste any time apologizing and promising to make it up to you. “Now let’s study so you can kick exam ass.” Harry quizzed you for an hour until you weren’t so stressed. 

Niall ; “Babe. It’s going to be fine.” Niall assured you, massaging your shoulder. You almost didn’t hear him; you were so busy typing away on your phone. You were sending emails and text messages making sure everything was in place for tonight. “Niall.” You moaned as he sucked on your neck. Bliss took over for a minute but then you realized you have more important things you need to be doing. “Stop.” Your voice was weak, letting Niall know you didn’t really want him to stop. “I. I have things to do.” You got up off the bed but he pulled you back down. “Niall, I need to make sure the right flowers got delivered, I need to make sure everyone’s seated in the right place and that everything’s perfect.” You picked your phone back up and continued sending out emails. “Alright. I guess I’ll see you at the party.” You didn’t mean to upset him but this an amazing opportunity that you didn’t want anyone to think that you got the job because of Niall. Lou showed up at your flat with a bottle of champagne. An hour you were ready and feeling less stressed, thanks to the three glasses of champagne. You smoothed over your dress before getting out of the car and walking into the venue. “It’s amazing babe.” Niall kissed your cheek. You agreed, it was beautiful and everything turned out like it was supposed to. “I’m sorry for how I treated you. I was just overly stressed.” You didn’t have to explain yourself to him; you understood and forgave you right away. 

 Liam ; “I can’t believe you and Liam are getting married in a month!” Eleanor clapped. “I know it’s crazy.” You’ve been counting down for the last year and now you’re a month away; you couldn’t wait to marry Liam. The longer you talked up your upcoming nuptials you ended up getting more and more stressed. "I can’t believe how much there still is to do.” Weddings are supposed to be happy but the planning has been nothing but stressful causing you and Liam to fight over the smallest things. You’ve felt like you were in it alone, Liam didn’t care about the theme or what flavor cake you ended up choosing. You got back to your flat, tears brimming your eyes. Liam was immediately at your side, holding onto your as you cried. “I.. I just feel like you don’t want this.. Or us.” You explained as the stress took over. Your cheeks were wet and your eyes red. “Like I just feel like you don’t want to be bothered with all this wedding stuff. I need you, I’m so stressed and there’s so much to do. I need you Li.” He was here for you, just like he always is, he held onto you and promised you everything’s going to be okay. “I’ll help out more, I just thought I was in the way so I tried to stay out of the way. But I don’t want you to worry about everything, so I’ll be here.” He kissed your forehead and you knew everything was going to be okay in the end. Everything was going to be okay because you had Liam. 

Louis ; You thought getting a promotion was going to be a good thing. That meant more money, more time off and more responsibility. It also meant longer hours. You worked three doubles and three ten-hour shifts in one week. On top of spending more time in the store then your own flat, the main manager was on you constantly for making little errors that in your defense were going to be made, considering you just started as a manager. Y/B/N yelled at you throughout you whole shift and it was stressing you out. You were in constant fear of doing something wrong and getting yelled at. Plus, to everyone under you, it made you look like you didn’t know what you were doing. You left work in a hurry, you needed to get out of that place. You needed to go home to Louis where you belonged. “What’s for dinner?” As soon as you walked through the door the smell of fruit and chicken filled your nose. “Smells so good babe.” You admired Louis who’s back been to you. “I know how stressed you are so I wanted to make it better.” You took a long; much needed sip of the wine Louis just handed you. Moscato, your favorite. “You are amazing.” You cooed as you ate the dinner that Louis just put down. This is exactly what you needed after a long day. Good food, good wine and your amazing boyfriend. 

 Zayn ; “Babeee.” Zayn called out again. “Put the damn book down.” He tried to grab the book from you but you climbed out of bed. You felt back, Zayn just wanted to spend time with you but you refused him yet again. Over the last week you and Zayn have been fighting over how little time you’ve spent with him. “No, I can’t.” You whined. “I have a test tomorrow and I need to pass or I can’t teach.” Your four years of hard work and studying was almost over, you’re almost completely done with university; only one three hour test stood in between you and your career. It was exciting; if you pass then you can teach. But it was also terrifying; if you fail then everything you’ve worked for was ruined. Your four years of studying and tests were for nothing. You’d have to wait another six months before you can take the test again. “What if I don’t pass?” You asked Zayn after you finally put down the book. “You’re going to do fine, now sleep.” Zayn urged, there was a slight hint of annoyance in his voice but you decided to ignore that and let sleep take over. You knew you were going to need it.  You woke up, what felt like minutes later to your alarm clock bouncing off the walls in your room. You were surprised when you got downstairs and Zayn was sitting there, waiting for you with coffee and breakfast. He kissed you and wished to luck before you left.


