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Jason Todd x Reader - Paradise

36: “Cookies”, “What?”, “Let’s make cookies”      40: “What do we do now?”

It was currently 3:00am as you sat down on the couch with Ferienhight 451 to wait for Jason to get back from Patrol.

I’ll be home early, nothing happening tonight -Jay

This was the news of the century for you, he had always tried to come home early, but never this early. Usually, 4:00am was a good day. There had to be something the two of you could do to celebrate. Just as the thought struck you, Jason popped through the window. As it was kind of late at night, you were in an AC-DC muscle tee, and a pair of Nike gym shorts. It was the middle of summer, and these were your comfortable clothes. You also had your hair up in a messy ponytail, and knee-high black socks.

He pulled you to his chest and wrapped his arms around your waist, holding your back to him. “Hey doll, I’m back.” he purred as he held you close and snuggled his head on top of yours. “I can tell Jay, you kind of are holding me.” You said with a smirk and he let you go. “I’m going to bed, are you coming?” he asked as he put you over his shoulder and started walking. “No,” you spoke calmly just as to answer his question, not in a rude manner of any sort. You were still over his shoulder, and you let out a giggle as he stopped walking and frowned. “Why doll, I’m tired and I can actually go to sleep early tonight,” he questioned as he set you down, and held your hand as to beg you to come with him. 

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anonymous asked:

I think you are very right about how they want to perceive Louis. And I think that's what hurts him the most. Because I think passing for someone who doesn't accept his sexuality, or is ashamed by it to the point to pretend to have a baby, it's something that he would hate.

“Louis is gay and he doesn’t accept what he is” is like the most cliché AU in this fandom, but, can you believe that people outside the fandom, who doesn’t give a flying f* about One Direction, are starting to think the same thing?