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Wedding Series #2 - He Proposes (Harry)

A/N: This is long but I’m so not even sorry because I think Harry is hella cute when he is all awkward and shy and yeah…hope you guys like it !

Harry had been acting remarkably out of character for the whole day. He was jittery and nervous and nothing like the carefree man you were dating. Every time you looked at him he was running his fingers through his curls or muttering something incoherent under his breath; whatever it was that was causing it however had you worried.

The only time you’d ever seen Harry so stressed was when management was breathing down the bands necks for the next single, album or tour date; it wasn’t often that anything else bothered him to this capacity. Moving to sit next to him on the couch you touched his shoulder lightly.
“Haz, you okay?”
“Huh? Oh yeah, I’m fine Kitten,” He replied, forcing a smile onto his face.
“You can tell me if anything is wrong Harry, you know that right?”
“Y/n,” Harry said, taking your hand in his and giving it a loose squeeze. “Don’t worry about me alright? I’m fine.”

You raised your eyebrows but left the subject alone. You trusted Harry and you weren’t about to go prying into anything he didn’t want you to know; sooner or later he’d talk to you. Getting back up off the couch you pressed a quick kiss to his forehead before moving into the kitchen, intent on making you both a cup of tea.

You were going about doing just that when you heard Harry’s voice, muffled from the living room. Curiosity got the better of you and you stepped closer to the arch way.
“I can’t do it!” You heard Harry say and you gathered he was on the phone; he sounded so defeated.  “I don’t think I can ask her.”

You were thoroughly confused, was he talking about you? You kept listening as Harry sighed heavily.
“No, no your right,” He said. “Rip it off like a bandaid.”

You stepped back as you thought about his words, your mind immediately jumping to the worst case scenario, Harry breaking up with you. Sure he was away a lot and you didn’t always see eye to eye on that, but surely he wasn’t going to end things because of it. You had always stuck by him through the band’s career, ever since you started dating him; you put up with the rumors and the magazine articles and the paparazzi and almost everything else that came along with dating a celebrity and you’d never complained once, because you loved Harry more than you’d loved anybody. Now that there was a possibility that it was all going to come to an end you found you couldn’t quite breathe.

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#339 - Eating Out*

Harry: He pushed your legs up, the palms of his hands pressing into the back of your thighs. He was taking his sweet time, his tongues gliding over your lips slowly. You looked down at him and took a deep breath. His eyes were shut, his mouth feeling around and determining when he was going to take the next step up. You felt two, cool fingers on the sensitive skin, making you jump. He spread your lips apart, revealing your wet core. He let out a chuckle and pulled back the little hood of skin that covered your clit. Harry brushed his thumb over the bundle of nerves, and at the same time, he ducked his hand down and ran his tongue over your moist skin at your entrance. You let out a soft moan, dropping your head back into the pillows. The tip of his tongue penetrated your hole and curled it up slightly. In a few short seconds, he was snogging your core, his thumb continuing to rub firm circles over your clit. You breathed out deeply and let out a whine, lifting your hips up slightly to feel more of his tongue on you. He pushed them back down harshly, his fingers digging into your hips. He shook his head back and forth, keeping some of you in his mouth and sending out vibrations through you. You gasped out slightly and dropped your jaw, lifting your hands up to grab onto your breasts, pushing them together and toying with your nipples, causing them to become erect. Suddenly, your stomach clenched and your eyes widened, your whole body stiffening. Quick pants came from your mouth repeatedly and you spilled out onto his tongue, a low and long whine coming out loudly. Harry lapped up all your release, humming out deeply and smirking to himself when he pulled his mouth away. “That’s a good girl…” he murmured, pressing one last lingering kiss to your stimulated clit, pulling back and wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

Liam: You felt his arms go around your waist as you shut the oven, and he trapped you back against his chest. You bit your lip softly and laughed out quietly, looking over your shoulder at him. He walked you back to the island in the middle of the kitchen and let go for a moment turning you two around and lifting you up onto the counter. “I’m hungry…” he murmured and you raised your eyebrow. “Dinner’s in the oven Liam…” you giggled out softly but he shook his head, pulling your shorts down quickly. “Not for that…” he mumbled and you raised your eyebrow, lifting your hips slightly so it would be easier for him. He tossed them down onto the floor and knelt down slightly, pulling your hips to the edge of the counter. You grabbed onto the back of his head and pushed him closer, spreading your legs for him. His eagerness was transferring over to you, plus you only had so much time before the actual food would be ready. He wrapped his arms around your hips and pushed his head between your legs, nudging his nose against your clit. His lips went right to work against your heat, his mouth pushing past your folds and his teeth grazing your clit before he nibbled on it. You let out a little gasp and smirked to yourself, tightening your grip on the back of his head. You groaned out deeply and swung your legs over his shoulders, locking your ankles before resting them on his back. He took a deep breath and pressed his lips in deeper into you, jutting his tongue in and out of you slowly. You bit your lower lip and giggled out before inhaling sharply, looking down at him. “Right there baby…” you mumbled out, taking a shaky breath and resting your head slightly on your shoulder, letting out a strangled moan. You felt his lips curl into a smile against you as he ate you out, acting like it was going to be the last thing he ever got to eat.

Niall: Holding onto your hand tightly, he dragged you back into the dressing room, doing a double-check of the hallway to make sure no one was coming before he pulled you in, shutting the door behind you and locking it. Before either of you smoke a word, his lips were against yours and his hands were underneath your dress, pushing it up around your waist. You pressed your palms firmly into the door before reaching one up and holding the side of his face firmly. He pulled back, only to plant his lips back onto your jaw and dragging them down to your neck. You breathed out deeply and bit your lip softly, keeping your eyes shut. Niall looped his fingers around the material of your panties, moving them down so they could fall to your knees. The cool air hit your heat and it made you shiver slightly. Grabbing onto one of his hands and bringing it to your front, he knelt down on his knees in front of you. Your eyes opened and you glanced at him, chewing on your bottom lip. “Okay?” he asked softly and you nodded quickly. You guided his head between your legs and spread them a little more so it would be easier for him to get a wider range of access. His tongue came out of his mouth and ran up your slit. When he really got in there, you let out a breath, and tried to feel the pleasure, but he was completely ignoring your clit. Pursing your lips softly, you reached a hand down and started working on it yourself, two fingers rubbing slow circles as he dipped his tongue in and out inside of you. You felt him pull back for a moment and push your hand away. “I got it…” you heard him mumble and he moved his lips up, wrapping them around the bundle of nerves. You were hesitant for a moment but when he started putting suction on it, it was lovely. You slid down the door slightly, keeping yourself up on shaky knees. He grabbed the back of your thighs and focused on your clit, making your breathing come out as moans. You had to throw a hand over your mouth so no one could hear, but it was getting harder and harder to contain yourself.

