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He hears you singing (good)

Zayn: Zayn wasn’t coming over for another hour to pick you up for your date night so you used the time to shower and get ready. You picked up the shampoo and lathered it in your hair and swayed your hips to the music that was lightly playing from you’re phone that lay on the sink. “ALL I WANNA DO IS LOVE YOUR BODAY OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH" you sang at the top of your lungs but you were still good. You don’t admit it but you were a good singer. You heard clapping come from outside your shower. You yelped and opened to curtain to see Zayn leaning against the doorway with a smirk on his face. “What are you doing here?!“ You yelled at him. “I thought if one early. Then I heard you singing. You’re really good Y/N. how come you never told me?” He asked. “I don’t know it just never came up. Now leave!“ I said pointing to the door with a smile on his face. He put his hands up in surrender. “Okay okay. Nice song choice by the way” he winked and left leaving you blushing.

Niall: you and Niall were watching Greg’s and Denise’s baby while they went on a well deserved date night. Niall was bouncing his baby nephew on his knee while you finished cooking dinner. Niall sat the little boy in his chair and fed him his baby food. “I can’t believe how big he already is" you said taking a bite of your salad. “I know. He looks so much like Greg already. But with Denise’s eyes" he said. Niall was so attached to this baby in the few weeks he was born. It was so cute for you and you hoped that this could your baby some day. It was getting late for the baby so you volunteered to take him to his crib. “Okay princess. Ill clean up the dishes" he said kissing your forehead. You took the baby who immediately started crying when you reached his room. “Shh" you said rocking back and forth. It wasn’t working so your tried to sing a lullaby your mother would sing to you. It always put you to sleep. “Hush you bye. Don’t you cry. Go to sleepy little baby. All the pretty little horses" you sang sweetly. After singing a few more verses the baby fell asleep on your arms. You lay him in his crib and turned around to see Niall leaning on the doorway. You gasped quietly. “I didn’t know you were standing there" you said putting a hand to your heart. “That lullaby was beautiful princess. I didn’t know you could sing" he said taking your hand and going downstairs. You shrugged. “I haven sang for a while. I just thought it would help him sleep" it was beautiful baby. You can sing it to our kids some day" he said making you smile big.

Harry: you went out with Harry to meet your friends and their boyfriends for dinner. It was a new restaurant and it was quite crowded.
After having many laughs with your friends and a worker at the high tech restaurant announced that it was time for karaoke. Your friends all looked at each other with excitement. You always sang as a child and through highschool. But Harry didn’t know that. After people sang very well your friends were nudging you to go up. “No way!“ You laughed. “Y/N doesn’t sing” Harry said with a laugh. Your friends smirked and pushed you on the stage. “He pretty lady. What’s your name?“ The host asked. You said your name and then he asked you what you wanted to sing. ”“Raise your Glass by P!nk" you said with a wink to your boyfriend. The restaurant filled with teens cheered. You performed with so much joy enjoying every minute of it throwing your boyfriend fun faces. He looked shocked and impressed. When I was done people cheered and I sat down with my friends. “See I told you!“ Your wine friend bragged. “That was amazing!! How come you never told me?!” Harry asked. “I didn’t think I was still good. I haven’t sang in front of people in a long time" you shrugged sipping on your water. “You were great. You should consider making it a career. I could help you even!“ He said getting really into it. “We’ll see” you smiled and pecking him on the lips.


Louis:You woke up to an empty bed and banging noise coming from downstairs. You looked at the clock to see that it was 10 in the morning. And of course Louis was awake making noises. Didn’t surprise you one bit. You sighed, got up, changed into a pair of jeans and a tanktop, out your hair in a messy bun and walked down the stairs to see Louis giving an older man a handshake before the man left. You raised your eyebrows at him when he turned his attention towards you. You eyed the new grand piano that sat in the living room. “I didn’t know you were getting a piano" You said walking down the last steps. “Yeah I’m learning some of our songs at the studio so I thought that I would practice at home. But hey listen, I have to pick up Harry at the car dealership. His car is being fixed since it broke down. He had took it in not realizing it wasn’t going to be finished for a few days. So now he has no ride. I’ll be home in an hour okay?“ He said kissing you on the lips, grabbing his wallet and leaving. You started making breakfast, but you kept gazing at the piano. You used to play. A lot actually. Did recitals and all that but stopped Junior year of high school. You tried to distract yourself from the piano cause you knew if you started you wouldn’t be able to stop. “Ah screw it” you said sitting down at the piano bench. You clearned your throat and started playing the A Team by Ed Sheeran. Making it your own, slower version. You sang different kinds of notes that actually sounded good with how you played. Soon you hit some high notes and your bridge was perfect. When you finished you paused. “Oh this isnt good" you whispered to yourself knowing you were going to get addicted again. “Actually that was more than good. Phenomenal even!“ Louis exclaimed starting to walk towards you. “How much did you hear?” “I walked in when you were in the middle of the first chorus. Y/N that was amazing!! I had no idea you had this talent!“ He exclaimed still shocked. “I stopped playing junior year. I felt awkward cause none of my friends were musically talented so I focused on sports instead.” “You were fantastic!! You have to start performing!“ “We’ll see Louis” you laughed at his excitement. The next year you auditioned for the X Factor with the convincing of you supportive boyfriend.

