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I already miss him so much, but i think everyone should respect his decision though. I’m happy as long as he’s happy <3

Niall Horan Imagine #2 - You overhear him calling you clingy so you distance yourself

You arrived home from work after what felt like the longest day ever. You were so excited to cuddle up to Niall and talk to him because it was the only thing that could make you feel happy and relaxed after working all day. You pushed your front door open and your face fell when you heard all the guys chatting in the living room. You did love the boys but you just wanted to relax tonight. You wandered through and they all greeted you happily. “Hey babe,” Niall smiled as he stood up and pressed a kiss to your cheek. “How was work?” he asked and you sighed playfully. “Long and boring,” you shrugged and he giggled. “You don’t have to work, you know that right?” he asked and you rolled your eyes. “Yes I do,” you replied. “Anyway, I’m going to go change,” you said as you dragged yourself up the stairs and pulled on a pair of Niall’s sweatpants and a sweatshirt. You wandered back downstairs and after a quick browse of your takeout menus, you decided to order Pizza. “Do you want anything?” you asked the boys and they all said yes so you ordered enough for six. You noticed the spot next to Niall on the couch was empty so you walked over and sat next to him. You cuddled up to his side and he put his arm around you awkwardly. You leaned across and pressed a kiss to his cheek and snuggled into him. You couldn’t help but notice how uncomfortable he was but you tried to ignore it. “I missed you today,” you muttered under your breath and he nodded. “Me too,” he replied almost bluntly which hurt you a bit but you didn’t dwell on it too much, or say anything. The doorbell eventually rang and you got up to get the pizza and laid it on the coffee table before walking into the kitchen to get everyone plates. “You’re being kind of cold with Y/N today don’t you think?” you heard overheard Zayn ask and you immediately stopped what you were doing and strained to hear the rest of the conversation. “Yeah I guess, but she’s been really clingy lately and I hate being all cuddly and romantic in front of other people…it’s awkward,” you heard Niall reply and you immediately felt really upset and like you were going to cry.  You finished collecting six plates together, continuing to fight the ever-growing lump in your throat. You carried them through and handed them out and put a couple of slices of pizza on your own plate before excusing yourself. “Where are you going?” Niall asked as he knitted his eyebrows at you. “I’m just going to eat in our bedroom, I’m tired anyway,” you lied and he smiled up at you. “Okay, the boys aren’t staying late so I’ll be up at around 10,” he said and you nodded before walking upstairs. You didn’t even feel hungry anymore so you threw your Pizza in the bin and lay down in bed. Your eyes filled with tears that slid down the sides of the cheeks and onto your pillow. You didn’t really understand why you were so upset, what he had said wasn’t even that bad. It’s not as if he was saying he hated you, or that he didn’t love you anymore. It just hurt that the only thing that made you really happy was talking to and being affectionate with him and to find out that it was annoying him whenever you did it made you feel devastated. You knew you were going to have to do your best to distance yourself a little bit from him; you were too petrified of him finding you too clingy and feeling the need to break up with you. You cried for a little while before turning on the television and trying to cheer yourself up. Niall came upstairs a short while later and got himself ready for bed. He climbed in next to you and placed a hand on your thigh and gave it a squeeze. “How are you babe?” he asked, “how was your day?” You wanted to talk to him about everything and how you were feeling but you didn’t want to annoy or burden him so you just shrugged in reply. “It was fine…anyway, I’m tired. I’m going to try and get some sleep,” you said giving him a small smile. “Goodnight, love you!” you added before giving him a quick peck on the lips and lying down, facing away from him. You woke up the next day to find that Niall had pulled you into his chest and cuddled into you before he fell asleep. You slowly untangled your limbs and got yourself ready for work and left without waking him to say goodbye like you always did. You went about your day normally, except you refrained from texting or calling Niall and during your lunch break, you decided to call Eleanor to see if she was free that evening. You arranged to meet up for dinner and so you decided to send Niall a short message letting him know you’d be home late. He replied being really sweet and telling you to have fun but you refrained from replying again. You did the same kind of thing for a couple off days. You still spoke to him obviously, and it wasn’t like you were angry with him or anything. You just wanted to make sure you weren’t annoying him. You came home from work after about a week of trying to distance yourself and began getting ready for a night out you had with the girls. You went straight to your bedroom because you could hear Niall watching television with the boys; you slipped out of your work uniform and began looking through your clothes to choose something to wear. You heard the door open and you turned round to see Niall staring at you, eyes filled with lust. He walked towards you and wrapped his arms around your waist and began kissing your neck. “Do you have to go out tonight?” he asked pouting and you giggled nervously. “Yeah I do babe, sorry,” you replied before wriggling out of his grip and pulling out a short black skirt and putting it on. “I feel like I haven’t seen you all week,” he said as he sat down on the bed and looked up at you with sad eyes. “I’ve been busy,” you lied and he raised an eyebrow at you. “Y/N, seriously what’s going on? Are you mad at me or something because we’ve barely even spoken this week… you don’t even wake me to say goodbye before you go to work anymore.” You shrugged your shoulders and turned away from him, “nothing’s wrong babe,” you said softly and he got up and walked towards you. He placed a hand under your chin and forced you to look up at him. “Y/N, just tell me what’s wrong, I know when you’re lying,” he demanded and you sighed, admitting defeat. “I heard what you said about me to the boys last week,” you said, blushing and walking away from him as you did. Not wanting to show how much his words had actually hurt you. “What are you talking about?” he asked and you raised your eyebrows at him. “I heard you telling them that you thought I was clingy,” you said and his face immediately fell. “Look Y/N, you weren’t supposed to hear that,” he replied and you shrugged your shoulders at him. “Well I did, so I’m just trying to keep my distance so I don’t annoy you, that’s all,” you said as you began sifting through the clothes in your wardrobe again and looking for a top to wear. “Y/N, this isn’t what I want, okay, sometimes you annoy me sometimes but you can’t stand there and say that I never annoy you,” you didn’t reply so he continued talking, “I love you and the last thing I want is you distancing yourself from me, I want to spend time with you, I want you to tell me about your day and how you’re feeling. I want you to wake me up every morning by kissing my forehead just to tell me that you’re going and that you love me.” You turned to face him, your stomach filling with butterflies as you did. “I’m sorry for what you heard, but the truth is, I like it when you’re clingy, I want you to be clingy again. I’m sorry okay,” you walked towards him and wrapped your arms around his neck. “I’m sorry,” you muttered, “I should have talked to you instead of trying to push you away.” He hugged you tightly against his chest. “You don’t have to apologize babe, just go out and have with your friends tonight and as of tomorrow, I want my girlfriend back okay?” he asked and you nodded before he leaned in and pressed his lips gently against yours. 

He's mad at you (1D preference)

Harry: You both sat on the opposite of the couch. It’s been like this for thirty minutes. He hadn’t said a word. These last five minutes, you couldn’t help but just stare at him, hoping he would say something. Hoping he would say that he loves you. But he didn’t say anything. He was staring at the TV, emotionless. And this was one of those moments you actually had no clue what to do. Did he want you to leave him alone? Did he want you to beg him for forgiveness? Did he want you to say sorry again and again and again? You didn’t know… It felt so frustrating. So you let out a sigh and you stood up from the couch. ‘I’m sorry, Haz…’ You quietly said. ‘I’m sorry I disappointed you. But I can’t take it back. I’ll make myself ready so you can go to the bedroom. I’ll sleep on the couch… I hope it gives you time to think.’ And after saying that, you moved yourself to the bathroom. You couldn’t help but slip a few tears while preparing yourself for the night. When you entered the living room again, he was gone. So that meant sleeping on the couch. You took a couple of soft sheets out of the closet and were ready to drape them over the couch, when you felt two warm hands, grabbing your waist softly. ‘You’re not going to sleep on the couch…’ His low voice whispered in your hair. He placed his hand on your lower back and led you to the bedroom. You crawled into the bed you shared with Harry. He pulled you into his chest. ‘I love you… Now sleep, and we’ll talk tomorrow.’ You couldn’t help but tighten your grip around his chest. That was one of those things that you loved about him: even when he’s mad, even when he’s furious, he still cared if you were ok or not. And he would push every angry feeling away, just to make sure you were fine.

Louis: ‘Y/N, I asked you for one damn thing! Is it so hard to do just one thing for me?’ He yelled at you. ‘Louis, I already said I’m sorry, I forg-,’. ‘Yeah… of course… You forgot. Like you are so busy all day!’ He said while grabbing his coat. ‘I’m going. Don’t expect me back today.’ And with that he slammed the front door shot. You stood there, frozen to the ground. You felt so stupid. A week ago he asked you to pick up his sister on Sunday (today) from the airport. He wasn’t able to do it because of work in the studio. But today, you just totally forgot. His sister had called you multiple times, but your phone was dead. You only noticed you forgot when Louis came home with a furious look on his face. And that was where he started yelling. And you couldn’t blame him. You would be mad as well. But you felt awful about it. It was like he said, he asked you one thing… And now he was gone and you felt so empty. And you couldn’t hide the fear you felt thinking he maybe wouldn’t come back. Tears were silently rolling down your cheeks when you moved yourself to the bedroom, into the bed you and Louis shared. You laid yourself down on his side of the bed and it didn’t take long before your tears brought you to sleep. You woke up by the movement of the bed and when you opened your eyes, you kind of jumped to see Louis sit next to you, almost immediately making a shushing sound to relax you. ‘Would it be okay if I take my place again?’ He whispered softly. You looked at the time and you were confused seeing it was only 10 pm. He left at 6. You moved to your side again, to make room  for him. But before you could turn your back on him, just to give him his space, he pulled you close to him. ‘I thought I wouldn’t see you again today.’ You whispered into his chest. He sighed and tightened his grip on you. ‘Yeah… Well… I missed you… And I didn’t know how I left you. So I wanted to come back.’ He paused for a while. ‘I’m sorry for making you cry…’. ‘I’m sorry for forgetting what you asked me to do. I really don’t know how I didn’t remember it.’ Your voice broke with the apologizing words. ‘It’s okay baby. Stop crying… please. Everything’s okay. I forgive you. It’s okay.’ And with those words the worrying made room  for your tiredness again and you felt yourself slipping away in his arms.

