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Soccer Masterpost - Niall

Welcome to my Niall Soccer Masterpost! This has been a long process to make. I do not own any of these pictures/gifs (they’re probably all from google). Anyways, I hope you enjoy this masterpost! <3 Rea

Niall and a quasi-rainbow to get the ball rolling (teehee)

Niall and Louis at Newcastle United:

Hot damn.

Yummy <3

A little Narry action for your enjoyment ;)

The gang @ Newcastle United:

Supporting his besties:

And playing like a pro:

Literally my favorite gif ever:

That right there…is a sex face :*

What a lovable goof:

I’ll give you a header, Nialler ;)

Good try, boys. Sorry you can’t bag all the goals and the babes like me. 


Soccer Yoga?

Now he looks like he’s playing B-Ball. This is FOOTBALL!

Another sex face?

I wish he would look at me like that. 

Nouis teamwork ;)

Hello, peasant. Watch the master carefully. 

Stop Harry, no swag for you. I’ve got it all.

I need some oxygen, don’t know about you guys…

Niall @ Wembleton:

Super sex face! <3

Those are some Irish shoes!

Oh, how I would like to be that shirt. Touching those beautiful lips:

Wow, look at that focus. So dedicated…to me ;)


This is my favorite gif ever. I had to put it in here twice. Sorry for your ovaries.

Aww! Poor Nialler! It’s okay, I’ll get you some ice and fix you up real good ;)

We’re so fancy, you already know:

Mr. Horan is very proper:

Once again, I wish he would look at me like he does soccer balls *sigh* 

Kiss my Irish arse, ball.

Mmmm what a jawline <3

Spread those legs, babe.

Getting a little up close and personal:

Oh, to be that ball…

I’ve said it twice before, HOT DAMN, CRAZY MOFO.

Making them look sillayyy:

Honestly, I don’t know who any of them are except for Niall… And isn’t he the only one who matters?

Hope you enjoyed! Let me know what you thought about this! Should I do more? Thnx, Rea <3 xxx


NEXT TO ME | a larry fan fiction by onesecretdirection

Harry is a complete loser. He only has got his friend Zayn, the party guy, to get him through the last year of school, and he doesn’t even expect it to be very different from previous ones. Louis is new in town. He only has got his cheerful friend Niall to hang out with. They don’t actually know each other much but all of them are in desperate need of something. With a little help from a fifth intriguing guy, the lads are going to try to get what they want if they dare.


Her smile (Zayn imagine)

NOTE: I did something different today. And I hope you liked it. 

Zayn POV

Day 1: I met someone today. Her name is Y/N. I love her smile. It’s the best one I’ve seen in a long time. There is something about the smile of a girl that gets me every single time. And she had it. From the first look. From the first meeting of our eyes. And I couldn’t let go of it…

So I didn’t.

Month 2: I kissed her today. I kissed her lips, feeling every bit of love I had for her through my entire body. And when I left them again, her smiling face met mine. She smiled to remind me how lucky I was. Because I felt like the luckiest man on earth. Without a doubt.

Month 6: We fought today. It was our first fight… and I hated it. She was shouting at me and I had never seen her like that before. Her smile was gone. She wanted to leave. She was ready to leave. But I didn’t let her. I couldn’t let her. I needed her with me. So I grabbed her wrist and pulled her close. ‘I’m sorry…’ I whispered. ‘I love you… I’m sorry.’ And I kept her close. Until her body relaxed and surrendered to my touch. She didn’t give me a smile tonight. And my heart felt empty.

Year 1: She made me smile today. And it was not that she had never done it before our first year anniversary, because she did. Every single day. But today it was different. It was just the moment before she woke up. She was sound asleep and I was staring at her, like I sometimes did. And it suddenly hit me that I wanted to marry her. It hit me that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. I wanted to wake up next to her every day. I wanted to take care of her when she needed it. And when she opened her eyes, she smiled my favourite smile. ‘Good morning, handsome.’ She whispered, reaching for my hand. ‘Ready for the first day of the rest of our lives?’ Her voice was still sleepy and her eyes closed mid-sentence. And that’s where she made me smile. Because I was ready and I had never been more ready before.