Liam: Your best friend had a youtube account that she used to sing covers of different kinds of songs. She had a lot of subscribers. Over 75,000. She was coming to visit London to see you and asked if you would do a video with her. A duet cause she knew that you were an amazing singer. You agreed and set everything up in your house. She had her guitar and was ready to start. She turned the camera on and started recording. “Hey everyone! I’m in London now visiting my best friend Y/N. You might know her as Liam Payne’s girlfriend. She agreed to do a duet with me. So we’re going to sing Brokenhearted by Karmin. She started playing her version of it on the acoustic guitar. “See I’ve been wait all day! For you to call me baybay” you sang loudly and to you it sounded good. Your friend smiled as she played the last chord. “Thank you for watching request more songs for next weeks video. Love you guys and adios” she says before turning off the camera. “ENCORE ENCORE” you heard someone shout from the doorway. You saw Liam and the other boys. Louis was the one who shouted. Liam was standing with a proud smile on his face and the other three were shocked. “Oh hey babe” you said and gave him a kiss. “You remember Y/BFF/N” you say. “How come I never heard you sing before?” He asked you. You shrugged. “Never had a place to sing.” “Well you should definately sing more often.” He kissed your temple. The video was uploaded the next week and a lot of people requested that you would be I many many more videos. The start of your new career.

Preference: Cute Couple Pillows






Erika xx

Preference #56: You Fight About Something

Harry: “Are we doing anything tonight babe?” Harry yelled from the living room. You turned off the coffee machine and speed-walked to the living room.

“Yeah tonight is my gallery opening,” you said. “I was actually about to go get ready right now and you should too.”

“I don’t think I can make it tonight.” Harry said scrolling through his phone.

You stopped in your tracks, and turned to face him, “Look at me and repeat what you just said.” You yelled.

He looked up at you surprised you had snapped at him. He dropped his phone in his lap and turned slightly to face you, “I don’t think I, um, can make it tonight.” He said slowly.

“Harry we have had this date on the calendar for months, what could possibly be more important?” you said crossing your arms across your chest.

“My friend Jonathon is having some friends over to celebrate his new book.” He said softly.

You rolled your eyes, “Harry,” you groaned. You threw your hands up not able to find any words. “You know what do what you want. I don’t care.” You said.

You turned around and walked into your room. You laid out the dress you had planned to wear tonight and turned on your straighter. You pranced around your room trying to get your mind off of the fact that Harry was not coming to your special night. You worked weeks trying to find the perfect art to fill your gallery and you even dedicated a part of your show to Harry. Now only stranger’s eyes will see the effort you put into the show. You did not realize you were crying until you saw a few water drops on the dress you had planned for the night.

“Shit.” You cursed underneath your breath.

“Babe?” Harry said peeking his head through the door. “Oh my god, babe are you alright?” he said walking over to you and placed his arms around you.

“Just fine.” You sniffled. “I’m just getting ready.” You whispered.

He signed heavily, “Babe I’m sorry but I’m extremely clueless, why are you crying?” he whispered into your ear.

You laughed bitterly, “I’m crying because my own boyfriend is ditching me on the most important day of my life. I’m crying because my boyfriend is so oblivious that he doesn’t even realize how much he puts other people’s needs before mine. The opening today is the basis for my career but you’d rather spend it with a friend you just met a few weeks ago.” You said getting out of his grip.

“Baby, I’m so sorry… I am so so stupid and I deserve… I deserve to get hit. Slap me across the face.” He said facing his cheek towards you.

“No.” you said completely puzzled.

“Come on just hit me.”


“Come on. It will make you feel better.”                  

“I’m not going to hit you Harry.” You said giggling.

“There it is. There is that beautiful laugh.” He said pulling you closer by your hips. “I’m really sorry baby. I know this day means a lot to you and I wouldn’t miss it for the world.” He said placing a soft kiss to your lips.

“Now hurry up and get ready,” he said and slapped your butt lightly. “And (Y/N) I love you.”

You smiled softly at him and pecked him on the lips, “I love you too Harry.”

Louis: “Why are all the dishes still dirty?” Louis murmured. “Babe why didn’t you do any of the cleaning?” he yelled through the house trying to get your attention. You were in your room, lying in bed with your hands massaging your temples.

You felt a migraine coming and let out a little squeak, “I’m really tired Louis, I did not get the time.”

“You never get the time.” He said as he walked into your shared bedroom. He began putting on his shoes and a light jacket.

You ignored his first comment and leaned on your hands to look up at Louis, “Where are you going?” you asked.

