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Hi there! Daddy Harry has got me fucked up :) Here is one more fluff. Hope you like it. Btw talk to me about astrology or if you need any help or just wanna talk, my asks are always open. Feedbacks please:).

Word count :: 1470

You were seven months into pregnancy. Having a round belly whilst having two monkeys at home wasn’t an easy thing. The mood swings and hormones weren’t a much of big help as well. Rose and Noah were only 4 and a half and 3 respectively. quite young the babies were. Plus Harry being busy with the movie promotion and new single coming up was difficult, though he always tried to give you time as much as he can.

You groaned siting down on the couch. The soft spongy stuff giving relief to your hips and your swollen feet as you rest them on the coffee table in front of you. You just had gotten Noah to sleep and now you were beyond exhausted. Harry was at work. Rose in school. Harry had told you that he’d pick Rose up from her school the morning he left so one thing was off your list to worry about.

You closed your eyes and laid head back trying to relax when you sudden pressure on your stomach. She was kicking again. It was a weird thing for you to have her kick during a specific time. In mornings she’s calm but as it makes to afternoon, her hype self starts and so does her legs. You rubbed the swell of your belly trying to get her calm down.

“Hype baby aren’t you? ” you smiled to self with the thought of once again having small bundle of joy in your arms in a few days.  Time went like sand slipping through fingers. It’s like you blinked and your babies were this much big. Though they were pain in nose sometimes, you loved them endlessly. For a mother, her children are her everything. She devotes herself to her kids. So did you. Rose and Noah meant everything to you. They were the centre of your world.

“Can’t wait to meet you Snow.” You whispers as a fast tear rolled down your cheek.

When you found out that this one is gonna be a girl, Harry suggested to name her Snow. Beatiful and pure as it.

“y/n!!!!” Harry came running to you where you stood in the bathroom.

“look its snowing! First Snow fo winter!” He said excitedely. He had so much passion and love in his eyes. No matter how old he grew, he still was a kid at heart. But when his eyes when to the thing which had you distracted from him, he teared up. Blinking your own tears away you nodded smilig. Positve the test showed. One more baby was on the way.

“If it’s a girl can we call her Snow?” he asked with hope in his eyes. All you did was nod and embraced him in a tight hug.

And basically that’s how he came up with it and with the name Rose and Noah as well. Rose because, when she was born she was pink as it and Harry found her immensely delicate. So you guys decided to stop on that name. Noah becasue when he was born, Harry though that he looked more like Ryan Gosling. Though you didn’t think like that, to you he looked like Harry only but for his happiness you let Harry name him Noah. All three names were admirable and suited your kids personality perfectly.

Rose was beautiful and delicate like one. She was kind and was just like her father. Gentle and humble.

Noah was much like you. Bubbly, talkitive and had brown straight hair unlike Rose who had curls at the end. But he too had a kind heart like his father.

Harry was no doubt brought upp a gentleman by his mother. And he was doing the same for kids. Along with you, he gave kids the best habbits he could. How you should always brush your teeth before bed, how you should fold your own clothes, carry your plate to he kitchen etc.Though they were bit too young, he wanted to have it from the beginning. And when kids started following his rules, you could see the happiness and pride in his eyes glistening with love for his kids.

“momma?” You heard small croacked voice. Opening your eyes, you saw Noah standing with tears in his eyes. His hair were messy and his pyajamas was scrunched along with his tee. He had his penguin fluffy toy tucked under his arm. His lips bottom started to wobble so without wasting a time you called him to you.

“baby c'mere. What’s wrong?” You cooed as you opened your arms for the toddler to come in them and being momma’s boy, he gladly did so.

“what happened?” you asked tucking him under your right hand and he insantly hide his face in your chest. You rubbed his back with one hand and ran other in his soft hair.

“yeh wove meh no more afte’ baby come” he said. There was a hint of sadness in his voice, how the tiny baby boy was desperately hurt thinking that his mother won’t love him after the new baby. Hearing those words broke you just like every mother. How could you ever stop loving him? But the poor three year old believed that you could.

“oh no no bubba. Momma can never stop loving her precious baby.” you said holding up your own tears. You felt his grip going tight on you. His tiny arms couldn’t reach your back but rested on the swell of your belly.

