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Everywhere Styles goes, a screaming pack of One Direction fans follows. But, now that the shaggy-haired singer is set to make his feature debut in Christopher Nolan’s highly anticipated World War II film “Dunkirk,” his fans may well start screaming for a different reason. With no screen track record save for music videos, TV series like the U.K.’s “X Factor,” and a cameo in “Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie,” the question remains: Can Harry Styles act? Certainly that looks like a good bet, and he’ll be surrounded with a host of A-plus British talent including Mark Rylance, Tom Hardy, and Kenneth Branagh. Styles might well surprise fans and critics in “Dunkirk,” and, perhaps, launch a burgeoning film career.Will Thorne (x)
No. 5: Rob Stringer | Power 100 Q&A
ROB LIGHT, 54. Chairman/CEO, Columbia

How about the Harry Styles album?
We’re close and we’re very excited. We have a record we’re incredibly excited about and it’s not far away from being ready. We obviously want everything to be beautifully done, because we think he’s here to stay. Harry has stepped up with the vision of someone who’s authentic.

Typically with boy bands, there’s only one breakout star. How is it that One direction – with successful simultaneous singles by Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson – is bucking this long standing norm?
They didn’t box themselves into a corner singing and dancing. It didn’t have all the rules of the boy bands of the past where they’re too boy-next-door, too sickly sweet. They weren’t caricatures. And today, they’re making smart choices. It doesn’t surprise me that there’s is a different path and they’re doing pretty well. With One Direction, they became so big everywhere and from day one that their spread is much wider than other previous boy bands.

This is one small step for music lovers everywhere, and one giant leap for the One Direction fandom.

Twitter nearly imploded Saturday when Harry Styles reportedly unveiled what appears to be a release date for his debut solo single. The teaser aired across the pond in between segments of The Voice U.K., and alludes to April 7 as a big day for the British heartthrob.

In the 30-second spot, which quickly surfaced all over the internet, Styles is seen walking through a smoky room toward a door with bright lights shining through it. We then see a glimpse of the singer’s signature green eyes and long brunette curls before “April 7th” flashes across the screen.

Oh, the mystery and intrigue of it all!

Harry also made a cryptic return to Instagram for the first time since last September, sharing nothing but three completely blank, white images.

E! News confirmed last summer that Styles, 23, signed a solo recording contract with Columbia Records, the same label behind his group. Last year, four of his solo songs were registered with the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers. And last March, he joined Full Stop Management, headed by former CAA executive Jeffrey Azoff.

He follows in the footsteps of his fellow bandmates, who have each broken off from 1D in their own way. Zayn Malik left the group officially in 2015, and has since released a debut solo album, while Niall Horan dropped a solo single last September and Louis Tomlinson partnered with DJ Steve Aoki on a track. Similarly, Liam Payne recently signed a solo record deal with Republic Records in the U.S.

As for the future of One Direction, which has remained on hiatus after the release of their 2015 album Made in the A.M., it appears as if the guys aren’t ready to get the band back together just yet.

In an interview with AnotherMan magazine, Styles shared, “I would never say we’ll never do anything again, but it’s good for us to be exploring different things. Maybe at some point everyone will want to do something again, but it’s better if it happens naturally.”

He added, “Like, ‘Hey, we all really want to do something again.’ If that were to happen it would be amazing. I would never rule that out. It’s the most important, greatest thing that’s ever happened to me, being in that band.”

Looks like the countdown until April 7 is officially on!

Fic Recs: Fluff

Some of my faves:


1. Hold My Breath (zarah5) - It’s possible — possible — that his three-week ban from the football pitch makes Louis just a tad antsy. Surely it’s not so bad that it warrants punishment in the form of his friends signing him up for a yoga class? Either way, Louis is determined to hate every second of it.

He didn’t count on a yoga instructor who wears flower-patterned headscarves and smiles like summer won’t end.

2. Shine (togetherwecouldbealright) - Louis is an actor who needs to get away from the real world. He does the only thing that he can and runs away, finding himself in a small town where he happens upon Harry. What Louis doesn’t expect is to somehow fall in love and end up having to face what he was running from all along.

3. As You Are (zarah5) - Five years after The X Factor launched his career as a radio host and songwriter, Louis Tomlinson returns as a judge. Falling for a contestant is the last thing he needs. It’s also against his contract.

4. Sing When You’re Winning (hazmesentir) - Harry’s a chronically underpaid magazine intern and Louis is the Premier League’s first gay footballer and pretty much the last thing they need is each other.