“I’m going out to eat because I have nothing to eat on at my own house.” He said his voice muffled by his actions.

“Do not get mad at me Louis, why can’t you just wash the dishes?” you exclaimed.

“Because I make all the money, the least you could do is keep the house clean and do the dishes every once and a while.” He yelled back at you.

“Oh so because I’m the woman in the relationship, I have to stay at home and clean and keep everything shiny.” You said sarcasm prominent in her voice.

“That has nothing to do with it okay! I just don’t need to stress over keeping the house in order, I already have enough stress over me.” He said sighing loudly.

“I have a lot of stress over my head too, first with school then with the hate from paparazzi and fans and keeping up this image so the band stays popular or what-” you said as you began to stand up. Just as you reach him, you felt your legs give out and the sides of your eyes had black spots. You heard a muffled voice saying your name but it was as if your ears turned deaf.

“(Y/N) are you alright? Oh my god, stay with me babe what happened?” You heard Louis say. He kneeled down beside you and placed a hand to your cheek, “Are you alright?” he whispered.

You shook your head and gulped the lump in your throat, “Yeah, I-I’m fine.” You said.

He placed a hand to your forehead, “No you’re not you have a fever.” He said. He picked you up bridal style and carried you to the bed. Then he softly placed the covers over you. “Stay here baby, I’m going to get you some water and then after I’ll clean the dishes and make you the most amazing chicken noodle soup you’ve ever tasted.” He smirked.

He sat next to you one the bed with one hand cupping your face, “I’m sorry. I ask way too much of you and I take you for granted. I never realize how much you have to deal with too and I’m sorry.” He said taking your hand into his free hand and rubbed his thumb across his knuckles.

You smiled weakly at him, “I’m sorry too. I don’t like fighting.” You said pouting.

He kissed you softly on the lips, “Okay well I’m going to get started on that soup.” He said getting up.

You grabbed his hand and pulled him down on to the bed, “Please stay.” You said smiling at him.

“Always,” he whispered. He put an arm around you and you cuddled into his chest. You heard him hum softly, a tone you never hear before and slowly but steadily you fell asleep and deeper in love.

Liam: It was a normal day at the studio and you were sitting on the couch as Liam recorded a few lines from the new album. You were listening patiently, waiting for the boys to finish up when your phone buzzed. ‘So I heard Liam’s new skank is at the studio… Wonder how long THIS one will last.’ You gasped and look at the person you tweeted you that. Turns out a fan re-tweeted it from Sophia and tagged you in the tweet. ‘Why the hell would she even say that?’ you thought to yourself.

“Hey love, is everything alright?” Liam said walking over to the couch you were sitting on. He plopped on to the couch and sighed tiredly.

“Look at what Sophia tweeted me.” You said handing your phone to him.

He read it quickly, “So?” was all he said.

You furrowed your eyebrows, “What do you mean so?” you said your voice tinted with anger.

“Well, she’s just another fan who’s sending you hate.” He said.

“Well she’s not just another fan Liam; she’s your ex-girlfriend.” You scoffed.

“Yeah well just ignore it,” He said standing. He stretched and yawned softly. “Let’s go home (Y/N), I’m feeling a bit tired.” He said yawning again.

You shuffled over to the table and roughly grabbed your bag. You walked to the car alone and sat in the passenger seat completely silent. Liam started the car and started driving back to your car. The car ride was completely soundless and it was beyond uncomfortable. Eventually Liam spoke up.

“She’s been through the same thing you know.” He said quietly.

“Oh, so your other ex-girlfriend tweeted her something nasty and you did nothing about it.” You said bitterly.

“No I mean the hate. She’s been on the receiving side for quite a long time.”

“I have too.” You shot back at him.

“Yeah but it was so much worse for her. I had just broke up with Danielle and everything was really rocky and Sophia got some pretty low blows.”

“It was so much worse for her? At least she had support from you! I don’t mind a couple of fans tweeting mean shit but someone that was part of your life is a completely different story,” you yelled at him. “You don’t even seem to care that so many people send hate to me everyday and you don’t even try to stop it, you don’t even try to defend me.” You whispered.

All of a sudden all the tweets and fan letters that only mentioned all your flaws and imperfection were brought to the front of your mind. Tears were inevitable and silent sobs shook your body.

“(Y/N),” Liam whispered. He was still driving so he kept on wheel and moved on hand to your knee. “I am so sorry baby. I never knew the hate bothered you so much. You’ve always kept this strong front up. I am so sorry.” He said.

“I’ve been strong for too long.” You whispered. You put your head in your hands and cried softly into them.

Liam pulled over to the side of the road and unbuckled his seatbelt. He shifted in his seat so he could face you.

“Look at me,” he said moving your hands and replacing them with his. “I am so sorry and I know I have not been around lately but I promise from now on I will be there for you. I will support you through everything and I love you so much and I don’t want someone as pathetic as my ex-girlfriend to break us apart. Okay? I am so sorry baby.”