Louis: You sat on the couch as he was kneeling between your legs, his lips and tongue going to work on you. Your whole body was taken over by a euphoric feeling, and your hands were grabbing and palming at your breasts roughly. Your breathing was staggered and heavy, and there was a blissful grin spread across your face. Every muscle in your lower body seemed to go completely limp because your legs slid off of his back and fell wide open. Louis slid his hands under your bum, pulling you closer to the edge of the couch so he could go lower, his lips brushing down over your arse. Your eyes opened and you gasped out slightly, looking down at him. “Sorry, sorry…” he murmured, glancing up at you for a moment. You shook your head and pursed your lips slightly. “Do… Do that again.” Louis smirked softly and nodded his head, slipping back down. He slid his tongue down to your back hole, slowly swirling it around in circles. You immediately and unconsciously clenched, having the automatic reaction to the sudden touch. You took a deep breath and relaxed back into the soft cushion. He continued the slow and light circles, helping you to relax and loosen up a little bit more. You didn’t really think it would feel the way it did, but now that you had allowed him to take that step, you were not complaining. Reaching a hand down between your legs, you pinched your clit gently before sliding your fingers down to your front entrance. As Louis ate you out, you began using your fingers to heighten all of your senses. Louis spread you apart so he could get better access to your sweet spots, his tongue just being able to penetrate the tight orifice. You took a deep breath and slid one of your fingers in, moaning out deeply. As you pumped it in and out, Louis moved his lips against your opening, moaning out and sending vibrations through you. You whined out and shivers shot up your back. The release was coming on a lot stronger than you anticipated, but you kept things going, not wanting it to stop.

Zayn: He looked over at you, seeing that you were still fast asleep. With an idea brewing in his head and the fact that you were still bare from the night before, he bit his lip and slipped under the covers. Carefully he manoeuvered himself between your legs and took a deep breath, rubbing the insides of your thighs gently. Biting his lip softly he took a deep breath and pressed slow, lingering kisses from the inside of your mid-thigh all the way up to your hip before trailing his lips down to your heat. He flicked his tongue over your clit at first, using two fingers to keep it revealed to his awaiting mouth. Using just the tip of his tongue, he just kept circling it until you got wet enough subconsciously. He ran two fingers over your skin and heard you breath out a little deeper. You were starting to wake up and become aware of what was going on, and when you did, you bit your lip, keeping your eyes shut. Moaning out quietly, Zayn started to wrap his lips around pieces of skin slowly, his tongue gliding along the inside of your lips. His nose pushed against your clit and his tongue pressed against your entrance. You pulled the covers up slightly to look down at him, breathing slowly and deeply. You lifted your hips slightly and his hand came up to rest on your pelvic bone, keeping you in place slightly but not restricting your movements. You whimpered out softly, grabbing onto the pillows by your head. Rocking your hips side to side slightly, you let out a shaky breath and pulled the blankets back again as he jutted his tongue and penetrated your entrance. He went on at a steady pace until your muscles started to clench around him. You rested your hands on your stomach and gasping out sharply, came out over his tongue and lips. Zayn pulled back, licking his lips before crawling up and poking his head up at you. You breathed out softly and looked at him softly, chewing your bottom lip. “Good morning love…” he chuckled out with a smirk, pressing his lips against yours lazily.

NJH-Written Masterlist


Updated: February 12, 2017


Smuty- ☯

Au- ❤

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#1 “Faster”

#2 Favorite Hugs

#3 He Wants Another Child

#4 His Voicemail After You Leave Him

#5 Your Favorite Picture of Him and Your Child

#6 “What If…”

#7 You Tell Him You’re A Virgin

#8 Condoms

#9 His Kink

#10 After Your First Time

#11 Matching Tattoos

#12 He Doesn’t Like The Way Your Boyfriend Treats You|| Part 2ツ❤

#13 You’re Both TeachersPart 2

#14 Cock Block

#15 House Hunters

#16 He Talks About Your Sex Life To Another Boy

#17 You Wear His Clothes

#18 “Five More Minutes”

#19 A Boy Sees You Making Out And Tweets About Itツ☻

#20 He Comes Back From Tour Early

#21 He Has A Wet Dream

#22 First I Love You

#23 Your Christmas Tree

#24 Snow

#25 He Can’t Get It Up☯ (kinda)

#26 Your Favorite Sex Position ☯☻

Song Preference

#1 Ashley- Big Sean ft. Miguel

#2 Wildest Dream- Taylor Swift

#3 I Want To Write You A Song- One Direction

Mini Series (What Does This Mean?)

Teacher Series

NJH- Where The Heart Is

Wedding Series

Wedding Series #2 - He Proposes (Niall)

A/N: Man this is totally how I’d want to be proposed to…

You were lying on the sun lounger by the pool, completely relaxed under the warmth of the afternoon, perfectly content to spend the rest of the week in this exact position. You and Niall had decided to get away for a mini holiday, something that would clear both your heads. Work had been busy lately and you were finding yourself to be more stressed than anything when you came home of an evening; Niall really not much better.

The boys were in a tough position with the new album and the tension was obvious in the lines of his face, the way he looked so beaten down when he came home from the studio, hair tousled like he’d had his fingers in it all day. You’d suggested getting away and he’d jumped at the idea, finding a nice secluded resort right on the beach were the both of you could just shut off the world.

You peeked your eyes open as you felt drops of water landing on your legs and stomach, your eyes widening as you saw a very pool soaked Niall standing above you, cheeky smile on his lips.
“Don’t,” You warned, pointing a finger at him.
“Your not gonna lie out here all day are you?” He asked, pouting.
“Maybe, there’s nowhere else I have to be.”
“Come into the pool,” He replied, bending down to kiss your shoulder, a whine leaving your lips as his wet hair rubbed against your cheek. “Please.”
“Fine, fine, I’ll get into the pool.”

Niall smiled triumphantly, moving away from you so you could stand up. You slipped out of your cover up before tying your hair up into a bun, keeping your sunglasses perched on your face; there was no way you were getting your head wet. Niall hopped back into the pool, turning around to face you as you slipped yourself in, shivering a little at the cool water. Before you knew what was happening Niall had his arms around you, holding you tightly to his chest as he waded down into the deeper end of the pool; he knew you couldn’t quite touch the bottom.
“What are you doing?” You whined, wrapping your legs around his waist.
“Making sure you can’t go anywhere,” He answered.
You huffed, wondering what on earth he was up to.

