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#321 - Living With Anxiety

*As someone who deals with quite severe anxiety, I just want you guys to know that I’m writing this based off of a lot of what I deal with. I hope you guys feel like you can connect with this piece and if any of you need advice, please never hesitate to ask. My inbox is always open and I love you guys. This doesn’t have to be it for you guys. Anxiety does not mean life is over. You guys are stronger than you think xx*

Harry: Standing at the bus stop, you toyed with your phone in your hand. As the time crept closer to the time the bus was supposed to arrive, your heart began to race a little more. What if there was nowhere to sit? What if the bus driver started driving again before you sat down or got settled and you tripped? People would judge you, and that wouldn’t be good. Not at all. Maybe you could walk? No, work was too far away for this time. Taking a deep breath when you saw the bus come around the corner, you got your pass ready and just focused on getting on. Nothing bad had ever happened before, it was going to be okay. What if it wasn’t okay? No, it’s okay. Needless to say, you were quite relieved to see that the very front seat was open, and it calmed your nerves a little bit. ‘Did you get on the bus okay?’ you read when your phone buzzed. Honestly, that calmed your nerves quite a bit more, just seeing his contact and words. ‘Yeah, I’m good :)’ you replied and smiled to yourself. ‘I’ll be there to pick you up after yeah?’ he responded a couple seconds later and you bit your lip, sending off one more reply before putting your headphones in. Everything was okay.

Liam: Your phone was your go to when you were by yourself in public. So when Liam just had to slip off for a couple minutes to use the washroom, you had it out as you leaned against the wall. It was a distraction that might come off as rude, but the people who you were close to never once said anything. Especially Liam. He understood, and it was nothing out of the ordinary for him. You continued playing around with one of the games until Liam came back out. Every time someone walked by, you would glance up though. You didn’t want anyone catching you off guard or coming too close to you. As much as you were distracted by your phone, you were quite aware of things that were going on around you, making sure you weren’t in a situation that could trigger something. As soon as you saw him, you grabbed your bag and stood up, handing him his jacket. “Thanks love,” he smiled softly and reattached his hand to yours, intertwining your fingers together like they had been before. You sought comfort in him quite a bit as well, especially when you were out in public. “You doing okay?” he asked softly as you two headed back down the mall. Nodding your head, you looked up at him and pressed your lips to his cheek. “All good love. Thank you.”

Niall: Your eyes looked over the menu of the café, even though you had already made a decision. You just didn’t want to go up by yourself. “Are you in line?” person after person asked and you kept shaking your head, standing back and letting them go ahead of you. “I’m so sorry I’m late,” Niall’s voice redirected your gaze over to him as he came through the door. Smiling and relaxing a little bit, you shook your head and waved it off. “No worries. I haven’t been here long,” you chuckled and gave him a soft peck as you two got in line. “You haven’t ordered yet?” he asked, looking over at you and you shook your head again. “I was waiting for you…” you drifted off gesturing to the cashier with your eyes, some nervousness starting to spread through you. “Oh! Yes, yes,” he chuckled and pressed his lips to your forehead. “You know what you want?” “Yeah, just a vanilla mocha please?” you smiled softly and hugged his arm against you. “Sounds yummy. I might try that this time,” he smiled over at you and pulled out his wallet. “I have money babe,” you murmured, pulling your purse in front of you. “You paid last time, I got this one,” he chuckled and you sighed out with a grin, nodding your head. “Thanks love… for everything.”

Louis: You felt a twisting in your stomach when you got the text. ‘I need to talk to you about something..’ Your mind automatically started going into overdrive, thinking if there was something you did wrong. When you couldn’t think of anything, you took a shaky breath and rubbed your face, feeling your palms started to sweat. Standing up from the couch, you texted him saying you would be right over. The whole drive, you couldn’t think of anything else but what he could possibly want to talk to you about. Was it good or bad? Was he going to break up with you? Was he going to tell you it wasn’t working out anymore? The moisture seemed to disappear in your mouth and gather on your palms when you finally got to his house. Knocking on the door, you were trying to hold back tears, but you just felt so anxious and panicky. It was nothing you could help. Louis opened the door and greeted you with a smile, taking your hand and bringing you in. “It just couldn’t wait,” he said softly, shutting the door and facing you. “What couldn’t wait..?” you murmured, preparing yourself for the worst. “I booked the tickets, we’re going to the Caribbean!” he said excitedly and your eyes widened. Nothing to be afraid of.

Zayn: “No, no (Y/N), draw the rose petals like this,” he instructed, taking the pencil from you and showing you the technique. “Sorry…” you said softly, taking the utensil back and trying again. He chuckled softly and watched you. “That’s better.” “But not good right?” you sighed and set the pencil down, leaning back into the kitchen chair. “No, babe it’s really good,” he spoke softly and looked over at you. “No, it’s not…” you sighed, the self-doubt hitting a lot harder than you wanted it to. “Babe, don’t say that…” Zayn frowned softly. “Sorry…” you sighed and sat up, taking a breath and grabbing the pencil again. The sharp tip snapped almost as soon as you put it against the paper. “I’m sorry!” you gasped slightly and looked over at him with pursed lips. “I’m sorry Zayn, I didn’t mean to break it…” Zayn smiled softly and took it from you, just grabbing the sharpener. “Love, it’s okay, no harm done.” “Sorry…” you murmured out, playing with your fingers under the table. “There’s nothing to be sorry for love. Here, you want to try it again?” he encouraged, holding the writing tool out for you once more and you hesitantly took it from him. “Just a little more practice love. You got this.”


look you can say whatever the hell you want to about the music video, but don’t deny that Louis’ hair looks like the sexiest messiest thing you’ve ever seen 

Twenty-six text messages (Harry imagine)

From the day your relationship with him ends,

he sends you twenty-six text messages,

during the twenty-two days he has to miss you.  

Day 1: You left your favourite t-shirt. You know… The Nirvana one…  You can pick it up if you want too. – H.

Day 2: Since you haven’t replied on my previous text… I’ll keep it. You can come over whenever you feel ready, Y/N. – H.

Day 3: The boys asked me to tell you they’re going to miss you… They were pretty shocked when I told them we broke up. I still am… actually. – H.

Day 4: I think I’m going to stop sending these messages. I need to let go of you. – H.

Day 5: I can’t let go of you… :-( – H.

Day 6: Today I actually wondered if you still have the same number, because you never text back. So I asked Niall to send you a message. But you texted him back and I’m glad… I’m glad you didn’t cut me out completely. Please don’t do it… ever. – H.

Day 7: No message received

Day 8 (1): I’m sorry I didn’t send you anything yesterday. I had a rough night. You probably got to read all about it in the magazines today. Management was pissed off that I let myself go like that. But I don’t care. Not anymore… – H.