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Pref - Morning
HARRY: “Ugh.” I don’t know why Harry insisted on waking up so early on his days off. “Harry.” I put the pillow over my head hoping it would drown out some of the noise but it didn’t work. I kept mumbling his name but that didn’t do me any good. He was right next to me sound asleep. How could he sleep through the damn alarm? Its way too early do deal with this. “Harold, turn that shit off.” I hit him with the pillow that wasn’t blocking out the noise. Minutes later I woke back up, but not to an alarm. This time it was Harry planting kisses down my neck. “Morning.” His hot breath sent goosebumps down my arms. “Mhm, morning.” I mumbled as our lips met.  Liam: One of the best things about being with Liam is waking up next to him. I love being the first one he sees every day. Being the one that gets to just lay in bed with him for hours and just laugh. I love being the one he kisses first thing in the morning. Some mornings it’ll be one single kiss right before he has to leave for the day. Other days, like today he’ll start at the bottom my neck and move up to my jaw line, then he’ll kiss my ear, then he moves to my lips. Then he’ll whisper good morning in my ear then kiss my forehead before starting off his day.  Niall: I fluttered my eyelashes trying to get used to the light that suddenly filled the room. A little laugh escaped my mouth as I heard Niall groan. “Wakey Wakey.” Louis roaring voice came from across the room. “Come on love birds. Time to start the day.” I rolled over just in time to see Niall chuck the pillow across the room hitting Louis. “Fine. You have five minutes until I get Paul. You don’t want me to get Paul.” As soon as Louis left the room Niall started cussing up a storm under his breath. “Good morning to you too.” Niall isn’t a morning person so this is exactly the reaction I expected. “Morning love.” He kissed me before getting out of bed and muttering some more about how much he hates Louis. Louis: “Morning babe.” Louis called from the closet. I woke up at the best time. Louis was standing there without a shirt on which made me want to drag him straight back to bed. “Where are you going?” I whined, right now all I want to do is lay in bed with him. “Love you know we have to promote the album today.” Knowing he had to leave I was surprised when he kissed me so passionately. He pulled away leaving me wanting more. “Please don’t leave.” I muttered, trying to kiss him one more time. “Love you know I have to. We’ll finish this later.” What a tease.  Zayn: Waking up to Zayn is so peaceful, for a couple of minutes I forget what day it is and what I have to do. The only thing that matters is laying inches in front of me. On days like today where I’m awake and Zayn’s still asleep I just lay there and just admire him. I study his face and how happy he looks. “Mornin’” I mumble as soon as he opens his eyes. Right away he pulls me in so my body is up against his. “morning.” Well lay there, Zayn holding me in my arms, and hell hum some of the boy’s songs until i drift back off to sleep. 
Pref- I love you

Harry (His POV): “Babe your heart is racing.” Y/N had her head on my chest, her hand right over my heart. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I was trying to play it cool. I was the guy; I’m not supposed to be afraid of some stupid scary movie. I’m supposed to be the one comforting her. “So maybe I’m a little scared.” Y/N wrapped her arms around me. “I’ll protect you, you don’t have to be scared.” Y/N said to me, almost joking. “I’m glad your here for me.” I joked back, pulling her in closer to me. “That’s why I love you, you’re always there to save me.” I kissed her forehead, my arm rested on her shoulder. Y/N shifted her weight so we were face to face. “I love you too.” Her lips touched mine, only for a second. “Now let’s go up to the bedroom." 

Liam (His POV): Y/N always looks so put together, her hair is always on point and she always looks flawless. But right now, her hair is all over the place and she has no makeup on. But she still looks beautiful. She doesn’t feel beautiful but she looked like it to me. "Liamm, I feel like shit.” Y/N was rolling around in our bed, crying. “Here’s soup and some pop.” I kissed her hot forehead. “Babe you’re burning up.” I took my hand off her forehead and fanned it out, pretending it was burnt. “No dip Sherlock, I’m dying.” I kissed her forehead one more time before she fell asleep. “I love you.” After I walked away I heard a chuckle and a “I love you too." 

Niall (His POV): "Why didn’t Jack get on the piece of wood with Rose?” Y/N cried out. “There’s clearly enough room for two.” The titanic gets Y/N every time. Every time we watch this movie she cries like a baby. “Niall there’s enough room for two. Look.” She gets way too into movies; instead of enjoying movies she’s always thinking realistically, she’s always being practical. That’s what I love about her. She’s always being practical and pulling me back down to earth. “He was supposed to be babe.” I ran my fingers through her hair. She gave me her famous I hate you stare, the stare she gives me any time I disagree with her or when we get in a fight. “Oh come on, don’t give me that look you know you love me.” I joked with her like I always do. “I don’t know what look your talking about but you know I do.” She stopped and looked at me. “I do love you.” My heart skipped; did she just say she loved me? “I love you too.” I kissed her forehead; I couldn’t believe that this amazing girl loves me back. 

Louis (His POV): I walked into the to kitchen to see Y/N dancing. She had her headphones in but I could still hear the music, she was listening to one of our songs. Y/N shook her hips with the music. She was off beat, Y/N’s never had any sense of rhythm; I’d hoped some of my rhythm would rub off on her but it hasn’t. Her hair was falling out of her pony tail she just tucked it behind her ear then continued to dance, her hands in the air and she kept shaking her hips. A chuckle escaped my lips. “God, I love you. I’m crazy about you.” I couldn’t believe I just said that, she couldn’t hear me but I finally admitted how I felt about her. I just wish she heard it, which knows the next time I’ll have the nerves to tell her.  

Zayn (His POV): I looked down at Y/N as she slept in my arm, her head rested on my chest. “Ya know my arm is asleep right?” I asked, knowing she couldn’t hear me. Her hair was draped over her face; I moved a couple random pieces so I could see her beautiful face. “I remember the day I first met you, I was amazed by how beautiful you were. I still am, everyday. I look at you everyday I can’t believe how lucky I am.” I pushed the other pieces of hair off her face. “I am completely crazy about you, in fact I’m falling in love with you.” I’ve known I was in love with her for a while but I’ve been too afraid to admit it. “I love you too.” Y/N smiled at me. “I heard it all, I love you too." 

