one direction live while were young

  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: One Direction (commonly abbreviated as 1D) are an English-Irish pop boy band based in London, composed of Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, and previously, Zayn Malik until his departure from the band on 25 March 2015. The group signed with Simon Cowell's record label Syco Records after forming and finishing third in the seventh series of the British televised singing competition The X Factor in 2010. Propelled to international success by social media, One Direction's four albums, Up All Night (2011), Take Me Home (2012), Midnight Memories (2013) and Four (2014) topped charts in most major markets, and generated hit singles including "What Makes You Beautiful", "Live While We're Young", and "Story of My Life". Their fifth studio album, Made in the A.M., was released in November 2015. Their awards include six Brit Awards, four MTV Video Music Awards, eleven MTV Europe Music Awards, seven American Music Awards (including Artist of the Year in 2014 and 2015), and 27 Teen Choice Awards, among many others. According to Nick Gatfield, the chairman and chief executive of Sony Music Entertainment UK, One Direction represented a $50 million business empire by June 2012. They were proclaimed 2012's "Top New Artist" by Billboard. According to the Sunday Times Rich List, by April 2013, they had an estimated personal combined wealth of £25 million ($41.2m) making them the second-wealthiest musicians in the UK under 30 years of age. In 2014, Forbes listed them the second-highest earning celebrities under 30, with the group earning an estimated $75 million from June 2013 to June 2014. In June 2015, Forbes listed their earnings at $130 million for the previous twelve months, and ranked them the fourth highest earning celebrities in the world. After the release of Four, One Direction became the first band in the U.S. Billboard 200 history to have their first four albums debut at number one. Their third album, Midnight Memories, was the biggest-selling album worldwide of 2013 despite being released in late November. The band's Where We Are Tour in support of Midnight Memories and Four, was the highest-grossing concert tour in 2014, and the highest-grossing tour ever by a vocal group, generating $282 million.In 2014, Billboard named One Direction Artist of the Year. The band is temporarily on a hiatus that began in January 2016, which is expected to last around 18 months.

I was a contestant on RuPaul’s Drag Race, and half of us were being eliminated one by one in head to head lipsync battles. I got nervous and ran off, and when I came back my song was halfway over. So I told Ru that I went to the bathroom and got another chance, and I lipsynced to Live While We’re Young by One Direction

izunauchihapower  asked:

I would like to know how Sasuke would react if after Itachi death he know that he has a niece and the girl is left in some village all by herself. What relations , thet would have. Please make a Scenario :) Thank you really much :*

I saw this ask being passed around a lot so I hope this scenario doesn't sound similar to others. I tried to make it different, but idk. Thank you for the request!

Sasuke meeting Itachi’s family

Sasuke didn’t want to believe it when the man claimed to be “Madara” told him of a secret life his brother had. His brother that took everything from him. His brother that scarred him as a child so that the village could live in peace. That same brother that corrupted every fond memory Sasuke had of him had the gull to create a new family. A family to love him despite the wreckage he had caused.

Sasuke was spiteful towards Itachi even after his death and the knowledge that he slaughtered their clan for the sake of the village. Killing everyone they knew in order to keep a hoard of others from dying. Sasuke didn’t know how to handle it and he scorned that very village his brother gave up his life to protect. Itachi sacrificed his family, his livelihood, his safety, his reputation, his soul to protect Konoha, to protect his little brother.

Sasuke despised Konoha and the orders they gave to Itachi to carry out. It was all too much to think about, to feel. So, when “Madara” had informed Sasuke the last sliver of news that Itachi did not want to be passed down after his death, Sasuke did not care for it. He wanted nothing to do with Itachi’s legacy he left behind.

He was far too furious at Konoha and devising a plan of revenge to get back at them that he didn’t even investigate the matter. It was only after Sasuke had met the reanimated Itachi in the war and realized the love Itachi had for him, did he recall to question Itachi about it.