You smiled lightly at him and sniffled, “It’s okay Liam. I love you too.” You whispered.

You leaned over and kissed him on the lips. You absorbed every part of him, leaned in closer and deepened the kiss.

Zayn: You lean against the kitchen counter and stirred your tea monotonously. You sign heavily and take a sip. Zayn was still sleeping and the time was nearing noon. He has been home for more than a month and wants to stay home and sleep all day. You knew he needed his rest and you wanted to spend as much time with him as possible but the walls of the house were closing in. You were suffocating and wanted to get out of the house.

“I have to get out of here!” you groaned and put your cup in the sink.

You walked upstairs and entered your bedroom. You walked over to the bed and sat at the edge right next to Zayn’s sleeping body. You pushed some hair out of his face before you shook him lightly. It took a few shakes to actually wake him up.

“What?” he groaned.

“Wake up babe, lets do something today.” You said smiling.

He yawned and got up only slightly. He leaned in his hands and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. His hair was tousled so he ran a hand through it.

“Lets just stay in, I just got home from tour and I’m still tired,” he said his voice raspy.

You rose from the bed quickly and crossed your arms across your chest, “It’s been a month since you’ve been back.” You said scoffing at him.

“I’m sorry that I want and need my rest.” He said rubbing his eyes again.

“You’ve been resting for weeks. You are always sleeping and you never want to the leave the house! I know you just got back from tour but it’s like your not even here. You’re either trapped in this bedroom or watching TV.” You said rubbing your temples.

He rolled his eyes, “Why do you always want to leave the house anyway?” he said.

“Because I am not like you! I don’t travel around world; I’m always trapped in this god damn house.” You exclaimed.

You put your head in your hands, “I want to travel the world with you Zayn. I don’t want our only memories to be of this house or late night Skype calls.” You whispered.

He got out of bed and walked over to you. He placed both his hands on your hips and sighed softly.

He took both of your hands into his and pulled them to his chest, “You feel that? That’s my heart beat. You have been the only person that has made my heart beat slower and faster at the same time,” he whispered into your ear.

You felt your heart melt and placed your head on his chest and just listened.

“I haven’t been fair to you. I’ve been so selfish these past few weeks,” he said softly. “And I am so sorry but I know how I can make up for it.”

You backed up slightly, “How?” you asked.

“You say you want to travel the world?” he questioned.

You shook your head vigorously. He smiled down at you and pecked you on the lips before he raced over to the other side of the room. He came back with a globe.

“Okay so, I’m going to spin it and you’re going to stop it with your finger and whatever country it lands on, that’s the country we will go to, okay?” he said.

You sighed and walked over to him. You cupped his face, “You know I love you right?” you said smirking up at him.

He laughed lightly, “I love you too babe,” He said and leaned down and kissed you softly. “Okay are you ready?” he asked once you released from the kiss.

You shook your head again and waited for him to spin the globe. He held the globe in the middle of the both of you and then he started to spin it. You closed your eyes and started to move your finger towards the globe. Soon your finger made contact with the globe and you slowly opened your eyes.

“Spain.” You and Zayn said in union.

Niall: “He’s a sweet boy (Y/N), he’ll understand.” You friend comforted through the phone.

“I know but it’s our anniversary. I told my boss last week that I needed to leave early today but there were so many clients and I can’t use my phone while I’m working. He called seven times and now he wont even answer my calls.” I go on and on into the phone.

“Its okay (Y/N), calm down. Focus on the road.” You friend soothed.

“Okay, I’ll call you later. Bye.” You sigh into the phone.

You heard her say bye and then you put your phone in the cup holder next to you. You pull into the drive way but spent some extra time into car before going inside.

You sighed loudly to yourself and grabbed your bag before exiting the car and walking to you front door. You took out your keys and put them into the slot before opening the door. You peeked your head in before completely entering. You kicked off your shoes and placed your bag on the floor.

“Niall?” you call into the house.

You walk into the kitchen and see him sitting at the table, his hands folded in front of him.

The room was lit lightly by candles that were set evenly on the table. To plates were settled across from one another with cold food. The glasses of champagne were fizzed out and looked flat. To say the least, you felt beyond guilty.

“Niall, I am so sorry but I had to work-”

He stood up abruptly and slammed both his hands on the table, “You always say that I’m not here and that I never do anything for you. I did this but you HAD to work.” He screamed at you.

“I’m sorry the one time you give a shit about this relationship, I had to work.” You snapped back at him.

He chuckled bitterly, “I have put just as much into this relationship as you.” He said gritting his teeth.

You rolled your eyes, “Niall, you can’t put anything into this relationship if your never home!” he yelled at him.

“That’s my work (Y/N), you know that!” he yelled back at you.

“And today Niall, that was my work!” you shot back at him. “You missed my birthday, valentines day, and Christmas because you had to work and I never ever yelled at you for that. I understood the situation you were in.” you said crossing your arms across your chest.

