one direction for ts

the signs + my phone on shuffle

Aries: Obsessions ; Marina and the Diamonds

Taurus: Worth It ; Fifth Harmony ft. Kid Ink

Gemini: Good Enough ; Little Mix

Cancer: Flawless ; Beyoncé ft. Nicki Minaj

Leo: Buy A Heart ; Nicki Minaj ft. Meek Mill

Virgo: Strings ; Shawn Mendes

Libra: New Romantics ; Taylor Swift

Scorpio: Bad Blood ; Taylor Swift

Sagittarius: Amnesia ; 5 Seconds of Summer

Capricorn: My Everything ; Ariana Grande

Aquarius: Strong ; One Direction

Pisces: Stay Away ; Charli XCX

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anonymous asked:

what houses do you think one direction would be in?

Amazing. This is probably my favourite question we’ve ever gotten. Soooo:

  • Liam - Gryffindor (*whispered Zayn voice* Brave)
  • Niall - Hufflepuff (he’s sunshine personified and so is Hufflepuff house)
  • Harry - Ravenclaw (he’s so eccentric and speaks in riddles; he and Luna would get along swimmingly)
  • Louis - Gryffindor (I think he’d be a hat stall between Gryffindor and Slytherin, honestly, but I feel like he’d probably choose Gryffindor because Liam???) 
  • Zayn - Slytherin (he’s doing what any true Slytherin does: what’s best for him and his interests. As a Slytherin myself, I recognize and respect that so much.)

I will not budge on these, either, I’ve given them more thought than I care to admit. Also, I’m positive the Sorting Hat would back me up.