Airport Goodbyes

Harry (His POV): I could feel Y/N arms tighten around me as she told me how much she doesn’t want me to leave. “I know it’s your job and you have millions of girls waiting to see you but I don’t want you to leave.” Seeing Y/N upset hurt me, seeing the tears go down her face made my heart break. I tried to reassure her, I let her know that she can come visit whenever she wants. “If you get lonely call me and I’ll have you on the first flight out to wherever I am.” I wiped the tears from her face. “Please stop crying. You’re going to make me cry.” I pleaded as my voice cracked. “I don’t want to leave you, id rather be here with you.” The last call for my light was made. She let out a quick sob. I pulled her in one last time. I kissed her forehead and told her I loved her one last time before walking on the plane.  I pulled out my phone and sent a quick text to Y/N before I was forced to turn off my phone. “I love you so much. Don’t forget that. I’ll call you when I land.” 

Niall: “This isn’t a goodbye.” Niall whispered into your ear. “It’s a see you later.” His one arm was around your shoulder and the other was holding his guitar. “You’ll come visit me, well be able Face Time. It may not be the same but well still be able to talk. We’ll talk everyday, you can call me whenever you need me. If I don’t answer I’ll call you back as soon as I can.” Four months is a long time to be without Niall. What if he forgets about you? “Niall, I’m afraid.” You mutter. “What if you find someone better then me?” Hot tears starting rolling down your face. “What if you find some girl who can give up everything for you? What if you find someone who prettier then me?”  I don’t expect Niall to find someone else but I was still afraid. “I love you. My heart only wants you and nothing is going to change that. Now I have to go. I’ll call you as soon as I land.” The boys were calling for him from the other side of the terminal. “Hurry up or you’ll have to find another plane to China.” Niall kissed me one more time before running through security to join the boys. 

Liam: You should be sad, you should be crying. Liam is leaving for their tour in a few hours and he’s going to be gone for 7 months; you wont see him for at least 2 months. But your not sad, you’re happy to be spending time with him. He’s making jokes and talking about how excited he is to be going on tour. When Liam’s happy you can’t help but he happy. “I’m excited to go to Rome. I always love visiting Rome.” You could hear the excitement in his voice.  ”Last time we went to Rome we went exploring and got lost. But we got to see the city, it was beautiful.” Liam went on to describe the city and hearing his explain it made you want to go. “We should go.” You whispered after looking at your phone. Liam held your hand on the way to the car, the whole car ride and on the way into the airport. You two sat right outside of the terminal, your hand still entangled in his. “I have to go.” He whispered and that’s when you got sad. “Don’t.” You grabbed his hand tighter. “I have to love.” His eyes stayed locked with yours as he kissed your hand. “I love you. I’ll call you as soon as I land.” Once Liam was through security he looked back and waved one last time. 

Louis: “Babe laugh.” Louis has been making jokes the whole time we’ve been here, trying to lighten the mood. “Louis, I’m sorry. I don’t mean to be a Debbie downer.” This was hard for you. “Your not, I get this is hard for you I just want to see you smile before I leave.” Louis caressed your cheek. He kept telling jokes, making sure you laughed. “I’m sorry, I’m trying. I’m trying to laugh, I just hate that you’re leaving for seven months. Seven months of not waking up to you, seven months of not having prank wars. For gods sake Louis we can’t have prank wars when were millions of miles apart.” You were starting to freak out. “Louis I don’t want to do this, I don’t want to be apart from you. I’m sorry I can’t smile and I can’t be happy.” Louis pulled you into him; he was trying to calm you down. “Kiss me.” You begged and Louis obliged. He pulled away only when Niall came up to Louis and poked him over and over telling him it was time to go. “That smile looks good on you. I’m glad I got to see you smile.” Louis whispered as he walked away.  

Zayn: “Come with me.” Zayn pulled me off to the side, his lips crashed to yours as he pulled you into a nearby closet. “We don’t have long.” Zayn pushed you against the wall; he kisses gain more and more force. His shirt was now on the floor. His hands ran up and down your thighs causing you to moan his name. Zayns never has been one for PDA, making you wonder what’s going through his head. “Where did this come from?” You were barley able to finish your question before Zayns lips were back on yours. “I’m going to miss you, so I want to spend as much time as I can with you now.” ”Don’t get me wrong this is nice but I don’t want to have sex in a closet.” He was getting annoyed with all your comments. Zayn let out a sigh before putting his shirt back on. “I have to go.” You hated the thought of Zayn leaving for tour being mad at you. “Wait.” You grabbed his arm. Your body crashed into his and you started where you left off. 