Day 8 (2): I don’t even know why I said sorry… I’m sorry about that.

Day 8 (3): Damn

Day 9: Harry asked me to text  you… Although I have no clue why. He told me to tell you that he hates the boy on the picture you posted. I was not planning on doing it, but he’s practically begging right now… So yeah. He’s pretty drunk. He’s not coping at all, Y/N. – Louis.

Day 10: I’m sorry about the message from yesterday. Don’t know what Louis was thinking. I’m good! I’m fine. Really… – H.

Day 11: I’m an absolute wreck. – H.

Day 12: I saw you today, at the party… And you saw me too. I know you did. And I wish I had the guts to come to you… But I guess I was afraid. Afraid of seeing your eyes. Because I don’t think I can survive seeing them without the little spark that always told me you loved me. I’m afraid the spark isn’t there anymore. I know it isn’t. – H.

Day 13: You probably heard it by now. I met the boy from your picture today and I’m very, deeply sorry about his face. I didn’t know what I was thinking. I do know that he’s an asshole. So please… Don’t take him. I don’t like him. I don’t trust him. And I know I don’t have the right. But I don’t care. Just don’t let it be him. He’s not good enough for you. – H.

Day 14: I wonder if I’m ever going to think someone is good enough for you. I probably won’t. So I have to stop punching people in the face, I guess. Again… I’m sorry about that. – H.

Day 15 (1): I forgot about your t-shirt… I found it back in one of my drawers today and I imagined you in it. I loved that t-shirt on you. It still smells like you… – H.

Day 15 (2): God I miss you so much… I miss you so much it hurts. And I would kill to turn back time and have you with me again. – H.

Day 16: I spend the day with the boys today. They figured I needed something to cheer me up. And it worked… as long as it lasted. I’m home now. And I feel like shit. I miss you…  – H.

Day 17: I had a fight with Zayn today. We had to perform and I forgot my solo. I just… I don’t know. One second I was thinking about you and the other second I heard Liam taking over my lines. And I didn’t even bother filling him in. – H.

Day 18: Is this normal? Is it normal that the pain stays this long? Because it feels like I can’t even breathe anymore. It only gets worse. Every single day it gets worse. – H.

Day 19: Come back to me… Please. :-( – H.

Day 20: You came back… You actually came back. I still can’t believe it. – H.

Day 21:  The image of your crying eyes, yesterday at my front door,  is still lingering on my mind. I can’t even describe how it felt to kiss you again. After twenty days. Twenty damn long days. – H.

Day 22 (1): I don’t care one single bit that I’m texting you while you are laying on my chest. I love watching you sleep… I’ve missed it. I’ve missed you. I’ve missed our life together. And I feel like the luckiest man, finding it back today. I love you so much. And I’m never letting go of you again. – H.

Day 22 (2): You look hot as hell with your t-shirt on by the way. Did I already mention I love that one on you? Because, dear God, I do… so freaking much. – Your Harry. 

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You're Best Friends But End Up in Bed Together (Part 1)

Requested! To submit your preference requests just inbox me xx

    Liam (Your POV): 

            “Ugh,” you groaned, sitting up and clutching your head between your hands. Standing and stretching your body, you immediately flinched and rubbed your eyes, looking towards the bed where a muscled back faced you. 

       "Uh…excuse me-“ you mumbled, poking them in the back 

   "Mmm,” they groaned in response, swatting at your hand and rolling over. 

  “Liam?!” you exclaimed, waking him up fully. He examined the situation and cursed. 

    “Liam what the- Liam fuck! What the actual fuck Liam? What happened?!” you yelled, ignoring your body’s protests. 

   "Calm down…I think it’s pretty clear what happened.“ he sat up, rubbing the back of his neck, making his arm muscles flex and you looked away. 

  You had always adored Liam, the two of you had been best friends since primary school. You got married in a playhouse and had each other’s first kiss when you were fifteen, just to get it over with. Now…he was your first, and you- weren’t his. 

    "I-I…need you to leave please,” you managed to get out as you turned around. 

    He stood, pulling on his pair of boxers and facing you, 

   "(Y/N)…I-“ you held up your hand. 

  "No Liam, I said get out.” you spat, pointing to the door, picking his clothes up and shoving them into his arms. 

  Liam opened his mouth to say something but his eyes trailed to the spots of red in the sheets and he lowered his eyes, a faint shade of rose covering his face as he cleared his throat. 

     "I uh….better go,“ he rushed, slipping his legs through the holes and buckling the belt, slipping his wrinkled shirt over his head and waling out, slamming the door behind him. 

     Louis (Your POV): 

               Curling up closer to the pillow you sighed and smiled, until your eyes snapped open. Your arm was highly curled around a torso, you sat up and examined his face, 

      "Louis?” you questioned.  

   "Oh…good morning?“ he propped himself up on his elbow, scratching the back of his neck as the sunlight hit his fresh blue eyes. The bedsheets wrapped around his waist. 

     "Louis…what happened?” you questioned. 

    “You don’t remember?” he replied. You shook your head,

   "Well I came over last night for pizza and we started watching a movie, we were just horsing around, wrestling about and…well we kissed, and now we’re here.“ he nodded. 

    You faintly remember inviting him over and starting a movie on Netflix until you started shoving each other playfully. You remember laughing and staring into his eyes and leaning in, you were hesitant at first until he closed the gap between the two of you and now…here you were.

     "Listen…I um- I’ve got to get going soon, you know studio time and all, (Y/N) I just, I think we should keep this between us yeah?” he slipped his last shoe on before making his wa over to you and awkwardly kissing your cheek and lightly patting your shoulder.

   What. The. Fuck. 

         Niall (Your POV): Yawning deeply as you woke up from your long slumber, you rubbed your eyes as they adjusted to the light from the day and you heard the sound of pages turning. 

      Stepping into your slippers, glanced down to the shirt you were wearing, an Eagles t-shirt that definitely was not your own. Shrugging and thinking maybe you had found it the night before you continued on down the hall. 

    His back was to you as he sat, engrossed in the pages of what he was reading. Sighing deeply, he ran a hand through his hair and turned the page. 

    “N-Niall?” you stuttered and he turned around, shirtless, a pair of sweatpants on his hips. 

     "Hey, I was just-“ he held not a book, something more humiliating. Your journal. 

  "What- how the fuck…Niall, how much did you read?” you asked, mortified. 

  “Enough,” he cleared his throat, “Enough to know that you love me…but (Y/N) I just wanted to-” you cut him off. 

