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Anyone wanna hear a little story? ok well i driving home from my soccer game and i was in a wicked bad mood because we tied and should of won. so i was flipping out on everyone for a good 10 minutes..then all of a suddenn………………………………………..LIVE WHILE WE’RE YOUNG came on and i burst into song crying/smiling and i was good for the rest of the car ride. yea thats it

Made in the AM listening session recap

Made in the A.M. Listening Session – I Am Jaggerme br>

First of all, the line inside the theater for the session was crazy pants. Super long, but for the most part, people sang One Direction songs and happily chatted. The positive affect was contagious.

Prior to the screening, there was a warning displayed regarding cell phone, camera or other recording device use, although this warning was not slightly enforced. There were ushers in the theater throughout the screening, but anyone could easily have recorded the entire film as phones and other devices were allowed inside, guests were simply asked to turn them off. Which is unfortunate, because apparently people recorded the sessions and the songs leaked.

The actual listening session started with the music videos for WMYB, Live While We’re Young, Kiss You, Story of My Life, Best Song Ever and Steal My Girl. Which was hella smart, because the videos got everyone pumped: the audience singing, clapping, and generally screaming their lungs out when their favorite came on screen. Good times were had by all during this trip down memory lane. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT: THE THRILL OF SEEING THE KISS YOU VIDEO ON A MOVIE SCREEN ALONE WAS WORTH THE COST OF ADMISSION.

Between each song, there were segments with the individual boys (never a group interview) wherein they discussed the songs and what they meant to them. These interviews gave me feelings. During the songs, clips were shown that represented different stages of One Direction’s evolution from Up All Night to Made in the A.M., including behind the scenes footage of video shoots, backstage at concerts, commercial shoots and tour clips. I did notice they used the same clip from the car commercial shoot twice. Bad form, One Direction. Bad form.

Hey Angel – My new jam. Harry compares it to Clouds in that it’s a really strong opener for the album. Killer drumbeats and just basically an amazing song. I will be listening to it on a loop.

Drag Me Down – You all know the score on this song. Beyoncé-style secret spy release, literally the greatest surprise ever because it’s such a good song. The boys noted this song kind of represented the aftermath of the past year. Again with the feelings. The official DMD video was played for this song.

Perfect – Another song you are all familiar with. I will say it was funny to hear Harry discuss it as sort of a non-romantic love song. Let me interject here that during the Perfect video, which was the official song video, the video cut away in a few spots to display the song title (this was the case with each song). Anyhoodles, the video cut away during the majority of Harry’s sprawled on the bed scene. Those in attendance were not pleased. Bless. Also, I love Harry to Reece’s Pieces. Postmodern feminist angel, that one.

Infinity – Another song you kids all know. But seriously, after hearing the entire album, I’m kind of surprised by what they have released as singles so far. I say this with love; Infinity will not be your favorite when you’ve heard the album in its entirety. The boys love Infinity and it was written on the first day of writing for the album. They are just super proud of this song, which is lovely.

End of the Day – This song is an enigma, wrapped in a riddle and shrouded in a mystery. I say this because the song is basically two songs in one. It starts out one way and then BAM! – it gets off the turnpike and heads in the other direction. It has a really great chorus and Louis noted that the hook just sticks with you. Louis is an adorable human being, by the way.

If I Could Fly – It’s important that you do these things when listening to this song. First, find a clean, safe space. Next, lie down within that space and then curl yourself into a very tight fetal position. Finally, maintain that position for the next fifteen to twenty years. This is a perfect song. The piano on this song makes me weep. This song is so lovely. I cannot talk enough about the greatness of this song. I need to go cry. For the next fifteen to twenty years.

Long Way Down – Liam describes this song as being heavily influenced by the 90’s musical scene, in particular Oasis and Robbie Williams. And can I just point out how wonderful it was to hear the boys talk about their musical influences and then hear the influences in the songs? It is freaking amazing. Their appreciation of the music that came before them is reverential and never merely derivative. They are so great. NIALL KILLS THIS SONG. The most precious thing ever was when Niall commented that he was encouraged to sing like The Boss, sing like Bruce (Springsteen). My love for Bruce Springsteen is borderline unholy, so for little Nialler to be looking up to Bruce and even imitating him (which was precious and priceless), well, it was just good stuff.

