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AU Meme: The Zayn goodbye we hopefully get. Will miss you babe come back soon. Much love Directioners. 

Afire Love: Chapter 7

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Afire Love: Chapter 7

Since there was a lot of people in the park, Harry suggested we grab a cup of coffee in the cafe. I don’t know why but he took Buttons’ leash and he pushed the strollers since my little miss wanted to be carried. She was pointing things out on our way to the nearest cafe and Harry laughed a couple of times. It was like he’s a different person. He confuses me so much with his attitude, one minute he’s all nice and sweet and the next one he’s a total twat.
“What do you want to drink?” He asked me tying Buttons’ leash to the chair.
“Just cup of coffee, black.” I said and took Amelia’s bottle and gave it to her because she was probably thirsty.
“Alright. I’ll be right back.” He said and started to walk away and I just stared at his back.
Damn, that man has a nice body. He wore grey shirt and as he moved, you could easily see his back muscles move. Amelia touched my cheek and I looked down at her and she pointed to Harry.
“Ho tat?” She asked curiously.
“Um, he’s mummy’s friend.” I told her, unsure of that statement.
“At he name?” She asked and I was surprised because this was actually the most I heard her talk, ever.
“Why don’t you ask him when he gets back?” I asked her and she nodded before going back to drinking her juice from her bottle.
“Shit.” Harry hissed while putting the mug down on the table in front of me.
“What’s wrong?” I asked and I could see Amelia eyeing him curiously.
“I fuc… I burned myself.” He said and sat down across from us and luckily he stopped himself before saying fuck in front of Amelia.
“Let me see.”  I said and grabbed his hand and when I pulled it towards me, Amelia looking at it.
“No, no. He got boo boo.” She said shaking her head and kissing the red spot on his finger and I chuckled while he just looked at her. “Betta now.”
“Thank you, angel.” He said in a sweet tone and I couldn’t believe that this is the same Harry from LA.
“At you name?” She asked him and he smiled at her.
“I’m Harry. And what’s your name sunshine?” He asked her and she started to move in my arms.
“Melia.” She said and pushed my hands away from her and wanted to get off of my lap.
“Amelia, where do you want to go?” I asked her and she pointed to Harry.
“Come here.” He said to her and I let her go from my lap and she went over to him and he picked her up and put her on his lap.
“Hazzy, ma friend?” She asked him.
“Yes, I can be your friend.” He said, not understanding her question and I was relieved for that because I don’t want him to know that Amelia is my daughter, he would judge me.
“Yay!” She said, clapping her little hands and then nestling in to his chest.
“What did you want to talk about?” I asked him and he took Amelia’s bottle and gave it to her.
“I don’t like the fact that you avoided me after that night. Did you come here because of what happened?” He asked, his voice showing a bit of anger and hurt.
“For your information, world does not revolve around you, Harry Styles!” I said angrily and I looked at Amelia and she was falling asleep on him so I knew it was time to go. “I need to go.”
“What?! Why?” He asked with a panicked tone.
“Because Amelia is falling asleep on you and I need to get her home and put her to bed.” I said and he looked down at my daughter and smiled sweetly, here he goes again, changing moods in a nanosecond.
“I would like to talk to you. Can we meet up?” He asked standing up, careful of Amelia and he put her in to the stroller and she whined.
“Why? Why would I meet up with you?” I asked untying Buttons’ leash and getting ready to head back home.
“Because we need to talk.” He said frustrated with me.
“About what? I don’t have time for you accusing me of things and calling me names Harry.” I said and he sighted.
“Just meet me, damn it.” He growled.
“Fine.” I sighted and took my business card from my bag. “You have my work mobile there so call me, please don’t text. Call.” I said because him texting me on my work phone is not a good idea.
“Thank you. I will call you about our meeting.” He said and leaned in and kissed me on the cheek, taking me by surprise. “Bye, Emily.”
“Bye, Harry.” I said and started to walk away, pushing the strollers with sleeping Amelia and Buttons walking along with the stroller.