Itachi looked saddened and disappointed to know that the information was revealed to Sasuke. Sasuke knew in that moment from the look of regret on Itachi’s face that the information that “Madara” spewed to him was true. Sasuke requested a name. Itachi gave him one.

Itachi was straight-faced and gave him one name of a girl. A girl that had held the rest of the broken pieces of his heart before he perished. It was enough information for Sasuke to go off of after the war.

The nations were at peace and while he was out making up for his sins he had committed, he was in search of this one girl. It took Sasuke months, but he was patient as he gathered information wherever he visited.

Finally, he came to a small town that directed him to a far off cottage where a young woman lived that went by the name Itachi had given him.

Sasuke didn’t know what to expect and knew his presences might not bring a warm welcome. He stepped into the yard of the young maiden’s cottage that those in the town called a widow. The cottage was small and dainty. It was surrounded by foliage and had a well of water beside it. The wood was a few years old and had a tiny porch where one lone chair sat and one table.

Sasuke was slow to venture into the yard as his eyes observed the house. He wondered if this was where Itachi came to visit or if they moved here after Itachi’s death. He couldn’t see his brother coming home to play house with a village girl here. It seemed wrong and brought a sense of anguish to Sasuke’s chest.

Suddenly the front door snapped open, alerting Sasuke.

“Are you gonna stand there all day?”

Sasuke’s eyes fell on the young woman that the village spoke up. Her eyebrows were creased and her features firm. She held no weapon in her hand, but marched confidently into her yard. She eyed him, recognition dawning on her face.

Her features softened into that of resign. A feeling of sorrow washing over her as she looked at her lover’s killer.

“You’re Sasuke, are you not?” The lady questioned, her tone mellow.

Sasuke was inwardly astounded she knew who he was as he curtly nodded. He wondered how much Itachi told her of his past and of him.

“You are Y/N,” Sasuke stated factually, but he wanted confirmation as his eyes hardened.


Silence passed between the two as they stared each other down. The young lady’s features were guarded, taking in the features of the young man before her. She had heard a lot of stories about the man named Sasuke Uchiha, especially ever since the war. The little boy Itachi use to briefly mention and express affection for did not seem like the same boy that grew up to take part in the war. She knew it had to do with Itachi’s betrayal against his little brother and she knew the legacy Itachi wanted to leave.

Itachi was prepared to die a villain. He tried to snuff out every bit of the truth of himself from all others except for her. She never once thought she would meet his little brother and if she did… She knew it would only be by a mistake.

If anyone came for her after Itachi’s death, it would have been Sasuke.  She figured if he came for her one day it would be to execute her out of hate and vengeance. She had accepted that it was a possibility when she became intimate with Itachi. She knew the dangers and she gladly accepted them to be with Itachi for however little he was hers for.

“Were you Itachi’s wife?” Sasuke questioned strictly.

“We weren’t officially wed, but yes you can say so,” the woman responded, somewhat uneasy.

The weight of the news stabbed at Sasuke’s heart. Itachi had a loved one to come home to, while he had none. Swallowing down the pit of emotion in his throat, Sasuke was about to ask another question when he was cut off.

“How do you know of me?” The woman questioned, heatedly.

“A man in an orange mask that went by Tobi and Madara,” Sasuke responded evenly.

The young woman cursed, peering down at the ground. “Tobi that scoundrel. He never was what he appeared to be,” the woman remarked, offhandedly mostly to herself.

Her piercing stare then snapped back to Sasuke.

“Are you here to kill me?” the woman questioned with restraint, her fist curling ever so slightly into a ball at her side.

Sasuke stared down the woman, preparing his answer for moment. “That’s not why I came.”

The woman wasn’t sure how to proceed. Rumors had said the last of the Uchiha was no longer a traitor and instead was walking an atonement to all his sins. She didn’t know whether to believe it or not. Itachi had faith that his little brother could have changed the fate of the Uchiha clan but there was no evidence to trust in Itachi’s theory.