Niall: He was giving you the silent treatment while driving home from a party. ‘Niall… Please… It really wasn’t what you think it was! I told those boys to stop but they didn’t.’ You tried but he just didn’t reply. He kept driving. Eyes focused on the road. ‘I don’t get why you didn’t saw me trying to push them away. I really did try. But when there are three lads trying to fucking touch you it kind of gets hard, being a girl and,-‘. Before you could finish what you were saying, Niall stood on his break, stopping the car in the middle of the road. He turned himself to you in an abrupt way and stared angry in your eyes. ‘You didn’t want it? They touched you and you didn’t want it?’ He asked furiously, practically yelling. ‘Niall…’ You started trying to calm him down but he interrupted you immediately. ‘No, Y/N. Say it to me load and clear. Did they touch you although you were telling them you didn’t want them to?!’ And when you nodded he started the car again and made a huge turn, making the car head back to the party. ‘What are you doing?’ You asked confused. He didn’t answer again… You only saw him calling someone on his phone. Suddenly you heard Harry’s voice in the car. ‘Are you guys still there?’ Niall practically shouted. ‘Uhm… Yes?! What’s wrong?’ Harry sounded confused as well. ‘There are three boys over there. One blond with a red sweater, and two brown haired boys with a blue vest and a brown shirt. They were bothering Y/N. I’m there in a couple of minutes.’ He said. You were staring at him with open mouth. ‘Get it Niall. We’ll look for them.’ Harry said before he hung up. You rolled your eyes looking outside. ‘You guys are impossible sometimes…’ You said, knowing there wasn’t any chance of changing Nialls mind. ‘They have to know they can’t touch you when you don’t want to. I’m not letting them run away with that. You are mine.’

Zayn: ‘Get out…’ He said after a heated argument in the car. You were standing at a traffic light. ‘What?’ You asked confused. ‘GET OUT Y/N!’ He yelled and you basically immediately unlocked the door and stepped out of the car. The moment the light turned green he speeded away and you stood there, alone and totally unaware of what just had happened. Like it could not get any more worse, you felt raindrops touching your skin. You had to do something. It only started to rain harder and harder. You left your phone in the car. You weren’t able to call anyone. The only chance you had was walking to the closest bus station and take a bus somewhere. Your clothes started to get soaked and you were freezing your ass off.  When you reached the bus station you sat yourself down on the small bench, waiting for a bus, you couldn’t care less where it would take you. You just wanted to be out of this rain. But instead of a bus, a very familiar car stopped in front of you. Zayn stepped out of the car and walked over to the passenger side, opening the door and waiting for you to step in. ‘Please… Don’t be stubborn. You’re going to get sick.’ He said when you didn’t move. You murmured something like ‘You don’t even care.’ You were surprised when he stepped closer to you and grabbed your waist, slightly pushing you into the direction of the car. ‘I do care. And I very well know that it doesn’t look like I care right now. And I’m so sorry for that. But please Y/N, get in the car and let me take you home.’ And by the tone in his voice you knew he had realized he made a mistake. And you didn’t had a clue why he reacted this way. He was the last person on earth to let you by yourself on the streets in the pouring rain. You stepped in and you heard his sigh of relieve when he shot the door behind you. A couple of minutes later you were driving home in silence, until he started speaking. ‘I don’t know what overcame me. The moment I drove away I already regretted it. And when I turned back, you were gone. And I was so worried. I’ve never… ever… in my whole life, felt so guilty of something other than that moment. I am so… so sorry for putting you in danger like that.’ You nodded slowly staring outside, not really knowing what to say. You could feel him waiting. Waiting for you to speak. But you couldn’t find anything to say. ‘Please talk to me… Shout, scream, yell, cry. I don’t care. Just do something because this is literally killing me.’ He whispered looking at the road, reaching for your hand. And you let him grab it. And when he squeezed, you squeezed back. ‘Just don’t…’ You started softly. ‘Just don’t do it again…’. ‘Never. Absolutely never.’ He almost said immediately. And with that it was ok. With that, you let it go. Just because you knew how sorry he was. Just because you knew how much he loved you in the end. And we all make mistakes. And this was his mistake. But you knew he would never make that same mistake twice.

Liam: Normally Liam would kiss you, just before he would go on stage. He always said it gave him luck during the show. But today, Liam didn’t kiss you. When they called the boys for going to the stage, he just walked past you and didn’t even care to look. He was angry with you. He was angry because you had just told him you would be leaving a week earlier than planned. Just because you had a lot of work for school. Lou and you exchanged looks when he walked by. You shrugged your shoulders at her and gave her a half smile, standing up and walking to the tour bus. You entered the bunk bed you slept in with Liam and just stared at the ceiling. You didn’t even know how long you were laying there when you suddenly heard the door of the bus swing open. ‘Y/N? WHERE ARE YOU?’ Liam’s voice was in complete and utter panic. And when Liam panicked, there must be a good reason. So you jumped out of bed in terror, ready to run away for fire or something else dangerous, when you stood in front of your boyfriend. When he saw you, his whole body relaxed. ‘I thought you left…’ He breathed out. Hearing those words made you relax as well. No fire. ‘I’m not leaving you like that… I at least want a kiss and a hug before I leave.’ You smiled at him. And he gave you a smile back, the smile you loved the most. ‘You can get more if you want…’ He said softly when he pushed his lips to yours. His kiss was short, but perfect. ‘I needed that.’ He whispered. ‘And now I do have a show to catch. I may or may not have lied about going for a wee.’ 


Just doing this to make the MASTERLIST organization a little easier! Here are all the One Direction Prefs I have so far!

You Work In An Ambulance/Hospital & Save His Life

He Gives You His Number/Asks For Yours (Highschool)

You Bump Into Him On The Street

He Bullies You But Secretly Likes You

First Time He Admits Having Feelings For You

You Shower Him With Gifts

You Accidentally Make Him Cry

He Accidentally Hurts You Physically

Workplace Relationship/Sleeping Together

Your First Kiss

He Describes You In An Interview

Your Song / Break Up Song

Telling Him You Have HIV

The Boys Say Something Sexual About You & He Gets Upset

You Punch Someone/Get In A Fight

You Ask Him To Artificially Inseminate You

How You Sleep

You Wake Up With Amnesia

He Has A Stomachache / He Gets Seasick/Airsick

He Calls You A Gold Digger To The Other Boys

You’re Dating & The Other Boys Don’t Like You

You Give Him A Lap Dance

SMUT: You Sit On His Face

SMUT: You Squirt For The First Time

Wake Up In Vegas & You’re Married

Your Nudes/Sextape Leaked

You Get A Cochlear Implant & Hear For The First Time

Your First Fight

A Fight Gets Physical

He Sees Someone Put Something In Your Drink

He Finds Out That You Were Raped (TRIGGER WARNING)

You Try To Change For Him

Your Birthday

He Gets A Vasectomy Without Telling You

Telling Him You’re Pregnant

He Watches You Breastfeed

Your Son’s Friends Think You’re Hot & He Finds Out


You Want A Divorce & He Convinces You To Stay

Disney (Alternate Universe)

Teenage Dream by Katy Perry

Stay (feat. Mikky Ekko) by Rihanna

Homewrecker/Starring Role by Marina & The Diamonds

Where Do Broken Hearts Go by One Direction

In Your Atmosphere by John Mayer

Take Me Home (Album)

Midnight Memories (Album)

Preference #30 - You surprise him on tour and catch him cheating

Heey guys! Here’s the pref that everyone voted to be next! I actually think this may be my favourite pref that I’ve ever written! Hope you enjoy it :) xoxoxoxo

Harry (Your POV) – “He really has no idea?” your friend asked for the hundredth time and you nodded. “Not a clue, he thinks I don’t finish class for another month! I planned it this way so it would be a surprise! Niall helped me arrange it all,” you smiled at her as you dragged your suitcase off your bed so you could carry it downstairs. “I wish I could be there to see the look on his face, it’s going to be so romantic,” she pouted at you and you giggled just as your phone started to ring. “That’s my taxi here,” you said as you glanced at the screen, “I better get going, Australia awaits.” She giggled at you and gave you a quick hug before wishing you a safe flight. You made your way to Heathrow airport, barely getting caught in any traffic on the way. You checked in quickly and before you knew it, you were sitting in the departure lounge waiting for your flight. You were flying from London to Dubai, then from Dubai to Australia so you had a really long day ahead of you. You pulled out your phone and dialed Niall’s number. “Hello?” he answered happily. “Hey Niall, it’s Y/N, I’m just about to board my flight to Dubai, I just wanted to thank you for helping me arrange this. I can’t wait to see the look on his face,” you giggled. “No problem Y/N! Make sure you call me before you board your flight in Dubai; I’ll pick you up from the airport here with Paul and Liam. Have a safe trip!” he chirped down the phone and you thanked him again before hanging up so you could board your flight. The trip was long, very long. But you were at the edge of your seat like an excited child the whole time. Your stomach was full of butterflies and you couldn’t stop smiling at the thought of how surprised Harry was going to be to see you. You eventually arrived in Dubai and fulfilled your promise of calling Niall and telling him when you were about to board your flight to Australia. The flight seemed to last an eternity but you eventually landed and soon enough, Niall, Liam and Paul were greeting you at the gate. “Hey Y/N!” Liam beamed, “he has absolutely no idea, this is going to be so funny!” You giggled, “I kind of want to film his reaction,” you all got into a black car with tinted windows which drove you to the boys hotel and you were soon stood outside Harry’s room, heart racing and palms sweating. “I’m so nervous,” you mouthed to Niall and he rolled his eyes at you playfully. “You’ve come all this way to surprise him so don’t be a baby about it! Here,” he said as he handed you a copy of Harry’s room key and you slid it into the door. You pushed it open and you immediately heard footsteps approaching you from the bedroom. “Hey, I thought I told you not to…” Harry immediately stopped speaking when he saw you standing there. You grinned and ran towards him before throwing your arms around his neck and pressing your lips to his. “Hi babe!” you gushed and he remained frozen in place, not even hugging you back. “Are you surprised to see me?” you teased and you heard Niall and Liam come into the room behind you. “I thought you didn’t finish class till next month?” Harry asked in a weird tone that you couldn’t quite distinguish, he almost sounded like he was nervous. “Yeah, I lied,” you smiled, “I wanted to surprise you.” He softened a little and pressed his lips to yours. “I’m so happy to see you,” he smiled at you and wrapped his arms around your waist, kissing your neck softly. “Why don’t you go through to Niall’s room with the rest of the boys and I’ll come and find you in five minutes,” he whispered and you pulled away and raised an eyebrow at him. “But I want to stay here with you,” you whispered, “Harry I haven’t seen you in 3 months…” You could see that he was starting to panic, he kept glancing at his bathroom door every few seconds. “Harry, what’s going on?” you asked quietly, suddenly very aware that Niall and Liam were standing right behind you. “Y/N, please just go through, I’ll be there in a minute I promise,” he said frantically but you refused to move. “Not until you tell me what’s going on,” you said sternly and just as you finished speaking the bathroom door opened. A tall, slim blond girl walked out with only a small towel covering her naked body. “Harry, I thought you were coming to join me?” she asked before she looked around the room to find that they were no longer alone. You felt as if someone had just punched you in the stomach and ripped your heart out of your chest at the same time. You heard Liam and Niall gasp from behind you and the look on Harry’s face was a mixture of panic and upset. “Y/N, please it’s not what it looks like,” Harry walked towards you and you turned away slightly as a tear rolled down your cheek. “No Harry, I think it’s exactly what it looks like,” you muttered in reply. “Y/N…” Harry pleaded after a few seconds of silence and you groaned angrily. “I feel like such a fucking idiot. I flew all the way from London for this?” you began to sob and Harry grabbed a hold of your arm. “No, don’t touch me,” you yelled as you turned away from him and Niall walked over to you. “Come on Y/N, come and sit in my room until you figure out what to do,” he said softly as he put an arm around your shoulder, glaring at Harry in the process.