“b-because new baby is small and need momma more” he said weeping as he oulled away to face you. His nose pink along with his cheek and ears. You cupped his small face and rubbed his tears strained cheek. Collecting the small tear soff his eyes you leaned in to peck his forehead.

“that’s right. Baby is gonna be so tiny and will need mommy but, that doesn’t mean that mommy will stop loving you. Even Rose had to share me with you when you were born. You were so tiny that you need to be looked after all th etime, but that didn’t made mommy to stop loving Rose. now did it huh?” you asked softly still rubbing his cheek. He shook his head sniffling.

“i-i don’t wanna share mommy” he cried once again clutching onto to you and this time, it was bad. He was so innocent that the thought of him sharing his mommy with the new baby was unbearable for him.

“hey hey. Baby look at meh” you said cradling his face. He stared at you sniffling with those green eyes he resembled from his daddy. You smiled softly and put his hand on your belly. His hand small baby hand scrunched at first but eventually flatend on your belly. And soon there was a kick. And taking you by surprise, Noah eyes were wide open and mouth big agaped.

“momma!!! Something happen!!!” he said. Tears now were forgotten.

“yes baby!! It’s your sister. She says she loves you. She just high fived you from momma’s tummy!” you exclaimed gigglng. His face expression changed from surprise to happiness as he sat properly so that he can look at your tummy properly.

“Really mommy?” he asked.

“yed baby!! try again” you said and so he did it again. And once again you felt the kicks. His smiled grew and next thing you knew was Noah kissing your belly.

“I wove you too baby sister.” he said out of love. The heartwarming scene brought tears to your eyes.

“How was you’ day?” Harry asked rubbing your shoulder with your face hidden in his neck. At last you had your man and all you wanted was to have a nice warm cuddle with him. It was past kids bedtime and they were already tucked in beds.

“good. Noah started crying because he thought after Snow is born i won’t love him.” You mumbled pecking the soft skin of his neck.

“really? wha’ happened next?” he asked showing interest in hearing out about his baby. Harry missed spending time with kids so he made uo by hearing to their stories.

“I made him feel the kick a-” you were going on but the loud thud made you pull away. You saw Noah running through your bedroon door and crawling on the bed betweeen you two. Carefully he leaned in and kissed your belly softly and then hugged it.

“love you snowie. I wove you. Always. I am your bwig brother.” He said and ran off to his room before kissing your tummy one more time.

“He fell in love with his sister.” you smiled watching him go and tilted your head to look at harry who had tears in his eyes. You cuddled to him and let him be. Fathers did needed to cry. They’re fathers after all.

One Direction Preferences

Masterlist (x)

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He’s Your Brother’s Best Friend

a/n: your brother is a member of 1D

Liam: Since your bother was Louis, you ha met the boys as soon as they were formed as a band. You were two years younger than him so you got along quite well. There were always moments when you were looking out for each other. Everyone knew that when the band was first formed Liam and Louis got into a few small arguments, never anything to important or big. Overtime they grew closer together and learned to not let those stupid things bother them. Unfortunately, for you, you still though Liam was unbearable. Even as the time passes you just couldn’t find yourself to get along with the popstar. “Louis?” You called entering your brothers flat. “Lou, you told me to come over and your not even here..” you mumbled to yourself. Thinking you were alone, you took off your shoes plopping down on the couch and tuning on the TV. “Oh, I though I heard somebody come in, but it’s just you.” Turning your head, you could see Liam standing there in his sweats, topless. Your eyes went wide, your jaw hitting the floor. “Wh-what are you doing here?” You stuttered trying to sound upset to see him. But even you had to admit he looked damn good shirtless. “Louis told me to come over then left, saying something about picking up a pizza.” He said sitting down on the opposite end of the couch. You sat in an awkward silence as a commercial played across the screen. “Why do you hate me?” Liam said abruptly, with a chuckle. Turning your head to look at his already staring eyes. “I-uh-” “I mean if I recall, I’ve done nothing offensive to you.” Speechless. You started in awe not knowing what to do or to say. He scooted closer to you. Your thighs were touching as you stared at him like your lie flashed before your eyes. “Liam” You said just above a whisper. “Hm” “I-” “You know, I’ve always found you so beautiful Y/N” He whispered slowly leaning in, attaching you lips. Caught up in the moment, your eyes going wide before you relaxed into the kiss. finding that you actually enjoyed it, enjoyed the feeling of his body against your own. He pulled away smiling at you. “I’ve wanted to do that for so long.” “I don’t hate you, I just never really thought about any of this happening” you admitted looking from his mouth to his lips. You closed the gap this time, sending sparks through both of your bodies. “Hah! I knew this would happen.” The both of you pulled away with wide eyes. “Did you..?” “Yes I did. I set it up. Oops..” Louis said sarcastically. “Now mate, do me a favor and put on a shirt. I don’t wanna think about what went on here while I was gone.”

