one direction in lisbon

I’ll never forget that night. I was in Lisbon with my family and we went to the beach. I had a book to read and music to listen to, I sat there silently literally for hours while my mom and my siblings were playing in the sand a few meters away. As I looked up, the sky was red, it was so magical. Everything was quiet. I put down my book and turned the music off and I just looked at this wonderful sunset. I had been so into my book that the day was nearly over, and I got the chance to watch that. I took out my camera and took some shots and sat down again. I simply listened to the waves and enjoyed the last sunshines on my skin, the warm sand under my body. It was magical. Literally magical. And I was so happy at that moment. I realized that life was all about those moments. Those moments of peace with yourself and the rest of the world, when you just feel happy.

One Direction concert in Lisbon 26.05.13. Goosebumps all over my skin❤️