Never Enough – This is Niall’s favorite on the record. Niall is an adorable peanut by the way. THE HORNS WERE RECORDED IN MY CITY – CHICAGO!!! They mentioned The Windy City a couple times, which was awesome because the theater packed with Chicagoans went nuts for it. The song is basically doo-wop, with a sprinkle of reggae and thoroughly modern mojo.

Olivia – Harry mentioned the strings were recorded at Abbey Road Studios, which was absolutely perfect and appropriate because this song just pays homage to The Beatles in such a fun way. There are really good horn sections in this song that reminded me of Yellow Submarine and other bits sounded like Dear Prudence. OH!! And the song has these epic Willy Wonka World of Imagination-style riffs that are so so good. It’s just a really great song and I can’t wait to listen to it on repeat. Also, Harry said although this song is called Olivia, it could be about a girl, but that’s not necessarily the case. Why is he a perfect person?

What a Feeling – This song is to Made in the A.M. what Fireproof was to Four, which is kind of awesome when one considers how fabulous Fireproof is. Niall mentioned a Fleetwood Mac influence and this is so fitting, because anyone who loves Fleetwood Mac can feel the album Mirage in the song Fireproof. This song is similar in that it boasts amazing harmonies that are so smooth and lovely. This song resonates maturity and the boys’ voices have grown so much. They’re really great artists. Recognize this already, Rolling Stone magazine.

Love You Goodbye – Get your tissues out because Louis kills this song so hard you are going to want to cry for about ten weeks. He stated that this song is about a breakup and seeing your ex afterwards. There was a collective “Awwww” in the theater that could be heard in three counties. But most importantly, LOUIS’ VOCALS WERE SO AMAZING!!! He sounded truly great and there was none of that unnecessary autotune nonsense that upsets me about Perfect. It was just his voice, unaltered and beautiful. Louis’ high note? I can’t breathe.

I Want to Write You a Song – This song is Liam’s favorite off the album and Liam was super adorable talking about it and it just made me happy. RECORDED IN CHICAGO! WOOT! This is a really fun, sweet song and it kind off reminds me a bit of the Moldy Peaches with a little smidge of folk thrown in. Love.

History – This song is a love song to the fans. Accompanying this were clips of fans throughout the years and it was just a strong reminder that One Direction literally has the BEST FANS IN THE WORLD. Never doubt that, because this fandom is literally the beesknees. Louis describes this as a perfect song. Niall mentions Otis Redding as being an influence and that’s very evident. There are really good harmonies in this song, a great beat, and very clean vocals.

Temporary Fix – This song is one-night-stand drunk love smut. Niall sounds great in this song. They all do. I really think those boys have been meeting their vocal coaches, because this album does not sound manipulated and their vocals are just so on point.

Walking in the Wind – I LOVE THIS SONG SO HARD! Harry discussed Paul Simon’s masterpiece Graceland as being an influence and the song definitely celebrates Simon’s aesthetic. How much do I love that Harry loves Graceland? That album is one of the greatest records of the 20th Century. This is a song I will play on repeat. It’s layered and lovely and makes me happy.

Wolves – This song is pure One Direction. If different artists and genres influenced other songs on the album, than One Direction influences this song. It just sounds like a classic One Direction single. Strong vocals and harmonies and really fun lyrics.

Made in the A.M. – This is really fun way to close out the album. Niall talked about how they would work on the album in the early morning hours and stated, “If you don’t remember what happened at 2 AM, you can at 6 because you’ve sobered up a little by then.” I love Nialler. This song has GREAT GUITAR licks. Seriously. So good.

All in all, the Made in the A.M. session was fun and the positive affect of the amazing fans made it even better. I can’t wait to have the complete album to play on repeat. I think for 25 bucks they should have sent out the deluxe album, so that aspect was uncool, but it was a positive experience. This is truly One Direction’s most mature and strongest album yet. Love and peace! #onedirection #madeintheam #madeintheamlisteningsession #ificouldflyismyjam #harrystyles #louistomlinson #liampayne #niallhoran #thecraicishappiness #album #love