Liam (Your POV) - The fasten seatbelt sign lit up as you approached New York City. You stared out the window at all the huge buildings and your stomach churned uncomfortably. You were beyond excited and there were three reasons why. First of all, you had never been to New York before and it was somewhere you’d always dreamed of seeing. Second, you were visiting your boyfriend, Liam. He was on tour and you hadn’t seen him in months. Lastly, he didn’t know you were coming. You had arranged it all with Paul because you didn’t trust the boys to keep it a secret. You were to make your way from the airport to the hotel and Paul would meet you in the lobby so he could give you a copy of Liam’s room key. You couldn’t wait to see the look on his face and you couldn’t wait to be able to spend time with him again because you missed him like crazy. Your flight landed and you waited for what felt like an eternity at baggage claim before your suitcase eventually arrived. You stepped outside and managed to get a taxi fairly easily, although the closer you got to the hotel, the sicker you felt. Your heart almost stopped when your driver drove through the Lincoln tunnel and you caught your first glimpse of the Manhattan skyline. This was really happening. You arrived at the hotel a short while later and, as promised, Paul was waiting for you in the lobby. “Hi Y/N,” he beamed at you before giving you a warm, fatherly hug. “Here’s his key, him and the boys went to their rooms about twenty minutes ago so he should still be awake,” he smiled at you and gave you wink. “Thank you so much for this Paul, it really means a lot to me,” you gushed and he gave you a pat on the back. “Don’t mention it, go get him,” he laughed and you skipped happily towards the elevator. The ride up to his floor seemed to last forever and your heart rate quickened the closer you got. Your hands were shaking and your palms were beginning to sweat and you were sure your legs were going to collapse out from underneath you as you began to walk but you managed. You reached his door and slid the magnetic room key through the lock and the door clicked open. You pushed it open slowly and walked into the huge suite. You could hear voices’ coming through, from what you presumed was the living room area. You heard Niall’s loud laugh and a smile broke out onto your face, the boys were always sneaking into each other’s rooms after Paul had insisted they go to bed. You put your suitcase down quietly and began to sneak through the room. “Surprise,” you yelled as you walked into the room only for the word to catch in your throat as you let out a loud, horrified gasp. The boys were all sitting around a coffee table having a few drinks with a group of girls. Normally this would only bother you a little bit if it weren’t for the fact that a gorgeous, slim brunette girl was sitting on Liam’s lap with her lips attached to his neck as he ran his hand up and down her thigh. Everyone in the room turned round to look at you as you tried to catch the air that you felt like had been physically knocked out of your lungs. “Y/N, what are you doing here?” Liam asked, pushing the girl off of his lap and walking towards you. He extended his arms towards you and you gave him a look of sheer disgust. “Don’t even think about touching me Liam,” you spat at him and you could see the panic in his eyes. “Y/N, please, it was nothing…” he began to try and explain himself and you laughed obnoxiously in his face. “It sure looked like something to me Liam,” you forced your voice to stay strong; you didn’t want to break down… not in front of him at least. Every eye in the room was on the two of you as Liam began to stutter and his eyes began to water. “Y/N, just hear me out,” he practically whispered, his voice breaking as he spoke. You felt like you were about to implode due to the sheer rage and embarrassment you felt. “Y/N,” Liam said again as he reached out for you and your arm automatically reached up and you slapped him hard across the face. “I thought I told you not to fucking touch me,” you yelled, hot tears of rage now spilling down your cheeks. “Um, maybe we should go,” one of the girls said and you glared at her. “Yeah, maybe that would be a good idea,” you said sarcastically as they all scurried out of the room. “I think that I should go to,” you said, wiping your face and walking away from him but he followed you. “Y/N, no don’t please stay. Where are you going to go?” he asked you frantically as tears began falling down his cheeks. “I don’t care Liam, anywhere is better than here. As far as I’m concerned I never, ever want to see you again,” you yelled as you picked your suitcase up and walked out of the room. “Please Y/N, I love you,” he yelled after you but you kept walking. You heard footsteps running up behind you and you expected it to be Liam but you were surprised to turn round to find Harry standing behind you. “Y/N, where are you going to go?” he asked, sounding genuinely concerned but you just laughed at him. “Fuck you Harry,” you spat at him and he looked at you with a mixture of shock and confusion. “Don’t look at me like that Harry. The four of you are supposed to be my friends. You’re just as much in the wrong as he is. Now leave me alone,” you muttered as you continued to walk away, forcing yourself not to cry anymore.

Louis (Your POV) – “It sucks that you can’t come up and see me,” Louis muttered down the phone and you tried to stifle a giggle. “Yeah I know babe, I’ll see you in a couple of months though,” you tried to sound sad. “Yeah I guess, anyway, I have to go just now but I’ll call you tomorrow,” he muttered and you said goodbye quickly before hanging up and finally bursting into a fit of giggles. You were sitting on a train, which was taking you up to Edinburgh where Louis was currently staying before the boys were playing there the next day. You had told him you couldn’t come up to see him because of work commitments because you wanted to surprise him. You couldn’t wait to get there. The only people you had told were Liam and Zayn because they were two of your best friends so you knew you could trust them to keep the secret. Your train eventually pulled up at Waverly station and you skipped out into the platform and out onto the street. You were really lucky because they the Balmoral Hotel, the one that the boys were staying in, was literally next door to the station. You managed to sneak past the crowds of fans standing outside unnoticed and when you walked into the Lobby, you were greeted by Zayn and Liam, who both almost suffocated you with hugs. “Hey guys,” you giggled, “I’ve missed you so much,” you gushed. “Not as much as we’ve missed you,” they teased and you rolled your eyes. “Come on,” you said grabbing their hands and walking towards the elevators, “I wanna see my man,” you giggled and they rolled their eyes. “Don’t even have five minutes to talk to two of your best friends even though you haven’t seen us in over a month, typical,” Liam laughed and you hit him playfully on the arm. “I’ll talk to you later you loser, now lets go!” the ride up the boys’ floor was silent because you were too nervous and excited to speak and when you walked out onto the floor, Liam handed you Louis’ room key which he had managed to steal from him earlier on in the day without him realizing. You were just approaching Louis’ room when the door next to his swung open and Niall padded out into the corridor. His eyes widened in surprise when he saw you, “Y/N, what are you doing here?” he asked somewhat defensively. “Oh Hi Niall, nice to see you too,” you said sarcastically and he laughed nervously. “It’s nice to see you obviously,” he said, giving you a really awkward hug which was confusing because you and Niall got on great and always had the best times together so you didn’t really understand why he was acting so uncomfortable around you. “Well anyway, I’m off to surprise Louis so if you’d excuse me,” you laughed as you went to put the key in the door. “No! Wait, you can’t go in there,” Niall said frantically and you raised an eyebrow at him. “And why’s that?” you asked and he began to stutter. “Um, he’s changing?” he almost asked you instead of telling you. “You don’t sound very sure of yourself there Niall,” you laughed, “and plus, who cares? Nothing I haven’t seen before,” you slid the key into the lock and pushed the door open. “No, Y/N seriously don’t,” Niall said quickly but you ignored him and walked inside. You couldn’t see or hear anything for a moment but you eventually heard noises coming from the living room area of the suite so you walked through and you immediately understood why Niall didn’t want you to go inside. Louis was sitting on the couch with his tongue down some girls throat as she straddled him and grinded on his crotch. Your eyes almost popped out of your head at the sight and it was a good few seconds before they realized that they were no longer alone. They both looked round at you and the color immediately drained from Louis’ face. “Who’s that?” the girl asked and you gave her the fakest, bitchiest smile you could muster. “Hi, I’m Y/N, Louis’ long term girlfriend, nice to meet you,” you said, extending your hand for her to shake but she just stared at you. She immediately stood up and pulled her clothes on before running out the room leaving you and Louis alone whilst he stared at you with a stunned expression on his face. “Y/N, what are you doing here?” he asked, finally finding his voice. “Not important anymore,” you said shrugging, “because I’m leaving anyway.” You turned round and picked up your bag before you started walking back towards the door. “No Y/N, please wait, I only did it because I missed you so much,” he said frantically and you burst out laughing. “Don’t waste your breath Louis, just leave me alone.” You walked out the door to find Zayn and Liam standing in the hall looking completely stunned as Niall chewed on his lower lip nervously. “Y/N, are you okay?” Niall asked and you could have punched him then and there. “You knew Niall, you fucking knew about this? How many times as it happened?” you released your anger on him even though you knew Louis deserved it more but you knew that you’d break down if you started yelling at him. “Y/N, I’m so sorry,” he said, his voice shaking slightly and you scoffed at him. “Did you two know?” you asked, glaring at Liam and Zayn and they almost looked insulted. “Of course we didn’t know Y/N, are you serious?” Zayn asked, “Do you really think that we wouldn’t have told you? Or that we would have let you come up here if we did?” he asked and you dropped your gaze, ashamed that you had accused them of hiding it from you. “Come on, come to my room just now, you don’t know the area and I don’t want you wandering around alone,” Liam said as he put an arm around you shoulder and him and Zayn took you into his room. You could hear Louis sobbing in the hallway but you ignored him and it was only after you were in Liam’s room with him and Zayn that you finally allowed yourself to break down.