Year 3: We married today. And she smiled a lot. And it was the only thing I wanted her to do. Now. And forever.

Year 7: She melted my heart today. I watched her again… Although she wasn’t alone. She sat there, in the pink, flowery room, soothing our little baby girl. And from the moment she took her out of the crib and cradled her up in her arms, our daughter stopped crying. And I knew why. Mommy smiled her beautiful smile while softly singing a sweet lullaby. And I was happy to know I wasn’t the only one anymore.

There was now one more person in this world who loved Y/N as much as I did. 

Year 9: She almost left me today. And it was the scariest moment of my life. She was giving birth to our little baby boy. I was holding her hand when I felt it go limp in mine. And that exact moment I heard all sorts of beeping noises. They took me away from her. They took me away from my wife, my love, my partner, my everything.

Her heart stopped today.

The thought alone makes my whole body go numb. Hours later, I sat there, with my son in my arms and my daughter next to me in a chair. Awfully silent. Awfully still. I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t cry. I couldn’t say a word. I couldn’t even look at my children. I felt disgusted with myself. I couldn’t do this alone. I couldn’t do this without her.

And when her heart started beating again, I felt mine doing the exact same thing. 

Although today, was not a day for smiles.

Year 15: It was our son’s sixth birthday today. Y/N had planned a big birthday party, where she decorated the whole house in the theme of Cars. Our son loved Cars, and I saw the smile of his mother on his face when he came downstairs in the morning, taking in the sight of  the house. And when I glanced at her, she was doing the exact same thing. I walked towards her and wrapped my arms around her waist from behind, while resting my head onto her shoulder. ‘You are an extraordinary mother…’ I said to her, so softly that our son and daughter couldn’t hear it. She turned in my arms, so that she faced me. ‘I love you, husband of mine.’ She whispered with her brightest smile, while her lips met mine. I never felt more complete in my life than at this exact moment.

Year 25: She lost her mom today. She broke down while hearing the news on the phone. And I held her for the rest of the night. I had never seen her so broken before. I had never seen her spill so much tears. And it was the first time I felt worried…

I was worried I would never see her smile again.

Year 45: It was Christmas today. We were surrounded by our daughter, our son, their partners and our grandchildren. I saw her going around with snacks for everyone. I did notice she let our youngest grandson take two instead of one. They exchanged their sneaky smiles and I couldn’t help but smile myself. When she reached me, I saw this twinkle in her eye. She was happy. She was so happy. Our eyes met for a couple of seconds. And I told her I loved her with just that one look.

And she told me she loved me back.

That was how well we knew each other.

We didn’t need words anymore.

Year 60: I left her today. She sat by my bed. And I felt her hand in mine. It may sound selfish, but I was happy it was me and not her. I don’t think I would ever be able to live in a world without her.

When I opened my eyes, it was only to see the one thing I loved the most, for one last time. And she knew. Of course she knew. She knew me better than any other person ever did.

So she smiled. And it wasn’t her happiest smile, but I understood I couldn’t get any better than this. I was still stunned by her beauty after all those years. And her smile, made all my fears disappear. The fear of letting her alone. The fear of her being unhappy.

The fear of dying.

I closed my eyes again. Picturing her in front of me while I breathed out my last bit of air.

And I couldn’t have wished for a better life.

There was no better life… than this life with her.

Harry Is Cheating (Part 1)

This is the first chapter of my old fan fiction that I’m rewriting, I hope you enjoy!

    Soft raindrops decorated the sidewalk as you hurried home. Your bright red umbrella stood out nicely against the dreary grey London sky. Wet shopping bags hung limply at your sides. You had planned to shop all day since your boyfriend, Harry, would be working in the studio but since you had walked downtown you wanted to get home before the weather got too bad. As you reached the top of the hill that blocked the view of your beautiful house, you could make out the top of Harry’s black Range Rover in the driveway. This wasn’t unusual, his schedule was usually variable and sometimes they finished recording much earlier than planned. You arrived at your front door, pushed open the door, set down your now dripping shopping bags, and ventured upstairs looking for Harry.

