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Prefrence - requested by babyminxxxx for a back to school idea for a Louis girl /Harry girl and based on preppy style !!
I tried my best but this was something I wasn’t used to doing so I hope it’s okay and I wasn’t sure what “preppy” really was so sorry if it’s bad!!
By juicylucyslife

Preference #4 - He Finds Out A Secret From Your Past (Liam)

Warnings: Mentions of past relationship abuse

I jumped up off the couch when the front door banged open, hitting the wall before bouncing back, only stopping when Liam held his hand out to catch it. I held my breath as he stalked past me, his eyebrows furrowed and his lips held in a tight line. It was obvious he was in a bad mood, the anger practically radiating off of him.

Without a hello or any form of recognition, Liam stalked into the kitchen, the sound of the fridge door opening only seconds after he’d disappeared behind the wall. I took a deep breath before following him, worried over what could be wrong.
“Li?” I walked in slowly, seeing him slightly hunched over the bench, a bottle of water clutched in one of his hands while the other held a rolled up magazine. “Li, you okay?”
“Clearly something is eating at you, can you just talk to me?”
I walked over to him, placing my hand on his shoulder; I could feel how tense he was, his skin stretched tight over his shoulder blades. After a minute he shook me off, running his fingers through his hair frustratedly. The way he was acting was completely unlike him.

It took another few minutes before he looked at me, his usually kind eyes were cold and hard, the crease between his eyebrows deep. He pointed to the magazine he’d been gripping earlier.
“Mind explaining to me what the fuck that is?”  
“What?” My eyes widened as I reached for the magazine.
Splashed across the front page was a photo of me - it was from three years ago - being put into the back of a police car, my hands cuffed behind my back. The headline was in big bold letters, ‘Liam Payne’s girlfriend not as innocent as everyone thinks’.

I felt sick, like there was suddenly a pit in the bottom of my stomach filled with cement; the secret that I’d desperately tried to bury, the part of my life I’d hoped Liam would never find out about was suddenly worldwide news and there was no way to escape it.
“Li, please…it’s not what it looks like, I - I can explain.”
“You were arrested y/n!” He suddenly exploded, hitting his palm on the bench. “Jailed for six months on assault charges! Anything I’m leaving out?”
“It wasn’t like that!” I had tears welling up along my waterline, a lump growing in the back of my throat that had me stumbling over my words. I was still holding the magazine, my hands clenched tightly around its glossy pages. I didn’t want to read what they had written, didn’t want to see how wrong they’d gotten it.

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16- Moving-in

NASH// You walked into Nash and Cameron’s shared apartment for the fifth time this week. “Hey buddy,” you greeted Jaxx, who was at your feet as soon as you stepped in. You plopped down on the couch, before yelling to Nash that you were here. “Hey baby,” Nash kissed you on your head as he walked in the living room. “Hey baby,” Cameron mocked, sticking his head in the door. You laughed, waving to Cam as Nash plopped down beside you. “You’ve been coming over a lot this week,” he started, and your heart jumped. “I’m sorry Nash, I don’t want to bother you or Cam-” he cut you off with a kiss. He chucked after pulling away. “No, you aren’t bugging us at all. I was just going to ask you if you wanted to move in with me,” he finished, getting serious toward the end. You were shocked, but then a smile crept on your face. “Oh- well of course- is it okay with Cameron? I don’t want to barge in in and-” you were cut off again, but this time by Cameron. “I don’t mind (Y/N). You don’t bother me at all,” he yelled from the other room. “Well that settles it, want to start packing now?” He asked, and you just laughed and stood up, shaking your head.

CAMERON// “I can get used to this,” Cameron mumbled, kissing your shoulder. You were lying in his- well now your shared bed- and just woke up. He had his arm wrapped around you and your back was facing him, so you rolled over. “Get used to what?” You asked, burying your face into his bare chest. You were still really tired, yesterday was filled with last minute packing and hauling your stuff into Cameron’s apartment, since he had asked you to move in with him about a week ago. “Waking up to your beautiful face,” he told you, picking up your chin. Your cheeks turned a light pink, and he pecked your lips. “I love when you blush,” he sighed, closing his eyes again. You cuddled closer to him, smiling that you had such an amazing boyfriend.

TAYLOR// “Taylor! Have you seen my bag?” You screamed down to your boyfriend, who was lazily watching TV on the couch. “What one?” You rolled your eyes, the carpet nubs rubbing into your knees from laying on the floor looking through your dresser. “The one from Pink!” “Oh, I don’t know where it is.” You huffed, standing up and walking down stairs. You had moved in an apartment with Taylor three days ago and he insisted that he would in pack your things because you were “tired”. It was sweet at the time, but now you can’t find any of your stuff. “Why do you even need it?” He asked, pulling you down next to him. “I wanted to go to the gym,” you replied, and he kissed the side of your head. “You should just stay here with me,” he suggested and you nodded, resting your head on his chest.