“No you don’t understand. You complain to me everyday that I’m never home and that stresses me out (Y/N). I feel like one day you’ll have enough and then you’ll leave me for someone who can be around more.” He said heavily. “I thought I would do this for you to show you that I’m all in and that I love you more than anything. We made it for a year (Y/N) and I want to be with you for so, so many more.” He sighed.

He leaned onto the table as if he needed it stand. He ran a hand through his dark blonde locks and sighed heavily again.

You breathed out, “Niall,” you said. You reached your hands out to him and took them and pulled you closer into a warm embrace. “I’m so sorry baby it just gets a little hard sometimes. But I know you love me because you prove it to me every single day. I could never leave you. You’ve made such a big impression in my life and I cant walk away from someone like that. I love you Niall no matter what the distance is or whatever complications we face. I will always love you.” You said.

He held onto you tighter, “I love you too babe.” He whispered into you neck. He rubbed circles on your lower back and placed a soft kiss to your neck. He released from the hug.

“Come on let’s heat up the food and get some more champagne and enjoy our one year anniversary.” He spoke softly.

You shook your head agreeing with him. You looked up at him and kissed him slowly. When you ended the kiss, you both rested your foreheads together.

“I love you,” you said tenderly to him.

“I love you too baby, so much.” Niall said softly.

(I didn’t know your name so I’ll use y/n)

You sat on the couch in your boyfriend Niall’s flat. Niall was sitting next to you, texting somebody. “Niall” you groan. “What y/n?” he ask. Just then DING. He quickly turned his phone on and opened the text. He laughed his infectious laugh. “Baby! Can you please turn off your phone?” you asked politely. “Ughh! Fine.” he said. “wanna watch a movie?” you asked. “Sure.” he said. He wasn’t acting normal, he had been very distant lately. You flipped through netflix and found ‘A Walk To Remember’ “how about this one?” you asked. “yeah sure whatever.” he replied. You just rolled your eyes. He put his phone on silent thinking that you didn’t know he was still texting. About 30 minutes into the movie “I’m going to the restroom.” Niall piped up. He not thinking left his phone. Once he was in the restroom his phone vibrated. You picked it up and saw the contact 'Emily’ popped up. You opened the text and read it 'Baby! Get that slut out of the house. I wanna come over and do what we did last night! ;)’ your heart sank. He was cheating you couldn’t believe it. You sat his phone back down and acted like nothing happened. He came out and sat back down next to you. You pulled out your phone and texted him 'I know your cheating on me with that bitch Emily. Heads up we’re over. P.s. Next time take your phone with you.’ his phone vibrated and a wide smile placed on his face. You got up and walked to the door. Once he opened your text his face fell. “y/n-” he yelled. You cut him off by shutting the door and going to your car. It was a long drive home.

You're Different, and I Love You (Talent You Have)

Louis- You walk down the stairs, yawning. You were in a baking mood. Looking around for Louis, who was nowhere in sight, you got out two mixing bowls, eggs, flour, sugar, and all of the other ingredients for chocolate chip cookies. Humming to yourself, you mixed up the dough, setting aside a little for you to eat. You put the cookies in the oven and set the timer. As if cookies weren’t enough, you got to work on making red velvet cupcakes as well. The timer for the cookies dinged, and you replaced them with the cupcakes. When the cupcakes were out, you decorated them with butter cream frosting and a little fondant flower. Cleaning up your mess, you set out the cupcakes on one plate and the cookies on another. “Who knew you were a chef?” Louis said from behind you. You jumped in fright. “Lou, you scared me.” You breathed. He came over and wrapped one arm around your waist, grabbing a cookie with his free hand. “God, (y/n), these are incredible!” He said through a mouthful. You laughed and kissed his cheek. “Thanks, Lou, now call the boys. We have a crap load of cookies and cupcakes to eat.” You laugh.

Zayn- You sat down on the couch to turn on the T.V. when you saw Zayn’s laptop sitting on the coffee table. You raised and eyebrow, getting an idea. Opening it you logged on and saw a website for tattoo ideas. You giggled and rolled your eyes, getting inspired by a picture. You opened Microsoft Word and started typing a story. Hours later, when Zayn arrived home, you were sound asleep. He was about to take you upstairs when he spotted his laptop. Curiously, he took it and started reading. When you woke up, Zayn was staring at your eagerly. “Write more!” He shouted. “What?” You ask groggily, looking at the clock. 10:00. “Your story! It’s incredible! I’m totally getting that tattoo now.” Zayn said. “It really wasn’t that good Zayn.” You chuckled, happy he liked it. “Yes it was, (y/n). You’re so talented and beautiful.” He said. “How did I get a girl like you?” He asked, kissing you softly. 