You get in a fight and his parents are downstairs

Niall: “Your being unreasonable.” Niall yelled from across the room, his hands gripped his blonde locks. “Niall, your parents are right below us, can you keep it down?” The last thing I wanted was his parents to know we were fighting.“ Then stop being unreasonable. You’re making a big deal out of nothing.” Niall was still yelling at you. “You’re not getting it.” You found yourself yelling back. “Your more focused on me being upset rather then why I’m upset. You don’t see to care that I’m mad you because you lied to me. So until you realize why I’m upset and you apologize I’m going to continue to make a big deal out of nothing.” I grabbed my coat, ran downstairs and rushed out of the house; not giving Niall’s dad and step mom to question what we’ve been yelling at each other about. I walked around their neighborhood for at least forty minutes with my hands balled out in the pockets of my coat. The cold raindrops felt good against my skin, in a weird way the rain calmed me down. I could see Niall coming towards me; it was a small neighborhood so I shouldn’t be surprised that he found me. I hurried up and rushed around another corner, trying to get away from Niall; but it didn’t work. I could hear him coming after me. “Y/N.” He yelled after me. “Please Y/N, Please.” I stopped in my tracks and turned around knowing he’s not going to leave me alone. “Thank you, ya know I have a bad knee. Why would you make me run after you?” Niall took a minute to catch his breath, he held up one finger. “I’m sorry I lied to you, I’m sorry I didn’t take your feelings into consideration. I’m so sorry I lied to you. I don’t want you to be mad at me. I promise I’ll do anything to make it up to you.” Niall took your hands into his and you could tell by the look in his eyes that he meant it. “Okay, fine.” You mumbled as Niall swept you up into his arms and kissed down your jaw and eventually made his way to your lips.“ 

Louis: "What do you think babe?” Louis asked you with a smile on his face. “It’s for you.” In that moment you felt like you got punched right in the stomach. Louis, his mum and dad all stared at you and had the biggest smile on their faces. “It’s a great song isn’t it Y/N?” His mum asked but you couldn’t answer, you had to get out of this room. “Excuse me.” You ran up to yours and Louis room and slammed the door. It wasn’t long before Louis was joining you in the room with a confused look on his face. Listening to this song made you an emotional wreck. “Then what’s the problem? Why are you so upset?” Louis tried to grab ahold of you but you pushed yourself away immediately. “When did you write that? Was it before or after?” You insisted and Louis informed you that he wrote it before you suffered a miscarriage. “But of course some things have changed so I’ll have to rewrite it a bit but.” He trailed off. “Louis, you told me when I found out I was pregnant that you weren’t ready to be a dad then you go write this song about how excited you are to have a baby?” Hearing the song made you replay everything that you went through just a month ago. It was too soon doesn’t he know that? “Louis we lost our baby don’t you think you should have waited until we were alone to play this song for me?” Before you started yelling too loud you remembered that his parents were downstairs. “I was going to play this song for you to make up to you for what I said, for me walking away from you, but then I found out.” Once again he trailed off. “I lost that baby too, I was hurt too. So instead of being a bitch about me writing a song for you why don’t you say thank you and tell me you love it? Is that too hard for you? Or you just want to start another fight?” “Louis, I can’t do this right now.” You stormed to the guest bedroom. On top of everything you’re still feeling you don’t need fight with Louis too. 

Harry: “What’s wrong?” Harry asked as he slammed the door behind him. “You’ve been shitty all night. You’ve even gotten an attitude with Jo. Did she do something wrong?” You wouldn’t have to get an attitude if Harry’s dad and step mom wouldn’t have stayed two weeks longer then they said they were going to. “Well maybe I wouldn’t be so pissed off if they would go home. I love your dad and Jo but I need space. They are taking over our house. And no Jo didn’t do anything wrong, she’s been great they both have.” You’re starting to feel like a guest in your own house. “Then what’s the problem? You can’t be rude do my family for no reason.” Harry did have a point and you know how much he loves having his family here, especially since he doesn’t see them all that often, which is exactly why it’s taken you so long to tell him how you feel. “Please don’t be mad at me, I just feel like I can’t breathe.” Harry just shot you looks from across the room. You attempted to walk towards him but he backed up. "Don’t they get on your nerves? At least a little? Like we wake up and they’re here all cheery and happy then I get home and they’re here. We got to bed and they’re still here.“ For the first time in a week I’ve expressing how I really feel. The first week was great, it was nice to get to spend time with them but you’ve had enough. Harry just doesn’t get that. He doesn’t get that sometimes you need space. "Yeah and Y/N?” He questioned. “They’re right downstairs too. Forget that? You’re going to owe them an apology in the morning. You were rude and as long as I’m paying for the house my family is welcome to stay as long as they desire.” It made you sick that Harry was standing up for them one hundred percent, he didn’t try to see your sided and he wasn’t even going to talk to them about it. “Your the one who insisted on paying for everything, every month I try to pay bills but you refuse but since you pay everything and your going to hold it over my head then I’m just going to leave.” You went into the closet you share with Harry and quickly fit as much as you could into your Vera Bradley duffel bag. You rushed down stairs and left the house before you had to face Des and Jo. You didn’t want them to think you had anything against them. You just need to be able to breathe. 

Zayn: “I’ll be right back.” You left Zayns parents sitting on the sofa so you could go and find him. You all were going out to dinner. You found him in the spare bedroom. You were just about to walk out of the room when he called you back. "Zayn are you kidding me?“ You spun around so Zayn could see how mad you were. "What the fuck?” You were livid; Zayn ran out of room to spray paint in his other room so he moved to this room. “What do you mean? I’m painting this room too. I didn’t think I had to run everything by you.” Zayn spat out. “Your not my mom. I didn’t ask you to move in so you could tell me what to do with a room in a house I pay for.” Zayns words cut through you like a knife. “And my parents are downstairs so do you mind keeping it down?” You hated fighting with Zayn, especially since his parents were downstairs and could hear everything. You hated the thought of them knowing you guys are fighting, especially about something as stupid as Zayn spray painting a room. “No Zayn. I’m not going to keep it down. I’m pissed, you can’t just decide to spray paint another room, and especially when that room was going to be our child’s room. I already had it all planned out.” You haven’t told Zayn about the pregnancy yet, you two have been bickering a lot lately and honestly your afraid to tell him. Well you were, now it’s out in the open and he’s standing across the room just staring at you. He’s looking at you and you can’t read him. “Zayn I’m pregnant and I wanted this room for our baby. Now do you see why I’m so upset?” You waited for Zayn to say something, anything but he didn’t. Now you can’t go downstairs because his parents are down there and you’re not ready to face them. “Say something.” You pleaded. You needed Zayn to say something. “We’re having a baby?” Zayn picked you up and held you so close that you couldn’t breathe. “We’re having a baby.” He put you down and led you downstairs where you two officially announced that your having a baby.  