   "No. Stop please, I don’t want your pity. It’s clear to me what happened last night, and I honestly don’t want to hear it. I’m sorry, I know that you can’t possibly feel the same, and I don’t blame you. Please just save me the embarrassment,“ you shook your head. 

   "Wait that’s not-” he started, but you shook your head, taking his shirt off of your body and throwing it to him, not caring  that you were standing naked in the middle of the hallway, exposed to him. 

     "Go home Niall.“ 

  Harry (Your POV)

         Showering, you lathered yourself with Harry’s body soap and held your head in your hands, groaning. Why did you have to screw everything up? What you and Harry had was great, but then you had to sleep with him. 

      Wrapping a towel around your body, you stepped into the hall and made your way to the kitchen, where Harry was standing by the island, staring into a cup of tea. 

    "Er…Harry,” you cleared your throat. He came out of his trance and turned his head to look at you. 

   "Hi…I um, made you some tea.“ he pushed a mug towards you and watched as you took it into your palms and took a sip. 

   "So…” you started after a few moments of silence. 

  “I think we need to talk,” you started. He nodded, setting his mug down, you sat on top of the island, pushing your damp hair behind your ear. 

      “Harry…you’re a great friend, I love you…but, I think maybe I’ve made a mistake.” you spoke. 

    “Yeah, uh listen I…I dunno how to say this without sounding like an idiot,” he rubbed the back of his neck. 

   "Just say it,“ you shrugged, combing your fingers through your hair, de-tangling it. 

    "I liked last night. A lot, as you probably could tell…but I understand that you probably don’t want to date me or something considering you referred to this as a mistake…” Right then and there you wanted to protest and confess your true feelings for him, but you didn’t want to scare him away.

     "I’m going to propose something that…might sound a little ridiculous,“ he cleared his throat. You nodded, encouraging him to continue. 

    "I think, maybe…we get on well as friends, and as lovers…so combining the both of them could be, beneficial to the both of us.”

   "You…want us to be friends with benefits?“ you asked curiously. He moved his cup to the side of the sink and walked closer to you, spreading your legs and standing between them.

    "Only if you’ll have me,” he replied, taking a strand of wet hair between his fingers.

    “Kiss me,” you sighed, wrapping your arms around his neck.

 He grinned and nodded, moving closer to you, letting the towel around your body drop from your skin.

     Zayn (Your POV):

               His body pressed against yours, heat radiating from his bare torso as you felt him breathe against your shoulder. 

     "Z-Zayn…“ you turned around in his arms and shook him gently. 

  "mmm ten more hours,” he mumbled, you laughed lightly and shook your head, tracing his collarbones with your fingers. 

   "No, we have to get up…“ you sighed, kissing the lips tattooed in the crevice of his throat. He sighed and opened his eyes, his dark eyes boring into yours as he traced the gun tattoo on your hip. 

    "Stick ‘em up,” he smiled lazily. You rolled your eyes at his lame joke and you pulled his boxers down slightly to trace his tattoo as well and he shivered. Zayn was extremely ticklish, although he claimed he wasn’t; your relationship with Zayn was complicated. You loved him, as a friend and…something more. Sometimes you ended up in bed together, and for now that was enough. Loving Zayn was easy, it was telling him that was the hard part. 

     "Zayn…“ you trailed off setting your book down. It was now well over three in the afternoon and you and Zayn had gotten out of bed. 

   "Hmm?” he responded, not looking up from his drawing, 

    “Do you…do you still love her?” you asked shyly, she wasn’t something Zayn liked to talk about, especially after the break up. He hummed silently, putting his pencil down and running a hand through his messy hair. 

     "(Y/N)…“ he sighed, and you shook your head, standing from the couch and walking over to the kitchen. 

    "N-no I’m sorry, it’s none of my business…our brownies are almost done.” you tried to steer the conversation off. You heard Zayn’s chair scrape against the hardwood and you held your breath as he made his way over to you. 

    Wrapping his arms around your waist, he made you turn around and look at him. 

    “Listen to me. You, are special to me- I promise you…this isn’t a rebound, any bad thoughts you’re having…throw them out the window right now. You. (Y/N), you are mine to hold, to have and to be with, you’ve helped in more ways than you think. I just want you, okay?” he kissed your forehead and walked back over to his drawing table. 

    Even through all of that, everything that he’d just said; you couldn’t help but notice that he never answered your question. 

    Part 2? 

He gets jealous (1D preference)

Harry: ‘Harry?’ You asked him after driving for at least five minutes without him saying anything. ‘Harry, what’s wrong…’ You sighed again. You both were heading home from a party of one of your closest friends. It had been fun until Harry decided to act all weird and wanting to go home right away. There was not much you could say about it, and because you were getting tired as well, you didn’t really mind. Until you noticed something was definitely not right for Harry. ‘Are you just going to keep quiet or are you going to tell me and maybe we can solve it?’ And suddenly Harry stood on his break and pulled the car to the side. When he stopped the motor, he turned himself towards you and his eyes stood angry, frustrated and definitely not happy at all. ‘That boy.’ He spat. And you were blown away by the sudden outburst. ‘Which boy?’ You asked him, totally not following. ‘He was all over you!’ His voice turned higher than usual due to the emotion that was involved. ‘I’m going to repeat myself here… Which boy?’ You asked again, getting frustrated yourself. And then it hit you. You talked to an old friend from High School for a couple of minutes. But it was so innocent. How could he be angry about it? ‘Do you mean Michael? The brown hair dude?’ You asked to be sure. He didn’t even told you it was him. He just started rambling. ‘He was staring at you all night. And when he was talking with you. I swear… He knew exactly you were with me and he just didn’t care and he-…’ But before he could talk any longer, you pressed your lips against his to make him stop. And he did stop. He relaxed. His shoulders lost its tense. And he completely joined you in the kiss.

Louis: You joined Louis and the boys to the location of an interview. You placed yourself on the side to watch the interview happening, when in the middle of the talking suddenly a boy placed himself next to you. And almost immediately your eyes met Louis’ and a frown appeared on your boyfriends face. ‘Hello, pretty girl.’ The boy started and you couldn’t help but move as far as you could to the other side of your chair. ‘What brings you here today?’ He asked with a smile on his face, telling you he was so sure of himself right now. You wondered if he knew Louis was your boyfriend. Probably not. It just couldn’t be. ‘If you’d like to go for a drink some time, you definitely need to let me know.’ He just rambled on and on and didn’t even gave you the chance to respond. Until he suddenly made the intention to lay his hand on your knee, you heard Louis’ voice curse on the other end of the room. ‘Can I please do this interview without having to look at a random guy hitting on my girlfriend, thank you?’ He spoke out while standing up from his chair and walking towards you and the boy. ‘You.’ He pointed to the guy, who had no idea what was happening. ‘Get up from your chair.’ You loved sassy Louis and he was very on point right now. The boy stood up right away and Louis picked up his chair and placed it down on the other end of the room. ‘That’s your new place for the night. Good view. Appreciate it.’ Louis finished, walking back at you, kissing your lips before he headed to the boys again. ‘I’m sorry. Where were we?’ And from then the interview started again. But not without Louis looking back a couple of times to make sure you were alright and not bothered by anyone.