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One direction A/B/O preference #4 You decide to get mated

A/N: I have no excuse as to why this is so late. Also, I need requests guys, normal ones, for normal preferences. I’m not creative enough to come up with them myself.

Also WARNING! Louis’ is quite sexual, so you can just skip that one if it makes you uncomfortable!

Request: You decide to get mated

LIAM: “Li? Isn’t your rut next week?” you called through the flat, leafing through the calendar hanging on your fridge. “Yeah, why?” came the reply just as he rounded the corner to the kitchen. He plastered his front to your back, wrapping his arms around your waist and burrowing his face in your neck. He took a deep breath, humming pleasantly at your smell. “I was thinking, maybe you could mate me? Before that? Maybe now?” Liam froze behind you and you squeezed your eyes shut, nerves making you tremble. Then Liam started moving again, nosing up the side of your neck before placing a gentle kiss to the frail skin. “Is this a spur of the moment thing or have you been thinking about this?” he asked, dragging you impossibly closer. “I’ve been thinking about it, a lot,” you admitted, tipping your head back against his shoulder and letting it fall limply to the side to give him more access, offering yourself up to him right then and there. “Here?” he asked; you hummed. “Now?” Another hum. His teeth grazed your skin lightly before he found the right spot, biting down hard enough to draw blood, growling possessively. The breath got knocked out of your lungs and your world narrowed down until you couldn’t feel, hear or smell anything other than Liam. You knew the full effect wouldn’t even kick in until he could knot you, and the feeling was already so intense, you weren’t sure you’d be able to handle it once he did knot you. “Fuck babe, can’t wait till I’m in my rut, you’re going to be all mine,” Liam said with a squeeze to your waist as he soothed the mark with his tongue. Your knees buckled. “Can’t wait, can’t wait,” you babbled, earning a chuckle. “Me neither babe.”

HARRY: Harry was a sensible one, had always been a sensible one, so he had made sure to sit you down and had a long conversation with you about it, making sure you wanted to and so on. If you weren’t so stupidly in love with him, you’d find it incredibly annoying. “Do you want me to give you the bite before I knot you or while I’m doing it?” Harry asked lastly. He was sat on the couch and you were comfortably resting sideways on his lap, head on his chest as his fingers played with your hair. “Uh, before, I think. I want it to be like, something I can remember,” you explained lamely, but Harry nodded along anyways. “Now or later, then?” You breathed out against his neck, fingers dancing their way across his chest. You couldn’t quite keep your hands off of him. “Now, please,” you whispered into his skin. “Yeah?” he murmured, growing fidgety as you splayed your hand over his heart. “Yeah.” You straddled him properly, legs on either side of his thighs. You brought your hands to his cheeks, framing his face. You leaned in for a long kiss before pulling back and leading Harry’s face to your neck. He quickly caught on and dipped his head, lips simply resting over your pulse before suddenly biting down, softly at first, and then harder, until he broke the skin. You arched your back with a high noise as Harry mated you, nerves pulled taut and body shaking as everything seemed to fall into place, head screaming HarryHarryHarry. “Fuck you look good with my mark,” Harry moaned before licking over the wound. “Yeah?” “Yeah.”

LOUIS: It had kinda happened by mistake. You and Louis had talked about it, had even agreed that yeah, you wanted to be mates someday. You never set a date, as none of you thought it would really be necessary. You’d rather it happened when it felt right. While you weren’t sure Louis’ knot swelling up and locking you together in the most intimate way really counted as ‘the right moment’ you wouldn’t change it for the world. Louis had looked crazed as he came, eyes filled with lust and love for you, and that was the last thing you saw before Louis bit into your neck, tying you together in the best way possible. The feeling was so intense, you couldn’t help but scream out, clinging onto Louis for dear life. You were still shaking as Louis’ tongue tried to soothe over the mark where it bled. “You smell like me,” he mumbled, voice breaking on the last word, sounding almost overwhelmed as he sniffed you, groaning in pleasure. “I always do, Lou,” you reminded him breathlessly, but you knew what he meant. Normally, Louis was without a doubt the best alpha you’d ever smelt, but like this? He smelt like home, like an incredible mix of you and him, intertwined as your scents were. “Fuck I love you,” Louis growled, hissing as he slipped out of you, rolling you over so he could cuddle up to your back. “I love you too, Lou.”

NIALL: “I personally think this would be the best spot,” you teased, dragging a finger down the side of your neck. Niall’s darkening eyes followed the movement, and his fingers twitched by his sides. You were leaning against the bathroom counter, fully dressed but with wet hair from your shower. Niall looked a few seconds away from ravaging you, only from talking about where he was to put the mating mark. “Don’t tease,” he threatened as he stepped closer, caging you in with his hands on either side of your hips. “It’s not teasing if I mean it,” you shot back, running your hands up his torso and into his hair, knotting your fingers into the strands at the nape of his neck. “Babe,” he said lowly, still with that threatening edge to his voice, “if you don’t stop soon, I’ll just do it.” You tilted your head to the side and leaned forward, offering yourself up to your alpha. “Do it,” you whispered. “What?” Niall tried to pull back in surprise, but you held him there with your hands. He could easily break free from your grasp, but he seemed frozen to the spot. “Mate me.” He stepped closer, sniffing at the spot you had pointed out moments before. “Are you sure?” At your nod, Niall dipped down and covered your skin with his lips. He started by sucking on it lightly, riling you up before sinking his teeth in, groaning in pleasure when you arched into him. You sagged into his chest with a content sigh when he pulled back. All you could focus on was Niall and his smell and his touch, and if Niall’s roaming hands were any indication, he too could feel the effects. “Bed,” he growled simply. “Yes please.”

Preference #19 A Boy Sees You Making Out and Tweets About It


emmapolly requested: The boys see you making out and tweet about it xxx


zaynmalik: Pre-show rituals brought to you by Payno


Real_Liam_Payne: I came over because they promised me lunch! Not this!


Louis_Tomlinson: Can’t even get through a damn football match !!


NiallOfficial: Can get these guys out of bed for shit haha !


Harry_Styles: Not really remembering this being part of the photo shoot but okay…

Wedding Series #4 - Telling Someone (Harry)

Harry could barely contain the smile on his face as he walked into the pub he was meeting the boys in, wanting to tell them that you’d said yes to being his wife, something he still couldn’t quite believe no matter how many days had passed since he’d asked. It was almost unbelievable to him that soon you’d be his forever, that he’d never have to worry about losing you again.

