one direction funny words

do you ever just watch someone’s mouth while they talk or sing not because you want to kiss them or smth but because they wrap their lips around words different to others and their mouth shapes differently to fit distinct words and it’s endearing

a tragedy: when someone has written rly interesting tags on a post but they don’t start new tags soon enough and they get cut off in the middle of th

All these girls crying cause of Zayn Malik leaving and I’m over here crying because my macaroni didn’t heat up all the way

“He swears that he can almost hear the gentle pings of the raindrops hitting the champagne glass clutched in Harry’s left hand.” Young & Beautiful by Velvetoscar ( @mizzwilde ) - for @shadiestblog

how it happened

management: alright we have to make you guys the talk of the town in ALL the magazines! you know how we can do that?

liam: drop a new album?

management: no you fucking twat who the fuck invited you to this meeting

niall: what about another perfume?

management: did you guys hear something? maybe the air conditioning kicked up

harry: we could add more tour dates?

management: you got it harry, we will have to stage a pregnancy scare! alright who wants to do it?

liam: *dating sophia*

niall: i have to go golf that day my knee is broke i don’t have a leg i am busy

harry: *flips gay curl off of gay shoulder and looks fondly over at his gay husband* i could do it *bats gay eyes at management team and rubs his gay eyebrow with his gay finger* *crosses gay legs* *scratches gay ear with gay fingertip*

louis: fine.