Liam: You followed behind Liam as he stomped up the stairs leaving his parents and Andy on the sofa in the living room. He was muttering things under his breath, you couldn’t quite hear what he was saying and you were sure you didn’t want to know. He got to your guys room, he tried to shut you out but you managed to talk him into letting you in. He sat on the bed and looked at you, his eyes getting watery. “What are you so upset about?” He tried to tell you nothing was wrong but you could tell that he was upset, you know Liam. You know that he tries to act strong, like nothing’s wrong but none times out of ten you can tell when he’s upset. “Your acting all friendly with Andy, telling jokes about me. Y/N you can’t make jokes about me with my best friend.” You laughed a bit and you could tell it was driving him nuts. You shouldn’t be laughing at him that only made him more upset. You tried to apologize but he just ignored you. “Your supposed to be my girlfriend and Andy is my best friend.” He was starting to yell, he was clearly upset. “You guys shouldn’t be that friendly. You two have your own inside jokes that I have no idea about.” He looked up at you with those big eyes. “You two spend a lot of time together.” Liam was questioning you and your relationship. You felt like you got slapped in the face. “How could you think that I would want to be with anyone that’s not you?” You wanted Liam to see that there was nothing between you and Andy. “Maybe if you didn’t give me a reason not to trust you then I wouldn’t have a problem with you hanging out with my best friend.” “I gave you a reason? I’m glad you don’t trust me for any reason at all. That’s great Liam. Now if you excuse me I’m going to go downstairs and go back to playing games. Let me know when you get over your insane jealousy. It’s driving a wedge between us.” You closed the door leaving Liam on the bed, crying into his hands. 


In his clothes 

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Harry ; damn she looks good. Thoughts started to go through his head at the sight of you standing there in the kitchen, wearing his shirt and nothing else. He loves the way his white V-neck looks on you and he swore you wear his shirts better then he does. It’s not too big, it fits you perfectly, a little baggy but it doesn’t hide your curves. The shirt stops mid thigh, just covering your bum, the bum that he loves. He’s torn between telling you to take it off or letting you keep it on but he decided to let you keep it on, at least for now. The curly haired boy that everyone called a bad boy isn’t so bad after all. Everyone but you misunderstood him. He let you in and you understand him better then most. And here you are, in his kitchen, making tea in his shirt. 

 Niall ; Skype wasn’t working for him anymore. He absolutely hated only seeing you through a screen, he couldn’t touch you or kiss you when you were talking to him. He missed the warmth of your skin on his. He missed you so he flew home. Niall stands in the doorway, guitar in one hand and his suitcase that you call a box in the other. You’re lying on the sofa, arms crossed holding the blanket against you. He noticed you were wearing his hoodie. The same hoodie you always tell him is ugly looking. You’re wearing the hoodie you hate so much. He couldn’t wipe the smug grin off of his face. He dropped his bags and was at your side, taking you into his arms; he missed you. You were finally back in his arms where you belong and in his hoodie; he’s happy. 

Liam ; He dragged his feet and rubbed his eyes as he made his way across the flat and to the front door. Who the hell is at my door at 2am he thought? Could it be Niall? Did he forget his new address again? Much to his surprise it was you when he opened the door. At first he though he was dreaming, the girl he loved and lost was standing at his door, crying and in his shirt. You broke it off so you could have a ‘normal life’ and you dated some normal bloke. “You still have my shirt?” Is all he could get out. You nodded, wiping your eyes with the selves. “We got in a fight and I found myself wearing it. I didn’t even know I still had it. I guess what Y/BF/N said was true. I miss you; he’s not you.” Your voice broke and Liam pulled you in. “Come in, I’ll get you tea.” He pulled you into his flat, his arm around your shoulder the whole time. 

Louis ; “Y/N?” Louis voice trailed through the hall until it found you. Damn, you thought. Your eyes surveyed the room, trying to find out where you could hide. Louis couldn’t see you like this. Your eyes were red and puffy and you were sitting in his oversized t-shirt. “Sulking?” He stood in the door, watching you, waiting for you to say something. When nothing was said he came over and to your surprise, he comforted you. “Why?” You begged through your sobs. “You hate me.” The words came out and hit Louis like a ton of bricks. There is no way he ever could hate you, he loves you. He was mad and he said some stupid things but seeing you in his shirt made him forget exactly why he was mad. It had something to do with your job. “I love you. And I love that even when you’re mad at me, you seek comfort in me, in my shirt.” 

