Secret Love

Harry Styles - 2795 words (Requested)

I listened to Little Mix’s Secret Love Song and I really wanted to incorporate it in this one shot.. So why the fuck not.


Our gazes cross one another from across the red carpet, a small smile making its way onto my lips but vanishes instantly when I receive none in return, Harry turning his head without a second glance, grinning at the blonde woman who sticks a microphone underneath his nose. I feel Sally squeeze my elbow as if to tell me she’s sorry for me, but she doesn’t know how much it stings, although I know we have to be this way. We should already be glad we received an invitation of the release party of ‘Made in the A.M.’, although I really do believe it is because of Sally and her friendship with Niall. And I truly believe that because of Sally and Niall, One Direction asked us to sing a song on their party, along with lots of other new up and coming bands that resided in London at the moment.

“Tonight you’ll be with him.” Sally whispers in my ear and I want to visibly cringe at her words, although I know I shouldn’t, so I put on my best fake smile for the cameras in front of me and pose with my three other bandmates, smiling and laughing at the little jokes the journalists make. I answer a few questions about how much we enjoy being in London, and being here, invited by one of the biggest bands to exist in this era, as well as some personal questions about stuff they had seen me do around London. I only like to walk around and explore, it’s not like I actually do exciting things that would be nice for the paparazzi’s paycheck. They just make up exciting things and the only thing I had done was pet a dog that ran towards me that one time. But if they want to help our careers by speaking good of me, let them be.

“I wish you a lovely night Y/n. Wonderful dress you’re wearing.” I nod my head and thank the woman from some gossip channel, my arm linking with Sally’s to pull her away from the cameras and into the venue unnoticed. “I can’t do this.” I murmur as soon as we are out of sight, my fingers almost crushing her frail hand as I try to let all my anger and sorrow out through the squeezing.
“Auw, let go Y/n. I understand this sucks but you were the one that didn’t want your relationship plastered all over the media. Plus, you’ll see him at his flat tonight.”

“And now I want it plastered.” I huff, crossing my arms over my chest and Sally raises her eyebrows in an amused manner, a deep, realizing sigh leaving my lips as I uncross my arms again, letting them drop next to my body. “No, I don’t want that.” Sally nods her head as both her hands rub over the exposed flesh of my upper arms, my hands rubbing together nervously.
“I just want to shout it from the rooftops so I can smile at and kiss him whenever the fuck I want.” I breathe as I rest my flat hand against my forehead, closing my eyes briefly as I try to drum out all of the loud chatter around me, the music already blasting inside.

“Are you alright?” Lena walks around the corner and flies towards us when she spots both Sally and I, her arm draped around my shoulder, Anne following Lena suit after. I shrug my shoulders. I knew it would be like this, the only thing Harry and I could exchange in public were praises of each other’s work, or the simple conversation you would have to have to thank the host for inviting you to their release party. “I knew, but it still stings.”

“I’m sure it hurts Harry too, Y/n.” Anne smiles sympathetically my way, all three girls engulfing me in a tight hug, an immediate smiles making its way onto my lips. “I am very lucky to have you as my mates. Let’s just enjoy the evening, mingling.” I curl my arm around Sally’s again, hoping she’d stay close to my side so I would actually enjoy myself tonight.

The venue is packed with people, most of them famous in one way or another, others family members of the boys or close friends. I recognize some of the people here, but nowhere nearly all. “What time did they want us to perform?” I whisper to Sally as she takes two glasses of champagne from the waiter, myself smiling at the man gratefully as I grasp one of the glasses and take an immediate sip. “In an hour. We have half an hour to mingle now. Anyone you want to see?”

“No one I’m allowed to speak to..” I trail off, my eyes catching Harry talking to a beautiful brunette, the glass still resting against my lips, fingers clenching the stem of the glass as I see him laugh at something she had said. “Jealousy doesn’t match your dress.” Sally chuckles as she turns us around, searching for someone to talk to so I’d stop staring at my boyfriend from afar.
“Every color goes with black, Sal.” I roll my eyes as she pulls me towards Niall who is speaking to Liam, both of them laughing at something Niall had said.