Liam- You were sitting out on the patio with a coffee, a sketchbook, and two pencils. You sighed happily, breathing in the morning air. Liam was on his run, and, though you loved Liam with your entire heart, you enjoyed the silence and separation for a short while. This didn’t apply when he was on tour, of course. A robin landed nearby, and you quickly grabbed you sketchbook and sketched the outline of the bird. Sketching furiously, you started adding feathers and texture, occasionally sipping your coffee. You were just starting to shade the bird when Liam jogged around back. “Hey, how– Oh my God, (y/n), that’s incredible!” He said, shocked. You blushed, not taking your eyes off of the sketchbook. “Really? Because I was thinking that it’s beak was a little off…” You trailed off, looking up. Your boyfriend looked absolutely gorgeous. He had taken his shirt off, showing his amazingly fit body, and he was still a bit sweaty, and so the sun glistened off of him perfectly, casting very flattering shadows on him. “Don’t move!” You shout at him, flipping to a new page. In a while, you had a close to perfect sketch of your boyfriend. Well, your boyfriend from the neck down. “(Y/n),” He laughed. “You’re so perfect. I love you.” It wasn’t the first time he’d said that, but in that moment, it felt so perfect, it felt like the first time. “Mmm, I love you too, macho man.” You winked, closing the sketchbook.

Harry- Closing your door, you grabbed your most recent book and your iPod. Plugging in your headphones, you turned on “Viva La Vida”. Opening your book, you started reading. You’d always been a quick reader, so, to your disappointment, you finished the book. Standing up, you started singing along to “For The First Time”. You didn’t hear Harry come in and sit down on your bed, listening to you sing. When the song was over, he started applauding. You whirled around, surprised. “Wow, (y/n). I had no idea you had such an incredible voice.” He looked genuinely surprised. “Thanks,” You blushed, shuffling your feet. “No, seriously, like, you should try out for the X Factor or something because you’re damn good!” He chuckled, pulling you close and kissing your forehead. “You really think so?” You asked, beaming. “Of course, love.” He mumbled through your hair. “Thanks Harry. That means so much coming from you.” “Anything for you, princess.”

Niall- “Okay, teams are me, Liam, Harry, Zayn, and Louis versus Danielle, Eleanor, Perrie and (y/n).” Niall said. “We’re gonna kick butt!” El whispered in our group huddle. “Oh yeah, let’s do this ladies.” You laughed, jogging out to Zayn’s back yard. “Girls can kick. You’re gonna need the head start."Niall said. "We’ll see.” You smirked as Danielle lined up with the ball. “Dani!” You yelled, running up field. She kicked the ball perfectly and it landed at your feet. Taking a wide swing with your foot, the ball landed in the net. “Whoo!” Perrie yelled. The boys looked stunned. In the end, the girls won 15-7, with you scoaring most of the goals. “Make us dinner!” Danielle commanded while the boys groaned. “We win fair and square, babe.” You winked at Niall. “Better get cooking.” “Why does your girlfriend have to be so good, Niall?” Louis shouted over his shoulder. “You were actually… really great.” Niall admitted sheepishly. “Sorry I was rude.” “Ah, you kinda made up for it. I did get to embarrass you, after all.” You grinned and he pecked you on the cheek. “Better start cooking, loser.” You laugh, jogging inside, leaving a very annoyed Niall.

What Happened At School..

 *9 year old saw my 1D T-Shirt*


ME: *In my head I’m Like*


And Then I was All: First Of all its DIRECTIONER, not “FAN”: 

And Second of all , do you know who kevin is? The date and time they became a band? Which band member is scared of spoons? 

Girl: Who the Heck is Kevin? They got famous because of iCarly, and who the heck is scared of spoons.

Me: I rest my case… you are not the biggest “fan” in the world. Now if you will excuse me..


Imagine for Rachel

Today is the day I am going to tell Louis how I feel about him at their big mascaraed party. We have been best friends since we were little plus our mothers are also best friends. I haven’t seen Louis and the boys in 6 months, I mean we texted and talked on the phone but it wasn’t the same as talking in person. As I was getting ready I got a text message from Louis

~Hey Rach! Can’t wait to see you tonight! Lou xx~

~Hi Lou! Can’t wait to see you too! Rach xx~

I smiled at the thought of seeing Louis tonight. I’ve always had a thing for him but I never had the guts to tell him, because I am a shy girl and awkward at times, and well Louis is Louis. I’m scared of things changing once he knows, but I can’t stand seeing him with different girls. Tonight I am going to be a different Rachel. I looked at my phone to see if Lou has replied but nothing, so I just got dress in to this

I looked at myself again in the mirror and I was ready. “Rachel come on lets go” my mom yelled from down stairs. I smiled and applied lip gloss and made my way down stairs. “wow well don’t you look beautiful” my mom said smiling. I blushed “thanks mom, come on lets go” I said walking pass her out the door to the car. We made our way to the car and headed off to the party. “so are you excited to see Louis” my mom beamed. I shook my head yes and said “mmhmm”

The car wasn’t that bad, but I’m not gunna lie I was nervous. My mom pulls up the car to the big house. The door opens and I get out to see my mom talking to a guy in a suit and hands him the keys, with a smile. She makes her way to me. “come on” We walked to front to see Louis mom Johannah. She spots us and walks on over. “hello Y/m/n and Rachel” “hello” my mom said. “hi” I said. “wow Rachel you look beautiful in your dress and your mask is lovely” “thank you” I said blushing “where’s Louis and the boys” I asked. She gave me a warm smile “they are in the backyard somewhere” “oh okay, well mom I’m gunna go look for Louis and the boys, see you later” with that I gave my mom a kiss on the cheek and hugged Johannah.

