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Selfish {Tom Holland}

Summary : You and Tom kissed a few times but when you ask him what you guys are he says that you guys are just friends and that he’s not ready for a serious relationship. One day he sees you hanging out with boys at a party, he gets jealous and tries to get you away from them because he want you all to himself.

Pairing : Tom x Reader

Words : 1.k+

Warning : Swearing

Request : (I can’t remember the exact request but here it goes) Can you write an imagine with the song “Selfish” by PnB Rock, it’s mt favorite song. 

A/n : You have a great taste in music, and I’m not sure if you wanted me to tag you so… I didn’t. Sorry if this wasn’t what you expected. I’m a directioner so please don’t judge me..


You walked into the party with a tight black dress on, showing your curves. The music was blaring through the gigantic house, sounds of people jumping into the pool outside could be heard.The smell of alcohol reeked through your nose as soon as you walked through the gate. People started to stare at you when you walked past them, curious of you are to be allowed in an “All Celebrity” party. You just shook your head and walked past them. You didn’t want them to know that you’re just a normal girl who came with Tom Holland.

He wasn’t your date and you weren’t his, you guys just came together as friends and nothing more.Tom rested his hand low on your back as he pushed you slightly when he guided you through the crowd. 

It was a good thing that Tom was one of Chris’ Hemsworth close friend since he was the host. After a few minutes of trying to find Chris, Tom grabbed your hand, scared that he would lose you in the crowd. A smile appeared on his face when he found Chris. He let go of your hand causing you to frown.

They hugged each other before they pull away. They stated how much they missed each other before they looked at you as you stood there awkwardly.

“So this is Y/n you told me about?” Chris glanced at you as Tom nodded his head in respond. You also nodded before you introduced yourself properly.

“Don’t dance with anyone,” Tom said protectively as you rolled your eyes in respond. He later told you that he was going to catch up with some of his friends before he left you standing there alone in the middle of the crowd full of people you didn’t know.

You turned your head, glancing around to see if you could find somebody you actually knew and talked to. You walked into the house when you found nobody you knew. People were sitting on the huge couch, some watching the football game with drinks in their hands and some making out with their partners.

You found a chair in the corner of the living, you particularly ran toward it. You pulled your phone out of your purse before you began texting your best friend. You sat there for a while, just texting. You would occasionally look up from your phone, hoping Tom or your best friend would be there. 

When you were done with sitting down and doing nothing, you stood up and walked out of the house, trying to find food from that tables they set up in Chris’ huge ass garden. You pushed through the people and smiled as soon as you see the food on the tables.

You picked up one paper plate before you picked out your food. Once again, you went to find a seat. You sat there in silence watching the people around you as stuffed your face with food.

You were chewing your food, not giving a care in the world before somebody said your name.You looked, food still in your mouth. As soon as you looked up your eyes widened.

“You’re Louis Tomlinson..” You said, as you quickly swallowed your food down. You stared at him for few seconds, his brown hair was messily covering his forehead as his blue eyes stared down at you.

“Yes, and you’re Y/n right?” He asked you.

“Yes, but h-how-”

“I see you on social media when you were rumored to be dating Tom Holland.” He answered your question before you could finish.

“Oh, well the rumor is not true. We’re just good friends.” You said, looking down sadly.

“That’s what they always say, ‘we’re just good friends’ but who knows what goes on behind the closed doors.” Louis said, smiling down at you causing you to blushed.

“Louis!” You heard your favorite Irish singer.(Sorry if you hate them.)

“Niall!” You yelled excitedly. Louis glanced behind him until his eyes landed on Niall.

“Hey, you’re Y/n right?” Niall asked. You nodded your head as you grinned at him.

“I guess he’s your favorite,” Louis chuckled.

You stood there, staring into empty spaces as you muttered “Niall knows my name,” to yourself.

You blinked and looked back at them as they laughed at you. You guys talked for about an hour as they got to know you. Every time they started telling you facts about themselves you would say that you already know.

“You’re here by yourself?” Niall asked.

“Not really, I mean Tom left me to catch up with some of his friends.” You shrugged. 

“A guy should never left his girl alone at a party,” Louis said, sipping his drink.

“I am not his girl, Louis. I’m just his friend.” You said. You guys decided that it would be more fun if you guys dance, so that was exactly what you guys did. Louis and Niall introduced you to some of their friends. You guys formed a circle just like in high school.

It made you sad when you saw Tom dancing with other girls a few meters away from you. His hands were placed on one of the girls’ waist. You decided to ignore him and just enjoyed yourself with your new friends.

Louis surprised you by wrapping his arm around your waist, you looked at him in surprised but he just winked at you. You only have a platonic crush on the boys but you didn’t mind. You continued to dance with your friends but mainly with Louis since he put his arms around you.