“Nana, Hazzy nice.” Amelia said when I carried her in to the living room where my mum was after she woke up.
“Hazzy? Who’s Hazzy sweetie?” She asked her and Amelia took her Olaf doll and sat on the floor next to Buttons and patted him.
“Friend.” She said smiling and I could see she liked him but I’m not sure if I like that man at all.
“He’s your friend?” My mum asked her, rising her eyebrow.
“Yes.” Amelia nodded happily.
“And where did you meet him darling?”
“Park. He mumma’s friend.” She said and my mum looked at me and Amelia started to play with Buttons and I sat down on the sofa next to my mum.
“Hazzy is Harry I suppose.” She said and I chuckled.
“Yes. Harry Styles.” I said and my mum looked at me in disbelief.
“That lawyer?” She asked and I furrowed my eyebrows at her.
“You know him?”
“No, not really. I just heard that he’s really great and successful lawyer for his age. I mean your dad said that he has his own firm with an office here and one in LA, I think. How do you know him?” She asked me curiously.
“We met at the Vogue gala and his sister set us up on a date.” I said and she smirked.
“You like him or?” She asked with a hint of amusement in her voice.
“I don’t know. I get annoyed with him so easily. Like he annoys me more than Louis ever did.” I said and she laughed.
“Oh honey. Why does he annoy you so much?” She asked and I groaned at her curiosity.
“He changes moods in like nanosecond. He was all sweet with Amelia one second and then the next one he was a bit angry at me.”
“Angry? What did you do?”
“He thinks that I came to London to avoid him after his sister set us up.” I said, deciding that my mother doesn’t need all the glory details.
“Did you explain it to him why you came here?” She asked and I looked at Amelia to see what she’s doing and she was playing with Buttons, they were so cute.
“Amelia fell asleep on him so I had to go but he insisted on meeting up and that we need to talk. I don’t want to get involved with him, mum.” I said and closed my eyes for a second.
“Why? I mean you did say that he annoys you but I can see that you like him.” She said and my eyes shoot open.
“What?! No, I don’t like him.” I said and I wasn’t really sure if I was trying to convince her or me.
“I wouldn’t say that by the way your eyes sparked a bit when Amelia said he’s nice.” She said and I rolled my eyes at her.
“I can’t have anything with him. I have to think about Amelia before myself. I want to prove to dad that I’m a good mother.” I said and she hugged me.
“I know you’re a good mother, sweetie. And meet with him, talk to him and then if he annoys you that much, get away from him.” She said and I nodded and my phone started to ring so I got up to get it but someone was faster.
“Ello?” Amelia answered my phone and mum and I laughed.
“Sweetie give me the phone please.” I said to her but she shook her head no.
“Hazzy! She here.” Amelia said and gave me the phone and then went to my mum.
“Hello?” I answered the phone chuckling.
“Hi. I didn’t know Amelia was your secretary.” He said and I laughed.
“Well I can’t afford to have a secretary who can make complex sentences.” I said and he laughed.
“I’m calling to ask you if you want to go on a lunch with me tomorrow?” He said and he sounded a bit shy so I decided to mess with him for a bit.
“I don’t know Harry. I don’t really like the idea of having lunch with you.” I said and I could hear him silently groan in frustration.
“Emily, I asked you nicely and now I’m telling you that I want to have a lunch date with you tomorrow.” He said and my jaw dropped at the word date.
“You want to go on a date with me?” I asked in disbelief wanting to be sure I heard him right.
“Surprisingly yes, I want to go on a date with you that wasn’t set up by my sister.” He said and I chuckled.
“So you turned the meet up where you wanted to talk about last time in to a date?” I asked and I could hear my mum laughing behind me on the sofa.
“Don’t be difficult, Emily. Please be in my office tomorrow at noon and I’ll take you to lunch somewhere.” He said and I was annoyed with him yet again because he wants to boss me around.
“And what if I don’t show up?” I challenged.
“You don’t what to see what I do when I don’t get what I want. It can be nasty. Just google some of the cases I won.” He said, twat.
“No need, my best friend already googled you when you sent the flowers.” I said and I saw the surprise on my mother’s face.
“Ugh. Just come here tomorrow.” He said and I know he was annoyed and frustrated with me.
“Alright. I’ll see you tomorrow.” I said and quickly hung up.
“He sent you flowers?” Mum asked me and I nodded. “What kind of flowers?”
“Don’t know. Never saw them. He sent them to the store when I was already here. Zayn just texted me that he sent them. And he asked me who he was.” I said and she nodded.
“So he googled him?” She asked laughing.
“No, Louis did. Zayn is not the person to do that while Louis…” I said and she laughed harder and Amelia started to giggle.
“And what are you laughing at?” My mum asked her and tickled her belly.
“Nana lahing. I lahing.” She giggled and I was smiling like an idiot because of my daughter.
“Is this the same Amelia, huh? You started to talk much more since your mummy got here.” My mum stated and my heart hurt.
“I miss mumma, now she her. I wuv mumma.” She said and motioned for me to take her so I did.
“I love you too baby.” I said and kissed her head.
“Mumma no go.” She whined.
“Mummy won’t leave you. You will go with me and we’ll live near uncle Louis and uncle Zayn and you will be able to play with them.” I said and she clapped her hands.
“Me go to Lou and Zen?” She asked excited and my mum laughed.
“Yes sweetie. You’ll go to them.” I said and she looked down at the Buttons who was rolling on the floor.
“Buttons silly.” She giggled.
“You like Buttons, Amelia?” My mum asked her and she nodded not taking her eyes off the puppy.
“Mumma, me hungy.” Amelia said patting her belly.
“Well, we can’t have you hungry. Let’s see what Beatrice made today, shall we?” I asked her and she nodded before we went in to the kitchen so she could eat.


