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Tea Mood Board as Larry Fics

I made this tea mood board, and started thinking about each as a different type of Larry Fan Fiction:

Top Left: Pining Fic
It’s winter, and it’s been four months, six days, and thirteen hours since Harry had Louis in his bed. He knows because he’s counted every one, and felt every minute more deeply than the last one. His friends give him such shit for falling in love with someone he could never have been with. Harry knew Louis was leaving, they both knew it, but it hadn’t stopped them from getting so tangled up in each other it was hard to tell where one of them began and the other ended. So Harry goes to work, and he comes home, and he sees friends, but mostly he just misses Louis. And he tries to distract himself from the deep ache in any way he can.
(Obviously this one has to end with a knock on the door as Harry is looking out the window at the falling snow – and when he opens it, Louis is there.)  

Top Middle: Bookshop AU
Harry works at a bookshop and Louis is incredibly smitten, going in every day on his way home from work. Harry periodically mentions books that he loves, and Louis agrees wholeheartedly (except Louis’ never read a single one, and he panics one Saturday and goes to the library to check out fifteen books that Harry’s mentioned in the past few weeks. He spends hours poring over them, basically unable to retain anything as he sits at his table chugging tea). The next time he goes in, Louis throws out a reference to Harry’s favorite novel, but he mixes up the characters from another of Harry’s favorites, and Harry calls him out on it. Louis confesses, and Harry asks him out on a date.  

Top Right: Coffee Shop AU
Louis works as a barista at a local coffee shop, and can’t stop staring at the dark haired guy who comes in every Saturday morning at the same outdoor table like clockwork (Louis makes sure to ask him his name after the third week). When people try to sit at that table anywhere within 30 minutes of 10 AM on Saturdays, Louis finds excuses to shoo them away. One Saturday, it’s five minutes until Harry usually shows up and Louis is doing his best to explain to the older woman that this table isn’t actually available, even though yes I understand no one was sitting here, and he’s getting flustered until Harry comes up behind him and catches him in the act. Harry admits he’s been coming every Saturday trying to work up the nerve to ask Louis out.

Middle Left: Blogger!Louis, Blogger!Harry
Louis runs a semi-successful blog, but can’t seem to reach quite the level of fame that Harry Styles has. He isn’t jealous. He isn’t! It’s just that he thinks he can write great quality stuff, and maybe people only love Harry Styles because of his stupidly green eyes and his long legs and his broad chest. And maybe Louis cyber stalks him occasionally, and leaves anonymous comments on his blog trying to rile him up. And if one day Harry shares one of Louis’ blog articles with incredible praise, he definitely doesn’t freak out. And when they start emailing back and forth about blog post ideas, he obviously keeps his cool. And when Harry admits over the phone one night, quietly, that he’s always admired Louis from afar, and could they maybe get some coffee sometime in person? Louis most definitely says yes.

Middle: Matchmaker AU
Louis and Harry don’t know each other, but they both make appointments with a matchmaker who fills her office with pink flowers, heart motif everywhere, and takes detailed notes on each of their likes and dislikes. They pass each other in the waiting room a couple times, and each of them keep coming back to complain about the dates she’s sent them on – truthfully none of them had been that horrible, but they each couldn’t stop thinking about the handsome stranger they always crossed path with at her office. The matchmaker can’t hide her confusion because this system works! Until one day she goes into her waiting room and sees the flirty body language between them. She knows just what to do next.

Middle Right: Established Relationship Fic
Every Sunday morning, Harry makes Louis the perfect cup of tea, and comes back to bed to snuggle underneath the fluffy duvet with him. Louis wants to go back to sleep, but Harry starts reading next to him and Louis begs him to read out loud. Harry pouts because he doesn’t think he does it well enough, but Louis loves his voice so much and the way he reads the characters. They spend hours getting lost in new stories together every weekend.

Bottom Left: Kid Fic + Christmas
Louis is exhausted, while Harry sits cross legged on the ground unwrapping presents with their two kids and shouting inane things like “SANTA CAME!” at the top of his lungs periodically. The kids worry about Louis, but Harry assures them that Papa just needs his cup of tea. The three of them get up to make it, and Louis dozes off on the couch, awoken only when Harry presses a kiss to his forehead and sets his mug on the table.
“Merry Christmas, Lou.”
Louis smiles, crinkly eyed.
“Merry Christmas, Haz.”

Bottom Middle: Florist!Harry
Louis and Harry are newly dating, and Louis just spent the night at Harry’s house for the first time. Harry had to run out quickly in the morning to open up his shop incredibly early, but assured Louis that he should take his time getting up (and he could stick around if he wanted – you know, no pressure, but like – he wouldn’t mind one bit). Once Louis hears the door click shut, he gets up and heads to the kitchen for some tea, seeing a mug (of course with a floral print) already sitting there, with a perfect pink flower next to it. And Louis ends up sticking around until Harry gets home.

Bottom Right: First Date AU
Wanting to impress tea-loving Louis, Harry takes him to a traditional tea house on their first date where Louis spends the entire time trying to hide his disgust at the herbal teas surrounding them. He wants Harry to like him so badly, so he tries to gulp down the mug, filled to the brim with tealeaves. Harry is confused, because hadn’t Louis not been able to shut up about tea before this? Louis admits afterwards, embarrassed, that he’s just a simple Yorkshire+milk man, and Harry can’t help but kiss him right there in the parking lot.

Master List

These one shots/blurbs are from my main blog (@harrysbunshun). I created a separate writing blog after deleting all my original content due to others stealing my work and reposting it as theirs 😞I hope that you guys enjoy my work, new and old, as much as you did before xx

Here’s a little key to go by:

* Daddy!Kink

+ AU Plot

^ Friends/Acquaintances

- Sub!Harry/Pain!Kink

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Frat Boy Pt. 8

part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6,  part 7 (1), part 7 (2)

HELLO FRIENDS HE HAS RETURNED TO YOU. It’s shorter than most updates, but necessary things are happening to push the story along and one mystery is revealed! It’s always lovely to hear your thoughts or guesses about what’s happening. Your frat boy has missed you xx

It’d been an utter disaster.  You hadn’t eaten much at all last night and the dull throbbing in your head was a reminder that alcohol on an empty stomach wasn’t the best idea.  Especially when it’d been expensive enough to be smooth and light and what you think alcohol should taste like.  It had hit you even harder on the ride back to your dorm, the numbness in your hands not entirely due to the pricks of cool air against your skin, something you realized after you stumbled out of the passenger seat and Renny had to pick you up . Your whole body was completely numb at that point.  The reason for your numbness was the same reason you’d slept without a nightmare last night, and it was the reason you (almost) slept through your morning class and only had time to throw on a sweatshirt, jeans, and sunglasses before, quite literally, running to English.

You were late, making sure to close the door quietly behind you this time, but the pair of eyes you expected to see whipping around to follow you to your seat with a seductive glimmer weren’t there.

He’d ditched.

Only Niall was there to mutter a quick “Hey Y/N” as you passed him to reach your seat.  The teacher started talking about something having to do with how everyone’s analysis was sub-par on the last essay, but if you were being honest you didn’t care, you couldn’t even concentrate.  Though you were facing the front, your mind kept drifting behind you, to the image of the empty seat where you’d gotten used to seeing his long body confidently sprawled out and leant back, one elbow propped up on the arm chair and head cocked as if he were pretending to listen.  It was annoying how even though he wasn’t here he could still somehow take control of your thoughts.  It’d be easier to ignore him if he wasn’t so damn infuriating, just the thought of last night made your blood boil, but the words you’d said came back to you, slowly, bit by bit.

Go back to your fake girlfriend who clearly understands you so much better.

People have planes and go to Europe on a three day weekend…

Creepily small wrists!

Had you really ran your mouth that much? To him?!  You groaned a bit and the person beside you turned with a loaded look -Weirdo- before returning their attention back to the board.  No matter how true your words were, you wouldn’t have told him all that completely sober.  At all.  You had a mind that was quick to get indignant and when the alcohol came in, the filter went out and there was only the Lord to help the poor person caught in the crossfire.  A rush of embarrassment flooded you and you’d regretted saying one word to him.  You should’ve played it cool, acted like you didn’t care that he was with someone else, not made a fool out of yourself.  He probably thought you were someone easily charmed by money when he’d paid for your meal or some bitter charity case and your sad speech last night just proved it. 

You realized you were kicking yourself and tried to stop your mind from spiraling any further.  If there’s one thing you hated most about boys it was that they could make you feel absolutely stupid.

Yet here you were.