A few meters away from you and your new friends, Tom was staring at you. Jealousy was swirling in his dark brown eyes as he watched you dance with your friends. 

He tensed up when he saw Louis putting his arm around your waist. The plastic cup in his hand got crushed as he watched you guys in anger. He gritted his teeth as he continued to watch you guys. You were smiling and laughing. It made Tom sad that he wasn’t the reason why you were laughing. He felt bad for leaving you. 

His mind flashed back to when you guys were making out in his hotel room. He missed your lips dearly but he knew that he shouldn’t lead you on when he knew that he was not ready for commitment. He felt bad for telling you that you guys were just friends, he just didn’t want to hurt you in the future.

He stomped toward you guys, when he was close enough, he reached his hand out for Louis’ hand before he pulled Louis away from you.

“Get your hands off of Y/n.” He commanded angrily. The crowd didn’t notice that Tom was there until Tom raised his fist up in the air, planning on punching Louis.

“Tom don’t!” You yelled over the music. Tom snapped his head in your direction and stopped his action. He stared into your eyes debating whether he should punch Louis or not. He later lowered his fist and rolled his shoulder.

“What are you going to do if I touch her huh? From what I know you guys aren’t together.” Louis asked Tom, glaring at him.

“Whether we’re together or not it’s none of your business.” Tom spat. By now some of the people around you were looking at you guys. Niall went to Louis and stood behind him, in cast something happen.

“Well if you’re not together then I call dibs on her.” Louis smirked at Tom. Your eyes widened when the words came out of Louis’ mouth, you thought that he wasn’t that kind of guys.

“You’re such a fucking cunt!” Tom yelled, pushing Louis back. He stumbled back but Niall caught him. “You don’t call dibs on women, they’re not an object that you can just pick out without thinking about their feelings.” Tom stomped forward, about to throw a punch at Louis. By now the crowd was watching the fight.

You pulled Tom back by his arms, yelling at him to stop and he listened to you surprisingly. You grabbed collar and pulled him into the house where there was less people.

“Tom, you have to stop. You’re overreacting. Stop acting like I’m yours.” You said.

“But I don’t like it that he had his arm around you.” Tom said, not looking into your eyes.

“Why does it matter if his arm was around me? It’s not like we’re together. You said it yourself that we’re just friends.”

“I just don’t like seeing any boys around you in general.” Tom confessed.

“Tell me why,” You commanded.

“Because I’m just that selfish, okay? I told you that I’m not ready to be in a serious relationship which is true but I don’t want you to be with anybody other than me. I want you to be there when I’m ready.” Tom let out. You looked at him for a few seconds, surprised.

“I want you all to myself, I want to kiss you and do everything couples do with each other,” he added when you didn’t respond. You blushed a bit at the thought.

 “You don’t need anybody else other than me, I don’t want them to take you away from me. They can’t have you. Only I can.” Tom said before he pulled on your waist,  pulling you against him before he leaned down placing his lips on yours. Your lips moved against each other as you reached your hands up, holding his face closer to yours.

“You have to wait until I’m ready for commitment, I’m sorry if you don’t like that idea but you have to live with it.” Tom said. You nodded your head and went back to kissing him.

You guys pulled away when you heard clappings. You guys blushed when you guys saw Chris, Louis and Niall standing there, looking at you guys. You pressed your face against Tom’s chest, hiding your face.

“Our plan worked,” Louis fist bumped with Niall.

“What plan?” Tom asked, reaching down to hold your hands.

“Louis and I knew that you guys have a thing for each other, you guys just needed a little help.” Niall said.

“I say you guys make a very cute couple.” Chris said.

“So we’re good?” Louis asked Tom. Tom nodded his head, smiling at Louis.

“But you really are selfish though,” Louis said honestly, as you, Niall and Chris laughed softly.

“Only when it’s about her,” Tom said, before he leaned down to kiss you again.


Damage Control | Tom Holland Imagine

Requested: no, but I love makeup so much and I also love Tom holland so much so this was bound to happen ya know.
Rating: PG-13, this is fluffy as heck, just some mild cursing
Summary: Tom notices some blemishes the day of an award show and recruits you to work your magic and do some damage control with makeup.

“YN!” Tom whined loudly from your living room. He was sat on the couch in your apartment, feet draped over the arm rest, head positioned at the middle of the couch, arms holding his phone above his face, tilting his head to stare at the reflection in the Snapchat camera.

You peeked your head in from your kitchen, seeing To examining himself you walk over.

“Yes?” You leaned over the back of the couch so you could lean over his face, casting a slight shadow.
“Look at this-” he pointed to his cheek- “I do not want to go to the award show tonight with this-” he motioned around the right side of his face with his hand, “going on.” He dropped his phone on his chest, looking at you.