    You checked his office area first but then you heard a small noise coming from your bedroom. You walked back down the hall, as your hand closed around the doorknob, ready to enter the bedroom, a woman’s moans slid out under the door. You paused, breath caught in your throat. Maybe it’s porn? You thought to yourself, trying not to jump to conclusions. You heard a grunt from Harry and then another moan from a girl, only this time she was saying something, your boyfriends name. Your knees grew weak and it took all of your willpower to stand up straight. Part of you wanted to run, leave the house, leave him without saying goodbye. You knew you needed to open the door though, you needed to confirm what you already knew. You tightened your grip on the doorknob, took a deep, shaky breath, made sure that no tears were evident in your eyes, and in one strong motion you pushed the door open.

    There was flurried movement in the bed as the light from the hallway flooded the dark bedroom. Harry quickly rolled off of the blonde woman who was sprawled out on your bed. Before he realized who was standing there he looked annoyed that he had been interrupted, but then he noticed it was you, and suddenly all color drained from his cheeks. For a moment, no one moved, you stood there like a statue, stone crumbling, Harry stared at you with a blanket wrapped loosely around his naked form, and the beautiful girl that lay covered in your sheets just slowly shifted her gaze from you, to Harry, back to you. You were the first to react, you spun quickly around and began walking quickly towards the door, heart pounding louder than your feet. You could hear Harry running after you, he was calling your name but his voice seemed distance and you did not want to respond. You were about to start down the stairs when you felt a large hand close around your shoulder. “(Y/N), wait!” Harry pleaded with you. You turned towards him, tears threatening to spill at any moment. “Fuck you.” You spat viscously. Harry’s face fell, visibly hurt, you didn’t care. You ran for the door, sprinting out into the now heavy rain.

    It was almost impossible to drive, between your tears and all the rain the road was barely visible. You couldn’t drive far in your current condition so you went to the closest house you could, Zayn’s. You pulled into his driveway and took the time to compose yourself before knocking on his front door. You only had to wait for about ten seconds before Zayn pulled open the door, he could tell you had been crying so a look of concern immediately replaced his friendly expression. “(Y/N) are you okay? Did something happen.” You usually didn’t like to cry in public but you couldn’t help it, you fell into Zayn’s strong arms, openly weeping. He held you for a long time, letting himself grow wet with the cool rain and your salty tears. 

You’re cold (1D preference)

Harry: You felt his arms wrap around you under the blankets and you instantly took in his warm embrace. His fingers intertwined with yours and you heard his voice whisper in your ear. ‘You’re hands are so cold.’ He stated, while covering your hands with his big ones. It felt so nice to feel his warm touch. You couldn’t help but smirk in the darkness. ‘Lucky you’re here to warm them up then…’ You smiled, scooping yourself a little bit closer to his chest, happy to be with him. And in answer to your move, he tightened his grip on you just before he answered. ‘Yes. Lucky you are, baby girl… Just like me.’

Louis: ‘Lou?’ You wrapped your arms around your boyfriend’s neck from behind. You were sitting in the garden with all the boys, Perrie, Sophia, Gemma and Lottie. Louis and you invited them all for a barbecue in the backyard. It had been amazing, but now the night fell the air started to cool down. ‘Hmm?’ He looked up at you and kissed your cheek in the process. ‘Where did you put that warm large hoodie of yours?’ You whispered softly to him. And from the moment he heard your words he jumped up. ‘You’re cold?’ He exclaimed, gripping your shoulders gently to take a better look at you. ‘Yes, a little, but-…’ You were not able to finish, because he already disappeared into the house. Only thirty seconds later he was back, handing you the hoodie and pulling your chair closer to his. ‘And now, you get warm little one.’ He said while kissing the tip of your nose, just after you put on his warm hoodie, that was just a little bit too big for you.