Niall: ‘You’re late…’ Niall appeared from the kitchen with a towel on his shoulder, telling you he was doing the dishes. He wasn’t really the controlling type but you could hear the curiosity in his voice, wanting to know the reason why you didn’t come home until now. You knew you could just blame it on the traffic, but you figured you were not able to keep this from him. Honesty was one of the main things in your relationship you expected from him, so the least you could do was give him it as well. ‘I was on my way to my car and I walked into Finn. We talked for a while.’ You told him while undoing yourself from your coat and shoes. ‘Finn… The Finn?’ Niall’s voice sounded higher than usual. ‘Yes. That Finn.’ Your first love, Finn. Your ex-boyfriend of 3 years, Finn. The boy Niall didn’t really like, Finn. You walked towards your frowning boyfriend, kissed his lips a little longer than usual before you made your way over to the bathroom, changing yourself into more comfortable clothes. When you came back into the living room a couple of minutes later, Niall was sitting on the sofa. Staring at your phone on the table. ‘He called and texted you.’ Niall immediately said when he saw you entering the room. ‘Finn did? Did you pick up?’ You asked him, while grabbing your phone from the table. You were both very open when it came to answering each other’s phone calls. So it surprised you when he shook his head. ‘Didn’t know if you wanted to hear him.’ He muttered, visibly irritated by the whole situation. ‘What if I didn’t?’ You replied, telling him everything he needed to know. Right at that exact moment your phone started ringing again. Finn. Niall stood up, took the phone from you and searched for your eyes. ‘You sure?’ He asked. And when you nodded, he picked up hearing the boy on the other end of the line he didn’t like at all.  ‘Yes, Y/N’s boyfriend speaking.’ He said into the phone, walking towards the kitchen, signing to you he would make it short. And you could do nothing other than smile at his satisfying expression, knowing you didn’t want any other boy than him.

Zayn: ‘Babe?’ You heard Zayn’s voice call you. You didn’t look up from your phone. You always found it difficult doing two things at the same time. Texting and talking together was not your thing. ‘Mmh?’ You replied, not really paying attention. He was working himself on his laptop after all. He probably just wanted to ask about dinner. Until suddenly he stood in front of you and grabbed your phone out of your hand. ‘Why are you not answering my question?’ He spoke with a full frown on his face and your phone in his hand. ‘Did you ask something?’ You stammered, still a little bit shaken up about him scaring you like that. ‘I was texting. You know I’m not good in listening and texting at the same time. I’m sorry! What did you ask?’ But his angry eyes didn’t go away. And you saw him debating whether he was going to repeat himself or just leave it here and not say anything at all for the rest of the night. Because he could be stubborn like that. ‘Who were you texting anyway?’ He asked instead. He could easily take a look for himself, but you knew he would never do that. Even if he desperately wanted to know. He would never look into your phone without your permission. ‘Honey, you can look at it if you want to know.’ You smiled. But he didn’t do it. ‘You tell me.’ He replied still not giving in. ‘A very, very handsome boy.’ You joked, but your smile disappeared when Zayn didn’t look amused at all. Instead he just gave you your phone back and walked out of the room. ‘Zayn!’ You called after him, but he didn’t look back. ‘Zayn Malik. Why are you so insecure about things like that.’ You continued while jumping off the couch, following him. You found him in his room in the house. He was sitting in front of his computer, clicking away without really a goal. You turned his roller chair around and sat yourself on his lap, wrapping your arms around his neck. ‘I was texting Lou about helping her tomorrow on the show. She texted back that it was okay and wondered if I could bring some extra products I talked about with her last week. That’s it. The only handsome boy I text with is you. You have nothing to worry about. I’m sorry I didn’t answer your question. Again… I’m not good in listening and texting at the same time.’ You finished with a kiss on his cheek and after that you waited for him to react. He took a couple of seconds before he gave you a guilty looking smile. ‘I probably overreacted a bit, didn’t I…’ He said slowly and you nodded. ‘You probably did.’ Your voice agreed. ‘I’m sorry.’ He smiled. ‘Just kiss me.’ You answered. And he did not wait for you to repeat that again.

Liam: You were watching TV with Liam on a Sunday afternoon, when you suddenly heard the doorbell ring. You laid with your head on Liam’s lap, and when you looked up at him you noticed he must have fallen asleep somewhere during the reality show you were watching. So you carefully jumped off the couch, walking to the hallway, ready to open the front door. And when you turned the doorknob and the daylight appeared in your eyes you saw a young man stand in front of you. Probably around the same age as you. He was good looking. Not as fine as Liam, but he was quite handsome. ‘Hello.’ He started so excited, you wondered why that was. You didn’t know him. Never seen him before. He didn’t look like a sales man, so you had no clue about what he was going to say. ‘I’m Sam and new here. I moved in one of the houses down the road. Number six! Just doing a tour now to get to know the neighbours and stuff!’ He smiled widely, while coming a step closer to the front door. It made you feel uncomfortable. He probably wanted to be invited in, but you would never let that happen, mainly because your boyfriend was Liam Payne, member of One Direction. But secondly also because you didn’t know this guy and you would never let someone in you didn’t know. ‘Hi.’ You smiled instead. ‘Nice to meet you, Sam’  You answered him, not even thinking about telling him your name. But of course he noticed that. ‘And do I have the privilege to know your name?’ He tried, putting on his most friendliest face. Why did Liam decide to sleep now… Why. ‘I’m Y/N.’ You said, not able to postpone it any longer. ‘Oh, well… Very nice to meet you too, Y/N. Your house looks lovely. If you have time, you can come to my place and I will make you a great cocktail. I’m amazing in it. And-…’ But before he could finish off being an absolute creep, Liam appeared beside you and you suddenly felt a lot better feeling his arm around your neck. ‘I don’t think she will. But have a good day and good luck in the new house. Thank you!’ Liam spoke to him and before the guy could answer, Liam shut the door and rolled his eyes. ‘I don’t like the dude. I don’t like him at all.’ He muttered walking back to the living room, with you following him. ‘And I missed your body next to mine. Care to join me again, love?’ He proposed, and you couldn’t lie next to him fast enough. 

