one direction first photo

This one really stands out to me because just imagine Louis coming home and Harry is cooking dinner and Louis sits on the bench and describes his day to Harry in great detail; and he gets really excited when he comes to the part about the girl with blue beads instead of hair; because “HAZ I SWEAR IT WAS JUST BLUE BEADS” and Harry isn’t as excited about the blue beads, he’s more excited about Louis being so excited, and Louis thinks it’s the greatest thing he’s ever seen

louis is very little. whenever i first saw a photo of one direction i said “all four of them are really handsome” but my friend said ‘no’, handed me a microscope, and showed me a spot next to zayn. there louis was, in his 2 centimeter tall glory. i fell in love instantly.

It’s been a year since OTRAManila, when Filipino directioners experience their first ever One Direction concert. We’ve waited for almost five years to experience it and it was worth the wait. It’s been a year since we experience our One Direction concert here in Manila and for the first time One Direction performed as four piece on their world tour. Of course I expect and hoped that Zayn will be there, but I was kinda disappointed because he’s not there, but as a fan I have to understand his situation because he’s experiencing some personal issues that time and he needs time and space, so we forgive him, even if we waited for almost five years for all them. I remember that night we actually shouting Zayn’s name non-stop because we miss him so much. Actually, I didn’t make it to the first day (March 21st) of the concert but I was there on day 2 (March 22nd) and from that night Harry, Niall, Louis and Liam proved to every single one of us watching the concert that they can do it as FOUR, that they will continue their world tour no matter what, that they really love their fans and that they will continue their dreams as a band. OTRAManila March 22, 2015 it was the best night of my life, I will never forget that night. Just thinking about it right now makes me so happy and sad because I want to watch their concert live over and over again. I still get the feels whenever I hear the intro of Clouds, I can still feel it in my veins. I know I’m not the only one HAHA! I wish One Direction will comeback again here in the Philippines for another concert and I can’t wait for it! 

and the photo above is a backstage photo of them: OTRAManila March 21st 2015