5. We’re Afire Love (soleilouis) - Harry and Louis are best friends. Harry has the whole “crush” thing under control, honestly. Until, of course, he moves in with Louis and his baby.

6. It’s Hard To Look Right At You, Baby (kenziexo) - Coffee Shop AU where Louis is going through a dry spell, Zayn wants to be a good friend and help Louis find someone, and Harry ends up finding him instead.

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I used to be a Neo-Nazi who should have been punched in the face. • r/offmychest
The 'Punch Nazis' trend, and people saying 'no don't do that', lately has brought up one of the most shameful aspects of my life. Once upon a...

The ‘Punch Nazis’ trend, and people saying 'no don’t do that’, lately has brought up one of the most shameful aspects of my life.

Once upon a time, many years ago, I was a neo-Nazi. As a teenager, I got involved with a guy who also considered himself a neo-nazi and I wound up with a swastika scratched into my leg that fortunately has left virtually no scar. Unsurprisingly, this was a horribly unhealthy relationship for 17yr old me to be in and it didn’t last long. A few years later I dated another guy, and his girlfriend. He was a neo-nazi, and his girlfriend was Jewish, and he got off on having a Jewish girl willing to basically pull a 'Night Porter’ with him. That too, unsurprisingly, was a very unhealthy relationship and was over very fast.

But how, why did I get sucked into that life? Quite simply, I was raised by racist parents. Parents who, though they’ve much improved in their views since my younger years, instilled in me the same racism and prejudices they held, all with the classic phrase of 'but we’re not raicst.’ No matter how rebellious I was in everything from religion to sub-culture to music to w/e, I never felt a need to rebel against that because it had been a part of my life on such a passive, natural level. As I became an adult and became more aware of the world around me and actually STUDIED (after some help) and educated myself, I began to see that what I was buying into, or at that point at least NOT rebelling against, was fucked up. Yet it was still hard to overcome, because hatred and pride are so, so easy to get sucked into. 'Misery loves company’ and there is a lot of misery in the world of white supremacists, so there’s plenty of people to pull you down while making it seem like they’re holding you up.

Ultimately I met someone who was willing to challenge me on absolutely everything and force me to think for myself. Every view I presented was questioned harshly, meanly, and time and time again my views that aligned with racism and nazism were demolished with logic. Soon this logic enabled me to realize 'Holy fuck, I have been a huge idiot, this is wrong’ (to say the least) and the same cognitive dissonance that set in with my 'religious epiphany’ began regarding human compassion. In that moment I swore I would not be party to those views again.

Looking back on it, were it not for the fact that I am A: Rebellious, B: Open to learning new things, and C: had someone willing to be a patient asshole with my stubborn bigotry, there is a chance that even now (I’m 28) I would not have overcome those viewpoints. Shy of someone literally punching me in the face, of someone blatantly and rudely standing up to me, I’d have carried on like I was right to hold those prejudices and ideologies.

And from what I knew/know of people who identify as 'nazis’ or 'alt-right’ or 'fascists’ or whatever fucking label they’re trying to put on their idiocy… they’re terrible people. The vast majority of whom are completely unwilling to entertain the idea they’re wrong. It doesn’t matter how eloquent you are, how patient you are, how peaceful you are, probably 98% of them will not listen and will not change their minds. There is something about the comradery of that hatred and pride that is more addictive than heroine. And that 2% that might be willing? They’ll branch out on their own, secretly, and entertain those ideas. But that 2% isn’t worth holding back.

Now we have the trend of punching nazis. And I love it. I love the fact that I love it, because a decade ago, I’d have been offended because I’d be a target. And yeah, punching their lights out may only serve to close their minds further, but, it does in fact teach them to keep their nonsense to themselves and not spout it publicly, and that they aren’t safe if they do. So, I just can’t get behind the idea of 'no, you can’t do that, it’s just more violence!’ because I’ve been there and know that’s the language they speak, that I once spoke; it was the language I best understood at the time.

If I met 17 year old nazi-me today, I’d punch myself in the face. And I’d have deserved it.

Thanks for reading, reddit. And also, to everyone who has ever been persecuted by fascists, neo-nazi’s and the 'altright’ or straight up racists… I’m sorry. I can’t apologize for them, but I still apologize for anything and everything I ever did to add to that grief.

EDIT Well. This got a bit popular. I’m trying my best to answer questions and messages! The biggest question I’ve gotten in messages has been about how to address people who are racist/involved in white supremacy to help turn them around (without just punching them in the face.)