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Blogmas 2016

Harry One Shot | 3.5k |
There’s more to Harry’s early Christmas gift than meets the eye.

Here | Part 1
Part 1 of the Harry series Here | 4.7k |
Y/N bumps into an old friend and gets the helping hand she needs.

I’m not coming
Harry One Shot | 4.6k |
Harry promised he’d be home for Christmas but can he keep his promise?

Harry One Shot | 4.1k |
Harry admits he has more than just friendly feelings for Y/N but it doesn’t go down the way he’d hoped.

Fresh Eyes
Harry One Shot | 2k |
Harry and Y/N go to their first high profile even and Harry can’t take his eyes off her.

Here | Part 2
Part 2 of the Harry seres Here | 4.1k |
Harry finally gets what he wanted three years ago.

Mulled Wine
Harry One Shot | 2.5k |
When Harry indulges in a little too much mulled wine at Anne’s Christmas party he makes ad admission no one had anticipated.

Harry One Shot | 2.9k |
Harry is home from active service and his time away keeps haunting him.

Here | Part 3
Part  3 of the Harry series Here | 5k
Another surprise meeting for Y/N and Harry

Here | Part 4
Part 4 of the Harry series Here | 8.6k
Harry and Y/N finally have their date but it doesn’t go exactly as planned


Y/N is a single parent living in London. With an awkward co-parenting situation, a job and an eighteen month old, baby boy to juggle life could be easier. When she bumps into an old friend on the way to a job one in evening, maybe she’ll get just the helping hand she needs, or maybe more.

Standalone One Shots/Blurbs

Speeding Ticket
Niall One Shot |

Personal Assistant
Harry Styles One Shot | 8.2k | Y/N is Jeff’s PA but one of his clients takes a little more notice than most in her

Hopefully all these links work :) 

Love Unintentional

Originally posted by ohstylesno

Anonymous asked: Hey, I was thinking maybe you could write about Harry and Y/N being celebrities and having to do a PR stunt. They both hate PR stunts because they are in love with their current girlfriend/boyfriend (which r okay with the PR stunt). Harry and Y/N end up falling for each other.

Word Count: 2973

A/M:  This idea was amazing anon! I might have tweaked it a little bit, but thank you so much for sending it to me! I’m sorry it took forever for me to get this up. There will be a part two. Hope you enjoy! Tell me if you do! :) Xxx

*Edit: Part Two 

You insisted on putting the last touches of your makeup yourself, now finishing your look with the right shade of red. 

“What do you think?” You asked turning to your boyfriend as you did a little spin to show off your dress. 

“You look great. Always do.” He said barely looking up. 

You crossed your arms and gave him an annoyed look. 

“What?” He asked half annoyed, “You ask the same thing every time, and ever since you started "going out” with him it’s become routine.“

"Not going to wish me luck?" 

"Luck on what? It’s another date with him isn’t it?”

“It’s a premier. I’m kind of nervous actually. It’s my first one”

“I’m sure you’ll do fine. You’ve gone through this kind of thing before." 

You rolled your eyes, "Whatever. I’ll see you tomorrow.” You said waving him off 


It had been the routine for the last 6 months. You had become a rising star within the last two year; a star that came to the level of popularity that your agent had decided that it’d be good for you if you were to have a “fake boyfriend.” But never in your wildest dreams did you think that this fake boyfriend would be Harry Styles.


—7 months ago—

“What on earth would he get out of "dating” me?“ 

"Well,” your agent started, “He’s obviously very famous and popular around the world, and you need the publicity. You're this close,” he said giving a hand gesture that showed the small distance he was referring to, “This close to being the next huge thing. If you do this with Harry, it will prolong your career." 

You sighed, "Again, that wasn’t my question. What does Harry get out of it? I’m not that famous. What benefit does he get?”

Your agent frowned, “I thought you liked him. I thought you’d be thrilled to "go out” with him.“

"I am! He’s great, he’s cute. But more importantly he’s a genuine guy. I have met him before. I just want to know why. I don’t want to completely take advantage of him." 

He heaved a deep sigh, "You attract a certain audience and style and it’s something that his agent seems to like as well to broaden his own audience like he will for you.”

You were able to breathe a little easier, now knowing more about this seemingly odd situation. Even if it was something that’s been done since the very beginning of Hollywood and the fame industry. 


“Alright. I’ll agree to it if he agrees to it. But you know, we have to talk to [Y/BF/N] about this. I don’t know how he’ll react to something like this.” And you started to feel anxious at the thought. 

“Don’t worry. I’ll talk to him about it.” Your agent said, “Also we’ll have to meet with Harry and his agent to discuss the ground rules. You said you’ve met him before right?”

You nodded, “At a party about 2 months ago." 

"Good. I’ll call you when we’ll be meeting with him. It’s also when we’ll discuss how we’ll bring you two into the public eye.”

“Whoa. Hold on, shouldn’t we wait until he agrees to being my "boyfriend”?“

He gave a look, "Wait I didn’t mention it? He already has." 

"What? Oh. Well alright.”

Everything had be sorted out beforehand, and you and Harry had met to see what you would both agree upon. The terms for the relationship were both simple and basic.

No sex.

No spontaneous PDA 

And no spontaneous trips away. 

Everything had to have been planned and known beforehand. 


You didn’t have a doubt in your mind. The rules were too easy. You both were already taken. This was simply work. 


The first few times a month after the idea and rules were laid out, you had both made it look easy. But it wasn’t quite the “young love” that people thought it would be.

But your agents and the managing teams had an idea to make the relationship seem more believable. 

So this time the scene was set- a table near a window of a very public restaurant. The lighting was very dim just enough to enhance the candlelight that was at every table, but the focus on you and Harry was very clear. 

The place wasn’t busy… yet; but with the whispers of people nearby, including the staff, you knew that the plan was working and that by the time you were to both walk out,  the paparazzi would be everywhere. 


Just as planned. You thought. 

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Summer Mood Board as Larry Fics

Making this mood board fic inspiration was fun, so in honor of @hlsummerexchange2017, I made a Summer Mood Board as different types of Larry fics:

Top Left: Famous/Famous AU
Harry has just bought his dream house after years of toiling away trying to make it as an actor. And, well, it would be his dream house if not for the minor detail of having to share a pool with the neighbor. The real estate agent assured him it wouldn’t be a problem, but the real estate agent didn’t mention that said neighbor happened to be Louis Tomlinson – Oscar-nominated actor and star of Harry’s more explicit dreams for most of his adult life. Harry tries to avoid the pool as much as he can, but Louis seems disinclined to do the same. Harry is forced to watch as his celebrity crush flaunts his body every day, laying around the pool in tiny swim trunks. When Harry finally works up the courage to go out there (how can he avoid it anymore? It’s a thousand degrees outside!), Louis smirks and says “I was wondering when you were going to stop watching and start joining me, Curly.” 

Top Middle: Farmer’s Market AU
Harry spends every Friday night meticulously hand crafting homemade popsicles – carrot ginger, raspberry tart, mint julep – in order to sell them on Saturday mornings at the local farmer’s market. Louis runs the stall next to him, and can’t help but mercilessly tease Harry every single time he sees them. Many arguments about ‘hipster bullshit’ erupt between them, until one day Louis shows up claiming he can do just as well as Harry, and begins to sell his own popsicles. Harry gets incredibly flustered, because he spends hours lovingly handcrafting homemade treats, and Louis is peddling Bomb Pops for a dollar a piece. This turns into a competition of who can sell the most mundane items to unsuspecting ‘hipster’ patrons, and they both can’t help but fall a little in love with each other. 

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Prompt: Late Night Love.

Harry doesn’t really know how they ended up outside when the temperature was in single digits but he wouldn’t change it. Not for anything in the world.

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hiiii, here are a bunch of fics I’ve enjoyed and loved reading throughout the month of november. I recommend that you read these great fics in december, if you haven’t already!! there’s GREAT fics in here… some really seasonal stuff and even MY OWN FIC! please check them out!!

(all fics with a star are my favorites and if there are two stars then it was a favorite favorite)

1. Loving with a Little Twist (29k)**

“What are you going to do?”

“I don’t know Niall! I just promised my mother I’m bringing my boyfriend - a boyfriend I don’t have - to Thanksgiving dinner. What should I do? I can’t call back and be like, ‘Oh yeah mom, that boyfriend I said that I have, I don’t actually have. Sorry to disappoint you.’ My life is ruined.” Harry returns to suffocating himself with the pillow.