JACK JOHNSON// “Babe, I thought we moved in together to spend time with each other,” you sighed into the phone, and you heard Jack sigh on the other line too. “I know sweet heart. I’m just really busy with all the new music and tours but I promise I’ll make it up to you. A small smile planted on your face, but you still wanted to spend time with him. “We’ll work this out,” he added. It was the fifth night of living together, and he had been gone for four of those nights. “I’m sorry Jack. I know your busy and don’t want you to be stressed. I love you so much.” “I love you so much more gorgeous,” he told you, causing you to smile. “I’ll be home in a couple hours.

JACK GILINSKY// “Wow babe, you have a lot of stuff,” he chuckled, putting another box into his car. “You’re telling me,” you struggled to carry a heavy one to the trunk, so he lifted it from your arms. “I got it,” he told you. As he was setting it down, you wrapped your arms around his waist, hugging him. He turned around and smiled down at you, wrapping his arms around you too. “I’m just so happy we’re moving in together (Y/N),” he mumbled, pressing his lips against yours. “I love you,” he spoke against your lips, and you repeated those words.

AARON// You and Aaron were cuddled up on your now shared couch, watching whatever movie was playing. He twisted his fingers around your hair, and you looked up at him. You placed you lips onto his, softly kissing him. When you pulled away you rested your head on his chest, him continuing to play with your hair. “You’re perfect,” he whispered, pressing his lips to the top of your head. “And I’m so happy we live together now.”

MATT// “FOOD FIGHT!” Matt yelled, just as you sat down from un-packing all your clothes into your new shared house with Matt. He cracked an egg onto your head, and a gasp escaped your lips. “Really Matt?!” You yelled, laughing as the slimy egg dripped down you face. You wiped it away, running to get something to throw at him. By the time you were done, the kitchen looked as if there was a huge food storm in your kitchen. “Wow, we just wrecked this whole kitchen and we’ve only lived here for five hours,” you told him, glancing at the clock. “I’m getting in the shower.” “Maybe I can join you!” Matt suggested as you walked down the hall way. “No, you’re cleaning up the mess you started,” you smiled, and he chuckled, wondering where to start.

SHAWN// “Shawn,” you whispered, tapping him as you later next to him on his bed. “Baby,” you said a little bit louder this time, shaking him. “Hmm,” he moaned, turning over. “I’ve stayed here for three days straight,” you told him, “I have to you.” He inhaled sharply, pulling you down with him. “I don’t want you to leave,” he whined. “Move in with me.” He opened one eye to look at you after a few seconds of no response, cocking his eye brow. “You’re serious?” You asked,” and he nodded, resting his chin on your head. “Let’s do it today, but let’s sleep another hour,” he told you, and you smiled, nodding.

i just want to invite the entire 5sos family over and we can cry and eat pizza and watch sad movies 