“Niall! Liam! Lovely to see you.” Sally greets both males and I just smile, giving the appropriate kisses on the cheeks of both boys before I step back again. “Thank you for this opportunity, boys.” I state. I am truly grateful that they want us, who are far from worldly famous like 1D, and are helping us to obtain more fans across the globe. “We should be thanking you.” Liam states seriously, and I immediately furrow my eyebrows as I stare at him. Niall and Sally are laughing besides me, Niall always tells the most disgusting jokes which are to die for.

“Why would you have to thank me? I haven’t done anything.” I set my empty glass on the platter of a waiter passing by, declining when he offers me another one. “You changed Harry, so that’s why I’m thanking you.” Liam smiles sweetly, almost as if he expects me to get it sooner or later what he is talking about. I nod my head, squeezing his biceps before Lena and Anne appear behind us, reminding us we have to preform soon. “You’ll have to excuse us.” Sally grins guiltily and Niall nods his head. “Of course, of course. Go kill it up there.”

“That won’t be a problem, Y/n’s writing goes through marrow and bone. The best song she’s ever written.” Sally praises me and I can feel that awkward smile on my lips as I scratch my neck.
“All great songs come from the heart.” Liam nods his head as if he knows how I feel. Sometimes I don’t get Liam. He is always so vague when he speaks to me, but I’m sure he knows way more than he lets on. That’s kind of why I like him so much.

We get the proper introductions from some guy I know by face, but you’ll have to kill me to get his name out of me. We thank him sweetly, taking our places on stage as the lights dim and the music starts. The first spot lands on Sally, since she starts the song and her eyes close as she focuses on the words that she knows mean the world to me.
When you hold me in the street, and you kiss me on the dancefloor

For a split second I am petrified as my spot flicks on, the bright light blinding me from the room but with an unnoticeable shake of my head I raise the microphone to my lips and for the rest of the song, it’s my heart that’s singing and not my brain.

I wish that it could be like that
Why can’t it be like that?
‘Cause I’m yours

We keep behind closed doors
Every time I see you, I die a little more
Stolen moments that we steal as the curtain falls
It’ll never be enough

My eyes are closed during most of the performance, only opening when I know I have to walk around on the stage towards my band mates, Sally granting me with a nod when we near the end and our voices chime together through the large venue like a perfect harmony.

Why can’t I say that I’m in love?
I wanna shout it from the rooftops
I wish that it could be like that
Why can’t we be like that? Cause I’m yours

Sally takes a step back and leaves me to end the song, my voice cracking as I sing the last sentences.

Why can’t we be like that?
Wish we could be like that

Applause fills the venue and I grin at my friends, Lena winking at me as we make our way off stage. “The most emotional and best performance we have ever given, kudos to us!” Anne weaves her arms around Lena’s and my neck, hauling both of us into her chest as we gibber like teenagers.
“I could use an ice cold cocktail right now.” Sally sing-songs, and we all cheer at her words as we walk across the room to the bar. I’m stopped in my tracks by James Corben, who is almost dancing on his spot while he grins at me, which draws a genuine smile from my lips as well.

“Hi Y/n. James Corben, such a pleasure to meet you. I’m a huge fan!” James steps completely in front of me, stealing me away from the girls and I nod my head, telling them to go ahead and I’ll catch up with them later. “Oh no, my pleasure! I am addicted to your carpool karaoke.” I giggle, a hand in front of my mouth as James’ eyes twinkle at my compliment.

“You are even sweeter than I imagined. And that voice of yours..” James pretends to fan his face and I snort, my eyes widening as I cover my mouth with both hands before James and I both fall into a fit of chuckles. James takes two glasses of champagne off of a waiter that’s passing by, handing me one and I nod my head as a silent thank you. My eyes wander over to Harry again and I think he caught me staring, because James clicks his tongue against his mouth. “Sadly he’s taken.”

“Oh, is he?” I ask as I keep my gaze on Harry for a second longer before redirecting myself back to the conversation I was having.
““Apparently Harry has a new mysterious girlfriend. She makes him very happy.” He states with a lazy smile, clinking his glass with mine and I try to appear surprised, as if I hear this news for the first time in my life. “Oh really?” I take a sip off of the glass of champagne, eyes glued to James face as he grins brightly. “Harry was so lonely, like there was no life left in him.”