Zayn ; “Take it off.” Zayn hissed. He pushed you away only to tell you to take his shirt off. You stared into his hazel eyes, eyes full of love and lust. You did exactly what he said, peeling his black shirt off your body and throwing it onto the floor where it joined all his clothes. Zayn couldn’t take his eyes off you. The way the sunlight illuminated your skin and he swore in that moment you looked even more like an angle then you usually do. He was taking everything about this moment in. The way your black lace bra was so abstract against your light skin. Your hair was a mess, practically falling out of your ponytail. There were pink spots along your neck, he didn’t mean to leave them, but then again he never does. He thought back to ten minutes ago when his heart fluttered after seeing you in his shirt and now here without it and in his opinion you’ve never looked better. 


You get in a fight 

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Harry: “You’re wrong you know that?” Harry yelled back at you, this fight has been going on for way too long, you’ve grown to become tired of the fighting. The topic comes up anytime he goes out with the boys, which has been almost every day this week. “You think just because I go out I’m going to end up cheating on you.” Your insecurities were getting the best of you and it didn’t help that he’s always pictured with some girl. Harry knows how you feel and he’s promised you numerous times he’d stop being so friendly to everyone. “You need to stop. Just stop. Stop being so damn insecure.” The veins in his neck were prominent. “Anytime I’m pictured with a girl you freak out, it’s like you don’t even trust me anymore.” The constant fighting was starting to wear you down. You have dark bags under your eyes from the lack of sleep. It seems like every night you’re either waiting for Harry to get home or are sleeping in the spare bedroom. “I don’t harry.” You whispered, he raised his eye brows before speaking. “I want to but it’s hard to trust you when every morning there’s pictures of a different girl and you like it. You like the attention.” You refused to look him in the eyes. “So I’m sorry if I can’t trust you.” Your words cut through Harry and for first time he didn’t fight back, he just grabbed his keys and left the house. You ran after him. You needed to fix this with him; when you saw he already left you hopped into your car and followed him straight to Niall’s house. He opened the door; letting you in. “Where’s he?” Niall pointed to the couch where Harry sat, his curls wrapped around his fingers. Your weak voice called out for him, you hated seeing him like this. “I do trust you.” He turned to look at you. “I just hate seeing those pictures. I never was insecure before you, but do you know if feels to see the one person you love with someone that’s not you every night. Some times I worry you’ll leave me of one of them.” The tears started flow and Harry was at your side, his arm around your waist. “Let’s go home.” He whispered and escorted you out to the car, thanking Niall as you left.  

Niall: “Niall, stop.” You tried to push his hands off of you but he was fighting you, and winning. His lips sucking on your collar bone and his hands found their way to your breast. “I’m not doing this.” Finally he dropped his hands and backed up. “Of fucking course you aren’t. You know how fucking long it’s been since we’ve had sex?” His fingers gripped at his roots as he turned away. "Well maybe if you’d spend some time at home then we could. The only time you pay attention to me is when you want to have sex; like right this very moment. Do you even love me anymore?“ You questioned and he laughed, not able to believe you’re even asking him that question. "Of course I do but I’m also a man and I have needs. And if you’re not going to satisfy them then..” He stopped, wishing he never said that. He hated himself for threatening to cheat on you. “Then what?” You asked. “You’ll get it somewhere else? Go ahead cheat on me I dare you to. You know what I’ll make this easier for you, were done go now have sex with whoever you want.” The words just made their way out of your mouth and you knew as soon as he walked away that you made a mistake. You knew you should have just given into Niall; because god do you miss being with him. You grabbed your coat and threw it on. You were going to find Niall and make this right. It took an hour of checking all the local pubs before you finally found him. A glass in his hand, “vodka and cranberry juice?” As soon as he recognized the voice his head shot up, your hand ran through his hair. “Can we go home?” Your other hand moved down his arm and finally rested on his. “Together?” He finished his drink then intertwined your fingers in his. “Wait.” You demanded. “I love you and I’m sorry. I don’t ever want to loose you.” Niall’s eyes studied yours, a smile on his face. “I love you baby. Always have always will." 

Liam: "You okay? You’ve been acting weird all night?” You questioned and all you got was a nod from Liam. He didn’t even bother to take his eyes off the tv. You shook it off, hoping he was just acting weird because you’re leaving for the states tomorrow. “I’m going to miss you.” You wrapped your arms around his and tried to rest your head on his arm but he got out of your grip. After ten long minutes of awkward silence you spoke up. “Leave.” For the first time all day Liam finally looked at you. “You don’t want to be here then that’s fine then just fucking leave.” When Liam didn’t say anything your heart sank and tears started to form. You managed to stop yourself from crying until you were locked in your room, packing all of Liam’s things into a bag. Twenty minutes later your phone went off. ‘Im sorry I have to do this like this but you didn’t come out of your room. I can’t do this anymore. I think we should break up.“ Everything started to make since. Liam’s been distant because he wanted to end things. You were mad so you decided it was best not to text Liam back until you’ve calmed down. 'Fine. I leave tomorrow at 7am after that come get your shit and leave the key. Have a good life.’ You promised yourself you were going to enjoy your holiday. You were going to ignore the Liam sized whole in your heart and enjoy yourself. And that’s what you did for half the vacation. Everything was going great, you’ve been doing a good job of pushing him out of your head. "One Directions Liam Payne seen arriving at Orlando Airport today.” Y/BF/N shot you a look, your hands shot up in the air. “Haven’t talked to him.” It was the girls idea to go back to the hotel and watch girly movies to take your mind off Liam being in Florida. “Bloody hell.” Y/BF/N got off the bed and harshly opened the door, Liam standing on the other side of the door. “Can I talk to Y/N?” You nodded at her, letting her know you’d be okay. Before a single word made it’s way out of your mouth Liam was begging for your forgiveness. “I shouldn’t have ended things. I’m lost without you.” He kept going on, apologizing for what he put you through. “I’m never going to mess this up.” He fisted your hair in one hand and your shirt with the other. “I love you." 