Niall (Your POV) – “Y/N, I really think you should come and visit him,” Zayn said softly. He had FaceTimed you in the middle of the night to talk about Niall. He said he was worried because he was really homesick and he had been missing you a lot. “Look, I’ll arrange everything, you’re finished classes for now and you’d get a couple of weeks in the states? What have you got to lose?” he asked and you smiled and nodded. You didn’t need much convincing. You hadn’t seen Niall in months and you missed him terribly. Forget the fact that they were in LA, you were pretty sure you would have gone anywhere to see him, especially because he was feeling so down lately. “You don’t have to ask me twice,” you replied and Zayn smiled at you. “Great, I’ll get Paul or someone to arrange your flights and give you a call tomorrow, see you soon! Sorry again for waking you,” he giggled and you rolled your eyes. “Should I tell him I’m coming?” you asked and he shook his head. “No, let’s make it a surprise,” he replied and you agreed before saying goodbye and hanging up. Even though it was 4am, you couldn’t get back to sleep because you were too excited so you began to pack your bag. It took all of your strength not to call Niall and squeal with excitement about how you were going to be seeing him soon. Zayn called you back only a few hours later to tell you that he had managed to get a flight for that same day if you could make it and you agreed happily and by 2pm you were sitting in the departure lounge waiting for your flight to board. You gave Zayn a quick call and he told you that the boys would be doing a late night talk show but that you should just go to the hotel and wait in Niall’s room to surprise him. He had told the hotel staff that you were coming and they had apparently arranged everything for your arrival. You thanked him again and again for everything that he’d done. You boarded your flight and although you spent the first few hours fidgeting you eventually fell asleep because the sheer exhaustion from the lack of sleep you’d had the night before finally took over. You woke up as you were descending into LA and after a quick trip through customs and baggage reclaim, you were on your way to the hotel. You sent Zayn a quick message to let him know that you’d arrived safely and the hotel staff took you up to Niall’s room as promised, so now all there was left to do was wait. You watched television for a few hours and even managed to catch the boy’s interview and it was clear to you how miserable Niall was and it made you want to see him more than you already did. You waited for another few hours and you eventually heard people walking around the halls but Niall didn’t appear. You heard a light knock on the door so you opened it to find Zayn and the other boys standing there. “Hey,” you said happily as you greeted them all. “Hey Y/N, look Niall ended up chatting to a few of the guys at the TV studio so he’s hanging back there for a bit and we couldn’t exactly tell him why we wanted him to come back so he’ll be back in a bit, but we wanted to chill with you for a while anyway,” Zayn smiled warmly and you nodded, feeling slightly disappointed but you were still happy to see the boys. You ended up chatting to them for over an hour and you all ordered some pizza. Your stomach churned with anticipation so you didn’t really eat much but you eventually heard Niall jamming his key into the door. You sat on the edge of your seat and he finally pushed the door open and stumbled inside. You felt your heart sink to the pit of your stomach as you saw a young, beautiful girl attached to his lips. They kissed each other hungrily and she raked her fingers through his hair as he pressed her up against the wall, completely oblivious to the fact that there were five other people watching him. You felt hot tears sliding down your cheeks and eventually, Liam snapped out of his shocked state and alerted Niall to his presence. “Hey, what are you doing in my room?” Niall practically yelled as he pulled his lips away from the girl and he immediately locked eyes with you. He instantly stepped back from the girl, “get out,” he muttered to her and her eyes widened. “What?” she asked; shocked. “I said get out,” he repeated and she scoffed as she strutted out the room. You and Niall both looked at each other for a few seconds and you eventually realized that you weren’t going to be able to keep your tears silent anymore. You began to sob as you ran out the room and he immediately chased after you. “Y/N, please wait,” he yelled after you and you could tell that he was crying too but you didn’t stop. “Leave me alone Niall, please just go away,” you sobbed as you jammed the elevator button furiously. He eventually caught up to you and grabbed hold of your arm. “Y/N, please don’t go, I’m sorry, I don’t know what I was thinking,” he stammered and you pulled away from him. “I’ll tell you what you weren’t thinking, you clearly weren’t thinking about me,” you sobbed and Zayn ran down the corridor as you finished speaking. “Y/N, come to my room for now, you have nowhere else to go,” he insisted, putting an arm around your shoulder as you hid your face behind your hands and sobbed harder than ever. “Y/N, please talk to me,” Niall begged as you walked away and Zayn turned round and glared at him furiously. “Shut up Niall, I seriously suggest you stop speaking, now,” he spat at him before pushing his door open and walking you inside.

Zayn (Your POV) – A huge grin spread across your face as you spotted Louis and Paul standing in the airport terminal. They had flown you all the way to Canada so you could surprise Zayn for his birthday and you felt like you were literally going to throw up because you were so excited. “Hi!” you exclaimed as you threw your arms around Louis’ neck and he giggled happily. “Hey Y/N, nice to see you love! How have you been?” he asked. “I’m great thanks! Even better now that I’m about to see Zayn, he really as no idea I’m here?” you asked and Louis nodded. “It wasn’t easy keeping it a secret. He’s been so moody all day because he misses you and he wants to see you because it’s his birthday. You should have seen me trying to make up an excuse for why I had to leave rehearsals to pick you up!” Louis laughed and you joined him. “So you’re still rehearsing now?” you asked and he nodded. “Yeah, we’re taking you straight to the stadium, Paul is going to drop your bags off at the hotel for you,” Louis smiled and you chewed your lower lip with nerves. You arrived at the stadium a short while later and you saw Niall, Liam and Harry sitting on the stage chatting as you walked. “Hey!” Niall shouted happily as he ran down to you and picked you up and threw you over his shoulder playfully. “Put. Me. Down,” you giggled and after a few minutes of torture, he eventually did. “We’ve missed ya!” Niall laughed. “Wish I could say the same about you,” you teased and he held his hands over his chest acting like your words had physically hurt him and you giggled and hit him playfully. “Now where’s my beautiful boy?” you asked and Niall gagged, you glared at him for a second before you both burst out laughing again. “I don’t know actually, that’s a good question. He went out the back to have a cigarette like twenty minutes ago and he’s not come back yet. He’s been in a shocking mood all day,” Niall shrugged and you nodded. “I’ll go and look for him,” you said practically skipping away from them. “Okay, come to the dressing room when you find him, we’ll see you in there,” Louis called after you and you gave him a thumbs up. You walked out the back exit of the stadium and had a quick look around but you couldn’t see him anywhere so you walked back inside. You had just closed the door behind you when you could here someone yelling angrily just a little bit down the corridor. You found the door where the noise was coming from and you realized it was the boys’ dressing room. Confused, you pushed the door open and Niall, Liam, Louis and Harry all turned round to look at you. They looked furious for a second and then their expressions changed into one’s of sheer panic. “What’s going on?” you asked and Harry walked towards you. “Y/N, go outside please, it’s best that you don’t see this,” he said sympathetically but you dodged past him and looked further into the room. Your eyes met with Zayn’s, which were filled with tears. You looked at him and realized he wasn’t wearing a shirt and then your eyes fell on the girl that was sitting next to him who was also topless. “Oh my God,” you muttered under your breath and Zayn immediately started sobbing and apologizing to you. “Oh my God,” you whispered again and everyone in the room stared at you as if you were a ticking time bomb that could explode at any second, and they were right. You picked up the first thing you found, which was a bottle of water and threw it as hard as you could at Zayn’s head. He just managed to duck out of the way only for you to throw another one even harder which hit him directly in the chest. The girl quickly put her clothes back on and ran out of the room, which was a good thing because you were about to turn on her. Zayn stood up and walked towards you, begging for your forgiveness but you were too blinded by rage to listen. You had just pulled your arm back so you could punch him but a pair of strong arms wrapped themselves around your waist and carried you away before you could. “Put me down right now,” you screamed but you were carried out the room anyway. You were eventually put down when you were a safe distance from Zayn and you turned round to see that it was Liam that had carried you away. Him and Niall both looked at you, eyes filled with sympathy. “Y/N, just calm down okay, he’s not worth you getting so worked up, he’s not worth it,” Liam said and your anger subsided only to be replaced with hot tears which slid down your face quickly and in large quantities. You ran your fingers through your hair as you tried to steady your breathing, “What am I going to do?” you sobbed, “I have no where to go, I just want to be home,” you sobbed. “I know Y/N, don’t worry and please don’t cry,” Niall said as he put his arm around your shoulder. “We’ll get you a separate room in the hotel for the night and we’ll get you on the first flight home tomorrow if that’s what you want, okay? Come on, I’ll take you back now,” he said softly and you agreed and buried your face in his chest and sobbed harder than ever for a few minutes before you heard Zayn’s footsteps running up the hallway. “Y/N, please talk to me,” he begged but you didn’t even make eye contact with him. You pulled yourself away from Niall and looked up at him, “can we go now?” you asked quietly and he nodded before leading you out the building.  

He gets jealous (1D preference)

Harry: ‘Harry?’ You asked him after driving for at least five minutes without him saying anything. ‘Harry, what’s wrong…’ You sighed again. You both were heading home from a party of one of your closest friends. It had been fun until Harry decided to act all weird and wanting to go home right away. There was not much you could say about it, and because you were getting tired as well, you didn’t really mind. Until you noticed something was definitely not right for Harry. ‘Are you just going to keep quiet or are you going to tell me and maybe we can solve it?’ And suddenly Harry stood on his break and pulled the car to the side. When he stopped the motor, he turned himself towards you and his eyes stood angry, frustrated and definitely not happy at all. ‘That boy.’ He spat. And you were blown away by the sudden outburst. ‘Which boy?’ You asked him, totally not following. ‘He was all over you!’ His voice turned higher than usual due to the emotion that was involved. ‘I’m going to repeat myself here… Which boy?’ You asked again, getting frustrated yourself. And then it hit you. You talked to an old friend from High School for a couple of minutes. But it was so innocent. How could he be angry about it? ‘Do you mean Michael? The brown hair dude?’ You asked to be sure. He didn’t even told you it was him. He just started rambling. ‘He was staring at you all night. And when he was talking with you. I swear… He knew exactly you were with me and he just didn’t care and he-…’ But before he could talk any longer, you pressed your lips against his to make him stop. And he did stop. He relaxed. His shoulders lost its tense. And he completely joined you in the kiss.

Louis: You joined Louis and the boys to the location of an interview. You placed yourself on the side to watch the interview happening, when in the middle of the talking suddenly a boy placed himself next to you. And almost immediately your eyes met Louis’ and a frown appeared on your boyfriends face. ‘Hello, pretty girl.’ The boy started and you couldn’t help but move as far as you could to the other side of your chair. ‘What brings you here today?’ He asked with a smile on his face, telling you he was so sure of himself right now. You wondered if he knew Louis was your boyfriend. Probably not. It just couldn’t be. ‘If you’d like to go for a drink some time, you definitely need to let me know.’ He just rambled on and on and didn’t even gave you the chance to respond. Until he suddenly made the intention to lay his hand on your knee, you heard Louis’ voice curse on the other end of the room. ‘Can I please do this interview without having to look at a random guy hitting on my girlfriend, thank you?’ He spoke out while standing up from his chair and walking towards you and the boy. ‘You.’ He pointed to the guy, who had no idea what was happening. ‘Get up from your chair.’ You loved sassy Louis and he was very on point right now. The boy stood up right away and Louis picked up his chair and placed it down on the other end of the room. ‘That’s your new place for the night. Good view. Appreciate it.’ Louis finished, walking back at you, kissing your lips before he headed to the boys again. ‘I’m sorry. Where were we?’ And from then the interview started again. But not without Louis looking back a couple of times to make sure you were alright and not bothered by anyone.