Suddenly, two stammering feet came trotting outside the front door, distracting the two. Sasuke’s eyes widened as a small child, a little girl, came calling out for their mother, but she stopped suddenly at seeing Sasuke’s dark form in the yard.

The child hid behind the woman who was her mother, peering across the way to look at Sasuke. Sasuke could not deny how the girl’s chakra was eerily similar to his brother’s but not only was her chakra similar, she resembled Itachi. Sasuke loss all train of thought as his gaze fell heavily on the child.

“Momma, who’s that?” the soft voice of the girl called out, tugging on the young woman’s clothes.

The woman’s gaze never wavered from Sasuke, watching his reaction as she answered her child.

“This is your uncle. Sasuke Uchiha.”

Sasuke’s eyes shot up to hers instantly, realizing she was offering a way in for Sasuke to be a part of the family Itachi had created. She was extending a hand of trust and putting her faith in Itachi’s theory.

Itachi’s daughter stepped out from her mother’s shadow and waved shyly at Sasuke.

“Hello, Uncle Sasuke.”

Sasuke suddenly felt very warm in his chest as Itachi’s child spoke to him. It was not a feeling Sasuke was expecting and it was not an emotion Sasuke was use to feeling. The feeling was a deep need to protect and was a feeling of affection for the small piece of legacy Itachi left behind that wasn’t tainted. All that Sasuke wanted to do now was understand the family Itachi had chosen to love.


**Zayn Malik Imagine**

Imagine going to a pool party with Zayn.

More imagines here

not what you needed.

Member: Min Yoongi

Genre: Angst(of course), fluff?? Kinda??? Badboy!Yoongi, soulmate!au

Word Count: 2,666

A/N: Tbh there will be a lot of Yoongi and Kook fics, bc their by bias and bias wrecker, and I feel a bit more confident writing with them. (And my writings kinda fit their “personalities”, since y’all know my stories ain’t all sunshine and fluffy unicorns and rainbows.) The thing with this au is that instead of your soulmate’s first words spoken to you, it’s their last so you’ll never know if they were the one until you loose them. SO THIS MEANS MORE ANGST YAYYYY THERE WILL BE A FUCK TON OF THIS TOO!!!!! And this also means I’m still not doing the ones I said I would. Great. AND I’M STILL DOWN FOR YOUR GUYS’ REQUESTS!!!!

      Song I based this off of here. (EDEN - drugs)

      Those three words. Those three words that tortured you. Those three words that were etched into your skin, the ink drowned out by the other paintings all across your body. Those three words that follow you everywhere, reminding you that any love you have, might not be the one.

      Just let go.

      They were lost in the other tattoos on your body, but it was still there. On the right side of your neck, next to the image of a band-aid. Everyone else’s were, “I love you”, or, “Never forget me, okay?”. But not yours. It looked like everyone watched you, pitiful eyes staring at those three little words. So you stayed away from people, living a carefree life, trying to forget how cursed you were to society. You knew your own words were placed on someone’s body, dragging them down with you. You followed you own path, ignoring everyone’s comments on how sorry they were. Don’t be fucking sorry, live your own picture perfect life, with your two kids and white picket fence. I’m not letting three words control what I do.

      If only you knew that made it worse.

      It was the first day of winter break for college, and for the people staying here, there was a party being thrown. You lived on the other side of the country and, quite frankly, hated your family. They always set these low standards for you, all because of those damn words. How do they know you won’t live happily ever after? So, you moved as soon as you could. Got into a nice college, met some nice people, and got a nice job. All is going well, and you honestly don’t listen to the commentary you get.