He accidentally hurts you

You hid around the corner once you heard the door open. You knew that your boyfriend Louis had just walked through the door and you were determined to scare him the way he had done to you so many times. You heard his footsteps coming closer and closer, and once he was where you wanted him, you jumped out and gave him a slight shove. “Boo!” You yelled, causing him to drop his bag and keys. Instead of greeting you with a smile like he always does, Louis rolled his eyes and picked up his things. “Can you be more careful before you break something?” He snapped as he walked past you and into the kitchen. “Sorry.” You mumbled as you followed him. You watched as he set down the bag and pulled a small wooden box out of it. “What’s in there?” You asked, eyeing the box. “I don’t know.” Louis replied. “Who’s it from?” You reached out to get a better look, but Louis pulled the box closer to him. “I don’t know.” He sighed, taking a seat in front if it. You furrowed your eyebrows, wondering why Louis was acting so strange. “Is it from a girl? Are you cheating on me?” You asked jokingly, hoping to make Louis laugh. But he didn’t. “No, why would you even ask that?” He replied rather rudely. “I was just kidding Louis.” You said, standing up straight and facing him. “What’s wrong with you today?” “Nothing’s wrong with me, you’re just being annoying.” Louis retorted, bringing his fist to the table. “Annoying?” You repeated. “How am I being annoying?” Louis stood up. “You can never mind your damn business. I can’t have one thing to myself around here without you wanting to know where I got it. And so what if I got this from another girl, it’s mine and you don’t have the right to worry about it.” You felt your cheeks get hot. Louis had never yelled at you like this before. “If I’m so annoying why are you even with me?” You shout, clenching you fists to try to hold in your anger. “I don’t know!” Louis yells back, looking you in the eyes. And that was enough for you to leave the room with hot tears streaming down your face. You stormed into the next room and sat on the floor. You always feared that you annoyed Louis and now you knew that it was true. You never meant to ask so many questions, you just simply loved hearing him talk. You wiped away your tears and sat with your arms crossed. But before you had time to even think about what you would do next, Louis walked into the room, the wooden box in hand. He sat by your side and looked at you, but you refused to look back. “I’m sorry.” He stated. “It’s okay.” You whispered, not possibly being able to stay mad at Louis. “No it’s not,” he replied, bringing his knees up to his chest as you had done. “I didn’t mean to blow up like that. I just…I don’t know, I’m just having one of those days I guess.” He looked down at the box then back at you. “And I know exactly why I’m with you.” You met his eyes as he spoke. “I’m with you because you’re beautiful, and witty, and sweet, and because I love you.” You smiled at him and he continued. “And you have the best smile.” You nudged him with your elbow, causing him to lose his balance. The two of you laughed and he placed his hand on the box. “And if you must know, this actually was from a lady.” He smiled. “But don’t worry, she’s been married for forty-two years so I don’t stand a chance.” You giggled, happy to have your Louis back. “Go on, open it.” You did as instructed and carefully removed the lid of the box. Inside was a golden locket sitting atop a small card. You picked up the necklace and studied it. It had a tree engraved into it. “I was going to wait until your birthday, but I thought that you could use it now.” Louis stated as he watched how you delicately handled the gift. He reached into the box and picked up the card. “Here.” He said as he handed it to you. You read the card, and as you did more tears began to surface. But these were good tears.
Dear Y/N, I love you with all of my heart. You are the perfect girl for me and no matter what, you’ll always have me. ~Louis
You didn’t hesitate to engulf Louis into a big hug as he rubbed your back. “Don’t ever doubt my feelings for you Y/N.” He whispered in your ear. He pulled away and kissed your forehead. “Now let’s go find a picture for that necklace, yeah?” He said, as he brought himself to his feet. “And don’t ever scare me like that when I come home. I nearly pissed myself.” You took his hand and smiled. “No promises.”

Anaconda don’t want none.

Niall doing the thing during better than words at WWA Tampa October 3, 2014


I honestly hate it when “he hits you” preferences come up, and it doesn’t go how it should. Like, if he hits, you get out of that relationship as fast as you can. You don’t go back to that asshole. He doesn’t deserve you if he does that, and it shouldn’t matter if he is drunk or not either because when people are drunk, they don’t have filters and let them true selves out.

Overall, if a guy hits you (even just once), you get out of that relationship. There are no excuses for any of that shit. Don’t dehumanize yourself for a relationship that isn’t worth it.

Okay, I’m done. Sorry. Had to get it out there.

Preference #301 Family Time

Harry: “Can you say Nana—Na—nu.” Anne smiles bouncing the infant on her knee. The little boy just giggles and continues with his raspberries, something you wish you could take back teaching him. “I don’t know Mum, he just doesn’t talk. We thought we heard him say ‘Mum’ once but nothing since then. Huh bud.” Harry just nods, smiling down at his little boy. “Well I’m going to go check the burgers.” But just as he turns on his heels he hears the faintest “Daaa.” Drawing out of the little boy’s mouth. “Yeah bud, Daddy.”

Louis: Louis trips as his kids cling to his body parts. His little girl tugging on his arm, and his little boy wrapped around his left leg. “Zoo! Zoo! Zoo!” They chant, seeking a smile and acceptance from their dad. “You have to release me long enough for me to get you both in the car and pick up your Mum, okay, can you do that. And then Daddy promises we’re on our way to the zoo.” His words are following by detached limps and squeals as his little ones prance towards the car.

Zayn: “Rock, paper, scissors?” Your son suggests, Zayn quickly nodding in acceptance, planting his feet and weighing his hands in front of him. “You’re Mum will piss is she finds out were doing this.” He remarks, reading his hand in front of his sons. “But one of us has to be there.” He grins, throwing down a hard rock over your sons scissors. His grin only widens when he realizes he’s won, and then falls again when he sees you in the doorway. “Neither of you are getting out of cleaning the garage. Mum hand wins all. Get to work.”

Liam: You watch as Liams head bobs in between other families, eyes scanning for your seats. He finally catches you waving after a few minutes and slumps down next to you. “I haven’t missed anything have I?” He asks quickly, a little out of breath. You reassure him it’s just about to start as he scoots closer towards the edge of his seat. You watch as his breath is completely taken away when your daughter takes the stage, her voice—well just like Liams.

Niall: “The Godfather again? Dad come on, let’s watch something fun!” You daughter remarks reaching towards the remote, Niall stopping her halfway and shaking his head. “The Godfather is a classic, was for me and is definitely going to be for you guys too. Embrace it, besides your mom loves it.” You laughs sneaking a glance at you, hiding your face into your sweater. “She loves me, so she loves it, isn’t that right?” You nod anyways, because as much as you hate it, Niall loves it.