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Everyone went silent all eyes on you and harry. You were still on the ground and you were holding your cheek. Tears running down your face as you were sinking in what just happened.  Harry looked down at you still mad but you could tell guilt was taking over. He looked up to see Cory and James holding hands and run over to you they kneeled down. Harry stepped back and realized Cory was gay. Guilt took over his eyes he wanted to get closer to you but no one would let. James got up

“ WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU” he said getting angry

You sat there with tears Cory helped you stand up

“ I-i-im sorry I thought..”

“ You thought what? That I was cheating on you?” you finally said you couldn’t yell you were hurt and in pain.

Cory told harry to go outside and wait James and Cory and I walked outside as well we need it privacy and you didn’t want to ruin your friend party anymore. As you walked outside harry ran his hands through his hair he was upset and his eyes were turning red. Cory was holding you trying to comfort you.

“ Y/n” harry shuddered you looked up as he got closer you were scared and stepped back

“ No please don’t be scared. I didn’t want to. I just..” you cut him off

“  I CANT BELIEVE YOU WOULD THINK I WOULD CHEAT DON’T YOU TRUST ME?” you yelled harry looked over at Cory and James, they got the message they started walking back inside

“If you need anything you know where I will be doll” Cory whispered you nodded and looked back at harry waiting for his response. Harry took a step closer to you; you didn’t move you just stood there your cheek still red. Harry put his hand on your waist and the other on your cheek. You flinched a little.

“ Its okay I won’t hurt you anymore” he said he voice was filled with guilt and sadness.

“ Harry I cant forg-“ he cut you off

“No please don’t say you cant forgive me I love you. I over reacted I’m sor-“

“No harry I cant just forget what happened” you stepped back and out grabbed your cheek.

“ If you really did love me you would have trusted me.” You said your eyes stated to water. You started to walk away but you felt his hands wrap around your waist you loved the feeling of his hands around your waits. He kissed your neck and holds you tight.

“ Please let me make it up please, ” he begged you

“ Harry I – “ he cut you off by spinning you around and kissing you, you pulled away and stared into his eyes his big green eyes. You couldn’t resists he gave you a smile

He smiled back

You broke the silence “ its going to be hard to forget but.” you trailed off

“ I think we can work things out,” you said with a small smile

He kissed you and took you home there was no way that you were walking back inside the rest of the day you spent it with him you cuddled watched a movie and fell asleep in his arms. Hopefully things would get better.

Hope you liked it XX I’m taking request as well! I’m sorry if it was a bad ending! 

Your His Celebrity Crush#3 4/5<3.

Niall: He was on a game new show, named ‘Guess Would This Celebrity Is ?’ One Direction is guessing starting. 'Hello, people ! Today our special guest are One Direction.’ the crowd goes wild 'Settled down ladies’ the boys laugh, 'Well, guys I’m going to show a little part of an Actors’/ Actress’ face, and you guys have to try to guess the name ! Got it ?’, 'Got it’ they said. The host showed a picture of your loving smile, and Niall buzzed in 'Y/F/L/N ?’ he said, the host smiled 'Correct, Niall you get the first point of the day!’ he said. Almost all the questions/ picture of you Niall has gotten them right! 'Niall, you seem to know a lot about Y/N, why is that ?’ the host said. All the boys laugh, 'It’s it obvious. Niall loves (Y/N) !’ Harry says. The crowd, and the host go crazy. 'Is it true Niall ?’. Niall smiles, and laughs. 'I’m not going to lie, she is absolutely my celebrity crush’ Niall says with excitement. You were watching the show with your bestfriend, and you were screaming to the top of your lungs. Very, happy(: Later, on that day you get a tweet from Niall saying: Y/N, you might have seen the show! So, I was wondering if you are willing to hangout (: xx ? . You replies with an 'Yes!’ & started an amazing relationship

Send In Your Ships!

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The wedding

A/N I am doing a harry imagine cause zayn/Louis/Liam/niall have a gf. So I kind of want to stick to that for this one! Just for this one though:) hope you like! And yes it might just be a rumor that niall has a gf but it goes with my story so just enjoy ;P 

    Tomorrow  was Zayn’s  wedding with Perrie you were Zayn’s cousin and you came to the wedding the boys didn’t really know you but you were excited to meet them. As well as little mix. When you arrived at Zayns house you didn’t know the boys were over helping him.

“Zayn! “ you yelled and hugged him

“ Guys this is my cousins y/n” Zayn said to the boys you smiled and waved. The first boy you noticed was Harry. His curly brown hair he greenish/bluish eyes oh god how fit he was. They all said hi to you and zayn showed you to your room. You unpacked everything and stayed you didn’t want to bother the boys down stairs. You wanted to take a shower so you did. When you got out the shower you opened the door. When you opened harry was there

“Omg I’m so sorry” he said blushing

“ Uhh its fine “ you laughed and walked back to the room. You changed into sweats and you had realized none of your shirts were there.

“ZAYN” you yelled.

“Yes y/n” he said harry behind him and niall too you were covered with a towel

“Uhh do you have an extra shirt? They lost mine.” You asked

“I DO!” harry almost screamed you laughed and he brought you the shirt niall and zayn had went back down stairs.

“Thanks” you smiled

“Welcome, so umm are you staying here for awhile?” he asked you told him to turn around as you put on his shirt he obeyed and waited for you to answer.

“Uhh actually I’m moving in my parents aren’t getting along and zayn offered to take me in” you said putting on his shirt it was big enough to cover your body so you took the sweats off. He turned around and smiled.

“Well that’s good.. that you are moving in “ he smiled you felt butterflies as the words repeated in you head. He left your room and you lied in bed the scent of harry was amazing it made you smile. Around midnight you felt warm lips touch your cheek you opened your eyes

“ ill see you tomorrow at the wedding “ he whispered in your ear giving you chills he kissed you on the cheek you smiled like a fool. You couldn’t believe this was actually happening.

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