      You headed over to the frat with your friends, Hoseok and Namjoon, walking down the middle of the streets with them. Coming up to the building, the bass was beating through the walls, drunks already fucking around on the front lawn. There were colored lights flooding through the windows, silhouettes of jumping bodies visible from your placement on the street. Sharing a look with the both of your friends, you lead the way inside of the cramped building. Weaving past people, you made your way up the stairs to the balcony. There was your friend, Seokjin, having an uncomfortable conversation with a drunk girl. His head shot up to look at you three, his lips moving to form the words, “please, get this bitch off me.”

      “Seokjin! There you are. We’ve been looking for you.” Namjoon said, leading your group up and shoving past the girl pressing against your friend. Stumbling back, the girl clumsily disappeared down the stairs.

      “I honestly don’t see how you always get yourself caught up with girls.” You say, sipping from a cup you picked up along the way.

      He scoffs, leaning against the wall. “Neither do I…” Seokjin was your old friend, who’s already out of school. He’s working for a model industry, and always gets dragged back to the college parties by a majority of the classes. He’s a pop, but a sweet one. You’ve always admired him for who he really is.

      Two hours and three beers pass, and the bodies around you are finally calming down. Or passing out. You didn’t really care to notice. Because you eyes had been locked with that of a stranger’s. A stranger with a head of blonde hair, and piercings everywhere that glimmered in the flashing lights. A stranger with an ice cold stare, but a smirk placed on his pale pink lips. A stranger with tattoos crawling up his neck, spreading over his knuckles, which are scarred red. Fights, you presume.

      “Bad choice, (Y/N).” Looking up to see Seokjin’s eyes casting to the man you were looking at, you glanced back to where he previously was. He was already gone. “You know when the party got suddenly silent? That’s ‘cuz he got here. Min Yoongi. He’s dangerous (Y/N), watch out for him. He won’t stop if he’s got his eyes on you.”

       Staring at the empty space, you tilted your head. “What’s his mark?”

      “No one knows.” With a sigh, he pats you on the shoulder and gives you a worried look. “Just… Don’t do anything crazy, okay?” As you nodded, he smiled and slithered off through the crowd to get another bottle.

      By three A.M, you decided you should head home. Walking down the sidewalks, you tightened your grip around your leather jacket. You didn’t live in a bad part of town, you could say, but all parts were bad at this time. The roaring of engines passed you, cars speeding down the empty streets, racing as fast as their modified engines could go. You had watched some street races, but it wasn’t any fun unless you were in the driver’s seat. All known from personal experience.

      “I guess I expected you to be in one of the cars. Well, I must say, you’re full of surprises.” Whipping your head around, you were met with those same dark eyes. It was him.

      “And I thought you would be shoving your tongue down a girl’s throat.” Turning on your heel, you heard a deep, gravely laugh come from him. His footsteps followed you as you walked, the heavy sound irritating you. Sucking in a breath, you turned and grabbed him by the front of his jacket. “Look darling, I suggest you stop following me before I stick a knife in your gut.”

      He let out a breathy chuckle, closing his eyes and holding his hands up in defense. “I’m helping you, darling. I’m making sure no one rapes you.” He pulled himself from your grasp, motioning for you to go forward. “But if you insist, I’ll head home now. Goodbye (Y/N).” His smirk made a presence again, and he turned and walked the other direction.

      You never told him your name.

      By the time spring rolled around, you had ran into Yoongi many more times than planned. Upon further inspection, you found out that he was a well known senior, a music major. His parents were killed when he was young, and he lived on the streets for a while. Someone rich found him, heard his music, and got hooked. Hence his ability to get into a nice college. He was a player, breaking girls’ and boys’ hearts for years. And yet he’s still got one of the biggest reputations on campus.

      It was a dark, rainy day when you encountered him. The day where everything had changed. You two had somehow got this whole, “I hate you but I don’t, so come over for pizza but you’re paying” relationship going. He had told you to meet at a cafe with him, for your daily arguments to wake the both of you up. Today’s topic was… Unusual.

