one direction on nickelodeon

Without Big Time Rush, there would be no One Direction or 5 seconds of Summer.

Without The Cheetah Girls, there would be no 5th Harmony or Little Mix.

These 2 iconic groups ushered in the modern boyband/girl group era and their impact & legacy in both the music AND television industries is the reason that these other “groups” have even had a chance to succeed. Know your history and put some respect on their names.Without their contributions these groups would be NOTHING 


Bruh I feel old, I remember watching this when I was younger back when degrassi was good and lit asf. (THE AMOUNT OF FORESHADOWING IN THIS MUSIC VIDEO IS STRONG ASF!!)


One Direction get pranked on Nickelodeon (Good Quality)


“Hi I’m here with your wife and she’s giving birth I think.”
“I am giving birth!”
“Okay… shit, where are we?”

Signs as Pokemon

aries: gogoat

taurus: tauros

gemini: plusle and minun

cancer: kingler

leo: pyroar

virgo: gardevoir

libra: lampent

scorpio: drapion

sagittarius: rapidash

capricorn: vaporeon

aquarius: manaphy

pisces: magikarp