one direction prefrences

Let’s set this straight. Just because 5 Seconds of Summer toured with One Direction does not mean they are a boy band. If I toured with Beyoncé would I automatically become a queen? No. No I would not.


5sos and 1d are so cute and adorable one minute then bam sexy next minute 😍


OMG😍😍😍 who gave them the right to look so hot with kids😊 so cute I just want to hug them tightly😏

Niall Horan Style Masterpost

Heart palpitations in 3….2…..1…..

Niall’s black ripped skinnies & white classic converse.

Anytime Niall wears a suit ever.

The start of his chelsea boots. *heart eyes*

Army green was meant for Niall.

Cuffed skinnies & floral vans.

Half button checkered shirt & light wash ripped jeans.

PJ shirt look alike & chelsea boots. 

So much about this one.. The classic adidas, the funky socks, the light wash skinnies, the ADORABLE glasses, & the navy on navy jacket & shirt.

I warned you ;)

sharing a bed #778
  • Harry:He’s right on top of you, literally. His arms, heavy as they may be, are slung across your chest and his legs have you pulled closer to his body. His nose presses gently at your neck while his head lays on your shoulder. “You’re like one of those dogs.” You tell him one morning when his eyes flutter open “Wha’?” “You know, one of those big dogs that think they’re little but they’re not?” Harry gives you a smile before shrugging. “Guess so.”
  • Liam:Liam’s always the big spoon when you share a bed, his chest always pressed soundly against your back and arm wrapped tentatively around your waist. His lips press at the skin behind your ear as the two of you whisper stories and secrets back and forth under the blankets. “Get some rest,” Liam whispers as he noses your back softly “I love you, forever and ever.” He promises.
  • Louis:“Kick me one more fucking time Louis and I’ll shove your ass out of this bed.” You warn to the very asleep Louis thrashing about in the bed. He starts off very cuddly and adorable at your side when he first crawls into bed but after falling asleep he’s completely horrible. Just as you finally think he’s settled down he kicks rather roughly at your shin, and as promised, you push him from the bed. “Baby.” Louis whines curling up on the carpet “why did you push me off the bed? I thought you loved me.” He cries making grabby hands for the blanket.
  • Niall:Niall snores which was cute... until now when he’s against your ear letting out god-awful snores in an attempt to cuddle. “Niall..” You call poking his sides to get him to move which he does, only to return glued at your side. “Niall.. you’re snoring in my ear... Niall...Oh look, Liam’s here.” You state causing him to move around before rubbing an eye with his fist. “Where’s Liam at? Liam is ‘ere?” And it’s good you finally got him away from your ear.. but the look on his face when you tell him Liam isn’t there is rather sad.
  • Zayn:Zayn is a massive teddy bear when it comes to sharing a bed. He’s fine with however much room you need, or blankets you pull away from him. He’s content with whatever you’re happy with and so what if you snore a bit and occasionally you thrash around a bit and keep him from sleeping. And sometimes you dribble a bit but he’s perfectly fine with that. “You’re a bit wild when you sleep.” He tells you with a grin “but it’s cute.”

And Theyre My Idols… ♥


We wish you all the best zayn in your future and endeavor. I Love you and I will miss you so much I am blessed to be able to see you in person on the tmh and the wwa tour❤️😥😘😍 you have given me and my best friend angelathegold the memories we forever cherish them. I will always support zayn no matter what he does, I will support him life. 😔