Niall: ‘You’re late…’ Niall appeared from the kitchen with a towel on his shoulder, telling you he was doing the dishes. He wasn’t really the controlling type but you could hear the curiosity in his voice, wanting to know the reason why you didn’t come home until now. You knew you could just blame it on the traffic, but you figured you were not able to keep this from him. Honesty was one of the main things in your relationship you expected from him, so the least you could do was give him it as well. ‘I was on my way to my car and I walked into Finn. We talked for a while.’ You told him while undoing yourself from your coat and shoes. ‘Finn… The Finn?’ Niall’s voice sounded higher than usual. ‘Yes. That Finn.’ Your first love, Finn. Your ex-boyfriend of 3 years, Finn. The boy Niall didn’t really like, Finn. You walked towards your frowning boyfriend, kissed his lips a little longer than usual before you made your way over to the bathroom, changing yourself into more comfortable clothes. When you came back into the living room a couple of minutes later, Niall was sitting on the sofa. Staring at your phone on the table. ‘He called and texted you.’ Niall immediately said when he saw you entering the room. ‘Finn did? Did you pick up?’ You asked him, while grabbing your phone from the table. You were both very open when it came to answering each other’s phone calls. So it surprised you when he shook his head. ‘Didn’t know if you wanted to hear him.’ He muttered, visibly irritated by the whole situation. ‘What if I didn’t?’ You replied, telling him everything he needed to know. Right at that exact moment your phone started ringing again. Finn. Niall stood up, took the phone from you and searched for your eyes. ‘You sure?’ He asked. And when you nodded, he picked up hearing the boy on the other end of the line he didn’t like at all.  ‘Yes, Y/N’s boyfriend speaking.’ He said into the phone, walking towards the kitchen, signing to you he would make it short. And you could do nothing other than smile at his satisfying expression, knowing you didn’t want any other boy than him.

Zayn: ‘Babe?’ You heard Zayn’s voice call you. You didn’t look up from your phone. You always found it difficult doing two things at the same time. Texting and talking together was not your thing. ‘Mmh?’ You replied, not really paying attention. He was working himself on his laptop after all. He probably just wanted to ask about dinner. Until suddenly he stood in front of you and grabbed your phone out of your hand. ‘Why are you not answering my question?’ He spoke with a full frown on his face and your phone in his hand. ‘Did you ask something?’ You stammered, still a little bit shaken up about him scaring you like that. ‘I was texting. You know I’m not good in listening and texting at the same time. I’m sorry! What did you ask?’ But his angry eyes didn’t go away. And you saw him debating whether he was going to repeat himself or just leave it here and not say anything at all for the rest of the night. Because he could be stubborn like that. ‘Who were you texting anyway?’ He asked instead. He could easily take a look for himself, but you knew he would never do that. Even if he desperately wanted to know. He would never look into your phone without your permission. ‘Honey, you can look at it if you want to know.’ You smiled. But he didn’t do it. ‘You tell me.’ He replied still not giving in. ‘A very, very handsome boy.’ You joked, but your smile disappeared when Zayn didn’t look amused at all. Instead he just gave you your phone back and walked out of the room. ‘Zayn!’ You called after him, but he didn’t look back. ‘Zayn Malik. Why are you so insecure about things like that.’ You continued while jumping off the couch, following him. You found him in his room in the house. He was sitting in front of his computer, clicking away without really a goal. You turned his roller chair around and sat yourself on his lap, wrapping your arms around his neck. ‘I was texting Lou about helping her tomorrow on the show. She texted back that it was okay and wondered if I could bring some extra products I talked about with her last week. That’s it. The only handsome boy I text with is you. You have nothing to worry about. I’m sorry I didn’t answer your question. Again… I’m not good in listening and texting at the same time.’ You finished with a kiss on his cheek and after that you waited for him to react. He took a couple of seconds before he gave you a guilty looking smile. ‘I probably overreacted a bit, didn’t I…’ He said slowly and you nodded. ‘You probably did.’ Your voice agreed. ‘I’m sorry.’ He smiled. ‘Just kiss me.’ You answered. And he did not wait for you to repeat that again.

Liam: You were watching TV with Liam on a Sunday afternoon, when you suddenly heard the doorbell ring. You laid with your head on Liam’s lap, and when you looked up at him you noticed he must have fallen asleep somewhere during the reality show you were watching. So you carefully jumped off the couch, walking to the hallway, ready to open the front door. And when you turned the doorknob and the daylight appeared in your eyes you saw a young man stand in front of you. Probably around the same age as you. He was good looking. Not as fine as Liam, but he was quite handsome. ‘Hello.’ He started so excited, you wondered why that was. You didn’t know him. Never seen him before. He didn’t look like a sales man, so you had no clue about what he was going to say. ‘I’m Sam and new here. I moved in one of the houses down the road. Number six! Just doing a tour now to get to know the neighbours and stuff!’ He smiled widely, while coming a step closer to the front door. It made you feel uncomfortable. He probably wanted to be invited in, but you would never let that happen, mainly because your boyfriend was Liam Payne, member of One Direction. But secondly also because you didn’t know this guy and you would never let someone in you didn’t know. ‘Hi.’ You smiled instead. ‘Nice to meet you, Sam’  You answered him, not even thinking about telling him your name. But of course he noticed that. ‘And do I have the privilege to know your name?’ He tried, putting on his most friendliest face. Why did Liam decide to sleep now… Why. ‘I’m Y/N.’ You said, not able to postpone it any longer. ‘Oh, well… Very nice to meet you too, Y/N. Your house looks lovely. If you have time, you can come to my place and I will make you a great cocktail. I’m amazing in it. And-…’ But before he could finish off being an absolute creep, Liam appeared beside you and you suddenly felt a lot better feeling his arm around your neck. ‘I don’t think she will. But have a good day and good luck in the new house. Thank you!’ Liam spoke to him and before the guy could answer, Liam shut the door and rolled his eyes. ‘I don’t like the dude. I don’t like him at all.’ He muttered walking back to the living room, with you following him. ‘And I missed your body next to mine. Care to join me again, love?’ He proposed, and you couldn’t lie next to him fast enough. 

NOTE: Sorry if it’s annoying that it’s so long. I found it hard to stay short in this one. Hope you liked it either way :-)


If you missed this…oh my goodness.

Easily the best hour of late night television ever and here’s just the first seven minutes. 

Watch the boys play dodgeball with James Corden. Things get hilarious!


Preference #35 - You're part of a bet (Part 1)

Harry (His POV) – “Yeah I’ve been allowed hired an assistant stylist… to help with the workload of the new tour,” Lou said as she sat down with the rest of the boys and myself. “Plus, it means I’ll be able to take more time off to spend with Lux,” she added as she took a sip out of a can of Diet Coke. “Sounds good, when does she start?” Niall asked, smiling at her. He absolutely loved meeting new people but the rest of us tended to be a bit wary whenever someone new joined our crew, we need to know that it’s someone we can trust, especially because this person, whoever they are, will be travelling the world with us and spending a lot of time with us. “Well, she’s on her way down her now so I can give her a brief induction to what she has to do and so she can meet you guys, is that okay?” Lou asked and we all nodded. “Great, and she’ll obviously be coming on tour with us when it starts in a few weeks,” she smiled and we all nodded again as the door opened. “Your new assistant’s just arrived,” Paul spoke to Lou and she bounced up, smiling, and walked out of the room. “I hope this girl is going to be someone we can trust,” Liam said, saying what we are were thinking. “Yeah, tell me about it,” Louis muttered. “Oh come on guys! Why do you always have to be so cynical,” Niall said causally, “I’m sure she’s great, and be nice to her when she gets here, don’t be all guarded and stuff because it will make her uncomfortable.” The subject swiftly changed to plans for the upcoming tour and we had all almost forgotten about the new assistant stylist until Lou stepped into the room and cleared her throat. “Okay, so I’m bringing her in, her name is Y/N and she’s really nervous about meeting you so be nice!” she smiled, “I’m talking to you Louis,” she added playfully and he stuck his middle finger up at her and smiled as she walked away. She pulled open the door and a young girl walked in. First impressions: she was stunning, like I’m pretty sure all of our jaws simultaneously dropped. She was wearing tight black jeans with white converse and a plain white, loose fitted t-shirt with a denim jacket. Her long hair was pulling back into a ponytail so the loose waves draped gently down her back. “Hi,” she said with a shaky voice, “I’m Y/N, it’s really nice to meet you,” she walked towards me and extended her hand for me to shake and I stared at her for a few seconds before I realized what I was doing. “S-Sorry,” I stuttered as I stood up and shook her hand. “I’m Harry,” I smiled and she gave me a warm smile in return before she introduced herself to the rest of the group. “Okay, well I’m going to go and speak to Y/N about the plans for the tour and we’ll see you all later,” Lou said as she put her arm around Y/N’s shoulder and led her back out of the room. “Fucking hell,” Louis giggled as soon as the door closed behind them. “She was so fucking hot!” Niall gushed, “did you see her ass?” he asked and we all nodded, “I wouldn’t have complained about Lou hiring her if I knew she was going to look like that!” Liam laughed. “I call dibs!” Niall announced and I giggled, “Not if I get there first Horan,” I replied and he stomped his foot angrily. “Nah that’s not fair, I called dibs!” he whined and I shrugged my shoulders. “May the best man win Niall,” I smiled broadly at him. “Hold on lads, why don’t we make this a little more interesting,” Louis joined our conversation and a wicked grin spread across his face. “How about, you both go after her and the loser has to let us wax his legs, on stage, at the last show of the tour,” Louis high fived Liam and Zayn as he finished speaking and Niall and I glared at each other. “You’re so fucking on,” I muttered as Niall and I shook hands.

Liam (His POV) – “Harry!” we heard a girl squeal from behind us and all five of us spun around at the same time. A huge grin spread across Harry’s face as he ran towards the girl and wrapped his arms around her waist as he picked her up and spun her around. “Y/N, how have you been?” he asked happily and she giggled as he placed her back down on the ground. “I’ve been great, how have you been? I can’t believe I’m actually visiting you on tour!” she laughed and he nodded. “I’ve been great, how’s everyone at home?” he asked as he picked up her suitcase for her and began wheeling it back towards the group. “They’re all great! My parents and my sisters told me to tell you that they were asking for you! And your mum gave me like a million and one things to give to you, she gave me your teddy bear that you forgot,” she teased and put his hand over her mouth immediately. “Y/N, you know that’s supposed to be a secret,” he said, trying to sound annoyed but he ended up giggling. He turned his attention back to the rest of the boys and myself. “Okay lads, this is Y/N,” he gestured towards her and she smiled broadly at us all. “She’s been my best friend for as long as I can remember, so be nice,” he warned playfully and her and I both rolled our eyes at the same time. “Hi, I’m Liam,” I shook her hand before she moved on as the other boys introduced themselves. I began to have a good look at her and I was blown away by how beautiful she was. I had no idea how Harry had managed to be friends with her for so long without having any sort of feelings towards her. We all made our way back to the hotel and grabbed some lunch together as we chatted with Y/N and got to know her a little better. It became very apparent, very quickly, why Harry was best friends with her. She was one of the most laid back girls I had ever met, she was funny; she didn’t take herself to seriously. And I found myself questioning, again, how Harry could have never had feelings for her. “Anyway, I think I’m going to go for a nap, I barely slept on the plane and I’m exhausted,” Y/N announced as she stood up from the table. “Okay well the guys and I will just be in my room so just come through when you wake up,” Harry smiled and she nodded before walking out of the room. Niall waited until Y/N was a good distance away before he finally piped up. “Well, well, well,” he laughed, “where have you been hiding her?” he asked and Harry gave him a confused look. “Oh come on Harry,” I joined the conversation, “you must be able to admit that she’s really hot,” I rolled my eyes at him and he shook his head violently. “Are you serious? Y/N is like my sister, don’t be stupid,” he replied and I rolled my eyes again, laughing this time as I did. “Well I think she’s really hot,” I said as I took a sip of my water. “Yeah well you can get any perverted thoughts you may have out of your head Liam, she’s off limits,” Harry said defensively and I chuckled. “Oh come on Harry, don’t be like that, if you say she’s off limits it only makes me want her more,” I winked and he scowled at me. “Whatever Liam, it’s not as if she would go anywhere near you anyway,” he replied and all other boys laughed as I calmly placed my glass back down on the table. “Care to make that a bet Harold?” I asked as I raised an eyebrow at him. “What the hell? No fucking way, that’s my best friend we’re talking about,” he replied angrily and I pouted at him. “What’s wrong? Scared you might lose?” I asked and he glared at me. “Come on Harry, don’t be boring, it will be a laugh,” Niall replied and his demeanor shifted slightly. If there was anything that all the boys, including myself, hated it was being called boring. “Do what you want Liam but I’m having no part in this,” he replied and I chuckled. “Yes you are, we’ll make it a bet without prizes, just the pride of being the winner,” I said as I reached out and extending my hand towards him and he stared at it for a few seconds before groaning and reaching across to shake it.

