one direction prefrences

And Theyre My Idols… ♥

sharing a bed #778
  • Harry:He’s right on top of you, literally. His arms, heavy as they may be, are slung across your chest and his legs have you pulled closer to his body. His nose presses gently at your neck while his head lays on your shoulder. “You’re like one of those dogs.” You tell him one morning when his eyes flutter open “Wha’?” “You know, one of those big dogs that think they’re little but they’re not?” Harry gives you a smile before shrugging. “Guess so.”
  • Liam:Liam’s always the big spoon when you share a bed, his chest always pressed soundly against your back and arm wrapped tentatively around your waist. His lips press at the skin behind your ear as the two of you whisper stories and secrets back and forth under the blankets. “Get some rest,” Liam whispers as he noses your back softly “I love you, forever and ever.” He promises.
  • Louis:“Kick me one more fucking time Louis and I’ll shove your ass out of this bed.” You warn to the very asleep Louis thrashing about in the bed. He starts off very cuddly and adorable at your side when he first crawls into bed but after falling asleep he’s completely horrible. Just as you finally think he’s settled down he kicks rather roughly at your shin, and as promised, you push him from the bed. “Baby.” Louis whines curling up on the carpet “why did you push me off the bed? I thought you loved me.” He cries making grabby hands for the blanket.
  • Niall:Niall snores which was cute... until now when he’s against your ear letting out god-awful snores in an attempt to cuddle. “Niall..” You call poking his sides to get him to move which he does, only to return glued at your side. “Niall.. you’re snoring in my ear... Niall...Oh look, Liam’s here.” You state causing him to move around before rubbing an eye with his fist. “Where’s Liam at? Liam is ‘ere?” And it’s good you finally got him away from your ear.. but the look on his face when you tell him Liam isn’t there is rather sad.
  • Zayn:Zayn is a massive teddy bear when it comes to sharing a bed. He’s fine with however much room you need, or blankets you pull away from him. He’s content with whatever you’re happy with and so what if you snore a bit and occasionally you thrash around a bit and keep him from sleeping. And sometimes you dribble a bit but he’s perfectly fine with that. “You’re a bit wild when you sleep.” He tells you with a grin “but it’s cute.”


sorry im just very upset i love you all! <3

Singing in the shower #787
  • Harry:In the wee hours in the early morning Harry unwinds himself from you to slip from the bed and into the bathroom. You don't wake until you hear his voice, singing loud enough to float under the door and around your room. "Wake up, (y/n), come get naked and get in the shower, we can talk for hours because we like taking showers." This causes you to laugh sleepily and pull yourself from the bed and into the unlocked bathroom.
  • Liam:Liam's shower song is often Climax by Usher and it's quite and experience to hear his beautiful falsetto voice mingling with the beating of water on skin. Other times he sings Holy Grail by Jay Z and Justin Timberlake and it makes you smile to hear him rapping because he's actually quite good. "You're quite a good singer, have you ever thought about having a professional singing career?" You joke one morning once he steps from the shower. "Hm, I haven't. Might auction for X Factor one day yeah?" He smiles before leaning over to kiss your lips.
  • Louis:His voice is high and flowy and simply beautiful. Though his song choices are a bit odd, even pulling a lovely rendition of the farmer and the dell once, you love to hear Lou sing in the shower. "You know," Louis barks mid-song "you could always join me in the shower, we could do a duet or something" You just laugh from outside of the door "Wouldn't want to ruin your lovely singing, babe. Continue on."
  • Niall:"I've decided," Niall begins peaking his head out from the shower curtain "to go solo and my first solo album will be called "Niall and the suds and I will record it in the bathroom." Giggling Niall pushes his head back into the shower "Actually, no, I won't go solo, our bathtub is pretty spacious, I think all the boys and I could fit in. Make for a pretty good album cover too.” Laughing you shake your head "Your first song could be called 5 naked boys in a bathtub, right?" "Exactly what I was thinking!" Niall laughs.
  • Zayn:"Gonna take a shower, love you." He'll tell you giving a kiss on your lips before walking into the bathroom to turn on the water. It's not long after you hear the curtains rattle that he starts singing. Its never the same song but this time he sings the very famous Let Me Love You by Mario. It's amazing to see how far he's come since his very first X Factor audition. His voice is so clean and smooth and beautiful and the more he sings the harder you fall for him.
The pick up line he uses when he first meets you. (all of the boys)

Zayn: Is that your phone in your jeans? Because that ass is calling me.