I furrow my eyebrows, I never heard anything about Harry being lonely. Was he still lonely?
“That seems, somber. Why is that?” James’ hand lands on my curve of my back, steering me away from the middle of the room to one of the tables provided at the side so we could sit down for a minute. I was eternally grateful because my feet are killing me right now.
“Everything he does appears in the media. Before he can even start a proper relationship, paparazzi ruin it or link him to another woman, ending the relationship before it started.” James shakes his head in a dismissive manner and my heart aches for Harry, I would never understand how that must feel.

“That sounds horrific. I feel sorry for him.” I frown, setting my glass down as I cross my legs over one another, resting my hands on my knee. James smiles again, pursing his lips, taking a sip before he speaks again. “That’s the point. Since he met this new girl, he’s full of life again, energetic, just overall happy. I’m one hundred percent sure he isn’t lonely anymore, which is marvelous. It’s just sad he has to keep it hidden.” Did Liam mean this when he thanked me earlier in the evening? Did he know about Harry being lonely as well?
“I’m sure there’s a very good reason he doesn’t want the girl to meet his more famous mates, no?” I question, feeling rather weird about talking about myself to someone who Harry considers a close friend.

“Your song reminds me of him. Those stolen moments when the curtains drop, as you sing, will never be enough. It kills him that he can’t share his love with his fans or friends, just because of his status.” James shakes his head again and I don’t know if he notices, but he makes my heart ache more and more for Harry with every word that leaves his lips. “I know how he feels then.” I chuckle dryly, everyone in the room knew from the announcement of the song that I had written it with help from Sally.

“I’m sure an amazing woman like you has to bat the men away from her.” James laughs heartily as his hand rests on my wrist, giving it a tiny squeeze before he grasps his drink again. I laugh along with him, squeezing my eyes shut and shaking my head at his words. Our laughter is cut short though when a certain person makes an appearance, his hand landing on James’ back as his eyes flicker to me for a split second. “It seems really fun here. Hi James.” Harry nods his head towards James and he slaps Harry’s chest lightly, bidding his hello towards my secret boyfriend.

“Harry, you have to meet Y/n. Not only the voice of an angel, but even more charming than you are.” James winks at me and my eyes widen as the blush creeps onto my cheeks. We never talked about what we would do if we would supposedly be introduced to one another. Do I pretend? Or can I say we’ve met before? “So you’re trying to steal my James away from me huh?” Harry grins and winks at me when James doesn’t notice, a bright smile etching its way onto my lips as we keep each other’s gaze.

“Well, I would never let my James litter around like this.” I motion to the man we’re talking about and James gasps, Harry raising his hand to his chest as he feigns mock hurt.
“Then I guess I’ll have to admit defeat.” Harry bows down for me and I laugh, hand covering my mouth at his cheekiness while I shake my head. James stands to his feet, winking once more in my direction. “Harry, I have to go talk to Cassandra. Haven’t seen her in ages. I’ll see you later.” He pats Harry on the back and waves towards me before blowing a kiss in my direction.

I raise to stand on my feet as well, dusting my floor length dress off before I stand to full height, still a head shorter than Harry. “Thank you for giving us that opportunity.”
“We have to talk about that song tonight Y/n. I have a few questions.” Harry furrows his eyebrows and I raise my hand to rub over my elbow, trying to avoid his gaze but it’s no use. I’ll always be drawn to those intense green eyes.
“Go have fun, I’ll see you tonight, right?” Harry questions as I grasp my glass which I discarded on the table again. I nod my head and give him the tiniest of smiles, behind him Sally waving and giving me a thumbs up, a grin breaking out from her stupid behaviour.

“Yeah, of course. I’m gonna go to Sally.” I nod my head and am about to pass his when his large hand cups my upper arm, stopping me right beside him to he can whisper into my ear.
“I’m yours.” A shiver runs up my spine at the words, as if confirming what I had sang earlier goes for him as well. I smile, every fiber in my body screaming to kiss him but I refrain, I wouldn’t want anyone to know it after trying my best for the past four months to keep it hidden.
“You already know how I feel, H.” I wink at him and he lets go of me, a bright smile on his lips, dimples popping as I slowly walk over to my friends who are staring at me with the most stupid grins on their faces.