Niall laughs and Harry growls at his best friend’s unwarranted happiness in this life-ending situation. Harry is fucked. Fuck. He needs a boyfriend. Fuck.

(a thanksgiving fake/pretend relationship au, written by me!!)

2. When the Stars Come Out (30k)*

Louis was about to reassure Harry further when Gemma bounded back over to him, slipping a hand around Louis’ waist. Harry’s eyes followed the movement. And then that lip gnaw again. Christ. How was he supposed to survive this weekend?

He turned his attention to Gemma as her palm came to rest right above his heart. Laying it on a bit thick, dear. Or at least that’s what he hoped he’d conveyed with the simple tilt of an eyebrow.

In response, she went up on tiptoes and laid a noisy kiss on the hollow beneath his cheekbone. Louis didn’t take his eyes off Harry, who watched the scene play out with a blank expression. Once Gemma dropped back to the ground, Harry shifted away from them, his gaze dropping to his feet.

[Or the one where Louis pretends to be Gemma’s boyfriend for her horrid cousin’s wedding but fate is a nasty jerk and throws Harry in his way.]

3. Both Showing Hearts (113k)**

Louis Tomlinson is, in fact, not straight.

Harry Styles isn’t sure what he is.

Together, they figure it out, and maybe fall in love along the way.

Or, the Uni AU where Louis helps Harry figure out his sexuality, Niall crashes a bachelorette party, Liam works in a printing centre, and Zayn happens to need lots of printing done.

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Happy Birthday H | Bright Red | Harry Styles One Shot

Morning. Just a little birthday one shot seeing as it is a certain someone’s birthday. Hope you enjoy it. Ixx

The excitement really hit you as the plane touched the ground in LA, you were there. It had started when you first booked your ticket, what felt like months ago but really had only been days. It had increased when you finally sat down on the plane and had stopped you from getting any decent sleep the whole flight. But now, as you were sat in the passenger seat of Glenne’s car it was tumbling inside of you like a wave. It would settle for a few moments but then quickly rise before crashing down and giving you a shiver of anticipation.

You were glad for the sunshine that was warming your face that would have been numb from the January weather had you still been in London. It was a welcome relief, as you walked out of the airport with Glenne towards her car, to be able to forget about your coat and drape it over your suitcase. As soon as you’d stepped off the plane you’d grabbed the sunglasses Harry had bought you from your bag, and you hadn’t put them away yet. It wasn’t particularly warm for LA, it wasn’t summer after all, but to you who hadn’t been out of London for months it was positively tropical.

Glenne offered to take you back to hers first to freshen up but you declined. A shower could wait, despite the tiredness and clagginess you were feeling, you just wanted to get to Harry and see the look on his face when he saw you. You’d told him you wouldn’t be able to make it out for his birthday before he’d even left and again the previous day. You felt awful when you saw the saddened look on his face, especially when you knew it was a lie. Originally you weren’t sure you would be able to make it so you thought it would be best to tell him you couldn’t so you wouldn’t let him down. When you’d found out you would be able to make it out to LA for his birthday Jeff had suggested keeping it quiet and surprising him. You couldn’t resist, even when you heard the reserved understanding tone in Harry’s voice. He was understanding but if it was up to him you’d be by his side every single day but in particular on his birthday.

Glenne pulled up outside the recording studio. You’d been there before, Harry had recorded in the same studio with One Direction on the odd occasion and you’d been there with him once. You thanked Glenne, telling her you’d see her later as she handed you your bags and you made your way into the studio. You followed the corridor down to the room at the back. It was exactly like you remembered. The producer, who you half recognised from a brief introduction in London, was sat at the desk and looked up and smiled as you entered. Due to the design of the room, Harry couldn’t see out to the desk from where he was stood in the recording booth. The producer greeted you with a hug and asked all the polite questions, how are you, how was your flight? And you responded accordingly.

You sat down next to him and he handed you some headphones which you placed over your head, Harry’s voice filling your ears. He sounded as perfect as he always did. He’d told you he’d be recording this morning and you’d commented that didn’t sound like the best way to spend his birthday but he’d told you, as you anticipated, he didn’t mind too much. He enjoyed recording and it needed to be done. You’d hoped he’d be having a lazy morning at home so you could surprise him there but now you were in the studio and listening to him finally recording the songs he’d been writing and working on for months, you were glad he wasn’t.

‘That sounds great H.’ The producer commented as Harry finished and his voice faded away. The producer looked to you and winked. ‘Just one thing…’

‘Happy Birthday baby.’ You said into the microphone with a giggle. You looked out into the studio and saw Harry turn in the booth to look back at you.

‘Shit.’ You heard him exclaim through the headphones you were still wearing. You chuckled as you took them off watching Harry leave the booth and disappear out of the studio room. Seconds later her was bursting his way through the door and marching towards you, a large grin on his face and tears in his eyes. You were standing now and within two steps he was in front of you, his large, muscular arms wrapped around you and lifting you off your feet. ‘I thought you couldn’t make it.’ He said still holding onto you tightly almost as if he feared letting go of you. You chuckled and pushed back against his chest so you could look up at him. Before you could speak he pressed his lips into yours fiercely and you kissed him back with just as much passion. You’d missed him indescribably, life was always a little greyer without him around at home, it all seemed a bit brighter when you were together, feeding of one another’s energy and revelling in each other’s presence.

‘Pulled some strings.’ You told him with a wink and his smile only got bigger. ‘Jeff suggested surprising you.’ You told him and he rolled his eyes to which you chuckled.

‘I’ll kill him.’ He threatened before turning to the producer. ‘Do you mind if we call it a day?’ Harry asked taking your hand as he turned away from you. The producer nodded with a smile and you couldn’t believe how grateful you felt. ‘Thanks mate, I’ll let you know when we can get back in.’ Harry turned back to you giving you another hug before grabbing your suitcase and your hand and leading you out of the studio.

He took you to his car in the parking lot and you hopped in. You stopped to grab take out coffee and bagels and then drove straight to Harry’s house. He didn’t let go of your hand the whole way. Even when he pulled up inside the gates of the house he was out of the car and taking your hand, helping you step out before you could even unbuckle your seat belt.

‘I’ll grab your bags later.’ He told you with a smile, the same smile that had appeared at the sight of you. You followed him to the house that you’d finally grown accustomed to. It was large and imposing, but beautiful and very Harry - filled with artwork by artists you’d never heard off and beautiful furniture. It was lighter than the London home you now shared and more open, it wasn’t as cosy as your London home but for the short periods you were in LA with Harry it was a nice break. It always made time in LA feel like a holiday.

You sat together in the living room eating your bagels and sipping on coffee. You asked him how his birthday had been so far and he shrugged telling you ok, better now you were there to which you laughed. You made the normal small talk as you ate.Once you’d finished your bagel you excused yourself for a few moments telling him you needed the bathroom but sneaking out to the car to fetch his present from your bag. You were excited to give it to him and couldn’t wait any longer now the excitement of seeing him was settling down.

His eyes went wide as you entered the room with the large, brightly wrapped present. He chuckled nearly choking on his coffee.

‘What’s this?’ He asked putting the cup on the table and dropping his legs from it. He pulled them up under himself folding them as if he were a child. You handed the gift to him and he took it cautiously.

‘Happy Birthday H.’ You said with a smile giving him a sweet kiss before sitting down next to him. He looked from you to the present and back to you, giving you big doe eyes. He looked like a toddler version of himself, not sure whether he was allowed to open it or not, waiting for confirmation with eagerness in his eyes. ‘Open it.’ You encouraged with a giggle. You watched on nervously, chewing at the loose skin around your nails, as Harry pulled at the sellotaped paper. He seemed to take too long and you began bouncing your knee in anticipation as Harry finally unfolded the paper from across the centre to reveal the bright red fabric underneath.

‘Oh my god Y/N, is this what I think it is?’ You smiled as Harry pulled the fabric from the paper completely holding it up. The coat fell to its length and you heard his breath catch. You knew he’d been eyeing it up for a while and you couldn’t resist going into the store and purchasing it for him for his birthday. ‘Y/N you shouldn’t have.’ He said looking to you a mixture of happiness on his face and guilt. He never liked having money spent on him but that wasn’t what this was about. He deserved to be spoilt. He always ensured everyone else was spoilt that he didn’t always think about himself and he’d worked tirelessly recently, he deserved it.

‘It’s fine.’ You told him gladly accepting the kiss he was leaning over for. ‘Do you like it?’ You asked and he nodded wildly looking back to his new coat. ‘Try it on.’ You encouraged feeling nervous once again.