NOTE: Sorry if it’s annoying that it’s so long. I found it hard to stay short in this one. Hope you liked it either way :-)


Zayn Imagine - You lose your wedding ring

Where the fuck did it go? I swear I put it right here. I yell inside of my head as I tear down the house in search of my wedding ring.
Zayn and I only just got married two months ago and I already lost my ring!
I move my search to the living room and start making a mess again.
Under the sofa?
Under the sofa cushions?
Next to the TV?
In the drawers beneath the TV?
It’s like my ring grew legs and ran away!
Zayn and I went to a party last night and I remember taking the ring off last night when we were home, I just don’t remember in which room I was or where I put it.
“Honey! I’m home!” Zayn says as he enters the door.
“Hey, babe! How was your day?” I ask him, keeping both my hands inside the pockets of the hoodie I am wearing.
“Great. We had an interview with Radio 1 and they kept asking me questions about what it’s like to be married.” He says, sliding his hand from my left shoulder all the down to my hand which is still in my pocket.
“And? What did you say?” I ask, desperately trying to distract him so he won’t notice that my ring is gone.
“I told them that it’s great, especially if you have a wife as wonderful as mine.” He says, taking my hands in his.
“Why aren’t you wearing your ring?” he asks, lifting my hand to his face so he can inspect my naked finger.
“I- uh- I just took a shower and I forgot to put it on.” I lie, hoping he’ll believe it.
“oh. Well go put it on then. We can’t have people thinking you’re available now, can we?” he says and I shake my head.
“I’m too lazy now. Let’s just watch a movie?” I ask, desperately trying to make him forget about my ring.
“I’ll go get it for you, then we can watch a movie.” He says but I tighten my arms around his waist.
“No. let’s just cuddle now. I’ll wear it again tomorrow.” I say and he shakes his head.
“If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you lost you’re wedding ring.” He says with a smirk that I just want to slap right off of his face.
“Fine. I lost it. I remember taking it off last night, I just can’t remember where I put it and I’ve looked everywhere but I can’t find it.” I tell him and he just continues smiling.
“Why are you smiling? I just told you I lost my ring! You’re supposed to be mad at me and ask for a divorce or something!” I exaggerate and he let’s out a laugh.
“I don’t plan on divorcing you, love. I’m smiling because I know exactly where your ring is.” He says and my face lights up.
“Oh thank goodness! Where is it? I was so worried.” I say and he pulls my ring out of his pocket.
“You had it?” I ask, slapping his arm.
“Why didn’t you tell me you had it! I tore this entire house apart today and the entire time it was in your pocket!?” I say and he can’t stop laughing.
“I found it this morning. When I opened the fridge to get milk for coffee, I noticed your ring in the egg carton, so I put it in my pocket. I was wondering how long you’d take to tell me you couldn’t find it.” He says, still smiling.
I playfully hit his shoulder.
“I hate you, Zayn.” I mumble, pressing my face into his shoulder.
“Hate me all you want, at least I haven’t lost my wedding ring.” He says and I groan.
I will never hear the end of this.

*** ***

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#42 BSM - Your mum is putting to much pressure on you to be like him and you have an argument in front of him/the boys

Harry, age 15: You’re mum was always boasting about Harry to you, 24/7. She always wanted you to be like him, sing like him, dance like him, cook like him, do everything like him. Right now, you were getting ready to go out to the cinema with Harry for your late birthday treat, since he was on tour during your birthday. As your favorite song came on, you decided to sing along. “What is that dreadful noise?!” A familiar womanly voice came from outside your room. “I was singing.” “Sounded like a dying whale,” Your mother seethed, and you sighed, here it comes. “Why can’t you be more like Harry?” She hissed, and you stomped your foot down in anger. “Because mum! I’m not Harry! I’m not some big world popstar that left home and has girls falling at his feet! I’m not your perfect son who can do everything for you! I’M NOT HARRY!” You shouted back, running out past her, and bumping shoulders past Harry who was listening the whole time, and running all the way to Louis house.

Niall, age 14: You were actually exactly like Niall, quite literately. But your mum was too busy telling you you should be like him rather than noticing that you were just like him. Today you were cooking dinner since the boys were coming over and you wanted to impress your brother, as he was teasing you and saying that he could cook better than you. Although the food was fine, you had managed to burn your hand in the process. “This wouldn’t have happened if Niall was making dinner. Why can’t you be more like him?” She snapped at you, not caring if you had burned yourself. You hissed at her, putting your hand underneath the cold water. “Mum, I’m not Niall, okay? Never will be.” “Well at least try! I’m stuck with a worthless daughter at home, who can’t do shit!” She yelled at you, motioning over to the pan where you were previously making dinner, which had now led up to this episode. “Hey, hey, hey. Mrs.Horan, with all my respect, (YN) is not what you just said, she’s much more.” Liam walked in followed by four other shocked boys, who took you in their arms as your brother went to talk to your mother and you cried your pain away— both from the burn and the heartbreaking mother whom thinks you worthless.

Louis, age 18: It was constant. Comparisons of you and your brother flying around the place like spitfire, and it was clear your mother didn’t care. “Hey sweet cheeks!” Your brother smiled, sitting down next to you. “Hi Lou!” You mirrored your brother’s kind actions, it was always good to get away from it all when Lou was home at least. “I was going to ask you if wanted to have a lazy day? I haven’t hung out with my baby sister in a while,” Louis proposed and you nodded eagerly, but your mum thought otherwise. “No way. You haven’t done anything today, no ‘lazy day’. You can get up off your ass and do the dishes or something.” Jay scrunched her eyebrows and you huffed, getting up. “Everything is clear mum,” “Honestly, why can’t you be more like your brother? He has a job and is much smarter than you.” “Actually-” Louis intervened, but you cut him off. “I’m sorry that I can’t be more like Louis, mother. But if you’d only noticed, I have a part time job at Forever 21. I’m sorry I can’t go to the fucking X-Factor and the next you know, I’m famous! I’m sorry I’m not him!” You grunted at her, the tears that had once built up in your eyes were now leaking out freely— and you had rushed away to your room, locking the door and weeping on the ground.