Zayn; Your brother Niall was having a small bbq at his house in celebration of the most recent tour ending. Being only a year younger than him you always got along with his friends. There was one friend in particular that you had your eye on, Zayn. Every time you thought about the brown-eyed beaut you got all flustered and would stutter in your speech. Having found trust in Niall you told him about this little crush in hopes that he wouldn’t say anything to anyone. Finishing the final touches on your outfit and makeup you walked down the stairs to see the party had begun. Greeting a few people you walked into the kitchen grabbing yourself a drink. The night progressed, but there was still no sign of Zayn. The other boys had arrived an hour ago so you’d been sitting with them. Niall was a floater in big crowds, wanting to talk to everyone so you hadn’t seen much of him. Currently, you sat with one of your friends on the back patio discussing latest fashion trends. Minutes later, it got a bit rowdy inside so you turned your head to see what was up. A smile spread across your face as you saw the boys greeting Zayn. Excusing yourself, you got up and made your way inside to greet him, only to have to follow behind him as he walked into the kitchen wanting a drink. You stopped in the doorway seeing Niall walk up to him. Hiding behind the wall, you hushed yourself, eavesdropping. “Hey Niall great party here.” “I know right, I’m glad everyone showed up.” Your slightly drunk brother slurred to his friend. “Hey mate, I gotta tell ya something." Oh no… "Oh yeah? What’s that?" Zayn questioned. Here it comes, you were going to kill Niall. "You know my sister Y/N?” “Course I do mate.” “Well she told me the other day that she-” “Hey boys! What’s going on in here?" You couldn’t take the thought of Niall telling him you liked him so you cut him off in mid sentence. A blush crept on your face seeing a smile spread across Zayn’s face. "Hey Y/N” “Hi” “I’ll uh, just leave two alone then..” Niall said exiting the room, leaving you and Zayn in an awkward silence. “So..” You began pouring yourself another drink. “So…what was Niall talking about?” “What?” You questioned like you didn't know. “Niall, what was he talking about? I know you were listening Y/N.” He laughed taking a step closer to you. You blushed even more, looking down at your feet. “Well, sorry I still don’t know what your talking about.." You slyly played off. His hand was brought up to your chin, slowly tilting your head back up to meet his gaze. "I-I, I like you Zayn” You whispered. “Yeah?” You nodded slightly, smiling softly. “Well, I like you too” His neck craned down to make his lips meet yours. The kiss was like magic, sending fireworks throughout your bodies. You pulled away smirking at him, “What if Niall sees?” “Oh well..” He concluded attaching your lips to his once again.