He stood up and unbuttoned the jacket. You hadn’t wanted to take the coat out of the fine paper and bag that the store had wrapped it in but you knew he’d know what it was instantly if you hadn’t taken it out, you were just relieved it hadn’t creased. Harry pulled the coat on over his t-shirt and jeans. It looked incredible, you knew it would do, red suited him and he didn’t wear it enough. It complimented his golden skin tone and his dark hair and features. He looked regal as he stood before you pulling the coat at the collar until it sat just right.

‘Looks amazing.’ You told him sincerely looking him up and down.

‘Yeah?’ He asked. You nodded and silently egged him on to check out the pockets but he didn’t just looked down at himself and moved the coat around on his body.

‘Check out the inside pockets.’ You told him, he looked at you a little confused as you expected but he wasn’t going to do it unless you told him to. He did as you said reaching into the inside of his coat. His brow furrowed further and you knew he felt it. He pulled out the two rectangular pieces of paper and stared at them for a few seconds. Eventually he looked up at you his eyes wide. You smiled.

‘How did you get these? They were sold out?’ He asked the joy evident on his face. You chuckled.

‘Pulled some strings.’ You told him simply. Working in the music industry meant you had contacts, that was how you met Harry in the first place. You knew Harry had wanted to get to the Kings Of Leon show whilst he was in LA but he hadn’t been able to get tickets. You used all the pulling power you had to get your hands on the tickets and you owed someone a massive favour but it was all worth it for the look on Harry’s face. He looked like a child that had just been told they’d been given a sweet shop for Christmas.

‘Y/N you’re fucking amazing.’ Harry said with a huge grin moving quickly towards you and bending down to your level. ‘Thank you so much, I don’t deserve you.’ You giggled as he kissed you again. You took it upon yourself to deepen the kiss, there was just something about him in red. You prised his mouth open with your tongue before darting it against his. He groaned into your mouth and you grinned happy with the response. ‘I’ve missed you.’ He said pulling you to your feet placing the tickets on the table. He lifted you from your feet and you wrapped your legs around him and the coat.

‘Leave the coat on.’ You instructed as he began moving toward the bedroom your hands tangled in his hair as he attacked your chest through your t shirt with kisses. He chuckled darkly but you knew he’d comply.

If missing him and being missed by him was grey, then loving him and being loved by him was bright red.

Love Unintentional (Part 2)

Word Count: 2842

A/M: So this is Part Two of my story Love Unintentional. The first one went extremely well and I’m so happy for it, thank you! :) There will be more parts to this story, look for them the next coming fridays! I hope you like it! Tell me if you do! Xx

The driver pulled up to the curb on your side as a red carpet welcomed you to the premiere. Suddenly you felt butterflies in your stomach as you looked out the window to the crowd of people, fans and cameras. With the thoughts of your boyfriend and relationship in peril still in your mind, you began to feel sick. 


“Hey.” You heard Harry call your attention, “It’ll be okay. You’ll do fine." 

"But what if they ask a question that I don’t know how to answer? What if something slips and this huge lie is out there? If that happens we’re both screwed.” You frowned now feeling more anxious than ever.

He just simply smiled, “Just stay with me when doing interviews. I’ll handle it." 

"What are you going to say then?" 

"We’ll tell them the truth." You raised an eyebrow not understanding what the hell he meant by that. But he just shrugged it off, "If you’re ever feeing anxious or nervous, just come over to me. I’ve got you.” He assured which made you feel a lot better. 

He smiled, “Now stay right here. I’ll get the door for you.” It was then that you realized that he had held your hand the whole drive as he finally let it go. 

You felt yourself blush, until he finally showed up as he opened the door to your side and smiled, “It’s now or never love.” He said as he reached his hand out to you. 

You smiled and took it as you stepped out of the car with him arm in arm. 

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“Damn professional” - h.s. Part 1

Surprise I’m back.



It started out simple enough. Neighbors usually become friends. And considering Harry has a nasty habit of bringing women back to his apartment, only to skip out on them the very next morning before they wake up, Y/N’s apartment across the hall was his best bet.

He’d been kind of skeptic moving into the swank London apartment building, especially knowing that someone lived just across the hall from him. But having a house at this age, especially when he had no one to share it with, just seemed ridiculous. And so he decided on a lavish apartment instead. His agent had told him that the girl the hall was hardly ever around anyway, and that had sold him. 

But lucky for him, she was always there in the morning - just when he needed her. 

It was at the point where Harry just had a key to Y/N’s flat now. Not that she minded much either. What would one of the wealthiest men in the world want with any of her trinkets anyway? She highly doubted he would steal anything, except her food which he seemed to take quite often. 

It was rather early on a Sunday when Harry quickly slinked into Y/N’s warm and bright apartment, brimming with sunshine from the wall of windows overlooking the London landscape. His sudden entrance alerted her gaze from behind the kitchen bar, a magazine spread out before her as her hands warmed on a mug of warm chai. 

“Morning,” she said, a small smirk adorning her face as she brushed a strand of hair behind her ear. 

Harry closed his eyes, running a hand over his face as he leaned against her door. His face tired, his short hair a mess, and his pajama pants hanging low on his hips. 

“G’mornin,” he mumbled, standing up fully and stalking over to the kitchen where he opened Y/N’s fridge to grab the milk, reaching above on the top cabinet to grab the Cheerio’s box marked “H” in a big black Sharpie mark. 

“Rough night?” Y/N asked, handing Harry a spoon as he sat down at a stool across from where she was standing, flipping through the magazine.

“It was good … I think.”

“What’s her name this time?”

“I believe it was Elizabeth,” Harry yawned and struggling to open the new cereal box without spilling cereal everywhere. “At least that’s what I wrote on the note asking she please leave before my cleaning lady gets in.”

“Oh, did you get a cleaning lady?” Y/N looked up, taking another sip from her mug.

“No,” Harry shook his head, “But I just wrote that my cleaning lady needs everyone gone by ten so she can do a deep clean. That sounds like a reasonable excuse to get her out, right?”

Y/N raised her arm to look at her watch. “Yeah. That gives her another good two hours.”

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Jet Lag

A/N: The only reason I used Singapore was because it has the same time zone as the country I’m in, so it’s easier for me to calculate time differences XD Also, the GIF is the only one that suited the story, so… yeah. Enjoy!

Character: Harry

Warning(s): None

Originally posted by harringtn

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Anonymous: Pregnancy fluff please! Love you. x



Harry doesn’t know if he’s ever seen anything cuter than his very grumbly, very pregnant wife, doesn’t think anything cuter exists. He knows it aggravating for her when he coos at her when she’s in the middle of another grouse about how she can’t see her toes anymore.

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Lavender and Vanilla

Anon: Could you please do one of y/n coming home from work really tired and Harry cuddles her. Thank you x
Hope you like it!! 
Word Count: 1058
No warnings, just cute-as-hell Harry.

You sat in the driveway, for how long, you did not know. It seemed as if your legs were not attached to your body, or at least your brain wasn’t sending signals to them to make them move. You were exhausted: your body had been worked harder than it had in a long time, and it was all because of your new manager. It wasn’t that your previous manager didn’t work you hard, because she did, but nothing compared to this new guy. You worked at a catering business, which you liked…most of the time. The workload was normally evenly distributed, but because you were the youngest one on staff, your new boss thought that you could and should be pushed a little bit harder than everyone else, which led to very sore muscles and a tired body.

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Fresh eyes

Today’s blogmas entry is a little shorter than normal but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless. I x

Harry and Y/N go to their first high profile event together and Harry can’t take his eyes off her. 2k.

Harry’s living room was aglow with the warm light of Christmas fairy lights. There were some hung from the fireplace and added to the ones that adorned the tree you didn’t need much other light but despite that Harry had several candles burning making the place feel warmer and smell delightful. Most people would be burning, sweet, Christmas scents at this time of year but Harry still opted for deep musky, and fresh scents that made him feel peaceful. 

This year was the first year that Harry had decorated his Christmas tree with a girlfriend. He’d been with Y/N last Christmas but only for just over a month so he thought it might be too forward to ask her to come Christmas tree shopping with him. This year they’d both driven out into the countryside and spent the day wondering around a little village and enjoying tea and cake before choosing the perfect tree for Harry’s living room.

Harry smiled as he looked at the tree. It was so tall he’d had to lift Y/N off the ground slightly so she could put the star on the top of it. They’d decorated it together and it was perfect to him. The decorations were a mismatch of baubles and other hanging ornaments he’d collected from different places around the wold when he’d been away in the festive period. He’d asked Y/N to choose a decoration this year to put on the tree. She’d chosen a plain white bauble hand painted with the year in the middle encircled by a green wreath with red spots for winter berries.