Zayn, age 17: “You’re copying him,” “You’ll never be like him,” “You’re not even half as good as Zayn,” is not even half you got told all day. Today Zayn was bringing over the boys and you decided to- with your sisters - make a fun little karaoke night so everyone could enjoy themselves. So, here we are now, you and your siblings and the boys laughing. “That was too good!” Niall laughed, watching as a drunk Zayn stumbled back into his seat, after hopelessly singing a very, different version of ‘Milkshake’. “Who’s up next?” Zayn slurred, and you rolled your eyes at him, knowing that tomorrow he would most probably be a very hungover Zayn. “I am!” You squealed, going up. Although you were going to give it your best. Starting to sing Firework, the boys widened their eyes at the similar voice you had to your brother’s. “Shut that off! That’s terrible!” Your mother’s voice came from the corridor and it had snaked into the living room. “What was that?” She complained, holding her hands to her ears in exaggeration. “(YN) was singing,” Your sister grinned. “Christ that was terrible. Get some lessons from Zayn, maybe you could at least try to be like him.” She scoffed walking out of the room and your eyes were clouded over with tears, but you didn’t say anything, you just rushed up the stairs and stayed in your room, crying your heart away. But it was okay, right? It wasn’t the first time.

Liam, age 13: To say the least, you weren’t worrisome and protective like Liam. You were actually more like his best mate, Louis. Fun to be around and just plain loud. And your mum hated that, she always wanted you to be like him. Liam was over and your family were all sat on the sofas, chatting to one another. “Christ, (YN), you’re so loud. Why can’t you be more like Liam and talk more quietly?” You ignored that comment, and the fact Liam was raising an eyebrow at you. Next, another harsh comment was sent your way. “You know what I noticed? You’re way too irresponsible. Grow up a bit will you? Can’t you see how responsible your brother is?” She spat at you, although this time you snapped. “Holy shit! No! I will NEVER be like Liam! I’m not him! I’m (YN)! I’m loud! I’m funny! I’m different from him! I’m unique! And I’m definitely not changing for anyone! Especially for you.” You seethed, getting up and rushing to you room, where the heart wrenching sobs could be found.

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Preference #40 - He tells you he wants to have a baby

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Harry (His POV) – “So where is it we’re going today again?” I asked as I sat up in bed and stretched letting out a low groan as my muscles loosened themselves after a night of being wrapped around Y/N. “We’re going to see Y/F/N,” she replied, as she walked back into the bedroom with a towel wrapped around her damp body. “Egh do I have to go,” I moaned as I flopped back onto our bed, I knew that if I went I would spend the whole day staring into space whilst Y/N and her friend chatted. “Yes you promised you would,” she stopped combing her damp hair and turned round to face me, placing a hand on her hip.

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Your relationship in another member’s POV (1D preference)

Harry: (Louis POV) It was during the premier of This is us, that Y/N joined us for the first time on the red carpet. Harry didn’t have much time because he needed to do interviews, with us. But I could see in his eyes that he was longing to stand next to her. ‘Can you take this on from me?’ He suddenly asked me and his guilty smile told me he wanted two minutes with her. Just two. ‘Of course I can.’ I answered, while patting his back, letting him know he could go. I kept looking for a while, before continuing to the next interviewer. She stood alone, posing for pictures, while Harry intertwined his fingers with hers. And the way she looked up at him was priceless. Her smile appeared on her face, and I could swear to see a glimpse of relief. Relief that he was there. He knew that. He formed his arm around her waist and whispered something in her ear. And the look on Y/N’s face told me that it was everything she wanted to hear. It felt like such an intimate moment between the two of them, that I had a feeling to look away. So I did, with a smile. Because I knew Harry was happy. And that was everything me and the boys wanted.

Louis: (Niall POV) When Y/N joined us on the tour bus, I couldn’t help but notice the difference in Louis. Louis had always been a loud person. So it surprised me he fell in love with a shy and quiet girl like Y/N. There was nothing bad with that. We all loved her. She was so sweet and she kind of stabilized Louis’ loudness.  It was like they completed each other. Louis was calmer than before. And the longer they were in a relationship, Y/N blossomed in every sense of the word. When Louis acted like his loud sassy self when we were gaming, she came sitting beside him and laid her head on his shoulder. The difference it made for her being there was significant. Louis calmed down completely and laid his arm around her, before he started to play further. And how much I loved Louis for who he was, sometimes I started to think this was also a part of who he was. And she was the one to bring that side of him to the surface. And I loved sitting here and watching it happen.

Niall: (Liam POV) I took Niall and Y/N with me on a yacht, together with Sophia during a tour break. It was lovely spending time with them. Sophia and Y/N got along very well and of course, Niall and myself had a blast too. I somehow felt so proud of him, because he found her. He found his girl. And you could see it every time in his eyes how in love he was with her. How he laughed with her jokes. How he quickly stopped her to kiss her temple when she walked past him. How he took her hand, to jump from the boat together in the water. How he searched for her when their heads reached the surface again. And how he kissed her afterwards, like there was no better place to be. I figured she was the one thing he liked more than being on stage. And I was so happy for him, he found that with her.

Liam: (Zayn POV) There were always two things about being invited by Liam and Y/N, that I loved. First of all it was just all of us hanging out together. I had Perrie there, Louis took Eleanor and Harry sometimes brought Gemma. They all felt like family to me, so it was a great gathering. And second of all, it was definitely seeing Liam with his missus. Especially today. The glances they shared when we were sitting at the dinner table. The way Liam prevented her from standing up to get something, and did it for her. The way he caressed her back when she walked past him. The way he didn’t even ask her if she wanted some wine as well. I knew she was pregnant. I could see it in their eyes, both of them. Liam would be the first father from the five of us. And I felt so happy for him. Because he found his one. He found the perfect girl for him. She was beautiful and friendly and warm-hearted. And there was nothing I wished more for my best mate.

Zayn: (Harry POV) Zayn had always been someone who was able to handle the crowds outside the hotel or at the airport fairly well. The only moments it got hard for him, was when one of us was harmed. He was always the one to react first or snap at the people causing the trouble. I never expected that side of him to grow even stronger. But it did. From the moment he met Y/N, it did. He hated it actually. He hated it to go through crowds with her. And every time she joined us, I could see the  worry in his eyes when we left and the relief when we reached the car or the hotel. He was always the one shielding her. Like he did not trust anyone with her other than himself. Not even bodyguards. ‘Are you okay?’ Was always the first thing he asked when we were out of the crowd. And when she send him a smile, his body relaxed immediately. She intertwined her fingers with his and kissed his lips softly. ‘I’m absolutely more than fine.’ She would say every time. And I knew it was not about the crowd, but about her being there with him. That was everything she wanted. And everything he wanted too. 

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Preference #38: Untitled (Read your fave's first!)

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Harry (Your POV) – “Don’t you think this is something you should be doing with Harry?” Y/BF/N laughed as you nervously paced around your living room. “Yes…no,” you laughed, “I don’t know I guess I’d rather be absolutely positive that I’m pregnant before I get his hopes up, he’s been desperate to have a baby for a long time now,” you stopped pacing and bit down your bottom lip. “I really, really want the test to be positive,” your best friends knitted her eyebrows together and then gave you a small smile just as the timer on your phone started beeping. “You look, I can’t do it,” you laughed and Y/BF/N stood up and walked into the bathroom and stepped out a few seconds later with the test in her hand. “Well?” you asked and her face broke out into a huge grin. “It’s positive.”