It was few minutes past noon when I made my way in to the building where Harry’s office is. I wasn’t planning to show up on time. He practically ordered me to come so I wanted to be a few minutes late to prove my point, although I’m not entirely sure what that point is. Maybe I want to prove it to him that he can’t boss me around about things or some shit. Ugh this man is frustrating and I really don’t want to like him so I was shocked when mum told me she thinks I like him. There is no way in hell I like him. I stepped in to the lift and pressed the button for the 10th floor since Harry said his office is there. The lift arrived and when I stepped out, the interior was similar to the office in LA.
“Emily!” I heard the woman’s voice shout and I immediately knew it’s Gemma.
“Gemma, hi.” I said and she hugged me.
“What are you doing here? I didn’t even know you’re in London.” She said and I knew that Harry and I will hear about this lunch date.
“Yeah, I came here few weeks ago because I had some family things to take care of.” I said and she nodded.
“Miss Styles, Mr. Horan is on the line.” Young woman came and said and Gemma just waved her hand.
“Tell him I will call him back soon.” She said and the woman nodded before disappearing. “It’s night time in LA, what the fuck does he want?!”
“Wouldn’t know. You work with your brother?” I asked her and saw Harry leave the office looking angry but when he saw me, he smirked.
“Yeah, Niall, Harry and I are partners. Niall mostly does contracts and human rights, Harry is a divorce lawyer and I do political law.” She said and Harry approached us, he was wearing black suit with red stripes and I don’t know what to think of that fashion choice of his.
“I already though you’ll ditch me.” Harry said and I saw a huge grin spread across Gemma’s face.
“Oh, you’re here because of him.” She said, grinning like an idiot.
“Gemma, don’t.” Harry warned her and she rolled her eyes.
“Do you have anything to tell me? I mean I don’t want to know if you two shagged or anything but is there something I need to know?” She asked and Harry groaned.
“Nothing to know about. He basically forced me to go on a lunch with him today so yeah.” I shrugged.
“I didn’t force you. I just told you that we’re having a lunch date today. That’s not forcing.” Harry said and Gemma chuckled.
“Whatever children. Go on your DATE and have fun. Just please don’t make me an aunt soon.” She winked before turning around and walking towards her office, I suppose. “Holly, what did Niall want?”
“We’re never getting her off of our backs now.” Harry chuckled and put his hand on the small of my back. “Shall we?”
“I suppose. And yes, we can go.” I said and he nodded before leading me towards the lift.
“Any preferences where you want to go?” He asked and I thought for a second.
“Just somewhere where there is something for vegetarians.”
“You’re a vegetarian?” He asked rising his eyebrow.
“Do you have a problem with that?” I asked him and he shook his head.
“Nope, not at all. Actually I know the perfect place for us to go.” He said and the lift arrived.