He left the living room for the kitchen and poured himself a neat whisky. He took a sip and let the deep brown liquid drain down his throat, burning as it went. He couldn’t feel more in the Christmas spirit if he tried. He was dressed in a black velvet suit; the jacket collar was silk and he had done it up across his stomach. The trousers had a silk strip up the seam of the leg. Underneath he wore a white, silk shirt tucked into his trousers. He had a black tie around his neck but wore it underneath the shirt and tucked it in where the shirt was done up which, in true Harry fashion, was so far down his chest bone so that when he bent over it gaped to show off his toned chest and nearly his stomach. Simple black leather boots adorned his feet.

Y/N had helped him choose the outfit though she hadn’t let him see even one of the dresses she’d been sent for the event. This would be the first event they were going to together as a couple. Of course, after over a year of dating they’d been seen out and about together but never at an official event. Harry knew Y/N was nervous about it, she’d had cameras in her face every now and again. Leaving One Direction concerts, leaving hotels with Harry, even out shopping when they’d been spotted but this was different all eyes would be on them and tomorrow they’d be in every magazine and on every Celebrity gossip website not to mention social media. Even so Harry couldn’t wait to attend his first event as a couple, arriving together, sitting together, leaving together.

Harry heard footsteps coming down the stairs so he made his way out to the hallway with his, now, nearly empty glass of whiskey. He stood against the wall at the bottom of the stairs and waited for Y/N to make an appearance.

His jaw nearly hit the floor. The dress was the colour of red wine and would have brushed the floor if she wasn’t holding it up slightly so as not to trip. As she stepped forward the dress separated over her left leg where it split up to her mid-thigh. The top of the dress went up to her neck and Harry could tell it was done up at the back of her neck. It hugged her body showing off the curve of her breasts, waist and hips but flowed down to the floor in waves. She had silver shoes on, a band across her toes and one around her ankle. Harry stepped forward and took her hand as she took the last step onto the wooden floor of the hallway.

‘Wow you look amazing.’ Harry told her pressing a kiss to her lips that had been painted a matte nude shade. Her skin was glowing and her hair was pulled back into a loose braided updo. A few strands fell around her face and down her neck in waves. He’d never seen her look like this and she looked absolutely incredible.

‘You don’t look so bad yourself Styles.’ She smiled letting the bottom of her dress fall to the floor so it now covered her shoes. Harry let her hand fall from his too.

‘How did I get so lucky?’ He couldn’t resist, he put his arm around her and pulled her body close to his, crashing into one another and crashing his lips onto hers but being careful not to smudge her expertly done make up. His hand was on her bare back, to his surprise he let it roam up her spine working out where the fabric of the dress ended and her bare skin started.

‘Well maybe I should dress up like this more often.’ Y/N mumbled against his lips before kissing him again.

‘I’m sorry love, you just look so good.’ Harry told her taking her in completely again. The dress suited her to a tea, it looked like it was made for her. The colour complimented her skin tone and hair colour perfectly, it fitted her body like a glove in the places it was meant to and made, who to Harry was, the most beautiful person he’d laid eyes on, look even more beautiful. ‘Are you ready to go?’ Y/N nodded and took Harry’s outstretched hand and let him lead her towards the door and to the car waiting outside for the pair.

Harry felt like a stereotypical bloke. His girlfriend put on a fancy dress, made a bit more effort than normal with her makeup and did something fancy with her and he couldn’t take his eyes of her. Harry had always thought Y/N looked best chilling out in her black Calvin Klein leggings, his Packers hoodie, her make up taken off and moisturiser on and her hair tied up in a messy bun on top of her head, cuddled on the couch ready for a cosy night in with him. She looked the most at home and the most like her. She was a relaxed down to earth person and that was why he’d fallen in love her, she looked like that when he realised he was indeed in love with her and when he told her he loved her for the first time. This dressed up version of Y/N wasn’t really like her but Harry couldn’t deny she looked fantastic. And he felt he was falling head over heels for her all over again.

Harry and Y/N both sat next to the windows in the car their hands meeting and holding onto one another on the middle seat. Y/N looked out of the window a sweet, soft smile on her face as she took in all the Christmas lights that hung from street lamps and the bridges they drove over. But Harry looked at her and smiled with her as she took in London at Christmas. It was a beautiful sight to see, the city alight with Christmas bulbs, shop windows filled to the brim with beautiful decorations and festive cheer filling everybody. But to Harry looking at Y/N staring out of the window into the bright night was even more beautiful. He felt like he was looking at her for the first time. He had the same feeling he had when he first laid eyes on her. She was waiting for coffee whilst he was ordering his. She had blue denim jeans on, an oversized sweater and her hair was tied back in a ponytail. He later discovered she was suffering from an horrendous hangover but he’d still not been able to take his eyes of her after noticing her which just made him even more certain he had to get to know her better. He shuffled over to her feeling like the luckiest guy in the world. He let go of her hand and put his arm around her shoulders. She turned to look at him, her eyes lit up with the lights coming through the window and her face alight with happiness and a smile.

‘I’m sorry I don’t appreciate you enough love.’ Harry said softly ensuring the driver couldn’t hear their intimate conversation. He was sure he probably wouldn’t have been able to due to the divider between the front and back of the car but Harry wanted to be positive this was just between him and Y/N, who shook her head gently.

‘I think that’s just what happens when you’re together for a while.’ Harry furrowed his brow, he wasn’t sure he liked those words. ‘You just fall into routine and forget about all those things from the beginning,’ He was concerned. He wanted and felt like their relationship was filled with as much love, lust and everything else as it had been in the beginning. He was worried she didn’t feel the same. ‘It’s not a bad thing H, I’m so happy with our relationship and how good it is and how far we’ve come, everyone’s relationships change it doesn’t mean I love you any less or don’t want to be with you.’

‘I really do love you though Y/N.’ Harry let her know though they both knew she already knew. He didn’t miss an opportunity to show her or tell her how much he loved her or how much she meant to him.

‘I know I love you too.’ Y/N smiled giving him one single kiss.

The car pulled to a stop and they both turned, flashing lights visible through the windows. The door opened and the camera flashes got even brighter. Harry slid out of the car not even looking at the cameras for a second but turning straight back to give Y/N his hand to take so he could help her from the car. She stepped down and her dress fell to the floor, the cold winter air put goose bumps on her skin instantly. People were already calling their names and Harry encouraged Y/N forward to the man with the large camera who was calling her name. Everyone was always more interested in the women at these events, everyone wanted to know what they were wearing and Harry was sure everyone would be saying how amazing his girlfriend looked tonight and everyone would know she was his. Harry even took his own phone from his pocket and took a photo of her whilst she was distracted by the people calling her name to get a photo of her looking straight down the lens.

Harry swooped in after a few seconds, pressed a kiss to her temple and wrapped an arm around her waist looking at the camera as the photographers took photos of them together against the boards that had been put up for the event. The name of the event on them and the sponsor also. Harry let his hand roam letting it drop for her waist to her bum. His hand wandered a little but couldn’t feel the line of any underwear. He knew she wasn’t wearing a bra as there was no strap across her back but he thought she’d be wearing knickers of some kind under the beautiful dress.

‘Have you got anything on under this dress.’ Harry whispered in her ear. Y/N giggled and shook her head not looking at Harry but continuing to focus on the camera. She felt him take a deep breath beside her though, and he stood up straighter puffing his chest out slightly. ‘Well I’ll be showing you just how much I appreciate you when we get home.’ Harry whispered darkly.

‘As if you’ll be able to wait that long.’ Y/N muttered as they walked away from the cameras towards the line of journalists with microphones and throngs of fans.

“Damn professional” - h.s. Part 2

Part 1 



It was a couple days before Harry saw Y/N again and until then he had the news on every morning. Something about the idea of Nemesis and the fact that there was an actual vigilante out in the city really made Harry feel as though he was in some sort of TV show where you know something bad is going to happen. It also alerted him to just how much more crime there was going on around him than he noticed.

Three days after the art show, Harry caught Y/N on her way into her apartment midday.

“So,” Harry said, springing open his door and startling Y/N as she searched in her bag for her keys. “Did you land your victim?”

Y/N stared at him for a moment, blinking a couple times before saying slowly, “What?”

“That old guy from the art show the other night. You said you were about to go and get your victim as well and then went over to talk to all those men in suits. I didn’t peg you for an older guy type of girl,” Harry smirked, leaning against his doorframe and crossing his arm.