My advice on this, and what worked with me, was knowing logical fallacies as my 'mentor’ who guided me out of the cave did. And he was a relentless asshole Granted, I was already open to new things and to learning, and without that it would have been a futile effort. One has to be open to and aware of the notion of cognitive dissonance for it to have a positive impact, otherwise they will just run further into the cave out of fear. However, if they are open to it, ask what their views are. Do this several times without criticizing or affirming, just do it to understand. Then go back and each time you speak with them, point out their lapses in logic: “But that’s post hoc… you’re basing that on false equivalence… don’t strawman’ and explain what those are. This took months and also my mentor convinced me to travel a bit with him on his dime. Like, he went above and beyond what most people could ever do. He helped to physically remove me from that life for a short time, but while someone is immersed in it… it’s daunting, and it’s going to take a very long time. I wish I could give you a more positive, instant-gratification answer, but that’s been my experience and that’s what I can convey best.

EDIT EDIT I understand many of you don’t advocate violence/are against the notion of punching people in the face even though they are literal nazis/think violence isn’t the answer… and you’re welcome to that view. However, I was met with those views time and time again, and they didn’t work. Being a woman, I seldom was the one attacked (sexism is a thing everywhere and in many directions… but that’s another issue) but my male counterparts were, and they deserved it. That’s what shut them up, that’s what pushed them back into the shadows. Yes, I am living proof that you can crawl out of that hole without that physical violence, but I also know how much of an anomaly that is (also that the verbal skirmishes with my mentor were far more painful and filled with far more rage than a fist to the face). You can accept the testimony of myself, and others who have posted here who’ve dealt with this lifestyle first hand, and consider it, or don’t. That’s up to you. I’ve posted this to simply express my experience and how I’ll choose to deal with it if needed.

EDIT EDIT EDIT Holy gilding batman! Thank you! And regardless of the mixed responses, even the harassing ones, I appreciate the conversation this has started and the insights that have been shared here.

EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT This post got far bigger than expected. I’m doing my best to answer questions and messages but I didn’t expect to front page (apparently this did? I didn’t see it but a few people mentioned that) and I can only tackle so much but I’ll try to get to all of it in time!

all of my love and respect is for harry. he always knows how to show the most amount of love with the smallest and simplest gestures; whether it be with words or just the choice of songs. he is the epitome of kindness and I could not be more grateful that he exists among a dark world to light up a path for everyone else.


Charioce is beautiful - The AMV 

I don’t even know why or how, it just popped into my snb folder and I felt it was my duty to share lol
also this was such in a better quality before ffff damn

Preference #17 - The Baby Falls Asleep On Him (Louis)

The fundraising event that One Direction was attending was massive, people everywhere, talking and drinking. Louis was standing with the other boys, his tired, cranky one year old daughter cradled in his arms. It was no secret that when Bella got tired she only wanted her Daddy, she’d scream and cry if anyone else was holding her, her little chubby fingers constantly reaching out for Louis.

As a result he was now holding her while she sniffled into the crook of his neck, her fingers in her mouth as her eyes got heavier with sleep. It was past her bedtime and you’d offered to take her home and get her into bed while Louis stayed a little longer but as soon as he’d passed her over it was mayhem. Louis took her back with a chuckle, kissing your lips and telling you he’d only stay a little longer and than you could all go home together.
As Harry continued telling the story he was in the middle of Louis looked down at his little girl, rubbing her back softly while pressing a kiss to her rosy cheek. Apart from you Bella was the most important thing in his life, he loved the little girl with everything in his heart.

Bella blinked her eyes slowly, a yawn falling from her lips as she gripped the fabric of Louis’ jacket, the movement of his hand rubbing along her back putting her right to sleep.
“Think maybe it’s time for little Miss to get home huh?” Liam commented, smiling adoringly down at his little niece.
“Yeah, probably a good idea,” Louis chuckled. “Otherwise she’ll wake up and scream the whole place down.”
“She does have quite a set of pipes on her,” Harry laughed.
“I’ll catch you lads tomorrow.”
Louis finished up saying goodbye, his eyes scanning the room for where you were while he rocked the little girl softly, hoping that she was going to stay asleep.

When he caught up to you he slipped his free arm around your waist, tugging you into his side.
“Let’s get home Boo,” He whispered gently.