Niall: ‘You’re freezing.’ Niall stated worriedly. And right he was. Your teeth were chattering like there was no tomorrow. You felt Niall’s arm embrace you but it wasn’t enough. You really just needed to get inside somewhere. ‘That’s it. Come on.’ He pulled your arm to the closest café. And you had been protesting for the last hour, because you just wanted to enjoy the snow that fell down in the city. Why did you have to be so sensitive when it came to coldness. It didn’t make sense, because you loved snow. Niall pulled you in the little café, covered in Christmas lights and you instantly felt happy looking at it. And you felt even better when the warm air inside touched your cold skin. ‘A hot chocolate for her please!’ Niall already said to the bartender, before you even sat down. And you felt yourself already longing to take a sip. ‘And you…’ Niall’s eyes met yours when he helped you sit down. ‘You make sure to get that warm, healthy glow on your cheeks again, because I miss it.’

Zayn: ‘You’re cold.’ Zayn decided, while he looked at you with his serious frown. He was already undoing himself from his jacket but you touched his arm to tell him not to. ‘No, Zayn. It’s fine! I’m good.’ But your voice betrayed yourself, because it was slightly shaking and of course he noticed. You always felt guilty when he had to give you his jacket. You felt stupid for not bringing your own. Suddenly you felt the warm touch of his jacket covering your shoulders and back. And you had to admit to yourself that it instantly felt better. The scent of his perfume was a definite plus. ‘Zayn…’ You tried to protest for the last time, but he placed his finger on your lips before he spoke himself. ‘Stop… I love you. So let me take care of you.’

Liam: ‘Oh no…’ Liam breathed out, what made you look up at him. ‘What?’ You asked, confusion filling your voice. But he didn’t reply and just stood up, making you lift your head what was laying on his lap. You had been watching television with him for the past hour and nothing really happened until he decided to be confusing. ‘I’ll be right back.’ He said just before he left the room. And you didn’t understand a thing of what he was doing. But after a minute, he returned with the big cover of your bed. ‘Liam. What-…’ You tried to get out until you were interrupted with him covering you with the bed sheets. ‘You were shivering. You’re cold.’ He said, while he was literally making a burrito of you. And you couldn’t help yourself from smiling. ‘Oh… So what are you? The cold police?’ You smirked at him, not able to move with him on top you. And he kissed your lips before he answered. ‘That’s exactly who I am. The cold police at your personal service!’

NOTE: Unexpectedly but finally a preference! I’m sorry it took me so long since the last one. I either have to much work, or am too tired. I hope you liked this either way! Have a wonderful day!!


Let Me Be Your Caddy/Daddy

Summary: AU where Niall’s a broke student and loves to play golf. He needs money so he starts working as a caddy in a country club and he ends up caddying for a hot guy who is clumsy and awkward as fuck and Niall can’t decide if he finds it cute or annoying.

Pairing: Niall/Harry

W/C: 1800+

Chapter: 1/1

A/N: Based on this prompt.

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Request for Bushra - True or False

The live stream of the press conference was playing on your laptop as you cooked yourself some dinner. It was the same old questions as they always asked. It didn’t take long for the interviewer to address the picture the paps took of you and Harry at the jewelry store. There was no hiding you were there and you both knew well enough that all sorts of rumors would be surfacing. It had been a year since Harry asked you to be his girlfriend, it had been kept a secret all this time because frankly, you weren’t ready to deal with the overwhelming amount of reactions. It wasn’t until a few months ago that you started going out in public together. However, as an anniversary present, Harry took you to get fitted for a promise ring. This sparked conversations between you two; it was clear that he wanted a long term relationship with you. It wouldn’t be easy to keep it a secret much longer, so you agreed to having him make it exclusive.Today’s interview was perfect timing.