Harry; Zayn, your brother, had wanted you to visit him on tour. Little did he know, that you’d been secretly dating Harry for a while and every chance you got you’d be running off to share chaste kisses. You sat backstage at the latest venue watching as the boys joked waiting for the show to start. You didn’t know where Zayn had went, seeing that he wasn’t out with the rest of the boys. Looing at Harry, you nodded toward the back, making sure no one saw. He smirked and excused himself from the boys. You snuck behind him jumping on his back, leaning up to put a kiss on his neck. “Thank god. I couldn’t take not touching you any longer.” He said making your giggle. You hopped of his back and Harry walked into the dressing room making sure no one was there. He sat down on the couch, watching as you walked over to him, straddling his waist. “What do you wanna do?” You asked with innocent eyes. “Like you have to ask..” He said with a smirk. You giggled, leaning down to lightly kiss his lips. Having a different idea, he trailed is tongue against your bottom lip asking for entrance into your mouth. His large hands grabbed at your bum making your gasp into the kiss, becoming more vulnerable to him. Your tongues battled as you reached down to pull at the hem of his shirt, motioning that you wanted it off. Pulling away for a brief moment to remove both of your shirts. Shuffling around so you were now laying underneath him on the couch. Soft moans escaped your lips as he ran a hand along your side. “But…what if…someone catches us?” You said in between kisses. Pulling away, he looked down at you, “Then we’ll make it quick” He smiled reattaching your lips. Fast kisses and fast hands. Something you were quite used to with Harry. If someone were to find out about these secret hook-ups Zayn would have both of your asses. After all who doesn’t like an overprotective older brother? The heated session with Harry was intensifying more and more by the second. His hands began fumbling with your jean button as the door to the dressing room suddenly opened. You through Harry off of you, hearing a thud on the floor. “What the hell?!” Zayn exclaimed as he walked closer to the two of you. “Harry! What the hell are you doing to my sister?” He clenched his fists watching as Harry scrambled to grab his shirt, handing you yours. “Zayn, please let me explain-” “Explain what? That you’ve been hooking up with my sister?!” “Zayn!” You screamed getting his attention. You stood up, walking over to him. “Look, the truth is me and Harry have been dating…for a while..” “Are you serious?” He looked at you dumbfounded. “Y/N, you don’t have to..” “Yes I do Harry.. If he’s going to find out it’s better he does now. Listen Zayn we didn’t tell you because we both knew you’d completely freak out. I love Harry and there’s nothing you can do about it because were together.” Harry stood up, grabbing your hand, staring into the eyes of your brother as his jaw clenched then released. Zayn sighed, “I swear Styles, if you hurt her I’ll have your ass.” “Trust me Zayn, I wouldn’t even think of it.”

Louis; “Y/N, we have to tell him.” Louis begged you as you cuddled on the couch. “Lou, I understand alright. I just don’t want him to get mad at me.” “Why would Harry get mad? He’s your brother he should be happy that you’ve found someone as wonderful as me.” He sassed making you laugh. “Louis! This is serious.” You turned lightly smacking his chest, stifling a laugh, “I just don’t want him to hate one of his best friends.” “Y/N, listen. He won’t get mad alright. Like I said, he should be happy for you.” “Okay, okay. We’ll tell him tomorrow. Alright?” “Mhmm, now lets get some sleep.” He pulled you up from the couch and into his bedroom where you slept. You and Louis had just recently begun dating and were devising a plan to tell your brother Harry. You were just worried that he wouldn’t approve and completely disown you as his sister. Louis tried to reassure you that it wouldn’t happen but you were still worried. The next day rolled around and Louis called Harry over or some "guy time", little did he know that’s when you were going to tell him. "I’m really nervous Lou…“ "I know babe, it’ll be alright." You’ve never seen Harry extremely mad so if he was going to flip out you were gonna get scared. You just didn’t want him to pounce on you boyfriend giving him a deformed face. Harry arrived soon after you finished breakfast puzzled as to why his sister was there as well. "Y/N? What are you doing here?” “Harry, me and Louis have to tell you something.” Louis nodded. You three sat at the dining room table taking in the awkwardness. “Okay..?” He raised an eyebrow. “Harry, me and Y/N are kind-of seeing each other…” Louis told him, trailing off at the end of the admittance. You couldn’t even remember the last time you took a breath under the circumstances. Harry’s eyes went wide but then softened seeing the way Louis looked at you in such a loving way. “Alright.” He said simply. “That’s it? Alright? Your not mad?” You asked astounded, looking at Louis shocked then back to your brother. “No, I’m not mad. Why would I be? I know Louis is a great guy. I trust him.” It felt like a 100 lb. weight was lifted from your shoulders. You smiled at Louis, seeing a mirrored expression on his face. “I know you’ll treat her right mate.” Harry stated standing up from the table. You got up as well, walking to give your brother a hug. “Thanks Harry, your the best brother ever.” “I know” He laughed, “Just keep the details of what happens between you two to yourselves. I accept this, but I don’t want to hear about it.” Harry said. “You got it mate.” Louis chuckled. Harry left you two in the flat and you jumped on Lou giving him a hug. “What did I tell you Y/N? I knew he’d be okay with it.” “I know, I know. I’m so lucky to have someone as wonderful as you..” He laughed at your repeating his sass from earlier. Placing a sweet kiss on your lips, reassuring you even more that things were going to work out.