You’d both agreed on keeping the engagement quiet so you could just enjoy the bliss that came along with being engaged. Harry didn’t want to deal with the whiplash of hate that was sure to find the both of you as soon as it was announced and he didn’t want you to deal with it either. That being said though, Harry wanted to at least tell his best mates, knowing they wouldn’t blab about it to anyone else until you and Harry were comfortable with it.

Looking around the modestly crowded bar Harry spotted Niall first, sitting at a booth further towards the back. He weaved himself around people and across the dance floor until he was sliding into the seat next to Liam, giving each of his friends a beaming smile.
“Hey lads.”
“Harry,” Louis nodded, taking a sip of his beer.
Niall slid a schooner over the table and Harry took a mouthful gratefully.
“So, I have something to tell you all.”
“What’s that mate?” Liam enquired, raising one of his eyebrows.
“She said yes.”

Harry stated it simply, watching to see the reactions as soon as the boys understood what he was saying. He looked around at all their faces, noting the same confused expression.
“Wait,” Louis said a minute later, his eyes widening slightly. “Did you ask y/n what I think you did?!”
“Asked what?” Niall cut in, scrunching up his nose.
“Did you ask her to marry you?” Liam continued, clapping Harry on the back.

Harry just nodded. “Yep, and she said yes!”

Written By Bree xx 


Holy WOW! I think I’ve watched this 500 times already. It’s SO good!

Liam AU// Just To Hear You Again

FBI Profiler Liam AU

Part 1 [Part 2]


Read my other AUs: Zayn-Niall-Louis-Harry

“Liam…” you mumbled, your fingers running down his bare chest. He only stirred in his sleep. You smiled and kissed his cheek. “You said you had to work today, baby.”

“After last night? he hummed, “I might need to call in sick,” he said, kissing your lips. His happiness and lust transferred in the kiss. You never felt so much joy in a relationship before. The way he held you made you feel safe. His arms always wrapped around you perfectly.

“Okay, I made breakfast for you, so please get ready for work, Li,” you smiled.

“Man, I love you,” he muttered out. You had never heard Liam mutter those words out before. You were shocked, but it had been six months. “You don’t have to respond, I just want you to know.”

“No, I love you, Liam,” you admitted. “I just wasn’t expecting that, but I love you.”

Liam looked at you and smiled, “Well, I have work to get to.”

You nodded, letting him get up and walk to the bathroom. You sighed walking into the kitchen. Your heart felt heavy as you looked back down on your phone to the text on the front scene.

“Meet in the usual. We have to talk.”

Liam left for a work an hour ago after the text. You left right after did, although he thought we were going to work as well. You drove into the city to the Royal Star Hotel. You thought it would have been better not to tell Liam about this meeting since you know the reason why wasn’t desirable.

You sat on one of the chairs in the lobby across from an empty one. You sat there with your arms and legs crossed, waiting for him. You knew he was enjoyed keeping you waiting; it was his favorite game to play with you.

You received a text, and you quickly looked down at it. It was from Liam. You only glanced at it.

“Don’t wanna leave him waiting,” a too familiar voice said, placing his hands  on your shoulders,”Do you?”

Your shoulders tensed as you didn’t even want to turn around, “I wanna finish this first.” Kevin Luck.

He walked over to his seat and nodded, “Actually let’s talk about him. Let’s talk about Liam,” he said, sliding you a brown folder.

“No, what do you really want to talk about? you mumbled, sliding the folder back.

Kevin shrugged and opened it himself, “Okay then. Supervisory Special Agent, or SSA, Liam James Payne. Youngest Unit Chief in history. A credit score of 768. Very impressive. Lives on 536 Oak Lane with a dog, Loki, who just had a vet appointment. He has not taken a sick day in over a year. I would hate to see him ill. For the last two months, he has taken out 35 to 75 Euros after every case and it’s spent at either a take-out place or a high-end restaurant and a very expensive gift on its way. You guys have a seventh month anniversary coming up?”

You slightly nodded.

“I don’t wanna ruin the surprise then,” he winked.

“Did you come here to tell me facts about my boyfriend?” you asked.

“No but I’m sure you remember your help in my little business,” he reminded you. “and by the status of your relationship with your FBI boyfriend, he must not know either.”

You sighed and closed the folder, “I don’t do that anymore. I have a respectful job as a nurse practitioner, and I moved on and you should too, Kevin.”

“Listen, sweetheart. Business is booming and I gotta keep moving the product.”

“It isn’t product, it’s drugs,” you corrected. “It’s been over three years since I’ve helped you. I’ve turned a new leaf, and Liam doesn’t deserve this, but if you contact me again, I will have you arrested and that’s a promise.”

“But the thing is that you had quite the hand in my endeavors. How do you think Liam’s gonna feel about dating an international felon?”

With much anger, you stood up, “When I left, you told me I was free to go without charge. We had a deal.”

“That was before I saw you so profitable, baby,” his hand caressed your cheek. You quickly slapped it away. “I’ll leave you alone; just keep the FBI off my back, and you and Liam can live happy ever after. And you could simply tell Liam, but what good would that do if he were dead.”

“Is that a threat?”

“Consider it a warning. Have a great day, Y/N.” He stood up, leaving the file on the small table. “And consider coming back, baby. It would be nice to have my favorite girl on the job again.”

You looked at your phone again where Liam’s text still laid. You quickly replied saying, “I’ll bring food to the office :)” You sent the text before leaving the lobby with a lot on your mind.

You arrived at Liam’s office to find it empty. You sat down in the chair across from his desk and waited. You browsed your phone and hoped to see Liam come in or message you, but it was silent. You saw Niall walk past the office door before he stopped and backtracked his way into the office in confusion.

“Y/N, what are you doing here? Niall asked.

“Liam told me to meet him here for lunch today,” you smiled, showing him your pasta. “Have you seen him?”

Niall looked at you in more confusion, “He called in sick today. He called and didn’t come in.”

“No, I made him breakfast, and I saw him off to work. And we joke about it sometimes, but Liam has never taken a sick day that I’m aware; he’s as healthy as a horse.”

“He sounded a bit tired and his breathing was off, but he just sounded ill,” he laughed. “But I’m glad he didn’t come in; I hate seeing him ill.”

I would hate to see him ill.

Those words hit you like a bullet. Your heart stopped for a moment.

“Kevin Luck…” you whispered under your breath.

“Kevin Luck? How do you know Kevin Luck?” Niall asked, closing the door. “Y/N, how do you know Kevin Luck.”

You felt the words ready to slip off your tongue, but you held them back. “We used to be friends when I was in my early twenties, and I-I think he has Liam. Liam would never call in sick, and if he did, you and I both know we could crawl into work before being sent home. Niall, he’s not safe!”