I made my way to the back, there was loads of people wearing masks and it was going to be kind of hard to find Lou. I looked around to see if I could find any of the guys, lucky for me I spotted Liam. “Liam” I shouted, he turned his head my way. “Rachel” he says walking up to me. I smile and lift up my mask “wow you look lovely tonight” Liam blushes. “thanks Li, erm by any chance do you know where Louis is cause I can’t seem to find him” Liam scratches his head “yeah, he is over there” he says pointing to a boy that was dancing with this beautiful girl. They were laughing, having a good time. “oh” I said looking away putting on my mask on. “Rachel is that you” I heard Louis voice. I looked to see him and the girl he was having a great time with. “yeah its me” I said. He gave me a hug , then pulled away, I looked to the girl and Louis laughed “oh yeah Rach this is Emily” “hi nice to finally meet you, Louis talked about you all the time, its nice that we finally get to meet” My heart was melting away. How come he has never mentioned an Emily when we texted each other. I faked a smile “oh hi Emily, I wish I can say the same but Louis has never mentioned you before” She laughs “oh Louis always forgets” she says giggling clinging on him. I feel like I am going to be sick. “so Rachel how are-“ Niall, Harry, and Zayn interrupted Louis “Hey Lou and Liam come on they want us on the stage with our family and love ones” they said. They turned to look at me “woah” Niall says “you look sexy” Harry says winking. “yes you look very hot” Zayn gulped. Louis looked at them and rolled his eyes like he didn’t care. “thanks” was all that came out.

“well we better get going” Liam said as he gave me a kiss on the cheek goodbye as did the other boys except for Louis. He just smiled and walked away with Emily. I went to take a seat at a table with my mom, as the boys took the stage. They started talking about their childhood memories one by one, until when it got to Louis he looked around the yard and met my eyes he smiled. He talked about us being friends and how we use to get into some trouble, then I saw that Emily was there standing by him holding his hand. I couldn’t take this anymore, tears started to form in my eyes as I ran from the yard to a little balcony to the side. I crouched down looking up at the stars crying, when I heard my name being shouted out, it was Louis. “Rachel, Rachel! Where are you” I step up from the balcony to see him looking around. “im right here” I said. He looked up. “I should have guessed, you always loved hiding here when we were kids” he said laughing. I looked down at him. “Rach why did you leave” he said sounding a bit hurt. I shrugged my shoulders.

 I can’t do this, not now, he was a girlfriend, what was I thinking. “Lou I wanna go home, can you go get my mom” I said. “No I’m not going anywhere until you tell me what’s wrong” I stood quiet. “Rach love why are you crying? What did I do?” “its nothing Louis” I said sadly. “its too late anyways” I whispered, “what’s too late” he asked. I stood quiet once again. “you and Emily” I said. “what about me and Emily” he asked. I rolled my eyes “damn it Louis I’ve always had a crush on you okay and I will always love you.. but it seems you already found someone” I said tears streaming down my face. Louis looks up shocked “oh no no no, Emily is my cousin Rachel, we are nothing more, I am so glad that you love me cause I love you too” he said. He started to climb the ladder that is leaning against the balcony. “I’ve always loved you and I have missed you when I was on tour, all I could think about was you and our childhood memories” he said as he reached the top of the ladder, he cupped my face in his hands and wiping the tears off my cheeks. He takes off my mask as my blue eyes gleam in the moon light so does Louis eyes. We just stood looking at each other until we heard “kiss her already” Louis lost his balance and fell off the ladder on the floor.

I ran down to where Louis was laying. I picked up his head and set it on my lap. He looked up at me “are you okay” I ask. He smiles “this may sound a bit cheesy but now I could say that I scraped my knees falling for you” I laughed “its more like falling on your back, but I will take that” I said as he pulls my face to his and we are kiss. I felt this wonderful feeling in my stomach as I saw flashes and heard people screaming of joy. We pull away and I blushed. “Your mine now and only mine” Louis said as he kisses me once more.

A/N: I hope you enjoyed it!!! i got inspired by the movie letters to Juliet.

