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Hey!!!! Your art is AMAZING!!!!! I love your style!!!! ( ^∇^). Your art is really soft and inspiring. And the way you draw hair is SO FLUFFY!!! I LOVE IT!! Do you maybe have any advise for me on how to draw hair, for all hair that doesn't go in one direction (like Mihashi's hair) HAVE AN AWESOME DAY! o(^▽^)o

so there u go anon hope this was helpful! Thank you for your sweet words and have a nice day too! ^^

Just imagine, you’re sitting in class doing your work or whatever and there’s a knock at the door. Your teacher says “ come in “ and your favorite character is outside the door; you try not to lose your shit and your fave character is posing as an Government agent and asks you to step outside for a moment ‘to ask questions‘ and asks you to come with them to their world. What would you do?


You like One Direction?
Awesome! They’re pretty cool and have some good songs!

You don’t like One Direction?
That’s okay! You don’t have to like them!

You don’t like One Direction and bully people who do?
Let people like/listen to them!!! Their music makes them happy so leave them alone!

You like One Direction and bully people who don’t? Leave them alone! Not everyone has to like them!

This also goes for other music artists too!

Don’t hate on people if they have different music tastes!!!!

soul gets it right (a silver girl novella)

At 26 years old, Ellery Patrick stared at the words, her heart rate picking up and her lunch crawling its way back up her throat. Harry was sitting next to her, his hand pressed into her back as his nose pressed into her shoulder, at a loss for words. 

“I can’t lose another one, Harry,” her voice shook, and his grip became tighter with every sob that she choked out, “I can’t do it.” 

a novella about how a fairy-tale ending isn’t always a happy one.
coming spring/summer 2017
One Direction Producer Julian Bunetta Talks Working With Solo Niall, Harry & Louis
One of the first times Julian Bunetta met Hey Violet, the superstar producer and rising band partook in a game called What Are The Odds?

[excerpt of just 1D references]

“About six years ago, (current Syco music head) Tyler Brown was an A&R and he said, ‘Hey, do you want to try working with One Direction on their second album?’” (2012’s Take Me Home). “It sounded interesting to me, so he put me in touch with Jamie Scott and him, me and John Ryan wrote two songs. The label liked them, the band liked them, and we flew to London to record them.” From there, Bunetta helped bring One Direction’s bubblegum pop vibes into more refined, adult contemporary territory. Becoming their go-to producer starting with 2013’s Midnight Memories, Bunetta helped mastermind a majority of the group’s tracks, forging a strong creative relationship and a deep bond with the group of teens-turned-international superstars.

“We spent a lot of time together over the course of four years and we’re all really good friends, so I definitely knew where all their influences would later lead them,” says Bunetta of the diverging paths the members have taken with their respective solo releases. “I didn’t think for a second that Liam (Payne) was going to make a rock album or that Niall (Horan) was going to make a R&B album. It’s unprecedented what they’re doing; they continue to change the rules of what it means to be in a group. For all of them to have solo success is just so fucking awesome.”

…Bloomfield explains “We saw that with One Direction too. He has an incredible connection with artists and builds an innate bond. They trust and respect him.”

Perhaps that’s why Bunetta’s name and influence has seeped into One Direction’s respective solo forays, whether it’s co-writing the stand-out Harry Styles track “Two Ghosts” (“That song is a special one. We did that a little while back and it’s really wonderful to have it come out”) or plotting an upcoming session with Louis Tomlinson. In addition, Bunetta has also worked closely with Niall Horan, including co-writing his rising hit “Slow Hands.” “We were in the studio and I had a bass on with a drum loop. We started playing these notes and it felt good. Niall was singing along, mumbling some words and it sounded like he said ‘slow hands’ at one point. We were like, ‘What’s slow hands?’ We kept on chiseling away and wound up having a good back and forth with it.”

According to Bloomfield, Bunetta immediately realized they had something special. “He called me straight after the writing session and said, ‘Dude, we wrote a killer song today – a smash!’ So I said, ‘Great, tell me more! What’s it about?’ He said, ‘It’s sexy and cool, about slow hands and sweat on dirty laundry.’” Bloomfield was skeptical. “The truth is it took us a moment to get our heads around ‘Slow Hands’ and to fully grasp its potential, but he called it immediately,“ Bloomfield says. "He has this quality of being a highly creative type with an objective ear. That’s a rare pairing.”

pretty much the only 5 songs i’ve listened to in the past 5 days

  • spooky scary skeletons
  • full disclosure from the addams family musical
  • pulled from the same musical
  • jump up super star
  • tomorrow starts today (the full version of the andi mack theme)

Ok let’s talk about Liam.  You wanna talk about Liam?  I wanna talk about Liam.