      “What if we’re soulmates?” His proclamation caused you to spit out your black coffee, the liquid dripping down your chin.

      “There’s no way in hell that I would ever get with you.” He laughs, that rare and beautiful smile spreading over his features.

      “So you’re saying that the times where we made out in the corner of kitchens at parties, and those times where I fucked you, were all accidents?”

      Fuck. He got you there. Nothing had really changed, no dates or anything, you two were basically friends with benefits. There was always the occasional flings with each other, and the drunk kisses at parties, because hey there’s a creep over there staring at me we’re gonna kiss now. Well, at least that’s your excuse. It’s usually because you just wanna kiss him. “Fuck yourself and die in a hole.”

      He laughs again, his smirk clear on his face even from behind his cup. “What ever you say darling. What I’m saying, is that normal people still wouldn’t be talking to each other. You threatened to fucking stab me when we first met. If that doesn’t scare someone off, I don’t know what would.”

      “It’s probably just because we’re both ignorant assholes who hate everyone here. Except for a few people.”

      “Just let me prove my point!” You laughed, and leaned back, nodding for him to continue. “I’m just saying, that if I was any normal person that night, I would’ve said the words on your neck. But I didn’t. Make sense?”

      You knew that was definitely a possibility, you just didn’t want to believe it. Him? You told yourself that there was no way, even if he was hot and really sweet to you. Well, sweet in his own way. “Sure babe. Totally.”

      Totally was right.

       Once you both finished at the cafe, he walked with you around town.  You were someone who loved the rain, so you ran out and danced in the downpour while Yoongi was dragging his feet behind you. Which ended with him hugging you when you refused to stay under the umbrella

      “Yoongi, what the hell are you doing…” 

      He laughed, the sound vibrating against you, the feeling sending shivers down your spine. “I’m making sure you don’t get sick. Or too wet. Because that’s my job.” You roll your eyes and he laughed, a quiet, pervert slipping your lips. He took you to hang out at his apartment for some movies, and for you to possibly kidnap Holly again. In your defense, you didn’t know that the little pup was sleeping in your bag as you left last time. Let’s just say Yoongi didn’t talk to you for a week after that incident.

      Throwing open the door to his apartment, you kicked off your soaked shoes and fell onto his couch. “Get your soggy ass off of my couch and go change into one of my shirts, I’m not washing those damn cushions again.” He kicks you off of the couch, your frame landing face first on the carpet. Sighing, you heaved yourself up and walked down the hall to his room to find something. Opening the door, you were met with an eager Holly jumping all over you.

      “AHHH HI BABYYYY I MISSED YOU!!!!!” Leaving kisses all over her face, you ruffled her fur and went to find your favorite shirt of his in his closet. You changed into an old ripped up and bleached black shirt, and walked back out to where he was seated. He looked up at you from the TV and rolled his eyes, sitting up so there’s room on his lap for you. 

      “I give you the chance to change into my clothes, and you pick something like that?” Sitting on his lap, you made sure to drop onto him hard enough to hurt him, dick or not.

      Laughing at his strangled yelp, you squirmed and made yourself comfortable, curling up under the blanket spread over top of you both. “You have no right to critique me on my fashion sense. Almost everything you own is ripped.” Looking back at the screen, you both watched The Corpse bride on Netflix before dozing off in his arms. You couldn’t help but notice the way your heart tugged when he would subtly compliment you, or the heat that rose throughout your body from that night on. You had fallen in love with Min Yoongi.

      Four years later, you two had been dating and took the world by surprise. Scratch that, universe. You found yourself thinking more and more about his mark, that was probably effecting you more than him. I can’t love myself if I can’t love you.

      You found out that those words weren’t really the tattoo he told everyone about, but in fact, his mark. You really hoped that he wasn’t your soulmate now, just so that you wouldn’t have to think of hurting him in that way. You played out every scenario in your mind, thinking of how or why either of you would use those phrases in an argument that could lead to no words ever being spoken between you two again.