Harry was driving through Primrose Hill and then turned towards the house and put the code in for the doors to open. I can’t believe he brought me to his fucking house. If he expects something similar to that night in LA to happen, he’s very much mistaken. He parked his Range Rover in front of the garage and turned the car off before exiting the car and coming to open my door for me but I beat him to it and already exited the car.
“I wanted to do that.” He almost pouted.
“I know you did. You live here?” I asked like it wasn’t obvious.
“Yes. I hope you don’t mind eating here.” He said and I didn’t know what to do.
“Why did you bring me here?” I asked and he walked towards the house and unlocked the doors so I followed him.
“Because I wanted to. We’ll be able to talk in peace here and I have a lot of take out menus to order from so it’s basically better than any restaurant.” He cheekily smirked and I wanted to slap that stupid smirk off of his face.
“Alright but we’re only going to talk. Don’t hope for the repeat of the last time because it’s not happening.” I said and he led me inside the house.
The house was very modern and very clean for a guy. There wasn’t a thing that wasn’t on its place. He led me to the specious and gorgeous kitchen and there was no dirty dishes or anything like someone would expect from a guy. He went to the drawer next to the refrigerator and took the take out menus and handled them to me. After looking through them and him being a bit of a twat and teasing me for not eating the best stuff, we decided from where we’ll order our food. He called the delivery and since it was lunch time it will take time for food to arrive, great, just great.
“You wanted to talk so please talk because I don’t have all afternoon and I know you have to go back to the office.” I said and I know I’m acting like a bitch but whatever.
“I don’t understand you. You seem to basically hate me but here you are, in my house, having lunch with me.” He said with a blank face.
“Well you didn’t really give me the reason to like you so… You’re basically a dick towards me all the time.”
“That’s not true.” He defended himself.
“I’m sorry but I think it is. You change moods every few seconds. When your sister did that shit you clearly told me it’s not a date but yet you held my hand all the time in the club and you kissed me.”
“You still gave me a blow job that night.” He smudgy said and I was getting really annoyed with this man.
“Well I did it to a lot of guys in Uni before you so don’t think you’re anything special.” I spat.
“You’re trying to say you’re a slut?” He smirked and I stood up from the stool I’ve been sitting on.
“I don’t even know why I showed up today because I knew you’ll call me names and judge me. I’ll give you money for the food and when it arrives, I’ll take it and I’ll be on my way.” I said and he stood up as well.
“No!” He shouted and I was surprised. “You’re not leaving until we clear some things up.”
“What things Harry?! There is nothing going on between us and there never will be!” I shouted as well.
“Why are you so sure?” He asked and I rolled my eyes.
“Because I am!” I shouted. “You don’t like me, I don’t like you and you said you don’t believe in relationships and I have much more important things in my life then a relationship.”
“So because of that you chose to be a bitch and leave for another country after what happened and after I said that I wanted to see you again?!” He shouted and I almost slapped him.
“The world does not revolve around you, you self centred prick!” I shouted and he was taken aback.
“Then why did you leave?!” He shouted and got closer to me.
“Because I had a family emergency here and since I live across the fucking ocean I needed to get on the plane few hours after you left! So sorry for not leaving you a note.” I spat out and he stepped closer to me so our chest were almost touching.
“You’re so hot when you’re mad.” He said and I hated him because he changed his mood and approach towards me yet again.
“You’re such a dick.” I said and he chuckled.
“No, not really but I do have one and I know you want it.” He said and crashed his lips on mine and I didn’t want to kiss back so he bit my bottom lip.
“Stop!” I said and pushed him away and took a step back, distancing myself from him. “You can’t fucking do that!”
“And why not? We both know we liked what happened last time.” He smirked and took a step towards me so I took one back.
“That was that one time and that’s all that will happen between us. I’m leaving London in a few days and you’re staying here so thankfully we won’t see each other.” I said and he look hurt, I really don’t understand this man and what he wants.
“So you decided that we won’t see each other again? Just like that? And what if I want to see you again?” He asked me and I was utterly confused because he clearly said he doesn’t do relationships and here he is kissing me and telling me stuff like that and doing total 180 spin on our conversation.
“Why are you keep doing this?” I asked him quietly.
“What am I doing?” He asked and took a sit on the stool again.
“You’re all I don’t do relationships then you kiss me and tell me you want to see me again. I need you to stop fucking doing that. I can’t keep up with your attitude changes and frankly I don’t want to. You told me this talk is a date and let me tell you this is the worst fucking date I’ve ever been on.” I said and his face went blank.
“I don’t know, alright?!” He said and ran a hand through his hair. “I hate relationships and I never had anything similar to one. I refused to like a girl enough to want something more from her then just sex. I don’t know why I do this. When my sister pulled that shit on us, I was pissed but then something possessed me to kiss you and I liked it. And then we almost shagged and I just wanted to see you again. And I keep asking myself why.”
“So what do you expect me to do?! Do you want me to tell you what to do?!” I shouted and the doorbell went off so he went to get the food.
I sighted and sat down. What the fuck am I doing here? Harry and I needed to talk and yet we’re shouting at each other and moving in circles. I hate that he kissed me and I know that this won’t end up well.
Harry brought the food in to the kitchen and put it on the kitchen island in front of me. He went to take the plates out from the cabinet and I was once again looking at his muscular back. We were quiet because, honestly, I didn’t know what to say. Harry put the food on the plates and gave me my plate before sitting down on the stool next to me.
“I don’t know what I’m doing here. You confuse me and as a lawyer I don’t get confused much.” He sighted before taking a bit of his food.
“I can only tell you this: We can’t be around each other. It’s not good for either of us and I don’t want to be in a relationship and I think you don’t either. You said yourself that you never were in one and my last relationship wasn’t exactly a relationship.” I let out and he nodded.
“I know but I don’t want to stay away from you. You’re like a drug or something drawing me to you. I sent you the flowers and I thought that maybe you’re going to try and contact me but I got nothing so like some sap I went to the store and asked if you were there and they told me you left the country so naturally I thought it was because of me and that you wanted to avoid me. I was pissed and surprisingly hurt and I didn’t like that.” He said and we continued to eat in silence because I didn’t know what the fuck does he want me to do.
“I should probably get going.” I said when I finished eating.
“You have nothing else to say?” He asked taking our plates and caring them to the sink.
“What should I say?! That you make me like you one minute but hate you the next?! Did you want to hear that?!” I asked him standing up.
“And why do you hate me, huh?” He asked approaching me.
“Because you’re so bipolar. You were all pissed and like did you went to another country to avoid me and then you did total 180 and were all sweet with Amelia and you fucking let her fall asleep on you! I don’t get you and I don’t fucking want to get involved with you so that you can do shit like that to me! My life is fucked up already so I don’t need you to do it!” I almost shouted and I could see that he’s becoming angry once again.
“You keep saying that I’m a dick and a twat but yet you act like the biggest bitch! You said you liked me but you’re still pushing me away and won’t give me a fucking chance!”
“You want a chance?! With me?!” I asked him in disbelief.
“ No. Yes. I don’t know. I think I do.” He said and pulled on his hair a bit.
“Well too bad. I’m leaving.” I said and took my bag and my coat and made my way towards the front door.
“You’re leaving?” He asked me when I opened the front doors.
“That’s what the doors are for. Goodbye Harry.” I said and started to walk towards the gate.
“Let me at least drive you home!” He shouted after me.
“No need, I can walk. And I know that if I get in the car with you that you’ll try something!” I said turning to face him and he was standing at the doorway with car keys in his hands.
“Whatever, be a bitch and leave but don’t expect me to chase after you!” He shouted and I flipped him off before walking away from his house and him.