He checks up on you (1D preference)

Harry: It had been the busiest morning. You had been rushing from the one place to the other with the boys. It was the release day of their new album and you thought it was only fair you joined your boyfriend from behind the scenes. It was a day filled with interviews and you barely had time to talk to him although he was never more than three feet away from you. It was almost 11 am and this was already the third radio station where the boys made an appearance. Everything was always busy aside from the moments the boys were actually doing the interview. Like now. And you sat in a little chair, watching the boys behind their mics, while having a delicious cup of tea from the catering. Until suddenly Harry’s eyes met yours. ‘You okay?’ He mouthed while holding up a questioning thumbs up. This was so him. Although he was the one doing all the hard work, he still managed to find moments to wonder how you felt. You smiled at him and nodded shortly, telling him you were absolutely fine. ‘I love you.’ He mouthed again. But before you could let him know you loved him back, they interrupted your silent conversation by throwing a question at Harry. He answered the question, but from the moment it was over he made sure to send you a loving wink before he continued paying attention to the interviewer.

Louis: ‘No. I wouldn’t do that. I just think it would be better for you to do the website. I’ll make sure to call everyone who’s needed. I’ll work on that tonight and tomorrow.’ You told your colleague on the phone. ‘Yes. Perfect. I’ll let you know when I get feedback. Bye.’ You hung up with a sigh, already looking up the next number you were about to call. It was 8 pm and you were almost working for 12 hours straight. Somewhere in your second call, Louis came home, gave you a kiss on the cheek and unpacked his own stuff. During the third call he mouthed if you ate already. The answer was no so he proposed to make something for you. During the fourth call his head peaked out the kitchen with a frown. He signed at the clock it was almost 9 pm. But you were not done yet. During the 5th call, he placed a note in front of you. ‘Don’t know if you still need to do another call. But after this one you are going to eat and take a break. No discussion.’. So when your 5th call ended, you waited to dial the 6th number. ‘You okay, love?’ Louis voice sounded from the kitchen. A couple of seconds later he appeared with some left over lasagne. ‘Can’t you finish this off tomorrow? You look exhausted.’ He continued while he placed the plate in front of you and started massaging your shoulders and neck. ‘I can, but it means more work tomorrow.’ You sighed while taking your first bite and it made you realize how hungry you actually were. ‘Well. That’s settled then. No more work tonight.’ He grabbed your phone and the list of numbers from the table and put them away. Louis’ way to call it quit for tonight. But you didn’t complain. You were so ready for doing not a single thing for the rest of the night, together with him.

Niall: You were in the grocery store looking for ingredients for tonights dinner when suddenly you heard you cell phone ring in your pocket. You took it out, meeting Niall’s face lit up on your screen. ‘Ni?’ Your voice spoke into the device, while looking at the prices of the vegetables. ‘Baby! Hi. You okay? Where are you?’ His voice sounded in a rush and you heard keys in the background. ‘Grocery store. Everything alright?’ You questioned him. It was quite unusual for him to call. You thought he would be in a meeting for at least one more hour. ‘Yeah, meeting got cancelled. So I’m home earlier but you weren’t here and that’s why I’m calling.’ He explained while breathing out. ‘Will you be home soon?’ You had to smile at his last words. Niall hated it to be home alone. He much preferred you being there. He was not used to being home alone at all because he was mostly the one coming home late, except for today. ‘I’m probably home in about half an hour or so. You think you’ll survive that?’ You chuckled while grabbing the best looking carrots you could find. ‘Hardly.’ He joked on the other end of the line. ‘But I’ll do my best. Drive safe, baby.’ His voice softened with his last words. ‘Will do.’ You ended the call, making a deal with yourself to do these groceries quick so you could enjoy the extra time with your boyfriend at home.