      You didn’t plan out that it would happen today. Today was one of those days, where you pushed anything bad out of your mind and just focused on the tasks  at hand. It was one of those days where the memory of both of your marks was completely stripped clean.

      You had made some dinner for him, the delicious smell filling up the entirety of your shared apartment. You knew how hard he had been working at his studio, the process draining all energy from his body. As soon as you finished, you plated everything and went to go sit on the steps outside. You had tamed a few strays, so you sat there, playing with the slim and scrawny cats, feeding them some old scraps. Next time you check, it’s midnight. Where is he…? You thought, your eyes looking around the streets in front of you. There, you saw the figure of a tired man, trudging his way home. The figure of the man you called yours.

      Standing, you jogged over to him, a worried smile on your lips. “Hey baby… Come in, we’ll get you relaxed.” Walking straight past you, he didn’t bother to even spare you a glance. You knew something was up; he never did that. Following him, you lightly placed your hand on his shoulder, only to have it shoved off.

      “Don’t fucking touch me.” His voice was dangerously low, the sound striking your body with panic. And, of course, you just had to argue. Because that’s what the two of you did.

      “What the actual fuck, Yoongi? What’s wrong?”

      “You, (Y/N), you’re what’s wrong. Your always being super distant one second, and then clinging onto me for your damn life. You don’t know how to let go, you think that this needs to work. And, in all honestly, I’m just saying what I need to say. Because I don’t have anything for you.” His voice falls at the end, cracks spreading over his words like wildfire. His eyes show his torn heart, they show how it cracks, the pieces just slipping through your fingers. You weren’t fast enough.


      “Stop, (Y/N), don’t try.”

      “Yoongi, without you I’m fucking nothing. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if you were gone, I just need you happy. I know it sounds selfish, but I need you to love. I can’t love myself if I can’t love you.” Tears were streaming down your cheeks, your chest ablaze from holding back your sobs.

      “This isn’t you, and you know it. I won’t say shit, because I know I’m a mess. And I’m whatever you want, but never what you need. Especially when you need me. So, please (Y/N)… Just let go.” He didn’t even look at you as he turned, heading to cross the street. You realized the last words you two had shared, desperate to change them. But no one can rewrite fate.

      Your voice ripped through the air, the call of his name loud enough to shatter glass. But you were too late.


      The sound of his body being thrown against a windshield cracked through the sounds of squealing rubber. Your eyes were locked with a stranger’s, a stranger of whom you loved, laying lifelessly on the road, blood coloring over his pale skin. A stranger who’s head of bleached blonde hair was slowly reddening. A stranger with piercing covered with a crimson red liquid. A stranger who’s pale pink lips were slowly loosing color, as scarlet fell from them and pooled onto the ground. Your eyes were locked with that of a stranger’s, who’s glassy eyes were staring out at you as a singular tear dripped into a puddle of blood forming just underneath his head.

      The stranger you once knew was dead.



In celebration of The Vamps’ 3 year anniversary, I’ve put together a masterpost of some of my favorite songs, music videos, live performances, video diaries and more! 

Music videos:

Can We Dance

Wild Heart

Last Night

Somebody To You ft. Demi Lovato

Oh Cecilia (Breaking My Heart) ft. Shawn Mendes

Hurricane (From “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day”)

The Vamps Takeover on AwesomenessTV (2015)

Tristan in Underwear

The Vamps Play Would You Rather

The Vamps Surprise Fans Backstage!

Brad from The Vamps GETS PRANKED!

The Vamps Play Two Truths and A Lie

James McVey plays with KITTENS!!

The Vamps Prank CALL using their Alter Egos!

The Vamps create a RUCKUS on London Streets

The Vamps Introduce The Tide

A Few Twitcams/Livestreams (not in order.)