“Were you … were you just waiting by your door hoping I would walk in or out or something?” Y/N asked, looking from the elevator to her door, giving Harry a questionable look.

Harry hesitated. “No.”

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Two Can Play That Game

The coldness of the sheet only reminds Harry that he’s by himself. So he lies there, thinking about how good it would feel just to have someone there. He just needs a cuddle. Oh, Y/N is always up for a cuddle, she happens to be his favorite kind of cuddle. If anyone would be there for him, it’s her. The two shared an undeniable connection, a bond that was probably weird to others. They were fully aware of their flirtatious actions and physical attraction to one another. They both craved any kind of attention from each other. He would run to hers if she needed a simple hug. He sits up in bed, rubbing his eyes before he dials her number. He feels guilty when he noticed the grogginess of her ‘Hello’.

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Prompt: For Her.

Harry hadn’t ever really considered himself to be a jealous person. He had always been secure in himself, never feeling inadequate or threatened, well that was until a very attractive old friend that Y/N hadn’t seen in a while had cornered her at a mutual friends wedding and Harry felt like his jaw was about to break with how hard he was gritting his teeth.

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Harry-- Streetlights

It had been a long day and Harry was tired.  Bad weather in the states had delayed their flights, so he and his girlfriend were just now making the drive to his parents’ house from the airport at an hour to midnight.  All he could think of was crawling into bed with the familiar smells of his pre-fame home wrapping around him as he wrapped his arms around his girl.

Not typically the type to let his temper flare, he had come dangerously close to snapping at officials at the airport today.  Y/N had stepped in deftly to take over the conversation, a warm hand on Harry’s elbow that was both comforting and a warning.  He had walked away to get his breathing under control and to call his mum to let her know they would be late for her birthday.  That was why he had been so upset.  It had been months since he’d seen his family and he was devastated to be losing more time with them.

When he’d come back Y/N had it handled, though.  She had managed to find a new flight (she refused to fly private jet when it was just the two of them) and a private setting for the two of them rest while they waited.  “They can’t control the weather, Harry,” she had reminded him soothingly as she scratched at the back of his head.  “It messes up their day just as much as it messes with ours.  We’ll get to see your mum, I promise.”

She was right, of course.  She normally was.  The trick of the matter is that she could diffuse a situation with grace and ease.  Not that she had to often with him, but it was still an aspect of her personality that had drawn Harry in.

Now they were here and Harry was completely relaxed.  “Are you ready to see everyone?” Harry asked and was met with silence.  He looked over to see Y/N curled up in the seat, her head facing towards the window as the street lights lit up her face in intervals as they drove under them.

It was soft, like a picture or a movie.  Harry’s fingers itched for a camera, but he knew there was no way he’d ever be able to catch it on film.  These soft, mundane moments were his favorite.  She was stunning in formal dresses and perfectly primped hair, but he loved her like this more.  Her hair in a braid that was starting to go frizzy from a day of travel.  Dressed comfortably in travel clothes.  Her mouth slightly open as the lights briefly illuminated her skin.  The soft yellows muting her skin tone.

Harry reached up and turned down the radio, just to make sure it wouldn’t wake her.  This was what he’d been looking for his entire adult life.  A girl who fit seamlessly into his work life and all it entailed, as well as his life in Holmes Chapel.  She never seemed out of place anywhere.  She loved helping his mum in the kitchen just as much she loved dressing up for formal events.  In any situation, just her presence brought him a peace that he hadn’t always felt in his fast pace life.  Even when he was trying to move quickly through life’s obstacles, she had a way of slowing him down without getting in his way.

With no other cars around him, Harry took the risk in reaching over to run his hand down her arm.  She squirmed and as her eyes opened in slits, she murmured, “Are we there yet?”

“Shhh,” he soothed, squeezing her arm before putting his hand back on the steering wheel.  “Not yet, love.  Go back to sleep.”

She smiled dazedly at him and fell back asleep.  The near silence in the car was the most comforting thing Harry had felt in a long time.  As picture perfect as it felt, driving down the highway close to midnight with his girl asleep next to him, a part of him was glad for the intimacy and that this was something he would never be able to catch on camera.  It was a part of her and their relationship that he’d never have to share: the comfort of just knowing she was there as the streetlights illuminated her features.  And he’d get to know these moments, these preciously private moments, for the rest of his life.

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I’m not coming

So FINALLY it’s here the 3rd instalment of Blogmas! I hope you enjoy it loves :) I x

When Harry tells Y/N he can’t come home for Christmas he doesn’t quite get the response he was hoping for.


The bright Los Angles morning sunlight, shone through the tall glass doors into Harry’s kitchen, reflecting off the perfectly polished surfaces and floor tiles that looked as brand new as they did the day he bought the large, west Hollywood home. Harry padded through the open plan kitchen, making his way for the fridge to grab himself a fresh bottle of water. The one he’d opened before working out was nearly finished and what remained was warm and going stale. The few strands of hair that had fallen from the top knot he’d tied his fringe into were sticking to his sweaty brow and just like the light reflected of the shiny surfaces it also reflected off the shine of his sweat covered, bare, torso.

He pulled the hair elastic from his hair and combed his fingers through the free strands. He missed his longer hair and was glad it was getting back to a point where he could tie it back when he worked out. He hated having hair falling in his eyes whilst he was in his gym. It stuck to him and tickled making him frustrated which was not the feeling he wanted whilst he was trying to make sure his form was exquisite as he lifted, pulled and pushed things around.

He took the box of eggs from the fridge with his bottle of water as well as the half an avocado that was left from his breakfast the previous morning. Avocado and poached eggs on toast again. It was a simple breakfast that he didn’t mind making or eating but he had to admit he missed Y/N’s more exciting, adventurous healthy breakfasts. The blueberry protein pancakes she often whipped up for him after his morning gym session were his favourite but her recipe was secret and even he couldn’t get it out of her although he was fairly certain he had a good idea of what it was, he was also fairly certain he could have made them himself but he liked to let her think it was only her who could make him his favourite, healthy pancakes.

The cold water was a delight to his still overheated body. He tried to resist the urge to gulp it all down as he knew it would make him sick but he nearly couldn’t hold back when he felt the cold liquid go down his throat. He put the bottle on the side and left it alone for a minute as he got a pan out to make his poached eggs in.

Harry filled the pan with water and put it on the electric hob to begin heating up. Whilst he was waiting he opened his laptop to check emails but also to make sure he wouldn’t miss the expected call from Y/N. He’d messaged her the night before, before he went to bed for the night asking to call him when she got in. He could guarantee she’d gone to the gym, she always went in the evening. It used to be the time she finished work and since going self-employed she hadn’t yet got out of the habit of going between five and six in the evening.

Harry looked at the time 11.30 LA time, Harry could work it out instantly. He’d spent the last month doing so. Every time he looked at his watch when he had a spare hour or two, what’s the time in London? Am I going to wake her up? Will she be working? To begin with he’d had to count it out on his fingers but he’d done it for every other hour of the day nearly by now and it came naturally. 7.30pm. She should be calling soon.

He heard the water boiling behind him distracting him from the time and his laptop. The water was spilling over onto the heated glass. It hissed and spat. He cursed taking the pan from the heat to empty it slightly. Overfilling the pan, a common error of his and something Y/N still giggled at and asked if he’d ever manage to not to do. He smiled at the thought of the look on her face as Harry panicked and flustered around trying to fix the mistake.

Harry let the water come to the boil again before cracking two eggs into the boiling water and putting a slice of wholegrain bread in the toaster. At that point the ringing tone of FaceTime echoed through the kitchen. He turned quickly to his laptop, his favourite photo of Y/N staring back at him – southern French, evening sun hitting her face, a wide toothy smile on her face as she laughed at the joke he’d made before taking the photo.

‘Hey babe.’ Harry said after answering the call and letting it connect. Her hair was tied in a tight pony tail, her cheeks slightly red but a sweet smile on her face matching the one that was on his.

‘Hey gorgeous, how are you? Look’s lovely and sunny.’ She commented rolling onto her belly on their shared London bed taking her phone with her making Harry’s screen appear to twist and turn.

‘Yeah it’s a pretty nice morning.’ Harry said looking out at the large garden, lined with tall palm trees and bushes. One day she’d come out and experience it herself, work had been her excuse before but she didn’t have that anymore so he hoped the conversation that was yet to come would go the way he really wanted it to. ‘I’m good thanks, how was your day?’