Louis (His POV) – “SURPRISE!” The word rang through Liam’s apartment as he stepped through the front door and Sophia ran towards him and threw her arms around his neck. “Happy Birthday babe!” she gushed and he beamed down at her and kissed her. “Did you do all of this?” he asked and she nodded happily and kissed him again before he began to walk around the room and greet everyone there. Sophia walked back over to the group of friends that she had brought with her and my eye kept catching one girl in particular. She was dressed in a skintight black dress and black high-heeled shoes. She wore a deep red lipstick and heavy eye makeup, she looked so mysterious but absolutely gorgeous at the same time. “Hey, Zayn,” I tapped him on the shoulder and he turned round to face me. “Look at that girl,” I said pointing towards her and he glanced up and a wicked grin spread across his face. “Who is she?” he asked and I shrugged. “She’s Sophia’s friend, she’s hot right?” I asked and he nodded. “I’ll say… you should go and talk to her man,” he said and I laughed. “Sophia,” I yelled across the room and she looked up so I waved my hand at her to come over. She skipped across the room and Liam walked over at the same time she did. “What’s up?” she asked sweetly as Liam snaked his arm around her waist. “Who’s your friend?” I asked, pointing at the girl. “Oh that’s Y/N, she’s been my best friend since we were like five, why?” she asked and I grinned as I took a swig of the beer I had in my hand. “She’s hot,” I laughed and she rolled her eyes. “Yeah, she’s beautiful but I wouldn’t waste your time Louis, she just got out of a serious relationship and she’s not really into one night stands anyway,” she warned and I raised an eyebrow at her. “Who said I only wanted a one night stand?” I asked and she rolled her eyes. “Oh sorry Louis, I’m sure you already have the wedding venue picked out,” she said sarcastically and I laughed loudly. “Whatever, I could get her if I wanted to,” I replied and she glared at me. “Behave yourself Louis, I’m serious okay?” she asked angrily and I raised my hands defensively. “Okay calm down, I’ll behave,” I laughed and she sighed loudly and walked away. “I’m not going to behave,” I said to Liam and Zayn quietly when Sophia was out of earshot and Zayn laughed as Liam narrowed his eyes at me. “Come on Louis, don’t be that guy,” Liam muttered and I scoffed at him. “Oh come on, it’s just a laugh and I like the challenge. I bet that I can get her to come back to my flat tonight,” I said as I took a swig of my beer and Liam sighed. “Whatever Louis, but if Sophia asks, I knew nothing about this,” he said before walking away and leaving. I turned to Zayn and raised my eyebrows at him, “I don’t think you can do it bro,” he laughed as he looked across the room at Y/N who was sitting on her own, sipping what looked like a gin and tonic and I chuckled playfully as I flexed my arms and adjusted my shirt before walking towards her and replying, “watch me.”

Niall (His POV) – My jaw hung open as I watched a group of girls dancing on the stage in front of me. There was about eight of them up there but I couldn’t take my eyes off of the girl standing closest to me. She was incredible, she moved so effortlessly and the way her skin glowed under the bright lights of the stage made her look even better. “Hey, that better not be my fiancé you’re gawking at,” Zayn lightly shoved my shoulders and I came crashing back to reality. “What? No, of course not,” I laughed, “It’s one of her back up dancers, look at her!” I said pointing at the girl and Zayn laughed. “Yeah, that’s Y/N, she does get a lot of male attention, that’s for sure,” Zayn chuckled and I continued to shamelessly stare at her. “Really?” I asked and he nodded. “It’s not like she cares though, she almost always rejects them, she’s got unattainably high standards, so you’ve got no chance bud,” he teased and I glared at him. “What are you trying to say Malik?” I asked and he shrugged. “I’m saying there’s no way you’ll get her so might as well stop whatever dirty thoughts your thinking right now,” he laughed just as Little Mix finished performing their closing number and a loud cheer erupted from inside the arena. Zayn and I rushed through the back to greet them as they ran off stage and I watched as Y/N and the rest of the dancers walked into their dressing room. My eyes followed her as she walked past me and continued to stare at her until the door closed behind her. “Ignore him,” I heard Zayn laugh, “He has a little thing for Y/N,” he teased and I scowled at him. Perrie laughed loudly, “no chance Niall, I love Y/N but I’ve never in my life seen a girl reject as many guys as she does.” I laughed sarcastically and then scowled at the group, “I could get her if I wanted,” I blurted out and Zayn raised an eyebrow at me and all the girls rolled their eyes. “You guys wait here,” Perrie smiled and pressed her lips to Zayn’s cheek, we’re going to get changed and stuff,” she added as her and the other three girls walked into their dressing room. “So Niall, you could get her if you wanted her?” Zayn asked and I shrugged. “Yeah, I could,” I replied arrogantly and he laughed. “So it’s settled then, you have a week, and if you don’t, I’m going to have the right to make fun of you about this for the rest of time,” he laughed and I swallowed hard but kept my cool and cocky demeanor intact. “You’re on Malik,” I replied before shaking his hand.

Zayn (His POV) – “She’s so hot,” Harry gushed as Y/N walked away after placing our drinks on the table. “Tell me about it, what I wouldn’t give for just one night alone with her,” I laughed as I sipped my drink and the other boys joined me. We had decided to go for drinks at our favorite bar and it just so happened that it was our favorite bar because all of us had a major thing for the girl who worked there. She was one of the best looking girls I had ever laid eyes on and it was a constant argument between the other boys and myself over who would be the one who got to ask her out but we could never come to a decision. “I’m going to ask her out,” Liam teased and we all glared at him, “we’ve been through this, if we can’t decide fairly, none of us get to ask her,” Niall piped up and he sighed as we all looked over at her just in time to see her bend over to pick up a pen that she had dropped on the floor. All five of us sucked in sharp breaths as she did followed by a loud laugh as we all realized that we had all been staring at her. “How about we rock, paper, scissors?” Liam asked and Niall groaned. “We can’t, it ended in an argument last time, remember?” he asked and Liam laughed at the memory. “This is stupid, there’s no guarantee she would even want to go out with any of us anyway,” Harry laughed and I looked over at him. “Oh she would want me,” I replied arrogantly and all the boys raised their eyebrows at me. “Oh you think so do you?” Liam laughed and I nodded. “I know so, I know for a fact that if I was allowed, I would be able to get her, no problem,” I said as I looked over at her and the other boys exchanged glances. “Well if you’re so sure of yourself, why don’t you go over there and ask her out then?” Liam said as he leaned back and folded his arms across his chest and I spun round and looked at him. “I can’t, she’s off limits,” I reminded him and he exchanged another look with the other three boys and then looked back at me. “You can have her,” he replied and I raised my eyebrows at him. “Go on Zayn, if you’re so sure you can get her, we’d love to see you try,” he laughed and I shrugged my shoulders. “Fine, but what do I get if I win?” he asked and Liam leaned across the table towards me. “You get to sleep with Y/N, isn’t that a good enough prize?” he asked and I nodded in agreement. “And, just for arguments sake, what if I lose? This is only hypothetical,” I assured him and he smirked at me. “If you lose, you have to get all of our names tattooed on yourself,” Liam replied and the other boys laughed and nodded. “Fine, you got yourself a deal,” I replied and shook hands with all of them. 


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Sundays in bed (1D preference)

Harry: You woke up by soft lips touching yours and your eyes fluttered open immediately. ‘Hey. I’m sorry I woke you up. Tried my best to do it soft.’ Harry whispered with his rapsy voice. He had bend himself over your sleeping body. ‘I’m leaving for the livestream hang out.’ He informed you. And then you realized he was all dressed, ready to go. ‘No…’ You groaned with pouting lips, gripping his hand and holding it close to you, hoping he would not be able to leave. It made him chuckle softly. ‘I’m sorry, baby.’ He whispered while kissing your temple. ‘It’s Sunday. Sunday’s are my Harry time!’ You complained in a winey voice. ‘I know, beautiful. Not fair. But I’ll be back as soon as it’s over.’ He smiled with compassion. You waited a while before you nodded in defeat. ‘I’ll wait for you.’ You mumbled, still not over him leaving you on a Sunday. You heard his chuckle again, before he pressed your goodbye kiss on your lips. ‘I know you will.’  And you held on to him until the last very moment. So unfair he had to go on a Sunday. ‘Styles?’ You called after him while he was making himself over to the bedroom door. And he stopped in his tracks when he heard his last name. ‘Can I please have a cuddle before you go?’ You asked with the biggest pout, so he wouldn’t be able to resist, although it would mean he was going to be five minutes late. You could see him think about it, trying to resist, but it didn’t work. He gave up, smiled and fell back on the bed with his shoes on, grabbing your waist and rolling your boyd on him. He wrapped his arms around you so you were covered with his touch. ‘I love you, miss cuddle.’ He whispered in your hair and it caused your heart to skip a beat.

Louis: ‘Okay. Close your eyes.’ Louis said next to you with a very suspicious smile on his face. He helped by placing his hand in front of your vision. ‘And why should I do that?’ You wondered out loud. You heard him chuckle right after, still his hand making sure you couldn’t see anything. ‘I have a surprise. Wait for it.’ He told you. There was not really any other noise. You didn’t hear him move, so you figured he was doing something on his phone. ‘Okay. Keep your eyes closed and listen.’ He spoke softly. And when you nodded, music filled the room. And from the moment you heard Louis voice sing, your eyes shot open. ‘Is it the album?’ You squealed excited and when Louis’ crooked smile appeared you knew it was your time to listen to it. ‘Which song is this?’ You questioned immediately when you heard the chorus. It was his song. His voice was booming through the speakers of his phone. ‘No Control.’ He replied proudly. And immediately you knew that was a song he wrote himself. ‘It’s… It’s not even like it’s One Direction, babe.’ You stammered. ‘Or maybe it is. But it’s amazing. It’s just like I imagine you making music.’ You smiled. And your words were followed by him cupping your face and kissing your lips. ‘That was exactly what I wanted to hear you say.’