He was so on in the interviews from today.  Of course there’s always an element of reading into things with this, but I think he was throwing shade left and right and it was glorious.

1) He wore a bright yellow jacket (Zayn’s color) with a Batman necklace (Batman having been used to represent Zayn in past hints, skip to 6 in the link) on the day two of his interviews came out that mentioned Zayn, one of which was definitely filmed today based on the clothing.  One of his other interviews today was also at Z100.

2) When his Batman necklace came up in discussion, there was a point where he said that “he comes around with me sometimes” and then a part I can’t hear clearly.  Anyway, it might be my imagination, but something about his tone and the emphasis he used makes me think he was talking about Zayn.  He’s never worn that necklace before, so saying “sometimes”  doesn’t quite fit, does it?  That, among other things, just gives me a feeling.

3) Liam replied to @natyamity today on Twitter for the lovely modification of Liam’s new Twitter emoji.  She’s one of the members of TheZiamNews on Twitter.  While him interacting with her isn’t a first, it definitely fits with the Ziam theme today in particular.

4) When Liam was telling the TS story, he mentioned himself being there and Harry and Niall, but then he said, “Where was Louis?” with this playful-but-really-meaningful-in-a-shady-way tone.  I mean, if she’s anywhere nearby, you and I and Liam all know that Louis is going to be as far away as possible.

5) The quote they’re using about the hiatus makes it sound like Liam is uncertain of a reunion, but then in a different interview today he specifically emphasized how it’s a “HIATUS” and tells the interviewers, “it’s not a case of breaking free because it’s a hiatus, just remember”.  Clearly nothing has changed from what the boys originally told us even though the official narrative is trying pretty hard right now to slowly and subtly make fans lose faith.

6) He put 5 colored hearts as emoji on the pic on Instagram.  This one is hard to say for sure, but someone (maybe Liam) chose to specifically put 5 heart emoji on the picture.  I’m saying OT5 since today’s already a shady day.

So yeah, basically, Liam has been glorious in interviews ever since this round of promo started (despite unfortunate official narrative circumstances) and he turned the shade up to high today.  It was awesome.  That is all.

  • me, when joining my first few fandoms: oh wow! another thing i like! awesome i can't wait to search all the tags and find cute fan art and read cool fanfics and
  • me, joining my 20th fandom: sucked into another vortex of doom fuckin awesome so much for having a life

I’ve been thinking a lot about my experience in Sheffield.

And I think the biggest thing I took away from it all was that this was my One Direction.

I was lucky enough to go to the shows on both the 30th and 31st. Different feelings belonging to both nights. Going to the gig on the 30th allowed me to experience the one on the 31st exactly as I wanted to. Just focused on being in that time and place, not taking many photos or videos as I had at other gigs, or during the night before, as much as I enjoy doing that. As a veteran of many concerts, it’s almost second nature for me to document those times, without even thinking about it, but I, like many others I think, on the night of the 31st, felt like we were about to experience something different from those other gigs, and just wanted to take a breath and be present within it all.

I’d already been to see the tour in London and had met up with and connected with fellow fans and with members of Rainbow Direction there, which made me feel happy with anticipation and at ease at the planned fan meet-up on the 31st. We met, our little motley crew, for a late lunch and pre-show drinks, chatting easily, tight hugs for those who had met before, ready smiles and ears for those making new acquaintance, exchanging stories (I’d been lucky enough to get a selfie with SBB the night before, which is tale that I happily regaled, amongst others), and soon enough we were sharing urls, and despite what some people may think, not really talking very much about ships, beyond some general discourse about the press treatment of certain situations, and consequently, treatment of the fans, both inside and outside the fandom, with us all by and large mostly poking fun at ourselves and at much of what goes on around us, as we’re often wont to do, knowing that not many people would get exactly why such a diverse group of people found themselves together on a late autumn night in a small city in northern England, having travelled from far and wide to be there. We were sharing this day, and we were sharing our moments.

And I felt so safe doing that.

Because there’s a shorthand that comes from finding and being within a group of people who understand you without you having to say very much at all. We talk a lot about safe spaces, but I think a lot of people underestimate what that means and how very important it is. It just becomes words, too often misused. Words that some people find it easy perhaps to dismiss, or sneer at, or to misunderstand how much it means to the people who need them. But that group of people made me feel safe. And so often in my life I don’t feel safe, or like I can truly be myself, or perhaps understood just as myself, but on this night I did. I really did.