“Tom, babe, what are you talking about?”
He sighed, sitting up so his face would be closer to yours. “Look at the spots,” he whined. You gently took his jaw in your hand and tilted his head to the right slightly to see what he was talking about.

Up close, you could see what he was referring to. Three small red spots were forming on Tom’s face, barely noticeable unless you were up close. “They’re gonna have cameras all over me, can you cover them up, please? We need damage control here!” Your hand fell from his face and he turned so his eyes met yours, pleading.

“Tom, it really isn’t that bad, I’m sure nobody would even notice, you don’t have to cover up for tonight I’ll be with the hottest guy there no matter what,” you smiled at him, figuring this would put him at ease enough to drop the subject, but it wasn’t- so about 15 minuets later, the two of you were in the car on the way to the closest Ulta, to find a foundation shade for Tom.

Tom had his camera on for the drive, live streaming the two of you singing to the radio and dancing a bit in your seats. You parked the car and turned off the engine, the two of you getting out and locking the doors behind you as you walked into the mall. It only took a few minuets and a few dozen swatches for you to find a shade that worked with Tom’s coloring and undertones, with a good amount of coverage.

Tom rocked from the balls of his feet to his heels, back and forth in excitement, paying for the tube of foundation and leaving the store.

Tom pulled out his phone again as you entered the car. “Hey again, guys, still out here with YN, just got some makeup for tonight!” Tom laughed at the comments, telling him that “maybe a drag look isn’t best for tonight” or “remember when in doubt blend it out”
“Guys, don’t worry I’m gonna look good- YN’s doing my makeup, she’s a genius with this stuff, I mean look how good she looks!”

He flipped the camera so everyone could see you, turning into your apartment’s parking lot. “Tom, I’m not even wearing makeup yet, I’m going to do mine after I do yours for tonight,” you explained with a laugh, parking the car. Tom kept the camera on as you walked into your apartment building. “YN, are you excited to do my makeup for tonight? You’ll do it like a pro, right?”

You smiled, walking up the stairs to your flat. “Yes, I am this’ll be fun!” You held up the Ulta bag and jokingly shook it around so the camera could see it. “And yes, don’t worry I won’t send you out looking like a clown, love.”

Now the comments had turned to mostly “Awww” and “they’re so good for eachother”. You unlocked your door and followed Tom into your bathroom, flipping on the lights as Tom sat down on the counter.

“I’ll be right back, you guys keep him company while I get my tools,” you joked at the camera, grinning as you left the room. You could hear Tom talking all the way in your bedroom, and as you pulled brushes and sponges from your vanity, could hear every word of what Tom was saying to the camera.
“Yeah, I’m excited as hell. YN is so good with this stuff, seriously- she makes it look so easy,

I watch her do it and she makes it all match and it’ll be the same color as the tiniest detail of her outfit- I don’t think she knows that I notice but I do, she’s so talented, you guys-” he stood himself from continuing as you re-enter the bathroom, setting a pile of goods down on the counter next to Tom.

“Alright, we gonna livestream this?” You giggled, positioning yourself between his legs to acquire the best access to your boyfriend’s face. Tom nodded, holding the phone so both of you were visible to his viewers. “Okay, well you washed your face before we left so it’s clean, I’m gonna put on this moisturizer, doesn’t it smell good?”

You smiled, beginning to apply the product to his face lightly. Talking Tom and his countless viewers through the process of primer and a green color corrector, “to cancel out the redness-” you explained, blending it gently with your fingertips where there was redness on his face. Layering on the foundation you tapped at his face with a sponge, him making jokes about being beaten to death, you rolling your eyes but grinning all the same.

You added a subtle amount of bronzer and a bit of concealer and powderbelow his eyes, Tom winced as you blended so close to his waterline and you rewarded him with a kiss on the top of his head, his lips and his neck, as not to mess up his makeup. Tom grinned, looking at his reflection in the mirror,

“geez, you’re so good at this YN, my face looks so good, if I do say myself, he pulled you close by your waist and kissing your lips, camera still pointing into the mirror.

"You could be a pro, y'know. You look so gorgeous, by the way.” Tom smiled at you, checking his reflection in the car mirror one more time later that night before the two of you left your car, handing your keys to the valet attendant outside of the theatre, beginning to walk down the red carpet, hand in hand.

“Thanks, ” and blushed. “And maybe, I suppose,” you grinned. “The only critique I’d really want is yours though- heard what ya said earlier in the bathroom, ‘as really nice, thank you, by the way,”

Tom blushed, pulling you close as you waited in line to be photographed in front of the sheet with a logo printed all over it. “Of course, darlin’, meant every word of it.”

Now it was his turn to go in front of the photographers, not a worry in his mind about blemishes- thanks to you.