Author’s note: I know it’s been a week but I was busy with school. Also I know that situation in the fandom right now is really crappy but I do not intend to erase neither Zayn nor Eleanor from this story. I’m glad that Zayn decided to leave this kind of lifestyle before it ruined him completely and don’t look at it as an end of One Direction because the rest of the boys decided to keep going and I know they’ll try to be the best they can be and I support them no matter what they decide.
Sorry for a bit of a rant. If you want/need to talk just send me a message and we can do that. I’m on the break next week so hopefully more updates next week.

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L is for the way you look at me—

                  `everyone’s out to get piper, huh.`

can’t say i blame them.

                 `reyna and annabeth are scary together. annabeth and
                  piper are scary together. piper and reyna are also scary 
                  together. they’re the most terrifying triumvirate possible.
                  and if they all dated…`

jason looks appropriately scared.

                  `they’d be terrifying and adorable in equal measures? not
                   to mention, piper would go bald from stress dealing with
                   reyna’s chocolate addiction and annabeth ‘never sleeps
                   ever’ chase. she’s lucky to have charmspeak. reyna and
                   annabeth better treat her good.`

(he already knows they would.)

I'll be more active tomorrow I promise

Today been a bit emotional for me because of the Zayn thing but also other things.

Please don’t hurt yourselves for Zayn, don’t cut or commit suicide. It’s not worth it. I know what it’s like to do that thinking it will take the pain away. It doesn’t, don’t leave.

I love each and single one of you so much ❤️

Stay strong directioners ❤️