Louis: "My dad’s right, I think it’s time for us to go home.” Your dad nodded and said goodbye to you before you and Louis left. He didn’t say anything in the car, he was waiting until you got home to yell. “I can’t believe you took his side.” You and Louis just got home from visiting your parents. You didn’t know what the big deal is, you have no idea why Louis is so mad at you. “Talk to me, tell me what’s making you so upset.” “What’s making me upset is that you took your dad’s side. You agreed with him when he said that I’m not good enough of you.” You didn’t bother arguing with Louis.  He wiped his tears and locked himself in your shared room. You knew Louis was going to need to come out and sure enough an hour later he did. “Louis.” You grabbed his arm preventing him from walking away you. “I never said you weren’t good enough. I agreed with him that this is hard, that sometimes this, you; and me it’s hard. But it’s always been worth it.” Despite your best efforts to talk to him he walked away from you and out of the flat. “I’m sorry, I need to be alone.” Was all he said before he walked out on you. Three hours later he came back through the door, his eyes puffy and red. He started walking towards you and your heart started to race, hoping he came home put this fight behind you two. “Babe.” His shoulder brushed against yours and went straight to the bedroom, slamming the door behind him. You sat outside the door for what seemed like forever before he came out. “I’m sorry about earlier.  But this is worth it, it always has been.” You pecked his cheek, you felt a grip on your hand as you went to walk away. “Let’s go to the room and talk this out." 

Zayn ; "Everyone’s coming over tonight. There all going to be here in twenty so if you want to go and get ready.” You were sitting on the sofa in your shirts and a t shirt eating pop corn. “I was hoping we could watch a movie tonight.” Zayn promised that tomorrow he’d spend the whole day in bed with you, watching what ever you want. You went upstairs and got ready even though having a party was the last thing you wanted to do. “Look great babe." You were greeted by Zayn, Perrie and Niall as soon as you got downstairs. Zayn already smelled like beer. "You sure like to hang out with my boyfriend don’t you Perrie?” Zayn grabbed your hand and led you away from everyone so he could yell at you. “That was rude.” He hissed. Instead of listening to him yell at you walked away but his hand grabbed you arm, his grip a little too tight. “Let go.” you hissed at him as he yelled profanities at you. "Do not cause a scene, not now.“ But to was too late Zayn was already too worked up. "You know what Zayn, I wouldn’t have been so rude if you’d spend time with me instead of your ex fiancé.” Zayns grip dropped as he realized just how his actions have hurt you. “I’m so sorry.” He cupped your chin so your eyes met with his. “I love you and I’m sorry I hurt you.” He couldn’t tear his eyes away from you. “I just wanted to hang out with you, have a night at home and instead you threw a party and ivories your ex who’s been all over you lately.” His hands wrapped around your hips and pulled you into him. His lips pressed against yours, one hand moved down your leg, the other still around you hip. “I’m so sorry.” He said in between kisses. 

Preference - He leaves you for your best friend

Part Two :)

Harry ; “Thank you thank you!” You were ecstatic you could have hugged your boss then and there. “Go and enjoy time with Harry.” She came over to your desk and you thought for sure you were going to be fired but instead she told you to take the rest of the day off. “You’ve been putting in a lot of extra hours in lately. Take a few days off to unwind.” You grabbed your purse and your coffee off your desk and was out the door. On the way home you stopped at Harry’s favorite restaurant and picked up lunch. You planned on putting a movie in, laying in bed with harry and eating lunch. You got home and saw your best friends car in the driveway. You thought that was weird because you didn’t remember inviting her over but you knew she was in an abusive relationship so she probably needed someone to talk to. Not thinking anything of it you went upstairs to your and Harry’s bedroom. Y/B/F/N and Harry were both under the sheets, Harry on top of Y/B/F/N. “Am I interrupting something?” Harry got off of her and grabbed the sheet off the bad: he then wrapped it around his torso. “Don’t.” Tears lined the bottom of your eyes but you refused to let them fall. You weren’t going to cry, at least not in front of them. “Seeing as you have somewhere to go and I don’t you’re going to leave until I find a flat to move into.” Harry started to cry and Y/B/F/N didn’t look at you. “Do you have anything to say?” You weren’t going to let him off that easily. “Do you feel bad for cheating on me?” Y/B/F/N opened her mouth to speak. “Don’t try. I have nothing to say to you. You were my best friend but now you’re dead to me, you both are. Now leave.” They both listened and left the house; you were finally able to break down.