Written By Bree xx

Random April headcanons

- Her guilty pleasure is crappy teen shows, pretty little liars, teen wolf, vampire diaries. The shittier the better

- She loves to knit, her grandma taught her she’s kinda shit at it and can only really knit squares but she still loves it and there are just random knitting needles and balls of wool everywhere

- Was a HUGE one direction fan, she refuses to tell anyone but still ugly cries if you play little things around her

- Obsessed with the soaps, Corronation Street was her fave but has serious thoughts about how ever since becky left it hasn’t been the same (she was very shocked about how much quill resembles her)

- She’s neither a dog person or a cat person, she’s a rabbit person

- She knows that her preference for pineapple on pizza is disgusting and wrong and goes to therapy to learn how to love herself enough to stop her shameful behaviour


Dating Liam Dunbar Would Include:

  • you being the only person that liam trusts when he was first bitten
  • being best friends for a while until he gained enough confidence to ask you to be his girlfriend
  • him not understanding why it’s only you that can calm him down when his anger too much
  • until scott explains the concept of anchors to him
  • “I’m pretty sure you’re my anchor, y/n”
  • you practically living at his house
  • his family loving you and vice versa
  • him teaching you how to play lacrosse
  • whilst you wear his lacrosse jersey
  • kissing in the locker room after everyone’s left
  • kissing in coaches office
  • kissing in the janitors closet
  • kissing everywhere, all the time
  • having one direction music marathons and liam secretly loving it
  • “I only do this because I love you”
  • “yeah, I’m sure that’s the only reason, li”
  • heart eyes motherfucker
  • him being the little spoon after he has a nightmare or a shit day
  • but every other night, the first one to call shotgun gets to be it
  • “but being the little spoon isn’t manly, y/n”
  • you rolling your eyes because you’ve noticed how some nights he calls shotgun rather panicky because he doesn’t want you to say it first
  • passing notes in class that has insults written all over them
  • “ur an asshole :)”
  • but also little love hearts because come on
  • “but ily <3″
  • him always greeting you with nose kisses
  • winking at each other when you’re running track and he’s playing lacrosse
  • or you whispering dirty things under your breath to him when he’s practising to try and distract him 
  • him pouting like a child because he can’t do that to you because you don’t have super hearing
  • singing loud and obnoxiously together in the back seat of stiles’ jeep
  • “if you two don’t shut up I'm going to drag your little asses out of this jeep and leave you both for dead”
  • you, him and mason having weekly friday night where you play video games for hours and hours on end
  • liam loving it when you tangle your fingers in his hair
  • both of you getting cuddle-deprived whenever a supernatural problem pops up 
  • so you make sure to cuddle for a least a few hours (minimum) when it all blows over
  • having inside jokes that can sometimes end in the two of you crying in laughter
  • “shit, we’re funny”
  • sometimes liam losing control when things are getting heated and glowing his golden eyes at you
  • him then trying to hide them by nuzzling his face in the crook of your neck
  • but you constantly reminding him that you love his eyes, no matter the colour
  • “plus, gold looks really hot on you”
  •  him being really protective over you
  • but he doesn’t really have a problem with guys trying to flirt wth you because they don’t even attempt to
  • everyone knows that you’re liam’s girl and they wouldn’t even dare to because that means you’d get on liam’s bad side and nobody wants to be there
  • “oh my god scott what if I accidently bite y/n? will she-”
  • “no liam, only alphas can… wait why would you be biting her?”
  • “oh, um, n-no reason”
  • sweatpants weekends 
  • binge watching supernatural together
  • pouting at each other when one of you watches an episode without the other
  • wearing his shirt and boxes during your supernatural marathons
  • cute forehead kisses
  • “god, you’re so beautiful, slay me you beautiful creature”
  • not even being surprised any more than even after about a year of dating, liam can still make you blush
  • having cute little dates which are very tumblr and are the best
  • taking really hot selfies together because both of you fucking slay 
  • at least once a week there’s a video on your snapchat story of you making liam jump when he walks around the corner
  • having pillow fights regularly
  • “you look really hot right now with your hair a mess and your adorable cheeks flushed and in my shirt and your smile and fuck”
  • sexual tension 
  • so much sexual tension 
  • but you’re both lowkey innocent so it takes a while before the two of you have sex
  • being each other’s firsts
  • but then it becoming a regular thing
  • a very regular thing
  • having the sex talk from scott and stiles
  • helping liam through his anger and nightmares 
  • you and him having an unbreakable ship 
  • you saying that you love him first 
  • then always saying it in strange situations like when you’re fighting about stupid things 
  • “liam! will you stop being a dick?! but you look really hot right now and i fucking love you!” 
  • “you always look really hot and i fucking love you more!” 
  • “great, now stop being stubborn and kiss me, you twat” 
  • being each other’s first love and neither of you ever wanting to lose what you together