“Hey, hey, hey,” he soothed, attempting to calm you down. “If it’ll make you feel better, we can go to his house and see if he’s there, but you have to talk to me Y/N…people just don’t know Luck.”

You nodded, “Can we just talk in the car? I just wanna know if Liam’s okay.”

You sat in the black SUV only looking down at your hands, trying to avoid Niall’s direct eye line. You knew what would happen if he knew what you did. You lost a great amount of confidence and yourself when you were with Kevin. It took years to recover.

“Please don’t do this, Y/N,” Niall began. “Like I said earlier, people don’t just know Kevin Luck because they went to high school together or something; I know you know him from somewhere else, and I–”

You blanked out and looked outside your window as the traffic slowed. You looked ahead and noticed the police lights. You saw the pieces of the car before you saw the collision. It was only a solo crash. Soon enough, your eyes widened.

“Y/N, do you hear me?” Niall asked. tapping your shoulder.

“Oh my god, Niall. Stop the car! That’s Liam’s car!” you yelled.

Niall took a double take before realizing the same.  He pulled off on side of the road. You both ran out the car as soon as it stopped.

“You can’t be in this scene, guys,”  a policeman said, holding back you and Niall.

“I’m a federal agent, and that vehicle belongs to my unit chief. Is he in the car?” Niall asked sternly, flashing his credentials. The officer shook his head. “That makes it a federal case. Can you show me the scene?”

“Uh, yes, and who is she?”

“I-I’m his girlfriend.”

“Y/N, you have to wait in the car. I can’t have you at a potential crime scene, but I’ll be with you as soon as everyone else gets here,” Niall told you.

You sighed and nodded, “I’ll tell you about Kevin Luck if you promise to find Liam.”

Liam’s head pounded as his eyes finally fluttered open. His eyes adjusted to the dim light at what looked a small medal table. He looked down at his chained wrist that laid locked on the table.

“Hey, bud, you’re up,” a voice said across from him. 

Liam’s eyes lazily looked up and nodded, “Kevin Luck.” Kevin nodded and pulled a file from under the table and placed it on top. “You hacked my car, crashed it just to show me a folder?”

He chuckled and opened it to reveal photos. He looked at them closely; they were all you. Some of them were recent from the six months you had been together, but others he didn’t recognize.

“Quite the gem she is,” he smirked. “I remember taking this one in particular.” He slid a photo of you on the bed. Cash surrounded you on the bed as you laid there in purple lingerie. “I remember her being so free, flowy, sexy. But I’m sure you know.”

Liam was silent and only looked down at his hands. 

“She was my right hand. I had never met a girl so loyal and excited,” Kevin smiled. “Y’know, her favorite thing was sitting in on exchanges. She said she liked the way I did business.”

His blood began to boil, but he tried to keep his cool. He looked down, avoiding his eye line. Liam couldn’t stand other guys talking about you in derogatory ways. You had only been together for six months, but he absolutely hated it.  

“But someone times she would get out of line, and a punish would be in order. I don’t know, but there was something intoxicating about her when she was in pain.” Liam’s fist hit the table hard enough for some of the photos to jump. “Woah, calm down there, man. You’ll be feeling what she felt in a second.” 

You sat in the conference room with Niall and Louis sitting across from you. The last time you were in this room was last month. Liam wanted to introduce you to his team. He thought you deserved to meet the people who took up so much of his time.

“Are you ready? Are you okay?” Louis asked, sliding a cup of water near you. You nodded and looked up. “How do you know Luck, Y/N?”

“When I had finished college, I met Kevin. I liked him because he was kind of a bad boy, and I never met anyone like him before. He was a little bit older, and he treated me nicely at first,” you began. “We dated for about two and a half months before he started taking me on vacations because he said he was on business. It was fun until he saw what he did.”

“But he convinced you to stay around?” Niall asked.

“Yeah, and I did. But then as the months went on, he made my life more lavish but his demands got more strike. He uh…to sometimes close deals…he would offer me to other men…”

“Y/N–” Louis began.

“But I knew if I would have said no, he would punish me, he would leave me in a foreign country with no money and no way home, and I just…”

“You wanted to survive,” Niall finished. You nodded. “How would he punish you, Y/N, if you don’t mind.”

You took a drink of your water and sighed, “Is it really necessary?”

“We have to build an accurate profile for this guy, and this might help us find Liam,” Louis explained.

You sighed deeply and nodded to yourself, “At first, it was sexual things; spanking, rope, choking y’know. Then he hit me once. At his worse, he would chain me to a metal chair and electrocute me, or he would waterboard me or…” You couldn’t finish your thought before Niall interrupted.

“Hey, it’s okay. You don’t have to share that anymore, okay?” he said, handing you a box of tissues.

“Can we ask you one more question, Y/N?” Louis asked. You agreed. “Why didn’t you tell Liam?”

“Because everything I did, everything I became, I didn’t want Liam to think of me like that. I when I was approaching normal, I met Liam. We started dating almost a year later because I didn’t know if I was ready to trust another man. But when I finally trusted Liam, he treated me like no other guy ever did, and I didn’t want Kevin coming back into my life even if it was only a conversation.” It was completely quiet for a moment. “Y’know, Kevin told me he loved me and I wanted to believe him but I never could, but this morning was the first time Liam told me he loved me and I felt my entire world shift, and I have to hear him say that again.”

“We will, Y/N. I promise,” Louis said.

Stay (Harry)- “Change Your Ticket”


For the third morning in a row, you woke up at 10 o’clock, in the bed next to Harry. You wished this was the way your life always was, but, unfortunately, this time tomorrow you would be back in your dorm getting ready for your classes. Expensive hotel rooms with your boyfriend while he’s touring isn’t real life. You realized that, you just wished it wasn’t the case. You flew out to meet the band on Friday, because school was out for a holiday on Monday (today). But now you have to go back, and you have only two hours before you have to be at the airport. You tried getting out of bed without Harry waking up , but you failed. “Come on, Y/N, you don’t have to go just yet.” he said as he watched you dress from the bed. “You could just stay a few more days, no one would have to know.” “I don’t think so Harry,” you say to him. “Come on, I’ll change your flight to tomorrow, one more day.” he says crawling across the bed to where you were standing, pulling you onto the bed with him.



#485 - What he does to make you feel better when you’re sad -
Requested by cuddlewithmeniall

Zayn        /           Louis          /            Niall          /             Liam


Preference #20 He Comes Back From Tour Early

bieberssmile requested: can you write one where they come home from tour early to surprise you? that would be awesome x



“So, you won’t be here for our anniversary?” you asked Liam over the phone as you got ready.