His POV – “Hey babe, I’m home,” I yelled as I closed the front door behind me and shook the small flakes of snow out of my hair. “It’s freezing outside,” I giggled as I heard her footsteps running down the stairs. “Hi,” she squealed as she threw herself into my arms. “I missed you today,” she before pressing her lips to mine. “Now I want you to go put on your most comfortable pajamas and meet me in the living room,” she smiled before skipping off and I laughed before making my way upstairs and doing exactly as she asked. I wandered back into the hallway and knocked on the living room door before stepping inside to see that she had lit at least twenty candles all around the room and set up a mountain of pillows and blankets on the sofa. “We’re going to have a movie night,” she giggled and I moved towards her and hugged her tightly. “This is exactly what I needed,” I laughed as I kissed her forehead and soon enough we were wrapped up on the couch watching Love Actually whilst eating some Chinese food. I couldn’t get over how perfect the evening had been and as the end credits of the film began I pulled her closer to me so she was lying on top of my chest. “Can we just stay here forever?” I asked and she smiled. “I wish, but I have something I want to give to you,” she pulled away from me and walked out of the room and brought through a huge box which was wrapped beautifully with a giant bow on top. “What’s this for?” I laughed as I stood up and took the box off her. It was surprisingly light considering it’s size. “Just open it,” she laughed, so I placed the box on the coffee table and untied the bow before carefully removing the wrapping paper. I opened the lid and looked inside to see a small white pillow with a tiny green garden pea sitting on top of it. She beamed at me as I reached into the box and picked up the small vegetable and rolled it about in my hands. “Umm, I appreciate the thought Y/N but is there any particular reason you’re giving me a pea as a present?” I laughed and I could see that her eyes were slightly glossy but she was still wearing a broad, beautiful smile on her face. “That pea Harry… that is how big our baby is right now,” I stared at her for a few seconds and then looked back down at the pea. “Our… you’re pregnant?” I asked in disbelief and she nodded and before I knew it I had dropped her gift on the floor and I had her wrapped tightly in my arms. “You’re pregnant!” I pressed my lips to her face over and over again as my eyes filled with tears and she laughed hysterically. “I’m pregnant Harry,” she smiled as I pulled away from her and rested my hands on her stomach.

Liam (Your POV) – “So you’ve been nauseous? Tired? And urinating a lot?” your doctor asked softly and you nodded. “Have your breasts been tender and/or swollen?” she asked and you cringed slightly at her question but you nodded anyway and she gave you a small smile. “What do you think could be wrong with me?” you asked as you bit down on your lower lip and she stood up and walked over to a cupboard and pulled out a small cardboard box and then handed it to you. “I don’t think anything is wrong with you Y/N,” she smiled and your stomach flipped with nerves as you read the small letters printed on the box which read, “Pregnancy Test.”

His POV – I shuffled into the house after a long day at the studio and practically collapsed onto my bed with sheer exhaustion. I could have probably fallen asleep right there and then but just as my eyelids were starting to droop, Y/N walked into the room and sat down next to me. “Hi baby,” she muttered softly as she lay down so we were lying side by side. “Hi,” I mumbled as I turned over so I was facing her. I leaned over and pressed my lips to her cheek and she immediately turned around and pushed me back and sat on me so she was straddling my waist. She began to press her lips to my neck over and over again as she grinded her self down on my crotch and I giggled as I pushed her off and sat up. “Come on babe, not now, I’m just in the door and I’m exhausted,” I laughed and she pouted at me. “Later then?” she asked and I nodded. “We’ll see,” I winked. We spent the rest of the evening eating dinner and chatting but I couldn’t help but notice how nervous Y/N was acting the entire time but when ever I called her out on it or asked if she was okay she would just smile and shake her head. “I’m fine Liam, I swear,” she laughed after I asked her for the hundredth time. “Okay then,” I laughed, “I’m going to head up to bed, you coming?” I asked and she stood up and walked towards me before leaning up and gently pressing her lips to mine. She deepened the kiss and gently pushed me so I was up against the wall as she let her small hands wander up my t-shirt. I couldn’t help but smile against her mouth; she knew that I wasn’t going to refuse her this time. No matter how tired I was I couldn’t say no to her so I wrapped my arms around my waste and pressed my lips to her neck. We made our way up stairs and she pushed me down onto the bed and began to kiss me again but this time I gently flipped her over so she was pinned underneath me and I began to kiss down her neck and onto her collarbone. I undid the first button of her shirt and pressed my lips to her chest, then undid the second one and pressed my lips to both of her breasts but as I undid the third I noticed some black marks on her stomach. “What’s that?” I asked, knitting my eyebrows together but she just ignored me and smiled so I quickly undid the rest of my buttons and I slowly read the words she had written onto her skin but it took me a few seconds to realize what they actually said. “I’m Pregnant,” I muttered and she propped herself up on both of her elbows and grinned at me. “You’re pregnant?” I asked and I could feel my eyes stinging slightly as I spoke and she bit down on her lower lip and smiled. “I’m pregnant,” she laughed as I wrapped her tightly in my arms and pulled her on top of me. “I’m going to be a dad?” I asked and she nodded. “I’m going to be a dad,” I muttered again in disbelief before kissing her gently on the lips.

Louis (Your POV) – “Will you please get that out of my face, it smells gross,” you scrunched your nose up in disgust as your sister took a huge bite out of the biggest, sloppiest meatball sandwich you had ever seen. “Oh shut up Y/N,” she giggled as she wiped face, “you used to love meatball sandwiches,” she raised her eyebrows at you and you rolled your eyes. “Whatever, it’s making me feel really sick,” you shuddered and she chuckled. “Come on,” you know you want some,” she laughed as she thrust the sandwich in your face but before you could scold her your stomach turned and you found yourself running towards the bathroom, barely making it in time as you threw up what felt like everything you had eaten for the past week. Your sister ran up behind you and gasped, “Shit I’m sorry,” she crouched down next to you and you sighed. “It’s fine, I’ve been throwing up a lot lately, I don’t know why,” you sighed as you flushed the toilet and began swirling some mouthwash around your mouth. “I feel like I’ve put on so much weight as well,” you sighed as you examined your body in the mirror and she giggled. “Hey, maybe you’re pregnant,” she teased and you laughed but you stopped almost immediately as you began to try and calculate when your last period was. “You don’t think you’re actually…” your sister asked and your eyes widened slightly. You sat in the car chewing your nails nervously as your sister went into the supermarket and bought you a test. You both sat in complete silence as you drove back to your flat and the silence continued as you waited for the timer on your phone to let you know that your test was ready. You shuffled into the bathroom before taking a deep breath and glancing at the test to see that two little pink lines had appeared. You stared at it for a few seconds before realizing that you had absolutely no idea what that meant. You scrambled in your trash until you found the box and you turned it over in your hands and read the small print. “Two pink lines signal a positive result,” you ran back into the living room and your sister stood up and looked at you with wide eyes. “I’m pregnant…”

