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Hi, I'm a Liverpool fan but I'm starting to get into MLS. I was wondering if you could recommend a team to watch that I might like?

If I can’t convince you to become a Philadelphia Union fan there’s a couple of other good options.

There’s a young Liverpool player (Brooks Lennon) currently on loan at Real Salt Lake and getting a lot of playing time.  If you’re looking for a team with a direct Liverpool connection, that’d be one way to go but, to be brutally honest, I don’t really think Lennon has a future at Liverpool.  RSL are also kind of going through a rough patch right now and might be hard to fall in love with. 

If you’re looking for teams known for some free-flowing, attacking football then Toronto or Atlanta might be a good fit.  Atlanta is a brand new team and they’ve gotten off to a really bright start, but they are still finding their feet.  Toronto is more established and are currently top of the Supporters’ Shield (which means they’ve got the best record in the league), but are still searching for their first MLS Cup win.  They’ve got some really great players and are a fun team to watch, but they will probably break your heart at some point.

FC Dallas is also a team I’d recommend anyone just getting into MLS to watch. They won the Supporters’ Shield last year, they’ve got a lot of young talent that they’re bringing through their academy, and they play some very good football. Developing young players at a club’s academy isn’t really a thing in the MLS, so it’s really great to see a team making it work so well.

Hopefully this was at least somewhat helpful!  x

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Ohhh this is the first time I hear something coming from the Be In The Band auditions! www*manchestereveningnews*co*uk/news/showbiz-news/new-girlband-hoping-become-female-10233338 They don't talk about Louis' label, they just say he was part of the judge panel.

Ohh! Interesting! The most interesting part is who their vocalist is: Lauren Dickov. The article includes the pic of Lauren with Liam backstage and another pic of the band member Bronnie Hughes with Harry. It also says they weren’t chosen by Sony/Syco but that they did audition April. I’m finding this very very interesting…..

A new girl band is hoping to become the female answer to One Direction.

Revolution97 were formed three months ago following auditions by music giants Sony and Simon Cowell’s label Syco to find a new girl group held in Manchester - and 1D heartthrob Louis Tomlinson was on the judging panel.

The girls, who are from Manchester, Cheshire and the Wirral, met his fellow 1D members Liam Payne and Harry Styles from Holmes Chapel backstage before their Manchester Arena show last Saturday night. And they would love to become a girl version of the global pop sensations.

Eighteen-year-old lead vocalist and guitarist Bronnie Hughes said: “We are a female rock and pop band.

“You get a lot of girl groups but we are a band. We play instruments and we are hoping to release an EP soon.

“We are getting lots of messages from young girls saying things like ‘you are inspiring us to play the drums.’

“We want to encourage and inspire others.

“We would love to be the female answer to One Direction.”

The as-yet-unsigned Revolution97 are Liverpool Institute For Performing Arts student Bronnie from the Wirral, 18-year-old bassist and vocalist Lauren Dickov from Cheshire, seventeen-year-old drummer and singer Ailis Mackay from Bowdon and 17-year-old lead guitarist and singer Alex Graham from Nantwich.

Bronnie set up her own YouTube channel in June 2014 and the same year she won a contest by American TV presenter and producer Ryan Seacrest Cover to find the best cover version of the 5 Seconds of Summer ballad Amnesia.

Her cover even caught the attention of 1D’s Louis, who directed his Twitter followers to support her in the final.

Her friend Lauren decided to learn how to play the bass and started working with her soon after. Ailis has been a drummer for five years and was previously in a band called Monochrome which went on to win their college Battle of the Bands contest and she can also play keyboards and ukele, Alex has been playing the guitar since the age of eight and most recently she played in Monochrome with Ailis.

Bronnie, Lauren and Ailis all auditioned for Sony’s Be In The Band auditions held in April and later recruited Alex as their guitarist.

Although they weren’t chosen by Sony and Syco they are now looking forward to the future as Revolution97.


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