The Vamps twitcam 25.06.2014 part 1

The Vamps twitcam 25.06.2014 part 2

The Vamps twitcam 25.06,2014 part 3

The Vamps Twitcam 12/03/14

The Vamps Full Twitcam 19/12/2012

The Vamps - Twitcam - 3.10.13 - FULL

The Vamps Twitcam (20/9/13) PART 1

The Vamps Twitcam (20/9/13) PART 2

The Vamps Twitcam (20/9/13) PART 3


The Vamps Pyjama Twitcam (28/9/13) PART 1

The Vamps Pyjama Twitcam (28/9/13) PART 2


Covers (not in order)

Hallelujah - Leonard Cohen (Cover By Bradley Will Simpson, The Vamps)

Wizzard - I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday (Cover By The Vamps)

My Chemical Romance - Teenagers (live cover by the Vamps at Birmingham Indoor Arena)

Young Volcanoes - Fall Out Boy (Cover By Connor Ball, The Vamps)

Twist And Shout (Cover By The Vamps)

Life Of The Party - Shawn Mendes (Cover By Brad From The Vamps)

Ed Sheeran - Tenerife Sea (So In Love) Cover by James From The Vamps

Sweater Weather - The Neighbourhood (Cover Teaser By The Vamps)

One Direction - Story of My Life (Cover By The Vamps)

MMM Bop - Hanson (Cover By The Vamps)

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (The Vamps cover Taylor Swift)

Silent Night (Cover By The Vamps)

Conor Maynard - Vegas Girl (Cover by The Vamps)

Austin Mahone - Say You’re Just A Friend (Cover By The Vamps)

Justin Bieber - All Around The World (Mashup Cover By The Vamps)

Taylor Swift - 22 (Cover By The Vamps)

One Way Or Another - One Direction Comic Relief Single (Cover by the Vamps)

Little Things - One Direction (The Vamps Cover)

One Direction - Live While We’re Young (Cover By The Vamps)

Justin Bieber - As Long As You Love Me ft. Big Sean (Cover by The Vamps)

I Knew You Were Trouble - Taylor Swift (The Vamps Cover)

Bruno Mars - When I Was Your Man (Mashup Cover By The Vamps)

Rockin’ Robin - The Jackson 5 (The Vamps Cover)

Kiss You - One Direction (Cover By The Vamps)

The Wanted - Walks Like Rihanna (Cover By The Vamps)

Passenger - Let Her Go (Cover By The Vamps)

Mcfly - That Girl (Cover by The Vamps) with Dougie Poynter and Carrie Hope Fletcher

Pink - Just Give Me A Reason (Cover By The Vamps)

Teenage Kicks McFly Tour Video (Cover by The Vamps)

Neon Trees - Everybody Talks / Animal Mashup (Cover By The Vamps)

Amy Winehouse - Valerie (Cover by The Vamps feat. A*M*E)

Brokenhearted - Lawson (Cover By The Vamps)

Austin Mahone - What About Love (Cover By The Vamps)

Miley Cyrus - We Can’t Stop (Cover By The Vamps)

One Direction - Best Song Ever (Cover By The Vamps)

Mr Brightside - The Killers (Cover By The Vamps)

Sleighing In The Snow (Live Acoustic by James McVey, The Vamps)

Pumped Up Kicks - Foster The People (Live Cable Car Cover By Brad and James, The Vamps)

One Direction - Midnight Memories (Cover By The Vamps)

Other Random Videos

Drum Solo by Tristan Evans, The Vamps - Director’s Cut (UK Tour 2014)

The Vamps - Bloopers 2014

The Vamps - Bloopers 2013!