Niall; The music played as guests found there way to the dance floor. Your eyes scanned the room of the reception, making sure everyone was enjoying themselves. You felt a pair of hands wrap around your gown covered waist and smiled in content. “Whatcha lookin’ at Princess?” Niall asked, setting his chin on your shoulder. “Nothing, just really happy that’s all.” “Me too.” He placed as soft kiss on your bare shoulder, his head perked up to the sound of his brother calling his name. You turned around in his grip. “Go ahead babe” You nodded toward Greg, Niall placed a kiss on your lips mumbling an ‘I’ll talk to you in a bit’ then marching off. Today was the day of yours and Niall’s wedding. Everything was going absolutely perfect and you couldn’t be more happy. Someone cleared there throat behind you making your whip around as fast as you could in your wedding dress. “Liam! You startled me!” You chuckled as your brother gave you a sympathetic smile. “Do you wanna dance with your older brother? Or is that too embarrassing for you?” “Nope, not at all!” You laughed, taking his hand. A slower song started playing as you began dancing. Heads turning, you were sure you parents were balling there eyes out. “Mum’s probably in the bathroom sobbing right now.” He laughed. “I that’s a sight I won’t miss seeing. Poor thing, she’s always so emotional.” “Well you did just get married Y/N.” Liam stated making you kind-of sad. “I know… I still can’t believe it.” “Me either, especially since it’s to Niall.” “Hey! What’s that supposed to mean? You were his best man!” You pinched his arm, making his eyes squint in laughter. “Naahh, I’m just joking Y/N…Can I tell you something though?” “Sure, what is it Li?” “I was actually against it at first. You and Niall being together. You were just so different. Of course I was worried that he’d hurt you.” “Li..” “But, I see now that you two are perfect for each other. The way he looks at you, the way he acts around you. You guys are meant to be. I honestly couldn’t be happier for you.” By now there were tears coming out of your eyes. You had stopped dancing, taking in everything Liam was saying. “Liam, thank you so much. You have no idea how happy I am to hear you say that.” Bringing him into a tight hug. You sniffled, hearing up chuckle, “don’t get snot all over my suit.” You laughed pulled away, “I didn’t don’t worry.” “E-hem..” Turning you see Niall walking up to him. “Thanks mate, that really does mean a lot.” He gave him a hug. “Now, can I steal away my bride for another dance?” “'Course mate, have fun.” Liam stepped away letting Niall take you into his arms. You mouthed a 'thank you’ to him as he watched you dancing with your new husband, happier than can be. “What Liam said was nice.” Niall said making you pull away from your thoughts. “It was..” You smiled, still sniffling a bit. “I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you Y/N. I’m so happy, I love you so much.” You pecked his lips lightly, hearing soft awe’s from the crowd. “I love you too Ni.”

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Au: You’re Niall’s little sister and start dating Luke. Instead of being upset, Niall is happy with your choice and wishes the two of you all the best. When he sees how much hate you get from the fans, Niall starts to worry and does everything to help you and Luke to stop the hate.

Requested by Anon: “Can I have one with gif when I’m Niall’s little sister and I’m dating Luke Hemmings and he become overprotective and helps the both of us through the hate … Thanks =)”

(hope we got your request right! We tried our best)

Harry : Body Image

A/n : i am kind of dealing with this on my own, i have been insecure about my weight lately so ya i thought i would relate a little. 

part 2? yes no? 


 you had a huge smile on your face, today was the One Direction Movie primer and you are filled with joy for the boys. You put on your favorite heels that matched your dress for the night. The boys and their Girl friends decide got out and eat before the big event. You walked down to the living room where everyone was; turning the corner Harry’s back was facing yours.

“Come on mate she looks perfect” I hear Liam say, I stop hiding behind the small wall to listen,

“I know she’s perfect Liam, but- She just doesn’t try anymore” You frowned at Harry’s words.

“What do you mean?” asked Liam.

“She hardly does her make up anymore, and she eats a whole lot more, I love her but-“

“But what mate”

“But she could try having a body like Cara” Harry said, that made your heart sink. You felt the tears threating to spill out any moment,

“Hey Y/ N? Are you okay?” Perrie ask making you quickly wipe the tears from your eyes.

“Oh ya, ya just something in my eye” You laugh. She smiles

“Well come on then” she smiles you nod following her to were the boys were, Harry turns around smiling at you. His eyes roam your body and suddenly you feel shy and insecure about what you are wearing, that was an odd feeling. Even when you were little you never cared what other people thought about the way you dressed or look. You were always confident but now, now you felt weak and insecure because the person you love the most thinks your body isn’t good enough.