We decorated each other with rainbows, surely to the bemusement of those regular pub goers who probably didn’t know quite what to make of us, took our pictures, and exchanged final hugs and smiles before heading off to our respective seats right across the arena. One trip to check in with the bears later and I was in my seat mere rows from the stage for the second night in a row, wondering how I’d gotten so lucky to be there at a time when I so very much needed it. The whole show was at turns thrumming with energy, just that little difference in the air from those that had gone before, jokes and smiles with family and with us, mixed in with the feeling of a very long day coming to an end. Just this era of One Direction. All of us knowing that we and they would be moving forward into a new place, whatever is to come in the future. Not bad, just different.

I had already started to feel the lump in the back of my throat during WMYB. Something about the song that brought them to the worlds notice, a song that they and we often joke about being so sick of hearing, and yet it was those few notes, cracked voices and well worn melody, that had my throat beginning to close up. Act My Age, in its turn, had made me smile so much, Liam having such fun with his Dad, and all of them and us, caught up in the joy of it all. By the time Niall started talking about his love for the boys, tears had formed in my eyes, and by the time they all hugged together I was full on crying, and hugging Nicole, who had given me her spare ticket, allowing me to be there in the first place, and I was just so grateful to be there for that night and for that moment. It was enough. The boys were together and so were we, and nothing else mattered. My heart felt a little pang for Zayn, because it always will, but I thought of him just then, and of the last time I’d seen them all hug together onstage, that last night at Wembley Stadium, and I remembered. All of the good times. Us and them.

And then it happened. I wasn’t even conscious of taking pictures at that point. I idly had my phone in my hand to capture a few snaps here and there when the lighting interested me, and this particular one I just took without even more than glancing at it as my eyes were riveted to the stage and the love playing out in front of us. Just a snapshot of a moment of existence. Just a moment before a moment. My eyes were fixed on Louis’ face because I could see it so clearly, the simple lift of his shoulders, the play of emotions across his features, and just like that I knew it was going to happen, and it was going to be fine, just as I think so many of us did in that fingersnap of a moment. Liam was talking, and heartbeats were raised at the hugs they were all exchanging, but my focus remained on Louis and for a few seconds it felt like everything slowed down, a cliché indeed, but it did. The noise all faded into the background and it just felt wonderfully calm.

The hug was like a stitch in the fabric of time.

It took me back to all the things that drew me here in the first place, began on a long ago night watching The X Factor. The bright smiles and hopes of five boys, and the joy of watching the men that they became. The songs that made me hum along long after I’d forgotten how to sing, and just the something, the something, that made me look twice at the lives of strangers, and in turn find new friends that I needed more than I knew.

I had mentioned to one such newly made friend in our group earlier that day, that I often feel a disconnect with One Direction when I hear someone else mention them in public, see a newspaper headline, hear a song on the radio, or see someone wearing a t-shirt. It feels like they’re fans of a different band entirely. And in a way they are. Everyone experiences fandom differently, taking and giving to it as they need to, but it can be disconcerting to realise how many people simply experience 1D as the brand, not the band, and even less, as the people who make up the band. Not that I fool myself that any of us know the boys better than anyone else. They remain strangers to us all, because we still only see glimpses of their lives, no matter how much we think otherwise. The difference is, I hope, that we just happen to realise that there is more to them than what we see and what we’re shown. And we’re here for all that and the in-between.

So Louis and Harry hugged. And in that moment, in the wash of emotion that followed, we were together and so were they. The sheer volume of noise and joy that ran through that arena was unlike anything else I’ve ever experienced, as we held to each other and to all the love around us. It was just a hug. And to some people, in those thousands there, and beyond, it may have meant nothing. But to me, and to so many others there that night, it meant everything. Those who were there will know what I mean, and those who weren’t, I hope you will understand that I felt like you were there with us. We’re more than one night, one moment, or one hug in the face of fandom fractures and malicious media reports. We’re like a tapestry, threads of measure pulled together, worn and faded in parts, but still a kind of art, our colours melded, made stronger by the way we’re woven together.

To the Sheffield Survivors Club, I’ll never forget you, the tearful hugs and rum-laced toasts we shared in that little pub afterwards will stay with me forever, (as will how cheap our breakfast was the next morning). And to the boys, thank you for just being you. This is not the end.

This was my One Direction.

That moment, that hug, that was theirs, a hug made up of the road that brought them there. But the love we felt in that moment, all of us, of whispered breaths and shouted emotions, in those handful of beautiful seconds, that was ours. Because we’re all on a road too, but more than anything in that moment, I felt like I wasn’t on it alone. Perhaps I never was.