‘Not bad,’ she said nodding and twisting her mouth into a half up half down smile, ‘We’re finally able to get started on the new website.’ He told her and Harry’s face genuinely lit up at the news. He knew how much it meant to her to get it going. She really wanted to prove she hadn’t quit her high-flying job for nothing.

‘That’s brilliant news baby, you can stop stressing about that now.’ Y/N giggled slightly at his remark. She knew full well it wasn’t only her that had been suffering due to her stressed out attitude and she hoped Harry realised how appreciative she was to him for putting up with it.

‘Yeah for as long as it takes Jonas to find something else to make as awkward as possible.’ Jonas was Y/N’s project manager. He’d come recommended to Harry by a friend but it was proving to be a bad recommendation for Y/N’s working style. They just didn’t gel, Y/N was too relaxed about things where Jonas was the complete opposite. They should have balanced each other out but Jonas’ frantic attitude just made Y/N stressed.

‘He’s only trying to make sure things run as smoothly as possible babe.’ Harry reassured. Jonas’ contract was a yearlong and at the moment they were only just over six months through. He had to keep her as positive as possible for the duration.

‘I know,’ Y/N sighed and she did know. Jonas had been helpful and 90% of the time it was fine but the rest of the time he made her feel anxious and stressed and that wasn’t something she would ordinarily feel about much. ‘But phone calls at 2am from Sydney?’ Harry chuckled and nodded, he understood that feeling. ‘Anyway, is it feeling Christmassy there?’ Harry shrugged before answering, that was the only thing about LA it was fun and cool but it wasn’t homely or cosy at all.

‘Sorta,’ Harry mumbled Y/N nodding waiting for him to say more. ‘Not like London though, it’s too warm I haven’t even put a jumper on.’

‘I wouldn’t complain too much,’ Y/N laughed, ‘It’s freezing her, you’ll be missing it when you’re back.’ She told him and he knew she was only slightly right. You couldn’t beat sunny weather but you really couldn’t beat winter, and even more so, Christmas in London. The lights, the dark evenings, snuggling under big thick blankets. It was just incomparable.

‘You’re probably right love.’ Harry mumbled working up the courage to say what he had to say next.

‘I saw Ellie today,’ Y/N speaking again stopped Harry in his tracks letting her continue, ‘She went to the hospital about those cramps, it’s all fine and normal they reckon it could be any day now though.’ Harry could sense Y/N’s excitement through the screen. It would be her first niece or nephew so he could understand it. He’d be lying if he said he wasn’t excited too, he loved babies and he was looking forward to being Uncle Harry. He and Y/N weren’t married yet but it wouldn’t be long after Harry proposed on the same trip to the South of France on which his favourite photo of Y/N was taken.

‘Well that’s exciting.’ Harry said smiling although his mind was now slightly occupied by something that he knew neither of them would be smiling about.

‘Yeah, I hope it’s not before you get home though.’ Y/N said smiling also, though Harry could tell she was genuinely concerned that he wouldn’t be there to visit the baby at the hospital like they’d talked about which only added to his uncertainty about the topic he was about to bring up.

‘Yeah, I erm need to talk to you about that.’ Harry mumbled scratching his neck and looking down at the keyboard of his laptop. He hated to disappoint Y/N or let her down and that’s exactly what he was about to do.

‘Why?’ Her voice was completely monotone and Harry knew she already knew what he was about to say. She was always one step ahead. He still didn’t look at her fearing what the look in eyes would be saying.

‘Well I think I’ll be back a bit later than we first thought.’ Harry admitted finally just as his toast popped from the toaster behind him reminding him he had breakfast cooking. He ignored it and just focused on Y/N. He looked up at the screen she didn’t seem to appear as upset as he thought she would.

‘Oh right ok,’ Her voice was light, no hint to annoyance or disappointment. ‘Well as long as you’re back from Christmas, right?’ She smiled, always looking on the bright side. Harry realised why she didn’t seem as disappointed as he thought she would, she hadn’t fully understood what he was saying.  He just stared at her for a moment gearing himself up again because this really wasn’t going to go down well now, he should have just said it outright in the first place. ‘You’re not going to be home for Christmas are you?’ Harry simply shook his head. Y/N clenched her jaw looking away from the camera, her hand rubbing against her forehead as she took it in.

‘I’m so sorry love-‘

‘No Harry, you promised you’d be back for Christmas,’ she wasn’t just upset she was angry. ‘You went out there early for exactly that reason.’ She reminded him.

‘I’m so sorry baby things are just taking a little longer than any of us hoped.’ Harry tried to explain but he knew it wouldn’t help, he had promised.

‘What about your mum and Gem?’

‘They’re coming out here and I was wondering-‘

‘Don’t even ask I’m not coming out to LA for Christmas Harry.’ The finality in her voice was clear. Harry rolled his eyes but Y/N didn’t rise to the bait that was dangling in front of her. This wasn’t her argument it was his and he was going to explain himself and fix it.

‘Why?’ Harry asked and this time it was Y/N’s time to roll her eyes. They’d had this conversation so many times before and it normally ended in an argument because neither of them could understand where the other was coming from.

‘You know why Harry,’ Y/N told him and he did but he was going to make her explain again. ‘Because I want to see my family, my baby niece or nephew will be here by then and I want to be here for that.’

‘Bring them out here too then.’ Harry thought he had the answer but Y/N just looked at him like he was an idiot making him realise he probably didn’t.

‘Ellie can’t fly with a new born baby Harry don’t be ridiculous.’ She scalded unwittingly making Harry feel like the idiot she thought he was being right now. ‘I can’t actually believe you right now, this is so unfair.’

‘I’m sorry Y/N but I can’t do much about it I’ve got to get this sorted.’ Harry explained to which Y/N simply rolled her eyes. She was feeling fed up with the argument neither of them were getting anywhere and she was fed up with explaining herself. ‘Why can’t you be supportive?’ Harry snapped suddenly. ‘I’ve been so supportive of you with your work why can’t you do the same?’

‘Yes and you know I’m so grateful Harry so don’t pull that one.’ Harry had helped Y/N out setting up her own, interior design business which had always been a dream of hers but he’d helped her make it a reality and she would never be able to thank him enough but she really didn’t like him using it against her. ‘You told me family would always come before work no matter what.’ Harry went silent, that was how he always felt only now the dilemma was in front of him and what he had to stay for was so important it was difficult to see how that could be.

‘Yeah well my family are coming out to be with me.’ Harry snapped at a loss for what else to say but regretting it immediately.

‘Wow.’ Y/N sat on the edge of the bed resting her arm on her knee holding her phone in front of her face. Harry had never felt so guilty.

‘I’m so sorry,’ He could see the mixture of sadness and anger in her eyes through the picture of her on his laptop. ‘That was-‘

‘No I’m done Harry, I’ll talk to you later.’ And with that she disappeared from his screen. He tried to call her straight back but she didn’t answer. All he could picture was her lying on their bed with her face in her pillow crying the same way he’d found her after their first argument. He’d been annoyed cause she’d been late to a dinner with his friends because of work running late and after too much wine hadn’t kept quiet at the dinner table about it.


Y/N was woken up the next morning by the sunlight creeping through the curtains she’d never closed, on top of the duvet of hers and Harry’s bed. She felt exhausted despite the fact she’d slept for nearly twelve hours she guessed by the sunlight streaming through the window. She’d fallen asleep not long after hanging up on the call with Harry. She’d cried herself to exhaustion, he was away and they’d argued and he wasn’t going to let himself into their bedroom like one of them would normally do to fix things. One of them was going to have to actually reach out.

She checked her phone but there were no messages, nothing. She’d expected at least a good night text but then she’d not text him either so why did she deserve a message if she didn’t think he did? She’d taken herself to the shower and freshened up. She washed her hair even though she only did so the day before. She just felt sticky and clammy and horrid. She wanted to start again.

She met her heavily pregnant sister at a local coffee shop after sorting herself out, sipping strong coffee to try and liven herself up and trying to put on a smile but failing miserably. The coffee shop was heaving, it was a Saturday morning, everywhere was heaving. People swamped with thick, warm layers to try and brace against the cold. Y/N and her sister had been lucky to find a seat, and even luckier to find a comfy couch in the quiet back corner of the coffee shop though Y/N could see the baristas were run off their feet and the queue was only getting longer.

