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Hey guys! Here’s the second part of ‘Drunk in Love’. Again it is in the same universe as my ‘friday night’ imagine. It is the sequel to my last imagine ‘Christmas Party’ which I recommend you read first.

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Back story: You and Louis had slept together a few times since the night you had met but he was a little more interested then you. You were a little worried he’d want a relationship and being in a long distance relationship with a pop star wasn’t something you desired. You had been in a long distance relationship before and it had ended badly. You didn’t want another one.

You were just really good friends with Liam.

Drunk in Love (Part 2):

10 minutes later you heard the knock at the door. You thought for a moment about pretending to be asleep, so you wouldn’t have to deal with all this, however even from your room you could hear the two of them groaning from the other side of the door. You knew it was only a matter of time before the neighbours would hear it too and complain.

You opened the door. They both looked hideous except for the mischievous grins they both had planted on their faces. They thought they were super cute for coming over and annoying you. They were very wrong.

“Hey babe,” Liam said, slightly pushing past you to slop onto your couch, quickly reaching for the remote and finding something to watch.

You didn’t even feel the need to respond; you just rolled your eyes and looked over to see what Louis was going to do. He looked a little drunker then Liam had and was having a lot of trouble standing up.

“Hey love,” he said, his grin turning into a small shy smile. You stepped to the side and let him in too. You both stood in silence for a few minutes.

“Can I get you some water?” you asked, breaking the awkward silence.

Louis looked up at you. “Yeah please.”

Liam decided to be cute and echoed Louis. “Yeah please.”

You rolled your eyes again.

After getting the water for the boys you decided you really didn’t want to deal with this and declared you were going to bed.

That was when Louis lightly grabbed your arm.

“Y/N. Please can we talk.”

You were tired. You were upset and you really didn’t want to talk to him.

“No Louis I…” before you could even finish what you were saying he put his hand over his mouth and ran to the bathroom, vomiting up everything he had drank tonight into your toilet.

Even though you were angry with him he was still your friend and he needed you right now. You went into the bathroom and sat next to him of the tiled floor.

After a few minutes he looked so sad and destroyed. He rested his head on the cupboard next to the toilet.

“I’m so sorry love.”

You chuckled and moved the hair out of his eyes with your finger. “It’s ok. It’s not like I haven’t had to deal with one of you boys vomiting in my toilet before.”

He looked up at you soulfully. “I don’t mean about the vomiting. Well I do but I’m also just sorry about everything. The fight, my stupid jealousy and I know I should have called I just didn’t know what to say and…”

You covered his lips with your finger. You realised in that moment you knew how sorry he was and you had forgiven him.

“It’s ok Louis. I forgive you.”

He gave you a small smile and began to shut his eyes. You knew you needed to get him into bed or he was going to pass out on the bathroom floor.

“Hey Lou. Wake up yeah? Let’s get you into bed.”

He mumbled something and slowly opened his eyes, attempting to get up from the floor. You knew you had to help him.

Once you had got him into your bed you tucked him in, giving him a small kiss on the cheek. 

Although he hadn’t been as drunk as Louis you decided to go check on Liam who hadn’t made a sound since you guys had left the main room just a few minutes earlier.

He smiled sweetly when you entered the room.


“Hey,” you replied. He was spread out over the couch but lifted his legs so you could sit next to him. When you were sitting comfortably he softly put his legs onto of your, putting himself in his previous position.

You tapped his legs playfully. “How are you feeling? Gonna go vomit in my toilet too?”

He chuckled. “Nah you know me. I hold my liquor a lot better then Tommo.”

You laughed in response. You could remember a few times that was not true.

He laughed back. He knew you were remembering those times at that very moment.

It was silent for a moment before Liam finally spoke up.

“He really is sorry you know. He’s been talking about you all night. Been driving me nuts.” Liam chuckled again.

You laughed in response. “I know,” you said. “I forgave him.”

Liam shuffled further into the couch and closed his eyes, the TV easily forgotten.

“Then my work here is done.”

It was 1:30am when you finally left Liam in the lounge, softly placing a blanket over him and placing some aspirin next to the glass of water for him to take in the morning.

You entered the bedroom and saw that Louis was asleep and spread out. You softly got in beside him, again softly stroking the lose pieces of hair out of his face and nested into the sheets.

A few moments later you felt him place out arm over you waist and hooked one leg over yours. He nuzzled into your neck, sighing sweetly.

He chuckled lightly. “Goodnight Louis.”

He only squeezed you tighter in response.

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