Your response: Actually they’re baseball pants because I am so out of your leauge.
Louis: Is that windex? because I can see myself in your pants.

Your response: 

Harry: Did you just shower? Or is it just me making you wet?

Your response: 


Niall: Is your name Cinderella? Because I see that dress off by midnight.

Your response:


Liam: Nice legs, when do they open?

Your response:

Pregnancy Series: Hormones

Zayn: They boys & girls were here having a movie night. I was cuddled up with Zayn on the couch.The rest of the boys cuddled up with their girls except Niall & Harry. Then as Batman took the bomb i started to cry but it was hysterical crying.“Babe what’s wrong” Zayn said as i hid my face in his chest.“I don’t know i just started to cry” i whispered as Zayn stroked my hair.“It must be her Hormones” El said “Oh yeah Most girls go through that” Louis said.“Aw babe your first hormones” Zayn laughed “Shut up Zayn” i hit his chest lightly. I looked up at him as he wiped my tears “Now let’s watch another movie” he kissed my forehead as they changed the movie.


Louis: I came back from work, i walked in to see Louis cooking dinner.“Hey babe"he turned the stove off and walked up to me."You cooked dinner” he said as he hugged me “Yeah i thought you will be hungry”“But i wanted to cook”“oh well you can rest now babe”“BUT I WANTED TO COOK LOUIS” i yelled “Wow baby calm down we still have some rice to cook if you want to”“I WANT TO COOK PASTA"i ws crying by now.He hugged me "Sh Babe it’s okay”“i’m sorry” i whispered “No it’s okay”“i don’t no what got in me”“it’s little Tomlinson” he said i looked at him confuse “Remember the doctor said some ladies get mad it’s their Hormones”“Oh yeah Hormones” i smiled and wiped the tears.“Now let’s eat” he kissed my forehead.


Liam: We have been cleaning all day since Liam wants to tell everyone tonight to see my baby bump. I just finished cleaning the room and i remember that i had brownies in the kitchen.“Shit” i walked fast down to the kitchen.I took the brownies out but they were already burn.I was crying and threw the pan to the floor “Babe you okay?"Liam asked as he walked in "I burned the brownies it’s all my fault i’m going to be a bad mom” i said crying on the floor.“Hey it’s just brownies you will be a great mom”“No i won’t i burn the brownies”“they are just brownies babe”“But everyone wants brownies”“Well you can make another set”“I can”“of course you can babe i will get you the mix” i kissed him “Thank you" 


Niall: Niall was playing Fifa with the boys when they started to yell. I was trying to take a nap since i am so tired."Niall you lost that round” Liam yelled “You guys cheated” he yelled as they laughed.I walked down the stairs to them “CAN YOU GUYS KEEP IT DOWN A PREGNANT WOMEN IS TRY TO SLEEP” i yelled frustrated.They looked at me confuse as i walked back to the room. A couple minutes later I heard the front door close and footsteps approaching. I was crying in the bed facing the window when someone walked in.Niall laid next to me i just didn’t look at him.Then i felt so stupid. I lifted his arm and snuggled next to him “You okay babe?” he asked “I’m sorry i don’t know what happen”‘it’s okay we were to loud now let’s go to sleep yeah"“I hate hormones"he laughed and we just went to sleep..


Harry: I was backstage at harry’s concert playing with Lux. Harry was finishing up the last song. Lou was busy with the crew so Lux was crying "Hey Sh mommy will come back” i said trying to calm her down but she wouldn’t that i started to cry with her. Then i heard Lou & Harry walk into the room “Hey what’s wrong babe” Harry said as i handed Lux to Lou. I cried into Harry chest.Lou left us alone.“I can’t even make Lux stop crying my baby will hate me”“Hey don’t say that”“it’s true i was playing with her she started to cry and i couldn’t calm her down”“Hey it’s okay you will be a great mom” he wiped my tears “Now come on let’s get you and the baby to the hotel to rest” i nodded.We walked out and Lou asked harry what’s wrong i heard him whisper “Hormones”