‘What’s up Y/N, you look like you’ve been dragged here against your will.’ Ellie joked taking a sip of her chai tea latte. No caffeine she’d reminded Y/N when she’d left her to order the drinks whilst she went to find a seat. Y/N moved her gaze to Ellie from the bustling street outside. She put a light smile and shook her head though it was not nearly convincing enough, especially for her big sister who knew better than anyone in the world. ‘Don’t try that, come on tell me, are you missing Haz?’ She asked, Y/N nodded but she wasn’t going to pretend it wasn’t more than that. She actually felt like she wanted to talk about it.

‘I spoke to him last night.’ She said quietly holding onto knees.

‘Well that’s nice how was he?’ Ellie asked smiling thinking for a few moments that it was just case of her little sister missing her fiancé. But then she saw the change on her face, her smile fell away her eyes looked anywhere but at her.

‘Ok, he’s not going to be home for Christmas though.’ Y/N told Ellie. Ellie frowned a little, she could understand it was frustrating but surely that was a risk when you were engaged to someone who had to fly off to LA to sort out contracts for a solo career near Christmas time.

‘Oh no that’s a shame.’ Ellie said trying to be the supportive big sister she always was.

‘He asked me to go out there.’ The dullness of Y/N’s voice surprised Ellie a little. Her little sister loved to travel, she couldn’t believe this wasn’t the first thing she’d told her, she couldn’t believe she wasn’t bouncing in her seat.

‘Wow, that will be amazing.’ Ellie said smiling brightly before taking another sip of her warm drink that she was still cuddling with her hands.

‘I’m not going El.’ Y/N told as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. She was looking at Ellie like she couldn’t understand why she thought it would be cool to be in LA at Christmas with her fiancé.

‘What?’ The shock in Ellie’s voice shocked Y/N she thought her sister would want her to be with her this Christmas. ‘Why?’

‘I want to spend Christmas with you and the baby and everyone.’ Y/N spoke again like Ellie was an idiot and again like it was the most obvious thing in the world. But Ellie was sat there thinking Y/N was the idiot here.

‘Are you stupid?’ Y/N felt slightly offended by her sisters words and tone and looked a taken aback by it. ‘Your fiancé, the love of your life, is asking you to go out to LA with him for Christmas but you’d rather stay here with a baby that won’t even be a month old and will probably spend Christmas day mostly asleep?’ Y/N fell back into the far too soft leather of the couch that had been worn by the thousands of people that had sat in it.

‘That’s not the point El, he said he’d be here.’ Y/N said though she’d already admitted defeat she never won a discussion with her sister.

‘You’re being selfish.’

‘I am not, I’m standing up-‘

‘Oh shut up you’re being selfish and you bloody know it.’ Ellie cut in before Y/N could even contemplate the rest of her sentence. ‘Harry’s working his butt off out there and he’s more than likely done all her can to try and get back, he’s probably stressed out of his mind and he just wants you around Y/N.’ It seemed so rational when Ellie said it but Y/N wasn’t ready to admit she was in the wrong yet even though she’d known it from the second she’d woken up.

‘He went out early so he’d be back.’ Y/N moaned trying to convince Ellie, but more so herself, that, that made her reaction to his announcement the previous evening ok and reasonable.

‘Things aren’t always that simple and you know that,’ Ellie silently reminding Y/N of how she’d had to let Harry down a couple of times in the early days of starting the business when things had overrun. ‘This is so important to him Y/N and you should be supporting him not acting like a stubborn, spoilt brat, you’re the luckiest girl in the world to have him and you need to remember that.’ Y/N sighed feeling tears pricking at her eyes. She knew she was lucky she didn’t need Ellie to tell her that but maybe she did need reminding every now and again. ‘You know I’m right.’

‘As per usual.’ Y/N said rolling her eyes making Ellie smile.

‘The thought he’s upset you will be killing him,’ Ellie pointed out. ‘Get home, call him, tell him you’ll be there next week.’

‘I’ve got work to-‘

‘The beauty of being self-employed is that you can work anywhere that’s not an excuse anymore you idiot.’ Y/N laughed and rolled her eyes. She could always rely on her sister to put her in her place and make her see sense, her words might have seemed harsh to other but it’s what Ellie knew her stubborn little sister needed to hear.

And now she was at home decorating the Christmas tree her brother in law had helped her stand up straight the day before, it was meant to be waiting for Harry to get home to decorate but that wasn’t necessary now but she couldn’t leave it undecorated even if they would both be in LA for Christmas.  She was trying to take her mind off the fact that Harry wasn’t answering any of her calls and trying to pass the time until he hopefully called her back. She had his pink shirt on that looked, to her, like a cross between a bowling shirt and a traditional pyjama shirt. Despite that she loved it when he wore it and he seemed to like her in it to. She had plain grey cycling style shorts on her legs. The flat was warm from the central heating and she felt comfortable in the minimal pyjama get up she’d opted for.

She sung along to the Christmas songs she had on in the background. As always just about hitting the high note in ‘All I want for Christmas.’ She didn’t have a bad voice but she was no Mariah. Harry always loved it when she sung, he told her she looked happy and carefree when she was busying around the house singing along to the radio or singing in the car whilst they drove around. The thought made her smile the song changing to Michael Buble’s ‘Baby Please Come Home,’ she couldn’t help but smile at the coincidence as she literally sung the words with Harry in mind. Even after her conversation with Harry she couldn’t deny she’d still rather spend Christmas at home with Harry. They’d both be more relaxed and it would just feel more like Christmas.

‘You’re not decorating the tree without me are you baby?’ The sudden gravelly voice, though instantly recognisable to Y/N without even seeing his face, scared her half to death. She dropped the bauble that was in her hands to the floor, it smashed into hundreds of pieces around her feet as she turned to see him stood in the doorway of their living room. He had his usual skinny jeans on and a plain white t-shirt covered by a checked shirt and his long black woollen coat that she’d bought for him a few Christmases back. Happy tears filled her eyes as she stepped over the smashed bauble and made her way over to him letting his big arms pull her in close to his chest where they both knew she felt the most comfort.

‘What are you doing?’ She mumbled against his chest, tears leaking from her eyes and soaking into his t-shirt.

‘I thought I’d come home early.’ He said smiling as he pushed her away from his chest and looked down at her. He gently wiped away the few tears from her cheeks with his fingers before his eyes fell to her feet were a few spots of crimson had been left. ‘Your foot’s bleeding love.’ Harry said moving her toward the sofa.

‘Shit must be from that bauble.’

‘Sit down, let me sort you out.’ Harry disappeared for a few moments whilst Y/N checked there were no remnants of the Christmas decoration in her foot. The cut was only small but it must have been quite deep as there was a fair amount of blood leaking from it. Harry reappeared carrying some cotton wool and a box of plasters. He knelt down in front of Y/N taking her foot in his hand. He gently wiped at the cut with some cotton wool he’d already made wet. Y/N watched on as he dried it with another cotton wool ball before sticking a plaster over it and placing a kiss on the top of her foot. She giggled not taking her eyes of him. ‘Well this isn’t exactly how I had envisioned this going.’ Y/N giggled again as Harry stood and sat next to her pulling her close into him on the sofa.

‘How come you’re here?’ Y/N asked looking up at him as he held her. He glanced down at her, his bright green eyes as enchanting as ever.

‘I realised you were right,’ He said a slight smile on his face. ‘It was unfair of me to ask everyone to work around me so I spoke with everyone and we worked somethings out.’ Harry said and Y/N smiled, over the moon she’d have her fiancé with her for Christmas. ‘I don’t have to go back until January.’ Y/N’s eyes went wide at the news. Christmas and New Year, that was more than she could have asked for.

‘Really?’ Harry nodded before Y/N pressed her lips against his letting Harry hold her head while they enjoyed having their lips against one another again for a few moments. Harry broke away for breath and gave Y/N one single, sweet kiss before she continued. ‘I’m so happy Harry but I’m so sorry for how I acted I should have been more understanding and supportive.’ Harry shook his head kissing her again. Now he’d started he didn’t think he would be able to stop. He missed her lips and her embrace more than anything and now he had them again he didn’t want them to go away.

‘No it’s fine, all I want is to spend Christmas with you and now I can so that’s all that matters.’ He told her to which she smiled at him, the big bright smile he loved. ‘Shall we finish that tree then and then maybe go up to bed?’ Harry asked winking. Y/N giggled and nodded as she stood up making sure he could see straight down her top as she did so, letting her hand trail over his crotch as she got up and walk away but slow enough to hear him let out a deep groan. Harry followed her quickly grabbing her from behind and throwing her over his shoulder. Y/N screamed not expecting to be thrown in the air at all. ‘Or maybe bed first.’ Harry whispered dropping her into his arms and carrying her towards the stairs.