“Yeah, we added a few extra shows,” Liam explained. “I’m sorry I won’t be there, but I do have a surprise for that day. You just wait.”

You sighed as you sat in the living room. Liam was trying his best for you. That’s all you could ask for. 

“Okay. Well I already took the day off from Friday, so I’ll do something for the both of us, maybe,” you suggested.

“You know I wanna be there, Y/N, but have fun and I love you. And we can celebrate better when I get back.”

You smiled at his sweet words before replying, “I love you and enjoy yourself.”

That Friday, you woke up already missing Liam more. He sent you a long, loving anniversary text, but you could rather have him with you to celebrate your years together. This was going to be your first anniversary without him.

You got ready for your day slowly because you really didn’t know what to do that day. You were ready for the day, but no where to go. You heard your phone ring next to you. Liam’s contact showed up before you answered.

“Hey, baby, happy anniversary,” you smiled.

“Happy Anniversary, Y/N,” he said, cheerfully. “Did my gift arrive yet?” he asked.

“Not yet but the day is still young,” you reminded him. “Can you give me a hint on what it is?”

It was silent on the other end for a moment, “It’s something you love.”

You thought about before you heard the doorbell ring and your smiled widened, “Is that my gift.”

You ran to the front door and swung it open. You felt your stomach drop, and you like it.

“Happy Anniversary, Y/N,” Liam smiled, before hugging you tightly.

You felt yourself relax in his arms for the first time in months, “You lied to me,” you chuckled, softly hitting the his back. 

“Yeah but now it’s me and you tonight.”


Just a couple more days was a phase you told yourself numerous of time that week. You knew Niall would be home this week, but he never specified a day of his arrival. So you wanted and talked to him everyday and he still never knew. 

“So news about when you’ll be back?” you asked Niall during your nightly Skype call. It looked like he was on a plane while you were getting ready for bed in the bathroom.

“Not yet but when I figure it out, you’ll be the first person I tell,” Niall said, trying to ease you. 

“Okay then,” you sighed as you took your phone with you to the bedroom. “Where are you going right now?” you asked as you pulled back your duvet and sheets.

“Uh some where south, I don’t know,” he said, briefly.

“Well I have to be up early tomorrow, so I’ll call you tomorrow,” you smiled. “I love you, Ni.”

“I love you, too. I’ll see you soon.”

You ended the call before getting in bed and turning everything off. You quickly feel asleep to only dream about Niall finally coming home. You longed this more than anything. 

Later in the night, you heard a rattle come from down stairs. You quickly woke up realizing you were still alone. You heard steps coming up the stairs, and you had never been more afraid. You ran to Niall’s closet to grab one of his golf clubs. You pulled the driver out of his bag and prepared yourself for the worst. You stood around the corner from the door and wanted. You looked at the door and saw the figure enter the room

“Y/N?” a tired voice that you recognized to be Niall’s said from the door.

“Niall, oh my god you scared the fuck out of me,” you said, coming around the corner to hug him. “I was going to kill you actually.”

“With my favorite golf club?”

“Does it matter? You’re here now,” you mumbled in his chest. 

“I guess it doesn’t since I have you now.”


You sighed as you walked out of your job. You had enough of your job and you were one more rude customer away from quitting. Usually, Zayn would come and pick you up, but he was across the world on tour. You enjoyed the walk that you gained from his absence, but you still called him as you made you way home.

“Hey, Z,” you greeted.

“Hey, baby, how was work?” he asked.

“Lets just say that I’m looking for a new one as soon as I get home,” you chuckled as you turned the corner. “And I know what you’re going to say… Babe, you don’t need a job. You know I have enough money to support the both of us,” you mocked with his accent. “Plus I feel like a gold digger when I use your money for everything.”

“I know, I know,” you chuckled. “I’m just giving you an option in case you wanted to stop.”

You nodded, “When do you think you’re gonna be back?” you asked.

“Sooner than you think. We are just finishing some things up,” you told you.

You heard a loud crash in the back round making you question where he was. “Where are you exactly, Zayn?” you asked.

“I’m in a kitchen at a hotel,” he said slowly.

You chuckled at his failed excuse of a lie, “Oh it just sounded like a pot, and you don’t cook when you’re on tour.” 

“Well people can change,” he chuckled nervously. “And I kinda find it relaxing.”

You entered your apartment building and walked into the elevator, “Okay well I’ll be home in half an hour because I have to go pick up some things from the store then,” you lied as you reached your floor.

“Okay, I’ll call you tonight then.”

You got the keys to your door and quickly opened it. You walked in deeper to find Zayn standing in your kitchen, the pot still on the floor.

“Or we can talk now,” you smiled before hanging up your phone. 

“Surprise,” he said before wrapping his arms around you.

“Not much of a surprise but I’m happy just the same.”


“I’m just saying Harry that these photos of you and this girl looks pretty real to me,” you told over the phone. 

For the last couple days, you had been receiving photos from fans of Harry and a girl he has constantly been pictured with. You ignored them the first day, but different photos came up the next day and the next. You had trust in Harry, but it was a question you had to bring up.

“She is just a friend of mine that is helping me with something,” he told you. “I’ve known her for years, and she has a boyfriend that she loves. Kinda like how I love you.”

You sighed and ran your hand through your hair, “Harry, I trust you. I just don’t trust the girls around you because a lot of them really just want your money.”

“Hey, you don’t think I know that? I love you, Y/N. When are you going to realize that?” he asked. Frustration was clear in his voice.

“I know you love me…” you whispered. “I guess I’m just lonely.”

“He was silent for a moment. “Don’t feel that way. You know I’m just one text, one call, one skype away.”

“I just kinda want you here one step, one turn in bed, one touch away, babe…” you whispered. “I know it sounds funny and a bit immature-”

“No, I feel that same way,” Harry told you. “I actually feel like I should be honest with you right now because I keep thinking about it.”

You felt yourself stress and worry a bit more, “What is it?”

“My friend wasn’t helping me with a project,” he admitted. 

Your chest got tight. “What is she doing?”

“She was helping me get to you,” you heard a voice from your door say. 

Harry was standing with his bags on the floor and a wide smile on his face. You were kind of upset that he made you worry so much.

“I hate you,” you mumbled as you walked over to him to put your head on his chest.

“But know I’m one I hate you away.”


While Louis was on tour, you both always talked with each other while it was late for you or early for him. Tonight, it was late for you while you guys stalked over the phone. Your responses were slower than usual, and Louis took notice of that. 

“Louis, I’m really tired,” you yawned as you sat in bed trying to stay awake the best that you could. “And I have to get up early tomorrow for school.”