His POV – “Hey babe!” I yelled as I walked into the flat, “dinner smells great, what are you cooking?” I asked as I walked into the kitchen just in time to see Y/N putting our dinner onto the table. “Hi babe, I made lamb with new baby potatoes, baby carrots and baby corn,” she smiled at me, there was something slightly mischievous about her grin but I chose to ignore it. “Well it smells amazing and I am starving,” I laughed as I sat down. We ate dinner and I told her about my day at the studio and she smiled and listened quietly. “So how was your day?” I asked and she took a deep breath before speaking. “It was great thanks, I went shopping with Y/S/N,” she smiled. “What did you get?” I asked and she stood up and walked out of the room and brought through a couple of bags. “Well I bought this,” she smiled as she pulled out a black velvet jewelry box and placed it on the table and I looked at it and then looked back at her. “That looks expensive,” I laughed and she chuckled in reply. “You have no idea,” she pushed the box towards me and I lifted it up and raised an eyebrow at her. I opened it slowly and instead of finding some sort of diamond bracelet or necklace I found a long, white plastic stick and it took be a few seconds to realize what it was. “You’re joking right?” I asked, feeling my voice shaking slightly and when I looked back up at her she was holding a miniature Doncaster Rovers Jersey with the Tomlinson 28 printed on the back against her chest and a huge grin on her face. “I’m being deadly serious,” she laughed as I stood up and wrapped my arms around her tightly.

Niall (Your POV) – “I am so nervous,” you laughed as you set the timer on your phone for five minutes and sat down on the couch in your living room and stared at your computer screen. You didn’t want to tell Niall anything about your pregnancy suspicions until you were absolutely sure so you made Y/S/N sit and talk to you on Skype whilst you waited for the test result. “Why? You should be excited! You and Niall have wanted this for so long,” she gushed and you nodded and bit down on your lower lip. “But it’s so real now, well it might be real,” you laughed and did your best to distract yourself for the remaining few minutes until the timer eventually began to beep and you ran into the bathroom and picked up the test. You didn’t look at the result until you were back in your living room and sitting at your computer. You took a deep breath and glanced down and a huge grin broke out across your face. “Well Y/S/N, looks like you’re going to be an Aunt.”

His POV – “I’m hungry,” I sighed and Y/N agreed, “do you want to order takeout?” I asked and she nodded enthusiastically so I set about ordering us both a pizza whilst Y/N slipped out of the room. She was gone for a good few minutes before she returned with a mischievous grin on her face and both hands behind her back. “What have you done?” I asked bluntly and she laughed. “Why do you always presume I’ve done something?” she laughed and I raised an eyebrow at her. “Because it’s you,” I laughed and she sighed before bringing out an envelope from behind her back and handing it to me but she still kept one hand hidden. I raised an eyebrow at her and tore into the envelope before pulling out a overly glittery card which had “Congratulations” written on the front in huge letters. “What’s this for?” I laughed and she rolled her eyes. “Just read it,” she giggled, “out loud!” she added as I opened the card. “Congratulations Niall, I am very happy to announce that one of your little swimmers has won the race,” I was really confused now but I kept reading. “Please be ready to claim your prize in approximately 9 months,” I finished reading and after a few seconds I finally registered what had happened. “You better not be joking Y/N,” I looked up at her with tear filled eyes and she shook her head. “I’ll be really upset if you’re joking,” I chuckled slightly and she shook her head again as she pulled her other hand out from behind her back, revealing a small white onesie with the words Baby Horan written in black letters on the front and I stood up and enveloped her in my arms as tears of happiness began to stream down my face. “You’re pregnant,” I laughed, “we’re going to be parents!” I kissed her lips again and again and she giggled hysterically. “Yes Niall, we’re going to be parents.”


Zayn (Your POV) – “I hate the fact that he has to be away on tour for this,” you pouted as you glanced at Y/BF/N and she nodded sympathetically. “What are you going to do if it’s positive?” she asked and you shrugged. “I don’t know, I don’t really want to tell him on Skype,” you laughed and she nodded. “You could always fly out and surprise him,” she teased and I rolled my eyes. “It’s time,” she smiled as she looked down at her watch and I immediately started chewing my nails. “You look,” I said and she walked over to the sink and smiled broadly at me. “You better start booking your flights Y/N,” she beamed.

His POV – “I haven’t heard from Y/N all day,” I groaned as her phone went straight to voicemail for what felt like the hundredth time and Niall shrugged. “Maybe she’s busy?” he replied and I nodded but we usually spoke everyday so I was still concerned. We had a day off so we all spent the day sitting by a private swimming pool at our hotel and I did my best to stop myself from worrying. I was sitting and talking to Niall when I saw his face break out into a huge smile and I turned around to see Y/N standing behind me with a huge grin on her face. I stood up and ran towards her, wrapping my arms tightly around her waist. “What the hell are you doing here?” I asked and she giggled before pressing her lips to mine. “I wanted to see you,” she beamed I pulled her into my chest again. “Well I’m glad you came!” I kissed her again. “Come on, let’s put your stuff in my room,” I took her hand in mine and led her down to my room before we spent the entire day catching up. I took her out shopping, out for dinner and we ended the night with a walk down the beach. It had been one of the most perfect days I’d ever had. One of those days that you just know you’re going to remember forever. “I actually came here because I needed to talk to you about something,” Y/N muttered as we strolled and I looked over at her and smiled. “You’re not breaking up with me are you?” I teased and she rolled her eyes. “Don’t be silly Zayn,” she said and stopped in her tracks and turned round so she was facing me straight on. She lowered herself onto one knee and pulled a black box out of her pocket and I stared down at her in confusion. “Um Y/N, I hate to break it to you but I beat you to that three months ago,” I laughed and she rolled her eyes. She smiled up at me and pulled the box open revealing a small yellow pacifier and I stared down at it for a few seconds before I reached out and took it in my hands. “What…are you?” I asked, feeling my eyes stinging slightly and my throat closing up. She stood up so she was facing me again and then nodded and I immediately burst into tears of happiness. She wrapped her arms around my neck and I dropped the pacifier on the ground so I could hug her back.