one direction in arizona

K. After thinking here is how I see it going down: Arizona walks one direction Callie runs the other toward her trauma. Later on Callie approaches Arizona, She is like can we talk. Arizona is like no need it’s none of my business you do what you want, rambling a little and obviously flustered. And she runs away. Later on after whatever anvil she has with her patient she seeks out Callie. She says I’m sorry. Callie is like what!? Cause it’s Callie she has to say that. She is like I’m sorry that I cheated on you, if it hurt you half as much as seeing you kiss another woman hurt me, I can never say sorry enough.

Second option: They both go separate directions. Arizona finds Alex and cries on his shoulder. Alex starts to leave and Callie starts to go in, Alex stops her and says she is hurt and upset just leave her alone. So she does. After her patient anvil, she says screw it and goes to find Arizona they talk. And it’s a step forward. If it ends with a kiss that is way hotter than when she kissed other chic, I pass out it my living room. And fade to black.

(new journal and new staedtlers to celebrate starting my first year of college)

hey everybody! i’m not really sure how to write an intro post but i’m just gonna go for it:

my name is carla, i’m 18 years old, and i will be majoring in nursing this fall at the university of arizona.

i love journaling, my planner, one direction (louis is my fave), criminal minds, grey’s anatomy, and reading!

i’m very excited to start my first year of college! i know it’s going to be a lot of hard work, but i’m excited to get one step closer to figuring out what i want to do with my life.

i started this studyblr to have an online community for support and to encourage myself
to focus on my school work. i also want a place to document my college experience! the studyblrs that inspired me to start my own are @studypetals @studytildawn and @studyrose

so yup that’s me! right now i’m just looking for more studyblrs to follow and preparing for
my first day of college. let’s hope we all have an excellent year ahead of us 🌟