one direction naughty one shot

I’m so dissapointed… I don’t even know what to say about this This isn’t zayn anymore I think NB changed him…and I’m sad about it Louis is his fucking best friend for gods sake and he chose to protect Naughty boy… Well, if it’s his decision…

Getting out my Zayn feels

Louis has said nothing against Zayn since he’s left. All his beef has been with that greasy potato, Naughty Boy. This fandom still supported him after he left us and his 4 best friends in the middle of a world tour to make mediocre mixed tapes on Soundcloud. But he didn’t stick up for the fans when NB bashed us. He didn’t stick up for Louis when NB said he couldn’t sing. He publicly chose a side when he didn’t need to. The side of some guy with a stupid name that nobody even knew of until Zayn started associating himself with him. So yeah, we are entitled to be pretty damn upset with Zayn right now. He will always have a place in our hearts, but we are over his bullshit. The roller coaster has to end sometime and I am finally getting off.