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Here’s a thread of my favorite thing: harry in yellow🌞🌻🐝💛⭐️🍯🍋🍌🌼

This iconic photo

One of my all time favs

Such beauty

Let’s not forget this most sacred day

Little bumblebee

This throwback

Anotha one

The sunglasses here

This shirt again🍌

And finally this smol bean/a literal ray of sunshine🌞☀️

Let’s all give a round of applause to thank harry for inventing the color yellow🍯

You: One Direction broke up and hate each other

Me, an intellectual: One Direction are on an extended & hard-earned sabbatical and they are ALL DEEPLY IN LOVE WITH EACH OTHER I HAVE RECEIPTS BUT YOU DON’T DESERVE THEM


he’s not gone. he can’t be.

Harry tracing things on your back your back at night is my ultimate desire like his hands are so soft and big and he just wants to make you comfortable and make you fall asleep and he is tracing like little flowers and hearts and having you guess what they are and you just mumble your guesses quietly into the pillow because you’re so tired but you’re just so content in that moment and so is he and he traces his hand from your back to your stomach and up your sides while you lay with your back to him and it just feels amazing as you drift off and wow

When Yami Marik gets portrayed as a multifaceted, three-dimensional character with his own likes, dislikes, goals, and motivations

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When Yami Marik gets portrayed as a homicidal maniac, and nothing else

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You want to know what makes me happy every day?

1. Watching Steve playing “Just Hold On” at every show.
2. Lottie & Tommy being in love
3. Watching Ernest & Doris growing up.
4. Seeing Lux singing 1D songs.
5. Watching Liam & Niall doing so well for themselves.
6. Seeing Harry wearing two golden rings, he never really wants to take off.
7. Louis finally seeing himself through our eyes.

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Omg can you do a fluff/smut (maybe?!) where Niall wants you to marry him so he sings marry me by Bruno on stage to you?? 😍♥️

On Stage Surprise 

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This request is so cute omgabfasdf

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hi, can you write something about an ex of y/n who finds Niall at the pub and he’s telling Niall negative things about y/n trying to make him mad at her or think less of y/n? Like probably she just wants his money or something like that, pls :)

Bad Liar 

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