“You look amazing,” he says kissing you lightly on the lips, with the best fake smile you could mange you say a thank you. he wraps an arm around your waist, his hand resting nicely on your stomach as you walk to the car. You try to stuck in as much as you can.

Moments later you all arrived at the restaurant the boys had chosen. Paparazzi already there think skinny, suck in your mind told you. Slowly everyone got out, they took pictures usually you didn’t hide behind Harry but this time you did, you looked down instead of straight forward. Once you were inside Harry looked down at you weird.

“Are you okay?” he asks as you followed the cure to the table. You didn’t meet his gaze.

“Perfectly fine” you said, everyone sat down looking at the menu. Once the waiter came everyone, including harry, order a big meal.

“Uh I’ll take the chicken salad” you smiled politely. Everyone looked at you weird.

“Salad?” Harry asked.

“I ate a lot at home already” you said taking a sip of water. You looked up to see Liam frowning at you  he knew that you heard. You look away and start a conversation with Sophia and Perrie. You all ate the food, you weren’t exactly full but Harry’s words still clear in your mind. Sophia had asked for dessert and everyone order chocolate cake. Once it came Liam was the one to pass out the pieces.

“Take one Y/N” he said. You shook your head no.

“Uh Not feeling chocolate” you said, Harry laughed and the attention was on him.

“Come on Y/N Chocolate is your favorite” he smiled setting down the plate in front of you.

“Ya, but I – Um- I just don’t want any” you smiled pushing it away. Harry knew something was wrong now.

On the drive to the Movie theater Liam couldn’t stop staring at you.  his eyes screamed concern but you brushed it off.  Paul opened the limo door telling us when to leave. One by one everyone left the Limo. Harry and I were the last one.

“Hey what’s wrong” Harry whispered. You didn’t look at him.


“ Salad? No Chocolate? You eating a lot earlier? That’s a lie and you know it” Harry said.

“I’m just trying to get a body like Cara” you coldly said, Harry’s face went pale

“Come on now” Paul said.


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anonymous asked:

Can I have a louis imagine where I am Liam's little sister (by 1 year) and Louis and I have been dating for almost 2 years and had a big fight and Liam's trying to comfort me and yeah... Just happy ending please?

I was running to my car. I had just had a big fight with Louis, and I don’t even know what started it, he came home and was so angry at me, I don’t know what I did he was just so mad. I was sitting in my car crying, I had to go to the one place where I knew I could get comfort. Liam’s house, Liam is my older brother, he is just a year older that me and we are really close I can tell him everything. Yes it was a little bit weird that i was dating my brothers best friend but Liam was fine with it, he knew that Louis was a good guy for me.
While I was driving to his house, the tears didn’t stop.
I was standing in front of Liam’s house when he opened the door smiling. Then he saw my face and he gave me a big hug. He took me in to the house and we sat down om the couch and he let me cry in his arms. He would make soothing sounds and run his fingers through my hair to calm me down.
When I finally stopped crying he look at me and asked “Whats wrong sweetie, why are you crying?” I looked down at my hands and said “Me and Louis got into a fight. And I don’t even know what I did. He came home and was just so mad at me, and I don’t know what I did wrong!” “Hey, look at me” Liam said “this has probably nothing to do with you, he has no right to be mad at you for no reason!” Just as he finished the last sentence the doorbell rang. Liam looked at me and went to open the door. Then I heard Louis voice “I’m so sorry Liam i know she’s here, and I know I made a big mistake I just have to talk to her an explain. I’m really sorry I didn’t mean to hurt her.” Liam gave Louis a pat on the back and let him walk in to me. “I’m just gonna be in the kitchen and let you two talk.”
Then Louis came and sat down beside be and took my hands. “I’m so sorry y/n I didn’t mean to get mad at you, its just i have been so stressed lately with the new record and everything, and then some girl kept saying you cheated on me and I know you would never do that, but I started to doubt myself and I got mad at you. I’m really sorry!” I looked into his eyes and I could see the guilt. “Its fine Louis, but please don’t get so mad at me again when I haven’t done anything” “I promise” he said and then he kissed me sweetly on the lips.
“Hey! No making out on my couch please” Liam said, and we all started laughing.

