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Louis Tomlinson opens up about how his mum told him to 'make it up' with his former One Direction bandmate Zayn Malik
JUST three days after the death of his beloved mum, Louis Tomlinson left the nation in tears with an emotional performance of his first ever solo track. The One Direction bad boy bravely stepped on…

JUST three days after the death of his beloved mum, Louis Tomlinson left the nation in tears with an emotional performance of his first ever solo track.

The One Direction bad boy bravely stepped on stage in front of seven million viewers on the final of The X Factor, fulfilling Johannah Deakin’s dying wish.

But it turns out that was not her only loving act for her heart-throb  son  from  her deathbed.

The 25-year-old today reveals his mum, who suffered from leukaemia,   initiated a secret reconciliation with his former best friend Zayn Malik, who he had not spoken to for a year since Zayn bitterly quit 1D.

In an emotional interview, Louis recalls: “My mum said, ‘You’ve got to get back in contact with Zayn. Life’s too f*****g short’.

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Liam Payne says he and Cheryl are already talking about having more kids
The ex-One Direction star says he is a 'changed man' as he gushes about his home life with 'amazing' girlfriend Cheryl
By Halina Watts

Liam Payne has revealed he and girlfriend Cheryl Tweedy are already thinking about more children. And the former One Direction star reveals he feels like a “changed man” since launching his solo career and becoming a dad for the first time .

But he admits only one person wears the ­trousers in his relationship – and that’s Cheryl.“She’s very headstrong. She’s a strong woman,” Liam tells me in an exclusive interview.

 “We had Kimberley Walsh round and she couldn’t believe that we’d got baby Bear into such a good routine. Cheryl’s just been amazing. She doesn’t want to miss the close contact with him. And the thing people don’t know is she has done it all herself . When she first got pregnant, I couldn’t keep up with everything.”

It’s been a whirlwind 18 months for the 23-year-old star after 1D called time-out in late 2015 and he started dating 33-year-old Cheryl a few months later while considering his solo career.

 “I think I needed a breather after the band finished,” he says.“It was the most enjoyable time in my life, but it did get hectic towards the end. I’m not going to lie. Now I feel like a changed man. With home life it has been amazing. Chez is unreal. It’s really brought me down to earth with a lot of things. She’s been through it all before. She’s experienced all of this sort of stuff. She knows. And of course there’s the birth of my child, the most amazing thing ever – little baby Bear. It’s crazy. Waking up in the mornings is a totally different experience.”

A few weeks after Bear Grey Payne’s birth in March, Liam had to head to the US to work on his debut solo album as well as new single Strip That Down.

He admits he pined for his new family and was overjoyed to be back with them. “Being home for bath time is just the most amazing thing. We do bath time together,” he says. “I’m in charge of bath water and cooking.”

Liam reckons Bear could end up as a basketball player. “He’s massive,” he chuckles. “Cheryl isn’t the tallest and she’s like ‘How did this happen?’”

Will he have brothers or sisters? “We have spoken about this,” says Liam. “We will see what happens. We are in a routine now and loving life. We sit round with Bear, watch old films like Ritchie Rich and Stand By Me, have a laugh.”

As Liam arrives at the YouTube studios in London for the premiere of his music video, he is mobbed by female fans. The 1D mania hasn’t changed even though Liam has.

He says: “I got a real sense of freedom when I was doing this record and it made me push the boundaries. It’s definitely a totally different experience to when I was in One Direction.”

 Yet he still refers to the split as a “hiatus” and adds: “Everyone is doing their own thing. I think it is better for the fans than they realise. Everyone deserves to have their own little musical journey. We will pick up the pieces and see where it goes.”

I recently got an anon that mentioned a larrie post I’d already commented on, so I didn’t publish as I didn’t want to re-hash it. However in their response they referred to a “print” interview in which Louis “said” that Eleanor was there when Jay died, and I want to clear up here that that is purely a larrie fabrication, and probably one of the early sources of the “OMG Louis is erasing Danielle” LIE.

It is one in a line of many things Larries have falsely attributed to Louis to mislead and anger their followers (WHO DO NOT READ OR LISTEN TO THE SOURCE MATERIAL THEMSELVES) and make them believe he is a liar, or being forced to lie, about things that are verifiable, so that they can then claim that antis ought to be upset with him as well.

This is what Louis said about Eleanor in relation to his mum’s passing:

“Of course I could dwell on anything and go, ‘I feel really gloomy about that’.

“But I just have this ability, that has to have been forced by my mum, to just get on with s**t.

“Obviously that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hurt, and that I don’t think about it.

“But I know me mum wouldn’t want me to walk around being gloomy all the time, so I try my best just to pick myself up when I can.”

He takes a breath, looks down sadly, lights another cigarette then adds: “Of course, there are times . . . and that’s why Eleanor has been so fantastic for me.