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Connor Ball - Weightless

The Vamps - Last Night Connor & James Edition

The Vamps - Wild Heart James & Connor Edition

The Vamps - Wild Heart Tristan Animal Edition

Can We Dance - The Vamps ( Tristan’s version )

Last Night (Tristan’s Animal Remix)

The Vamps - Last Night (Live from Birmingham) (VEVO LIFT): Brought To You By McDonald’s

The Vamps Live//Uptown Funk/Shake It Off/We Can’t Stop

The Vamps - Lovestruck (Live in Birmingham)

Risk It All (Live) - The Vamps

The Vamps: James and Brad Demo - Rough Night (Lyric Video)

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Happy 4th Anniversary One Direction!

Auditioned as solo artists for the 7th series of the British televised singing competition The X Factor but failed to progress to the “Boys” category however they were put together as a group during the “bootcamp” thus qualifying for the “Groups” category then came third on the X Factor 2010, signed a 2 million record contract with Syco Records. 

One Direction’s two albums Up All Night and Take Me Home, released in 2011 and 2012 respectively, broke several records, topped the charts of most major markets, and generated hit singles, including “What Makes You Beautiful” and “Live While We’re Young”.

One Direction performed “Little Things” at the 2012 Royal Variety Performance in the presence of Queen Elizabeth II, and headlined a sold-out show at New York City’s Madison Square Garden on 3 December 2012 and they performed “What Makes You Beautiful” at the 2012 Summer Olympics closing ceremony in London. In February 2013, One Direction released a cover version of “One Way or Another” and “Teenage Kicks”, “One Way or Another (Teenage Kicks)”, as the 2013 Comic Relief single

One Direction: This Is Us, a 3D documentary and concert movie about the group directed by Morgan Spurlock and produced by Spurlock, Ben Winston, Adam Milano and Simon Cowell, was released by TriStar Pictures on 30 August 2013. The film features the song “Best Song Ever”, released on 22 July 2013. “Best Song Ever” slated to serve as the lead single of the group’s third studio album Midnight Memories. The film was a box office success, topping the UK and US box offices and grossing over $60 million worldwide. It is currently the fourth highest grossing concert movie. 

Midnight Memories was released globally on 25 November 2013. The album was described by the band as edgier and as having a “slightly rockier tone” than their previous efforts. The album debuted at number one on the Irish Albums Chart and number two on the Dutch Albums Chart. On 29 November 2013, it was announced that it had become the fastest-selling album of 2013 in the UK, with 187,660 copies sold in four days.It was revealed on 1 December 2013, that the album had sold in excess of 237,000 copies in its first week in the UK. It became the best-selling album of 2013 in the UK with 685,000 copies sold for the year.      

On 16 May 2013, the band announced their first stadium tour, the Where We Are Tour, which is set to commence in April 2014. They plan to donate £200,000 of the tour’s ticket sales to the Stand Up to Cancer charity. It was also announced that when the tickets went on sale on May 25, 2013 it sold out in minutes.

+ The June 28 and 29, 2014 shows at San Siro in Milan, Italy were recorded and will be released on DVD in December 2014.

“I hope when we look back in how many years when we’re granddads, and we look back in the band, I just hope that when we look back on it and think ‘We had the most amazing time and that we’ve actually stayed true to ourselves.” - Louis

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omg so yesterday during one of my classes this dude and i somehow started talking about one direction and our favorites and stuff and this boi freaking swears larry is real and i almost cut him off completely but then he swore he was kidding. but anyways so my best friend joins he conversation and then more people join aND THEN WE STARTED SINGING MOMENTS AND LIVE WHILE WERE YOUNG AND NOW WERE PLANNING A 1D PARTY AND WERE GONNA WSTCH THE VIDEO DIARIES AMF LISTEN TO YHE OLD ALBUMS AND IM EXCITED



as fotos não estão em 1500x500 mas podem confiar em mim que vai ficar bonito quando colocado no twitter :-) espero que gostem

Summer of 2013 was the best summer though because One Direction was doing the Take Me Home Tour and they were just a touch of famous so they were starting to get invited to awards shows and then they were on iCarly but they still needed to go to radio stations and photo shoots and Harry was orange and ugh take me back!!!