“Baby, I know you’re tired, but can you stay up with me just for a little bit longer,” he begged you. 

You groaned, “Babe, come on.”

“Just stay awake for five more minutes, Y/N, please!”

Against your better judgement, you agreed. Louis did most of the talking, and you just listen and responded when you thought it was necessary. Your eyes were becoming heavy and started to close.

“Y/N, are you still there?” Louis asked you before sleep could fully take you over.

“No yeah I’m still here….barely anyway,” you groaned.

“Literally just one more minute, then I’ll hang up. I promise,” he promised.

You heard the door open from down stairs making you jump. “Louis, I think someone is in the house,” you whispered. There was no answer on the other end. “Lou?” No answer.

You feared for the worse making you look for anything heavy to protect yourself with. 

“Wait, babe. I’m not an intruder!” you heard a voice belonging to Louis. “I’m just a guy wanting to surprise his girlfriend, and I don’t want to get hurt,” he admitted.

You sighed in relief and put down the paper weight on your nightstand. Louis walked into the bedroom with an apologetic smile.

“I wanted you to stay up so I could go to bed with you tonight because I missed you so damn much,” he sighed as he fell on his side of the bed and moved closer to you.

“I missed you too, Lou.”

This Week’s Selection

I’m SO SORRY this is late! I didn’t even realize it was Wednesday!

Here is another selection of preferences from the blog that you may or may not have known about…find something you love:

Soundtrack Series


Steal My Girl

Ready To Run

Where Do Broken Hearts Go


Girl Almighty

Fool’s Gold

Night Changes

No Control



Stockholm Syndrome


Change Your Ticket


Once In A Lifetime

Act My Age

Midnight Memories

Best Song Ever

Story Of My Life


Midnight Memories

You & I

Don’t Forget Where You Belong



Right Now

Little Black Dress

Through The Dark

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Little White Lies

Better Than Words

Why Don’t We Go There

Does He Know


Half A Heart

One Way or Another (Teenage Kicks) - The Interlude

Take Me Home

Live While We’re Young

Kiss You

Little Things

C'mon C'mon

Last First Kiss

Heart Attack

Rock Me

Change My Mind

I Would


You Get Possessive

The Little Things

The Song That Describes Your Relationship

You Accidentally Hurt Him

You Have A Stalker

He Gets Annoyed With The Fans

Home Invasion

Friend With Benefits

You Break Up

Cute Moments

Olympic Closing Ceremony

He Breaks Up A Fight Between You And Your Friend/Sibling

You Get Injured And It’s His Fault

The TV Show He Hates Watching With You

His Family Comes Over For Dinner

He Sees You Naked For The First Time

Lyrics That Remind You Of Your Relationship

How He Shows You He Loves You

He Has A Nightmare

Embarrassing Moments

He Finds Out Because Of The Media

His Choices That You Don’t Agree With

You’re Best Friends

You Use Your “Celebrity Status” For The Wrong Reason

He Says Something He Shouldn’t When He’s Drunk Part 2

He Makes Fun Of You Over Something You Did In The Past

You’re Pregnant And He Doesn’t Want The Baby Part 2

You’re Pregnant And He Doesn’t Want The Baby

First Date

You’re Both Secretly Cheating On Each Other Part 2

You’re Both Secretly Cheating On Each Other

You’re Cheating With Another Band Member Part 2

You’re Cheating With Another Band Member

You Do Damage Control

He Drives You To Work

You’re Dating Someone Else Famous When You Meet Him For The First Time

Fans Ship You With Someone Else

You’re Pregnant and It Isn’t His

You Meet Him While On Vacation

You See A Maniped Picture Of A Fan And Him That Was Originally You And Him

You’re On Kiss Cam

You Have An Affair With Him Part 3

You Have An Affair With Him Part 2

You Have An Affair With Him

He Calls You His Wife

He Loses Something of Yours

Sex Rumors

You Catch Him In A Lie

One of the Boys Finds Dirty Pictures He Had Of You

He Takes Dirty Pictures Of You

You Intimidate The Girls At The Video Shoot

One Bad Habit You Know He Hates But He Doesn’t Say Anything About

He Takes You To Meet Your Favorite Celebrity

You Lose Something Of His

He Visits Your Hometown For The First Time

He Gets In A Fight For You

He Proposes But You Don’t Think He’s Being Serious

You Learn A Language Together

Why You Won’t Get Married

You Take Him To Watch Your College Football Team Play In The BCS National Championship

Another Guy Kisses You

You Lose Something of His

He’s Someone Else’s Celebrity Crush and You Get Jealous

What He Loves Most About You

How He Finds Out Your Biggest Secret

The Things You Two Do To Drive The Fans Crazy

One Of The Other Boys Has To Stay With You For The Week

You Go House Hunting With Him But You Aren’t Moving In With Him

The Moment You Realize You’re Famous Because of Him

He Tells You To Quit Your Job

The Media Finds Out You’re Pregnant Before You Get A Chance To Tell Him

He Asks Your Dad’s Permission To Marry You

He Goes With You On Your Family Vacation  

Management Says You’re Around Too Much

He Doesn’t Show Up For Rehearsal

His Ringtone For When You Call

You Reach Out To The Fans

You Get A Tattoo That Reminds You Of Him And He Doesn’t Know About It

He Does The Shopping While You’re At Work

He Has To Be Away Longer Than He Expected

He’s Being Reckless

You Pack His Suitcase

You Go Out With The Other Girlfriends

You Cook A Meal He Doesn’t Like

Your Best Friend Spreads Rumors

You’re Offered A Job That He Doesn’t Want You To Take

He’s Asked About You Before You Two Make It Official

You’re With Him When He Sees His Family For The First Time Since Leaving For Tour

How You Prove You Aren’t With Him For The Money or Fame

Fans Spot You Outside His House The Morning After He Returns From Tour

The Fans See You Without Makeup On

Nightly Routine

Sex On The Tour Bus

Punk Series

You Meet For The First Time

He Tries To Get You To Go Out With Him

He’s Persistent

You Agree To Go Out With Him

First Date

First Kiss

You See Him Get Upset

You Go With Him As He Gets Another Tattoo

The First “I love you”

He’s With You For Your First Tattoo

Out Of His Element

You’re Out Of Your Element

First Fight

You Make Up

Your Family Doesn’t Approve

You Break Up

You Sleep With Someone Else

You See One Another After The Break Up

You Get Back Together

You Meet His Family

He Takes Care of You While You’re Drunk

A Major Commitment



Preference #25 He Can’t Get It Up

Basically he can’t get a boner



It was heated as you and Liam entered your home. Lips were connected and clothes were being quickly undid and taken off.