Lots of love,
L. xox

Harry Styles (Telling His Family)

Seeing Anne was always something you looked forward to. She was like a second mother for you and never would you take her kindness for granted.

However, when you were sitting in her living room waiting for her to bring the tea in, you couldn’t help but feel a strange mixture of emotions. You were excited, you were happy, you were anxious and nervous. You knew that she probably would be over the moon about your engagement, but you couldn’t help but feel a tinge of fear that her reaction would be the opposite.

She walked into the room and subconsciously Harry tightened his grip on your hand, his long fingers hiding the engagement ring.

“Thank you,” you smiled softly, leaning over to grab one of the mugs, bringing it back to you and resting it on your lap carefully.

“No worries at all,” she hummed out happily, sitting on the chair that was diagonal from the couch’s left corner, leaning back with a content hum. “So what brings you two over today?” she chuckled softly, looking over in yours and Harry’s direction.

Harry smiled softly at you and shrugged his shoulders casually. “Not really, just wanted to visit you mum, is there anything wrong with that?” he teased and she rolled her eyes playfully, shaking her head.

“Never said there was love, just checking.”

You smiled to yourself and took a sip of the fruity tea, licking the excess off of your lips when you pulled the cup away.

“Well maybe there’s a little reason we came over today,” you added.

Anne looked at you and smiled widely, sitting up a little bit more. “Yeah?”

“Yeah,” Harry replied for you, biting down on his bottom lip. “Should I tell her or you?”

“You,” you grinned and kissed his cheek before turning your body to face her.

“Okay, so mum, a couple nights ago…” he started, removing his hand from over your ring. “I proposed to (Y/N) and as you might be able to tell, she said yes…” he bit his lip softly holding up your hand. “We’re getting married mum.”

She looked at you two for a moment, her eyes wide. You had just a moment of fear before the biggest and brightest smile formed on her lips. You relaxed instantly and bit your lip, your very own smile starting to shine through.

“Oh my goodness…” she breathed out, putting her hands over her mouth and you couldn’t help but let out a chuckle.

She stood up and you followed quickly, having just a second to adjust before her arms were around you, hugging you tightly. You could hear Harry let out a slight chuckle from behind you as he put his arms around both of you, kissing the top of your head.

“Are you excited?” he asked, already knowing the answer.

“This is the best news!” Anne exclaimed, pulling back with happy tears brimming her eyes. “I’m so happy for you two!” You smiled like an absolute idiot, kissing her cheek happily and pulling back. “Let me see!”

You help up your hand and let her take it, admiring the ring happily. “Harry it’s stunning…” she murmured out and looked back up at you two. “My baby’s getting married!” she exclaimed and went over to him, engulfing him up in her arms as well.

You stood back and watched, biting your lip with the largest amount of happiness you could imagine.

You were getting married, and your future mother in law was the best you could have ever asked for.

Gangmember!Louis part 4

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 

Wordcount: 1.1k

Summary: just some fluff,


The day was like blur, you weren’t really there; your mind was somewhere else, you couldn’t stop thinking about Louis and what he had done, you could’ve been killed today. When you were with Louis you didn’t see him as the gang leader that is running the city, you just saw a normal 24 year old, but you were bought back to reality when he started to shoot at the boys at school, you were rethinking your whole ‘relationship’ with him, if you can call it that.

You were finally in bed, you still thinking about the whole thing again, you sighed and fell asleep. Later that night you felt something touching you, you panicked; a hand over your mouth.

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“I don’t fuck with them” “you don’t fuck with 1d bitch”

Okay but this is me

dating niall would include...

• playing with his fluffy hair when he sleeps
• surprising each other with breakfast in the morning
• him trying to teach you how to play the guitar
• him giving up on trying to teach you guitar
• “keep the swearing to a minimum, there’s kids around.” “fuck no”
• being able to tell bad jokes and knowing he would laugh
• rocking out to every type of music around the house
• lots of forehead kisses from him
• lots of shoulder kisses from you
• “hey, hey babe. babe, guess what. babe.”
• after-show cuddles and midnight fast food runs
• spending birthdays together and trying to bake a cake
• stealing his new glasses to wear around
• “hey, have you seen my glas–aww”
• staring at each other with so much affection


I could f*ck you all the time 😏