Niall: ‘Hmm-mm… No… No I wouldn’t do that. Just ask what they think about it.’ Niall spoke to his phone. You hated it when modest called him on a Sunday. And Niall hated it too. You could hear the frustration in his voice. So you decided to make something for breakfast, because these phonecalls could last for a while. From the moment you jumped out of bed, you felt Niall grab your hand, mouthing ‘no’ to tell you he didn’t want you to leave. But when you signed to him you were going to grab food, he was fine with it… of course. It took you at least twenty minutes to get everything ready. You were positive the call would have ended by now. But when you entered the room, you only found an only more frustrated Niall, walking up and down the room with his phone still in his hand. ‘I don’t know! I can’t decide something like that on my own. Can’t we just talk about this in the meeting of tomorrow?’ He tried, but when you saw your boyfriend roll his eyes, you realized they just didn’t want to let him go. It was your time to step in. You put the plate down, walked over to Niall and grabbed the phone out of his hands. ‘Hey. Hello there. Just to inform you it’s a Sunday. And he deserves a break now. So I propose you go enjoy your Sunday with your family as well. Alright? Thank you! Goodbye.’ And you hung up without letting the guy speak. You crawled into bed again while Niall stared at you with a big smirk on his face. ‘That was incredibly sexy, you know that?’ He smiled, while walking over to the bed and putting the plate in the middle, ready to finally enjoy your Sunday breakfast in bed.

Liam: Reading was one of your favourite things to do. And because you had such a busy life, you were only able to make time for it on Sundays. So today you placed yourself on your bed with the book you were reading, to lose yourself in the pages for hours. Until suddenly a soft knock interrupted your thoughts and brought you back to the present time. Liam’s head peaked through the door. You didn’t mind him coming in. He was probably the only one who was allowed to interrupt you when you read. He walked over to your side of the bed and placed himself on a small spot next to your legs. ‘Zayn and Perrie invited us for a Sunday roast tonight. You up for that?’ He asked with a smile in his eyes. He spend his Sunday writing music or playing some games or watch action movies, you didn’t really like. He loved to do that in his free time. ‘Of course, yes. Sounds great!’ You nodded, getting excited for it. You loved spending time with the lads and the girls. ‘Which book are you reading?’ Liam asked you, taking the book out of your hands to look at the cover. ‘Looks like something romantic.’ He predicted and he was right. You loved romantic books and movies and everything romantic. ‘It’s about a boy who’s in love with a girl that lives on the other side of the world. It’s sad but beautiful too.’ You explained to him, and Liam nodded like he understood. ‘Kind of like us, when I’m on tour.’ He added softly, making you both think about him having to leave next month to go on tour again. ‘Kind of like us… Yes… Although we do it better.’ You said with a smile. ‘We do?’. ‘Much better.’ You confirmed and a wide smirk appeared on his face because of it. ‘It’s because we are a good team, isn’t it.’ He mumbled while coming closer to kiss your lips. He threw the book to the other side of the bed, so his hands were free to cup your face. And you couldn’t do anything other than agree and lose yourself in his kiss. ‘We definitely are.’

Zayn: Sundays with Zayn consisted out of sleeping in until late in the afternoon. You both were so good at that. But today something woke you up around 9 o’clock and you were not able to sleep. It was frustrating because you hated it to not wake up with him. And you would never wake him up just for your benefit. He needed his sleep. So you waited and you tried to find a spot to fall back asleep again, but after half an hour (what definitely felt like two hours)  you were clueless about what to do. ‘What’s wrong, babe.’ You heard Zayn’s sleepy voice ask and you were startled by it for a couple of seconds because you didn’t think he would be awake. Zayn was a very deep sleeper, he would be able to sleep through alarms, definitely. ‘How did you know I was awake?’ You exclaimed in surprise. A better question would be why he was awake, but before you could add it, he already answered. ‘I may be a deep sleeper, but I feel it when you are restless. And I can’t sleep when you can’t sleep.’ He muttered still his eyes closed. ‘Com’ere…’ He added, while holding his arm open so you could crawl under it and find your spot on his chest. And from the moment you lay there, you knew you needed this. ‘Better?’ He whispered. And immediately you felt your eyelids droop. ‘Better…’ You mumbled before you felt yourself fall back asleep, in his comforting and strong arms.


One Direction - Night Changes (Acoustic)


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Hii babe! Yes of course I can :) here you go! hope you enjoy! xoxooxxoxo


How You Meet

First Date

How He Asks You To Be His Girlfriend

You Catch Him Cheating (Part 2) (Part 3)

The Scientist by Coldplay

You Get Mentioned In An Interview

Crash Land by Twin Atlantic

Always Attract by You Me At Six

He Treats You Badly In Front Of The Other Boys  (Part 2)

The First ‘I Love You’

He Gets Jealous When You Spend Time With Another Member

You Meet The Boys For The First Time

POV by McFly

You’re Best Friends But He Loves You

You Have A Big Fight

Your Son Tells You He Is Gay

He Tweets You Whilst Away On Tour

Fireworks by You Me At Six - Harry Liam Louis Niall Zayn

Happy by NeverShoutNever 

He Finds Your Old High School Journal 

You Mess Something Up (Part 2)

He Hits You During A Fight (Part 2)

Your Body Is A Weapon - The Wombats

You Argue With His Ex And He Takes Her Side  (Part 2)

You Argue And Then You Get Into A Car Accident (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5)

You Get Really Sick   (Part 2)   (Part 3)   (Part 4)   (Part 5)   (Part 6)

You Surprise Him On Tour And Catch Him Cheating   (Part 2)   (Part 3)   (Part 4)   (Part 4 Alternate Ending)

You Fight Before He Leaves For Tour   (Part 2)

Stay With Me by Sam Smith   Continuation - Latch (Acoustic by Sam Smith)

You’re Just Friends And You Sleep Together

You Collaborate With The Boys And He Falls In Love With You - Harry

You’re Part Of A Bet   (Part 2)   (Part 3)

Mini Series

He Breaks Up With You

You Get Pregnant And He Leaves

He Cheats With Your Best Friend And Gets Her Pregnant


AU Series - You’re Also Famous


Harry Styles Imagine - Fighting 

Harry Styles Imagine - You’re Gemma’s Best Friend (Part 1)

Harry Styles Imagine - You’re Gemma’s Best Friend (Part 2)

Louis Tomlinson Imagine - Jealousy War

Harry Styles Imagine - Your Brother Is A Drug Addict

Harry Styles Imagine - Untitled

Louis Tomlinson Imagine - He Cheats On You While Away On Tour 

Niall Horan Imagine - Confirming Your Relationship At The Brits 

Harry Styles Imagine - Double Date With Zayn and Perrie

Harry Styles Imagine - Basketball Game With Liam and Sophia

Harry Styles Imagine - Movie Night Turns Into Truth Or Dare

Harry Styles Imagine - You’re A Figure Skater In The Winter Olympics 

Niall Horan Imagine - You Overhear Him Calling You Clingy So You Distance Yourself

Harry Styles Imagine - He Forgets Your Birthday Because He’s With Kendall

Fan Fiction

Because You’re Here


hello my dears! this one’s a smutty pref for ya ;) hope ya like it!!!

Zayn: You’re moving roughly on the bed, your hands gripping the sheets and his hair. Hell, he’s barely started working his mouth on you and you’re already falling apart above him. “Babe,” he mutters jokingly, looking up at you with dark chocolate eyes from between your legs, “you’ve got to settle down and stay still for me.” And you try, you really do, but Zayn makes you feel incredible and as soon as his tongue reattaches itself to that bundle of nerves, your hips are grinding down on his face in a desperate attempt for more of that delicious friction. “So sweet,” he hums, sending vibrations straight to your core. Zayn looks up at you again with hooded eyes and smiles. He loves this – he loves knowing that he’s the one making you feel this good. Sure, Zayn loves receiving his own pleasure – hell, that pretty little mouth of yours drove him crazy – but he takes pride in his ability to make you fall apart by just the touch of a hand. “Zayn,” you whimper, “I’m – I’m gonna—“ you’re cut off by a moan as he adds a finger, pumping in and out of you at a rapid pace, hitting just the right spot every time. His hands come up and grip your hips, holding you in place as he continues to go down on you, setting your nerves on fire with every touch.

Louis: You swear you’re going to lose your mind. Louis’ eyes keep meeting yours from across the room, full of the same darkness and lust that throb in your veins. You and Louis have been dating for a few months now, but try to stay low-key in an attempt to stay out of the public eye. You aren’t a huge fan of attention, and Louis doesn’t want you to get any more hate from his fans. You aren’t the PDA type. However, none of that mattered right now, not when Louis looked this good and you wanted him so badly. You were at Harry’s birthday party and you couldn’t stop staring at Louis, thinking about his fingers on your skin and his stubble between your thighs. Your mind was going crazy with dirty thoughts of him. Hell, even as you’d walked into Harry’s house, you couldn’t help yourself from fanticizing about that glorious Tomlinson ass clenching and unclenching as he thrusts his hips against yours. You look over at him again, catching his glance, and he winks at you, making the muscles in your lower abdomen tighten with anticipation. All of a sudden you stand up, crossing the room in long strides and grab him by the collar of his shirt, smashing his mouth to yours. Louis is shocked — you’re never usually this bold – but his hands find your waist and he kisses you back with an intensity and fervor that leaves you breathless. “You little minx, you,” he whispers fondly in your ear when you finally break apart, “you’re crazy tonight.” “You make me crazy,” you say and return his wink from earlier, feeling confident and crazy in love. The party roars on around you but you don’t notice, too entranced with each other to ever see anyone else.

Harry: There’s nothing Harry loves more than the feeling of you beneath him, moaning into his neck and kissing him senseless. He loves watching your face as he rocks into you, loves the way your eyes squeeze shut and your lips part as he hits that perfect spot over and over again, loves the way his name sounds spilling from your mouth like a swear. Your body is a treasure to Harry, a beautiful gift to be worshiped – and god, does he love worshiping your body. Tonight is no exception; the bed is a mess of haphazard sheets and intertwined limbs. You’re both completely lost in the pleasure you’ve managed to find in one another. Harry curves his long fingers around yours and raises them over your head as you make love, looking into your eyes and seeing all of the love in his heart reflected back at him. Sex isn’t just physical for Harry; no, it’s a beautiful confirmation of the invincible love you share for one another. He puts his mouth to your collarbone and whispers warm I love you’s into your skin, watching the goosebumps rise and then kissing them away. He uses your most intimate moments to remind you how beautiful, how loved you are because you’re honestly the most precious thing Harry has ever laid eyes on and he’s known you were it for him since the moment he first saw your smile. As you both reach your climaxes, you abandon all inhibitions and allow yourselves to feel all of the uncensored passion and adoration you hold for one another.