“Liam, please,” you moaned out as his lips moved to your neck.

His hands roamed your body, lifting up your shirt to show a bit of your stomach. Your hands moved down to the crotch of his pants for his zipper, but you felt an unfamiliar feeling.

“Baby uh…you okay?” you asked pointing to his pants.

“Oh shit, it’s not you I swear, I just-” he rambled off, red cheeks showing.

“It’s okay,” you promised him. “I’m happy to help,” you smirked sinking down to your knees.


You and Niall rushed to the nearest closet, his hand around your waist as he pushed you forward. You pushed opened the door revealing the dark room with only a single light bulb. Your boyfriend quickly closed the door behind you two and attached his lips on yours.

“We don’t have time for that,” you moaned out. “I need you now, Ni.”

“All you have to do is say so.” Hands tightly gripped your waist to turn you around.

Lips were sloppily placed on each other as you both tried to discard clothes. Your hands undid his pants buckle and your hand researched for his hard on.

“Uh..Huston, we have a problem,” you chuckled making Niall stop.


“You have to be quicker than that, babe,” you smirked, buttoning up your jeans.

“Wait, just hold on, its been a long day,” Niall said, trying to stop you.

“But you have an interview, so you’ll have to wait, baby.”


“Zayn, come on. The baby is asleep, and it’s been awhile since you and I had some fun on our own,” you hinted, your fingers drawing on his chest.

“Mmm, maybe if you’re convincing,” he smiled, grabbing both of your arms and placing you on his lap.

“I’ve been told I can be pretty convincing according to my husband.” You placed your lips on his, slowly grinding on him.

“He sounds like a lucky guy if you ask me,” he smirked, firmly gripping your hips and moving with you.

You felt yourself getting turned on by the second. You were already lost in motion with your eye closed. Lips were in sync and your core was throbbing, but something was missing.

“Zayn, are you okay?” you asked, slowing your pace.  

“I don’t know, I’m just not feeling it tonight,” Zayn admitted, scratching his head.

“Babe, you’ve been like this every since I had the baby…” you lowly said. “I know I’ve gained some weight and haven’t lost it yet…”

“Y/N, it’s not that I don’t find you attractive anymore; you are still as gorgeous as the day I met you. Its just me,” he sighed, shaking his head. “But I can definitely help you out,” he smiled.


Drunken kisses were shared as you and Harry entered his home. His hands were here holding your ass as you pushed him onto the wall.

“Mmm, no time to show a little decency?” you giggled as your began to remove his shirt.

“Never,” he hiccuped.

His hot lips grazed on your neck, leaving wet kisses down the side of it. Your chest heaved his hands roamed your clothed chest, but you knew this was wrong; it was all wrong.


“I’ve barely touched you, and you’re already saying my name,” he chuckled.

“No, seriously,” you whined, pushing him off. “You’re engaged, Harry. I’ve seen the news.”

His expression quickly changed as he removed his hands from your body.

“I don’t even think you’re honestly turned on right now by the look of your pants.”

“Okay, so what I’m not hard yet, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want you.”

“That’s the thing Harry, you shouldn’t want me,” you told him while adjusting your top. “I think this was a mistake, and I think I should leave,” you mumbled before existing the way you came in.


“Come on, babe,” Louis whined through FaceTime. “A little bit more.”

You bit your lip before fully taking off your shirt, “Okay, Tomlinson, your turn.” You motioned to his boxers.

“I think that can wait a bit,” he told you, fixing his laptop.

“Louis,” you whined like he did earlier. “Are you okay?” you asked. This was your first time doing this.

“Yeah, just show me a little more.”

You shook your head, “You’re not feeling this, are you?”


“I bet you’re not even close to being hard.”

“Well that’s because I’m not used to this shitty sex skype shit.” Frustration was clear in his voice. “I wanna touch you, kiss you, fuck you, maybe?”

Your cheeks turned red before you laughed, “Is someone having a problem?” you asked. He shook his head. “Come home soon and maybe we can fix that.”

You fight and you try to walk away (Niall preference)

‘Y/N!!!’ You heard Niall yell behind you, but you didn’t listen. You quickly ran down the stairs, took your coat and slipped into your shoes, ready to walk out the door. ‘Don’t you dare leaving me.’ You heard Niall growl behind you. But he didn’t touch you. He just stood there, glaring at you. ‘Don’t you dare. You can’t do that to me.’ He said between his clenching teeth. ‘I can do whatever I want.’ You snapped, glaring back at him. ‘Yes, you can… Except for that.’ His eyes were focused on yours, like he was ready to jump at any sudden move. And you both stood there for a while. A little out of breathe because of the heated argument that went along with it. And you didn’t even know what it was about actually. You already had forgotten where it all started. At the end you both were just screaming at each other about all the things that bothered you. Until you walked out of the room, ready to leave the house. And that’s where you both stood now. Looking at each other, full of anger and frustration. But still you couldn’t bring yourself to leave. Just because his eyes were so furious when he told you not to dare doing it. ‘And what if I do leave?’ You said slowly, not leaving his eyes, waiting on reaction. His eyes changed and his mouth slowly formed to a crooked, dangerous smile. ‘You can try… See what happens?’ He was playing with you. And somehow you liked his attitude. You still kept your eyes locked on his, when you slowly stepped backwards to the front door. He did nothing. He just stared at you. And the moment you reached for the doorknob, things were going really fast. Niall ran towards you, picked you up over his shoulder and walked with you on the stairs, to the bedroom. And you couldn’t hold in your giggles during the whole process. ‘You are not going anywhere misses Horan. You stay right here…’ He laid you down on the bed. ‘With me…’ And he smiled at you brightly, happy with himself. ‘And I’ll even undo you from your shoes, because you aren’t going to need those…’ He said while taking of your shoes. ‘And you are definitely not going to need your jacket, so you can hand that over as well. Thank you.’ And you obeyed happily. ‘And I definitely need you to kiss me now, because I missed your lips. Your lips are always so tempting when you’re mad… You know that? It makes it hard for me to concentrate on my anger…’ He smiled, while bringing his face closer to yours so he could eventually kiss your lips. ‘I love you mister Horan.’ You whispered softly to his perfect shaped lips. 'I missed this too…' 

NOTE: This is to complete my 'You fight and you try to walk away’ preference. I started with Harry, but never was able to finish it. And I’m going to start it now. So here is Nialls :-) I know it’s a bit short, but I actually liked it the way it was… I didn’t feel like I needed to add more… Hope you like it too :-)