Hope you liked it! xx - Guro


Steel Walls - Chapter 3

Holly’s Point of view:

After I’ve learnt all of their names they start to ask questions about me, but they ask all at once.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa guys slow down. Even though this is breaking about 6 different "Protocol” Rules, i’ll answer your questions.“

"What is the "Protocol?” Zayn asks sitting sprawled out on the lounge playing X-box.

“"Protocol” is the series of rules for guarding people.“ I answered pulling out my copy of the "Protocol.” It’s very thick and normal people would complain that it’s heavy. I gently place it back in my bag.

“How far have you come?” Liam asks thoughtfully.

“I was born and grew up in Australia, but I was in Turkey when I found out that you guys were about to be assassinated. I ran from Turkey to here to stop that”

“What are your hobbies??” Louis questions, also chilled out on the lounge versing Zayn in Fifa.

“Um, i’ve been nominated in the Olympics next week ( I know i’ve gotten the times messed around with Liam’s haircut and the Olympics) for archery, I can play the drums, I’m in Moto GP and Formula 1. I’ve got multiple races comping up this month and i’m pretty sure you guys are doing concerts then and there too.”

“Why is you hair so long?” Harry asks ruffling his curls.

“To be honest, i have no idea.” I say pulling my plait over my shoulder, “It just grows. I’ve been thinking about shaving it all off.”

Louis and Zayn start yelling at each other over the game. I jump down from my shelf making no noise when the balls of my feet touch the ground. I tap Zayn on the shoulder and hold my hand out giving him a wink. He hands it over with a slight smile on his face. Me and Louis start playing even though Louis thinks he is versing Zayn.

“Ooo, Zayn you’ve gotten better” Says Louis really getting into the game. I steal the ball off Louis and start sprinting down the field. I wait for Louis’ players to catch up, just to be a bit of a tease and score a goal while Louis just sits there looking at the screen in shock.

He looks over and finally realises that Zayn doesn’t have the controller. I do.

“Louis just got beaten by a girl!” I sing/tease. I hand the controller back to Zayn and hop back on  my shelf.

Louis watches me with angry eyes obviously not happy to be beaten.

“Louis, you have 2 options. 1, get over it that I just beat you or 2, nearest soccer field, you, me 1 on 1 soccer. Whoever wins is the supreme ruler of….” I Look around for something to be the supreme ruler of when my eyes lock with Niall’s. “The supreme ruler of Niall for a week. Do we have a deal Mr. Tomlinson?”

“Yes, yes we do.” Louis shoots back throwing on his shoes.

“Oh and by the way, i’ll run there just to give you an advantage.” I smirk.

10 minutes later.

We were at a soccer field and Louis pulls out a soccer ball.

“Harry, your car sounds and bit rough, I’ll fix it when we get back.” I say down to him.

“You know how to fix cars?” Harry says. He is sitting on a bench below the tree i’m sitting in. I have a habit of climbing things.

“Yeah, I do, I have a mechanics degree. Only person In the world to have one under the age of 17.”

“How old are you anyway?” Harry asks looking up at me.

“I’m 15.” I say jumping down out of the tree. “You ready to lose yet Louis??!!”

“Bring it on!” Louis runs out and I follow suit. Liam blows the whistle from the side lines. I skid the ball between Louis’ legs and start running. I’m showing off a little bit by adding some tricks and flip with the ball just to tease him abit. I’m about ¼ of the field length away from the goals with Louis charging towards them. I slowly jog forward just to put him into a false sense of security and then I kicked the ball with all of the force I had, launching the ball straight into the back of the net.

We kept playing for another ½ and hour untill I heard gunshots and ran toward the noise.

“Boys, get back to the apartment as fast as you can. No arguments, there are gunshots just ahead i’ll be back.” I whisper to them. They all climb into Harry’s Range Rover and speed away.

I run into the bushes next to the field and start searching. Trying to make zero noise as possible. It’s eerily quiet and my heart is hammering in my chest. I’m nervous, anyone and/or anything could be out here and I can’t get a visual on anything. It’s almost 8 o'clock at night and it’s pitch black.

Then someone jumps at me from the trees and we start rolling down a steep embankment. I’ve got a good grip on him with my left arm while the right throws punches into his face and diaphragm. We stop rolling and i’m underneath him. He is very heavy and I can’t wriggle out from his grip. He pulls out a sword and stabs at me through the right shoulder.

My vision starts to become blurry untill the world is lost in blackness.