Erika xx

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Imagine for Phoebe

You sat at your laptop watching as some of the boys do their twit cam. You weren’t paying that much attention, that was until you heard your name be brought up. “Who you talking to Haz? Is it Phoebe? Man you two are inseparable, I’m surprised no one found out about you two yet…” Niall said nonchalantly.
Harry went bug eyed and turned to Niall with a ‘What is wrong with you?!?’ expression, Liam face palmed, and you could also hear the sound of slow clapping from somewhere of camera. Niall cursed under his breath as he realize what he did. You closed your laptop and pinched the bride of your nose in annoyance.
It wasn’t even a five minutes after Niall accidentally told everyone about you and Harry’s relationship, for the fans to find your twitter and facebook. Niall texted you repeatedly on how sorry he was, and Harry texted you several times on how he was sorry for Niall’s stupidity and that he‘d try to get home as soon as possible. You told them it was fine and that people were going to find out sooner or later.
As time passed your mentions blew up with people
@H/T/N: Ew out of all people Harry could have, he chose @Y/T/N

@H/T/N: @Y/T/N please do us all a favor and die

@H/T/N: Hundred bucks that this relationship will end in a week.

@H/T/N: @Y/T/N you make me want to ship Haylor…

That was only a few of them, but that’s what all the others focused around. You tried to not let them get to you, but when more then one person same thing, you begin to have doubts about yourself. Without realizing a tears started to slowly down your face.
The front door open frantically, “Phoebe! You home?” Harry exclaimed and walked to the living room where you were at. He scanned your face noticing something was off, “Whats wrong” he said in a soft voice.
“Why are you dating me? I mean look at the boys’ girlfriends, they’re gorgeous and so likeable, then look at me. You could have any-” You were cut off from your rant by Harry crashing his lips against yours.
Everything seemed to wash away and he pulled away, “I’m dating you because you are one of the ones that make me the happiest I don’t care what the fans have to say about you. I love you that’s all that matters.” he said lifting up your chin so you would look at him.
You smiled and pulled him into an embrace, “I love you too” you responded.


Hey its Olivia. sorry for taking forever and sorry if it sucks or is in a bad format. I had to post it from my phone!

Preference: Talking About Growing Old Together

 Zayn- “Zayn, will you still love me, even when I’m old?” You whispered, twisting the promise ring on your finger. You were cuddling on you patio outside, you leaning into the crook of his neck and him taking long drags on his cigarette. He crushed the cigarette between his fingers and tossed it into the ashtray on the side table. “Of course I would. Why would you even ask that question?” He said, kissing you temple. “I just wanted to know that you wouldn’t forget about me.” “Babe, even if I had Alzheimer’s, you’d be the only thing that I would truly remember.


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Louis- "Lou, stop it,” You giggled, swatting his hand away from your bum for the fifth time. “Sorry, love. You’ve got a fabulous arse.” He said, pecking your lips. You mocked surprised and he pecked your cheek, laughing. “When we’re older, do you think you’ll still think I have a fabulous arse?” You joked. “I suppose so… but keep in mind that my bum will always be more fabulous than yours,” He said, making you laugh.

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Liam- You were holding Liam’s hand and strolling down the streets of Paris. “Do you suppose, when we’re older, that we could both retire and live here?” Liam asked you, making you smile. “It’s lovely here, isn’t it?” You asked him. He squeezed your hand. “I’m serious, babe. I think we should live here. Not now, but when we’re ready to settle down,” Liam said. “Really?” You asked in a surprised tone. “Really,” He nodded, squeezing your hand. “Or maybe we could live close to Disneyland…” He said, rambling on about where you were to live. 

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Niall- “Do you think you’ll eat this much when you’re an old man?” You asked Niall jokingly. “Probably,” He said around a mouthful of spaghetti. You were always joking with Niall about his constant intake of food. It was somewhat of an inside joke between the two of you. “And how do you suppose I’ll pay for that?” You ask, poking at your meatball. “Well, if we’re gonna get married, you better come with a life’s supply of food,” he joked. “You’re so funny,” You rolled your eyes, but cracked a smile. “and just think, you get my sense of humor for the rest of your life!” Niall said, making you smile. 

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Harry- You sighed, walking home with your boyfriend, Harry. You had just gone out on a date for your two year anniversary, and you were both on Cloud Nine. Harry spotted something, so he let go of your hand and ran over to investigate. You looked around at all of the vendors that set up shops on the street and smiled. Harry tapped on your shoulder and pulled out a flower. “Aw, Harry,” You grinned and he kissed you. “And just think, once we’re married, I can get you flowers everyday. Maybe you’ll start seeing yourself like I do,” he said. He really was listening when you’d told him about your insecurities. From that day forward, Harry gave you flowers every day. “Roses have thorns, reminding you that sadness and beauty are linked,” he would whisper, making you feel beautiful every day.

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A/N: Sorry I haven’t written in a while! I’ve just been focusing on a fan fiction, and school recently started up, as well. But now that I’m back, you can request things because I really want to write. Feedback and requests are appreciateddd. :) Love you all! xx