Niall: He’d been working on a new song almost all day, strumming his guitar and writing down ideas for new lyrics. You love his job more than anything, but sometimes you want his undivided attention. You’d tried everything to distract him, from bringing him food to offering to watch his favorite movie. He’s focused, though, and has brushed you off every time. Huffing, you’d marched into the bedroom, grabbing your sexiest outfit and those black heels that always made Niall crazy. Now you march into his office, placing your hands on your hips and smirking as you call his name. “Yeah babe what’s up?” He asks without looking up at you. When you don’t reply, he raises his head and gulps at the sight of you, half naked in front of him. “Princess,” his voice is husky as he stands up. “What are ya doin’?” Instead of answering, you crash your mouth to his, the feeling of your tongue in his mouth sending sparks through his nerves and he forgets about the song he was working on, his mind overcome by thoughts of you and that little body of yours squirming beneath him. You break the kiss, trailing kisses along his neck and bare chest, heading downward to where he wants you most. You grope him through his sweats and he groans. “Don’t tease,” he commands, his accent thick with lust. Following his orders, you pull his sweats and boxers down in one swift motion and take him into your mouth, swirling your tongue around his length. You look up at him through your lashes and his face is red, eyes closed and head tilted back against the wall. His hands fly to your hair and you laugh around him, glad to finally have his attention as you use your mouth to make him fall to pieces.

Liam: “Let’s dance, baby,” he pulls you from your bar stool onto your feet, taking your hand and guiding you to the middle of the dance floor. The song is sensual and the atmosphere is heady as you press your back against his chest and grind against him in time with the beat. His lips find their way to your neck and you press yourself farther back against him, feeling his growing erection digging into your lower back. “Slow down, love,” his husky voice whispers a warning into your ear and you shiver with desire. His hands clench around your hips and you think about feeling them between your legs, the thought alone making you moan quietly to yourself. You want him, need to feel his body on top of yours. Your hand slides up his muscular arm and you imagine those arms braced on either side of your head, muscles tense and glistening with sweat as he pounds into you. Turning around in his arms, you lean up and whisper in his ear, “Take me home, daddy,” knowing the effect that word has on him. His eyes seem to darken in the dim light of the club, his jaw clenching and his hand grabbing for yours and pulling you toward the door, ready to have his way with you. You drive him crazy and if you want him the way that he wants you – well, you don’t have to ask him twice.

27. Royal Court Part 2

As promised!
There will be a part 3, hence the drama, so hopefully that will be up soon!

Here is Part 1 

The sweet light filtering in the room wakes you, and you take a moment to watch the man next to you, with his soft lips and long eye lashes, you take a moment to admire the man you love. But a moment is all you get before the door is banging open, Liam’s father, the King, striding in and standing at the end of the bed;  you can pinpoint this as the exact moment your world crumbles. “Go” he tells you sternly, not sparing you a glance, so you do; you get up and hurry away.
You did your best to go about your day, preparing for the Counts visit and the welcome banquet taking place that evening, but your mind can’t help but going back to that moment, to your stupidity for staying the night.
“Liam” you call out, hurrying over to him in the courtyard, mind going crazy with not knowing the consequences, he turns to face you with a blank expression. “So I’ve managed to convince my father to let you stay in court” he tells you, but that wasn’t what was making you worry. “But I think it best you resume your job and I resume mine” he tells you and his voice is so authoritative, so cold and unfamiliar to you. “I never should have started what we had, I knew there would be no future for us and I’m only sorry to have mislead you,” he tells you, leaving the courtyard and you broken hearted.
You watch as he twirls the beautiful girl in his arms, her luscious dark hair fanning our around her as a smile graces both of their faces, 24 hours earlier you had been the girl in his arms, but fate had played it’s part. You were a maid, you were nothing in the scheme of things and he was the future, the future for the country. He was right, there would never be a future for the two of you.

Kitchen Worker/Princess
“The blossoms are spectacular this time of year” you comment as you walk through the grounds with Harry, one of his shining apples held in your hand. “They are” he comments, his nerves evident in his voice.  “How about we try something” you tell him, “you pretend I’m just a normal girl” you smile and instantly his tensed stance relaxes.
It was like this for a week, everyday you would meet harry in the kitchen before taking a walk through the grounds, learning about each other. You were afraid and excited to say that the boy was growing on you.
You enter the sitting room with a smile on your face and a blush on your cheeks, “mother” you greet, placing a kiss to her cheek. “What it this I hear about you running around with a kitchen hand” she replies, causing you to tense up, you know you’d done nothing wrong but you already knew your mother wouldn’t allow it. “He was just showing me around” you tell her, taking a sip of the steaming tea that was sitting on your mother’s table. “You’ve lived here your entire life, you don’t need showing around” she quips. “Mother-“, “No more Y/N” she threatens before leaving the room.
“I haven’t seen you in a while, Y/N” Harry smiles at you, hands covered in flour as you walk into the kitchen, it had been 10 days since you had last walked through the gardens together. “I’m here to ensure that no assumptions were made through our friendship Harry, I cannot have my reputation tainted through association with a kitchen hand. I hope you understand.” You spit out the words your mother had instructed you to say before leaving, his broken-hearted look already burnt into your mind.

“That one” you tell your lady-in-waiting as she picks up the sprigs of lavender, weaving them into your hair, “Lavender is Louis’ favourite” you add, sending her a smile through the mirror as she works on your hair. Smiling as the sunshine hits your face, you continued through the spring air to your meeting spot with Louis. Upon spotting the brunette boy seated on a rock you feel a smile light up your face and quickening your step you hurry over before wrapping your arms around his centre and burring your face into his neck. Your moment of bliss is disrupted however; Louis pulls away from you completely, leaving you bewildered by his actions as he turns to face you with a blank expression. “When were you going to tell me?” he asks and your confusion only increases. “ I don’t understand” you reply, taking a step closer to him, only to have him retreat. “About your engagement” he exclaims. “What?” you ask, panic and fear now joining your confusion.  “Your father announced it to the court this morning, you’re to return to Wales in the morning and marry the Portuguese Duke”. You lose your breath without realising, head spinning with unconnected thoughts as you feel your heart collapse on itself; you had always planned for Louis to be your husband, not some unknown man. Louis calling your name brings you back to reality, “breathe, Y/N, breathe” Louis’s comforting words help. “I did- I didn’t know” you cry, tears slipping down your face shamelessly. “ I thought you knew… I’m sorry Love, we’ll work it out, I promise”

You look for the blonde throughout the banquet hall. All around people are laughing, dancing and drinking, celebrating your engagement to the Prince of Ireland, and yet you’re sure they had all heard the rumours. He had been such a gentleman to you in the week you had spent at royal court, always polite and charming. Yet there were undeniable rumours… rumours of countless relations with countless women, rumours that even upon marriage he would maintain a mistress. Needing a break from the well wishes, and in hope of finding your fiancée, you excuse yourself outside to walk on the terrace and enjoy the fresh air. However it doesn’t take long for the pleasant silence to be disrupted by muffled laughter, heading for the noise you’re surprised to find Niall; lips attached to the neck of another woman, his hands all over her body. “Niall?” you interrupt the two, him pulling away from the woman completely as the girl lets out an indignant squeak. “Y/N” he mumbles apprehensively, attempting to straighten his dishevelled hair, “what are you doing out here?” he asks. “I came to find you and well…” you gesture towards the two. “This is nothing Y/N” he attempts to assure you, “Just a bit of fun until we’re both tied down with one another and responsibilities”. “Tied down?” you question,  “Is that the way you view this marriage? We may not know each other but I was at least hoping you could give the two of us a chance” you tell him. “We will have plenty of time to know each other when we’re married” he counters.  “If that’s how you see it, then I’m afraid I can’t do this” you tell him, trying to dismiss any feelings you had grown for the boy over the past week.

Soldier/Lady in waiting
Upon hearing the news you excuse yourself from your queens presence, running as fast as you possibly can down to the stables, disregarding the dirt that sticks to your elaborate dress. Throwing open the doors you startle the men sweeping the floor but ignore them in favour of looking for Zayn. Unable to find him you stop be the familiar stable, Zayns black pony eating nonchalantly.  You run a gentle hand down the horse’s face, before beginning to brush her mane to take your mind off present matters.  “My two favourite girls in one place” his familiar voice disrupts you a while later, you look up to find him leaning against the door, smug smile on his lips. “War?” if the only thing you say, his face dropping immediately. “Y/N-“ He begins, but you already know its true from the worried look on his face. “No, no, no…. you can’t leave me!” you cry, tears slipping down your cheeks. “I have to” he tells you, striding over and taking your face in his hands, the rough skin of his thumbs caressing your cheeks. You watch those reassuring brown eyes and for a moment you believe him. “I can’t lose you,” you tell him, his dark eyes softening considerably as he places a chaste kiss to your forehead. “I will be home safe before you even know my love” he assures, placing his lips on yours this time.
You wait with your Queen and the other ladies, as the King and his soldiers ride out on horseback. Zayn to the left of his majesty, you watch with a broken heart as they pass you, as they head towards the castle gates, towards an unknown dangerous fate.

1D Pref; He meets a girl on tour (2)




It’s been a couple of days now and you continue to see pictures of Harry and this blonde all over the internet. Who the hell is this woman?

Ever since that last phone call, Harry only called you once due to his busy schedule. He had told you not to worry because she was just a friend. He was making it hard for you to believe something like that when they look like they were spending every minute together.

So you decided to ring up Louis.

“Hey Lou! How are you?” You grinned, happy to have finally talked to one of the lads.

“Good!” He bellowed cheerfully, “You need something?” 

“Well actually,” You murmur, “who’s this blonde chick that’s been all over the news and internet with Harry?”


After a couple of long silence, you heard Louis sigh. “Maybe you should ask him yourself. I don’t think I have a right to answer anything.”

“Is he cheating on me?” You blurted, no time to hold back anything now.


“Louis, is that a yes then?” You asked softly, letting the tears fall.

Louis sigh, “No. He’s not cheating on you, love. But he’s been getting a little close with her that’s all.” 

“Okay.” You mumbled before hanging up. 

You decided to talk to Harry. On Skype. 

So you waited until it got darker to call Harry. 

“Hey love. I miss you.” He smiled, waving.

Seeing Harry made you smile naturally. No matter what, every time you saw his face, you couldn’t help but smile.

“I miss you too, Haz.” You replied.

The two of you began to catch up on the last few days, explaining your sickness and his jet lag. Then you brought up the sensitive topic again.

“Harry, be honest with me. Who is this girl?” You mumbled, fiddling with your fingers.

“Again?” He questioned, “I told you. She’s just a friend, Y/N.” 

“It doesn’t look like she’s just a friend, Haz.” You murmur angrily, frowning.

He snarled, “What do you expect from me? I already told you she’s just a friend!” 

You were taken back by his tone, “If she’s just a friend then why don’t I see the other lads in photos with her? It’s just only you!” 

That shut him up.

“I thought so.” You mumbled angrily, hanging up and signing off.