Niall ; You and your best friend have been working on hard on Niall’s surprise party. He turned 21 whilst on tour so you wanted to throw him a proper party once he returned home. It didn’t take very long for you to realize just how much work it took to plan a surprise party so that’s when you enlisted the help of Y/B/F/N. Wither her help you the party went off without a hitch. Everyone was starting to arrive when you got a phone call from your boss. “Y/N I hate to do this to you but there’s something in your report I need to talk to you about.” You knew that she wouldn’t call you in unless it was an emergency so you went to find Y/B/F/N to tell her you would be back. “Tell Niall when he gets here I had to run into work and I won’t be gone long!” Your talk with your boss only lasted twenty minutes and you were back at your flat within an hour. You walked through the door and immediately went to find Niall. He was in the kitchen taking a shot with Y/B/F/N. “Babe.” He finished taking the shot and came up to you, leaving a wet kiss on your cheek. “Its so nice of you to let Y/B/F/N have my party here!” You looked at Y/B/F/N who was smiling at Niall. “Uhm, yeah okay.” You pulled her and took her to your room. “You told him that you threw this party? How could you?” You were hurt, you put so much work into this party and she’s taking all the credit. “You like him don’t you? You little bitch! That’s why you always want to go out with us!” You continued to scream at her and call her awful names. She stormed out of the room and walked right past Niall. Instead of asking you what happened, he shot you a dirty look and followed her out the door.

Liam ; “I’m sorry.” He studied your face, the tears making their way down your face. You were sitting at your favorite restaurant waiting for your best friend, she’s been seeing some new guy lately so you were surprised when she agreed to meet with you. Then you saw Liam and Y/B/F/N sitting across the restaurant from you, their fingers intertwined as they smiled and laughed at each other. Everything was starting to make sense; when he told you he was leaving you he didn’t tell you who it was for. He only told you over and over how sorry he was, he wasn’t sorry for leaving you, he was sorry for taking your best friend away from you; and it made sense that she didn’t tell you. She stole Liam from you. Its been two months and she didn’t even try to tell you; even thought you knew that she knew you wouldn’t understand, when you found out you would cut her out of your life all together. You started to piece the pieces together. Y/B/F/N has been distant lately; she’s been spending most of her time with her new boyfriend. Liam. While you’ve been grieving over the breakup she was off being happy. You blood was boiling under your skin. You made your way over to the table they were sitting at the plopped down, sitting in one of the empty seats. “Look who it is.” You plastered a fake smile on your face; acting like you were happy to see them. “My ex boyfriend and my ex best friend.” You wanted to yell and scream at them but you didn’t. You decided against it because you wanted to be able to come back to the restaurant. “Don’t say anything.” You silenced your ex best friend. “You both are dead to me. Don’t come home Y/B/F/N. Now I don’t know if I should be mad at you for going behind my back for myself; for not realizing it.” You told them you hope they’re happy together and then left them sitting there, no longer holding hands.

Louis ; “Hi babe.” You squealed as you walked towards Louis and wrapped your arms around his neck. “Hey Y/N.” Louis wrapped one arm loosely around your waist. Something was off with him but you couldn’t put your finger on it. Because of how he was acting you wanted Louis by your side all night. Whenever he tried to wonder off you reminded him that it was your birthday; he would let out a huff and then reattach himself to your side. “Thank you for coming tonight.” You slurred having had at least four drinks and five shots. “I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.” Maybe it was the alcohol in your system but you didn’t believe him. “Sure.” You blamed your remark on the alcohol, you tried to apologize but he ignored you. “Please tell me what’s going on. I’m not a mind reader Lou, I want to be there for you.” You pleaded with him but he shook you off, telling you it was nothing. “No Lou. Something is wrong. Tell me.” He insisted he’d tell you when he took you home. “I don’t want to ruin your birthday. We’ll talk tomorrow.” He tried to kiss your forehead but you squirmed out of his grip. “No.” You protested, getting angrier and angrier, which you also blamed on the alcohol. “If you’re going to break up with me do it right here, right now.” He told you he didn’t want to. At least not right now but you didn’t listen. “Who is it?” At first when he said T/B/F/N you thought you heard him wrong. “I’m sorry. We didn’t want to hurt you.” You reached across your body and slapped him. You left your party and stormed into the flat you share with you best friend. “Fist you stole Y/EX/N and now Louis? What the fuck Y/B/F/N?” You shouted at her. “Fuck you, leave now. Go see Louis I don’t fucking care. Just get out.” You paid more of the rent then she did so you didn’t fell bad kicking her out.

Zayn ; You grabbed the phone off of the end table. You swore you heard it vibrate but you were proven wrong when you looked at the screen and you were wrong. You haven’t heard from Zayn or Y/B/F/N in a couple of days, which you thought was weird. You and Y/B/F/N are inseparable, especially more so lately since her and her boyfriend ended things. Being that you were extremely bored and no one was texting you back you decided to head down to the beach and watch the sunset. Throughout the drive you couldn’t help but think about the time Zayn brought you there for your first date. Since that night the beach has been your favorite place; whenever you miss Zayn you go to the beach. You were happy when you saw that it was empty; there was only one other car in the parking lot. That meant you could sit in the sand without little children pissing you off. While you were walking down to your spot you saw a couple that looked like Zayn and Y/B/F/N and after studying the tattoos on the guy’s arms you realized it was Zayn. Why were they alone at the beach together? Why were they at your beach together? You made you way over to them promising yourself that you weren’t going to get upset. “Hey.” You spoke weakly as you sat down next to them. “Uh, hey.” Zayn stuttered. “What are you doing her?” He avoided making eye contact with you, only making you think the worst. “Well I missed my boyfriend so I came to the place he took me on the first date but apparently you take lots of girls here; including my best friend. You should have text me, either of you, and told me you were here.” Tears started to form but you wiped your eyes before they could fall. “Instead of ignoring me and then I find you here together.” Zayn got up to comfort you but you pushed him away. “I hope you two are happy because I’m done.”


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