Louis NEVER said that Eleanor was there with him when Jay passed away. He said that she is there for him NOW when he is sad. He is STILL grieving Jay’s loss, and he STILL needs the support of his loved ones, always will.

i’ll be yours to keep

louis should’ve thought a lot more about who his fake boyfriend is, especially since he and his “significant other” hate each other. most of the time.

Zayn Leaving is a Stunt Recap

It was time to make a new masterpost about the stunt to reflect the current situation and what we’ve learned in the last few months.  If you haven’t heard of this before, you can get the overview here and more specifics here in my Zayn Stunt Summary.


  1. The reasons given are all invalid.  
    1. Zayn’s taste in music differs from One Direction’s no more than Liam’s or any of the boys’ do.  They’ve all shown discontent with the singles that are chosen and their lack of control over their musical direction more than once.
    2. Zerrie is a fake relationship, so Zayn leaving the band to spend time with her makes no sense.  
    3. At least ostensibly, Zayn has barely been at home since he left to spend time with his family.
    4. If Zayn wanted to be normal, a deal with RCA and constant talk about making solo music wouldn’t be happening.
    5. Zayn is supposedly going solo, yet they’re teasing with no apparent intention to follow through anytime soon.  It would have made much more sense for him to wait the year out.
    6. Despite all the rumors, the only signs of strain between Zayn and OT4 are in the papers and on social media- both things easily manipulated by 1DHQ.
    7. Zayn supposedly wasn’t enjoying it anymore, but he was more engaged than ever at the beginning of OTRA to the point where people were constantly remarking on it.
    8. There’s no proof or real reason to believe that Zayn has a drug problem or is struggling with mental illness.  Both rumors seem to have originated from sources tied to 1DHQ.
    9. Several of the reasons are contradictory such as wanting to be normal vs. wanting to go solo.

Legal and Official

  1. Modest has never shown regard for the boys’ health or wishes, so it makes no sense they would allow Zayn to leave because of stress or because he just didn’t want to do it anymore.
  2. Despite all the contractual obligations Zayn must be under, there’s been no legal fallout from him suddenly leaving the band and breaking his contracts.
  3. Rather than altering all of the official social media and websites at once to reflect the change in band members, there was a piecemeal erasure of Zayn which still isn’t fully complete.
  4. Instead of crediting Zayn for his part in the band as is normal, the official social media and websites have tried to erase him from the band’s past as well as its present.
  5. They haven’t completely stopped using OT5 images or selling OT5 merchandise.  They’ve even released new merchandise with Zayn’s name attached.
  6. Zayn is still attached to the companies set up by 1D for financial reasons.
  7. IMDBPro has never taken Modest off of Zayn’s affiliations and never listed a new management company for him.  We have information that at least one internal database still has him under Modest as well.
  8. No new management company has officially claimed Zayn at this point despite consistent rumors about Turn First.
  9. It took RCA and Purple PR days to months to confirm that they represented Zayn.  RCA’s profile for Zayn features only one picture that’s not from a photoshoot.  They also haven’t updated to link to his new social media.
  10. Zayn was seen with HJPR and Modest employees at events like the Asian Awards and some of his US outings at a time which he should have no longer been affiliated with them.

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Coming Out and Larry Proof

I was doing this little research about Larry Stylinson and then I come across some article that was posted on March 19, 2014. idk why I haven’t seen this earlier but here we go… These are screenshots I took of it..

 I’ve highlighted some stuff that I think are important.

Anyway, back to the point, according to that article, one of the band members is going to come out, this fucking year. And apparently, Harry is the only member who has been outing himself and tweeting stuff… 

And from what I saw in some videos, Harry gave a thumb up to a couple of fans in some concerts who outed him by their signs.

Also don’t forget, when Harry said 

And idk if this is a proof but for me it’s, he clearly wrote a song for Ariana and it’s called “A Little Bit of My Heart” and clearly Ariana is a girl so this song is clearly about love and clearly Ariana won’t sing about a girl… 

So Harry wrote a song about a boy. 

Anyway, everything that has been mentioned here happened in “2014” and the article has stated one member is going to come out this year aka 2014. 

SO in my opinion, this person who’s coming out is Harry since he already gave us some hints… 


Harry posted about 3 tweets, this year, outing Larry 

And there was this concert where Liam asked Louis what does Harry taste like.. I mean c'mon, don’t tell me you don’t see it too..

So I guess this is all I’ve for this post…

In conclusion, Harry is coming out really soon (management have agreed which is really surprising) (or maybe they didn’t and Harry just wants to come out whether they like it or not)

 I literally can’t wait. I mean I died from happiness when he tweeted the lyrics about the dentist and dark today.. 

The article about the coming out:


One Direction Reveals What They Want For Christmas  

Thinking Out Loud (Harry Styles One Shot)

anonymous said: Hi! Could you make one based on Thinking Out Loud with Harry? X!

Link to song here

A/N: I really enjoyed writing this one. Hope you like it! I picture this happening 3-4 years in the future. I’ve also included a second link to the song when I think you should start listening to it. Also, contains mature content.

Word count: 3180

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