Zayn: This was your third red carpet but somehow you never really got used to it. All the people shouting and screaming. All the camera flashes in your face. You wondered if Zayn ever got used to it, after four years of doing this. You were happy Sophia was there with Liam as well. She knew exactly how you felt and it was good having someone like that so close to you. The most important person was the man by your side though. Zayn looked amazing, like always. More like a model than a member of a band. Silently it made you feel very small next to him. You always wondered how you got so lucky to have such an handsome and amazing boyfriend. Suddenly his mouth reached your ear. ‘You okay, beautiful?’ He asked loud enough for only you to hear. After red carpets he always told you he could sense your feelings by the way you held his hand. And maybe that was indeed true. Your grip tightened when you felt unsure about something and he could feel it every time. ‘Fine.’ You smiled, meeting his eyes. ‘Just don’t let go of me, please.’ Your words made him chuckle and he instantly let go of your hand. You were confused at first but then you felt his hand on your lower back, keeping you as close as possible. Your heart fluttered when you felt his touch and you smiled while hearing his reply. ‘Don’t you worry about things like that. I’ll never let go of you, baby.’

Liam: You were surprised when you saw Liam’s face on the screen of your mobile phone, indicating he was calling you. He was in the middle of a show right now. How was it even possible for him to call? … Unless… ‘Liam Payne, I really can take care of myself for an hour or two. You don’t have to trick people into thinking you’re going for a wee, just to check up on me.’ Your raspy voice from your cold spoke into the phone. This was so typically him. ‘Yes. I know that. But you’re sick so that changes things. How do you feel?’ He went on like his words changed everything and you couldn’t hide your smile because of it. ‘My temperature is not that high anymore. It’s going down. I’m feeling better. Gemma is coming over to make some chicken soup.’ You knew that would ease his worries instantly. And he confirmed it by breathing out heavily while hearing your words. ‘Remember me to thank her for that. That’s great baby. But don’t forget to rest. Because I know how you are with Gem.’ He had a point. Gemma and you were great at talking for hours and hours. ‘Noted!’ You soothed him. ‘Now go back to your show and your boys. They need you. The crowd needs you.’ You told him while hearing the thousands of fans in the background. ‘And I need you.’ He added to it, making you smile without even trying too hard. ‘Take care of yourself, baby. I love you!’ He ended the call. And you felt already better by just hearing his voice. 


N O // C O N T R O L — A One Direction Saga (PREFACE)




A band of five, unlikely brothers, brought together by a common thrill of greed and power. Chasing their highs, no matter the cost. And when it comes to this heist, there are no rules, no limits, and No Control.

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Harry Is Cheating (Part 2)

Link to Part 1:

 Zayn had carried you inside once you had started shaking from the cold rain. You were sitting on his couch, blanket wrapped around you, hands cupped in front of you as if you were waiting to hold something. Zayn had gone into the other room, he had told you what he was doing but you didn’t remember. Everything felt numb. Zayn came back with a steaming cup of tea in his hands, he placed it on the small table in front of you and sat down on the couch. His movements rattled the couch and with each shake you felt like pieces of you were falling to the floor. Like a tree losing leaves in the fall. You were delicate, shattered. You worked on building a wall of silence, letting the undisturbed quiet fill the hole that seemed to be forming in your spirit. The silence grew, sending out dark lacy spider webs that traversed through your body, temporarily making you feel whole. You bathed in the stillness until it was broken by Zayn’s timid voice.

“(Y/N), what happened?” He asked, obviously unsure if the question was appropriate. 

“I came home early and Harry was. He was. I saw it.” That was all you could bring yourself to say, the unspoken words lodged in your throat, stinging, making fresh tears spring to your eyes. Even though you hadn’t made it through a full explanation Zayn knew what you meant. He held you, trying to be compassionate, but you felt anger building in him. He broke off the hug after a few minutes and headed to his bedroom, you knew he was going to call Harry, you didn’t have the energy to stop him. Although Zayn had tried to muffle his conversation with the bedroom door you could hear his conversation easily. 

    “What the hell, man?!” Zayn yelled into the phone. He was then quiet for a long time as Harry spoke, you could imagine his slow deep voice rattling off a number of excuses that didn’t matter. “She’s on my couch fucking sobbing because of you.” Zayn stated, you wished he hadn’t mentioned the tears. Again there was more silence as Harry talked, the next time Zayn spoke there was an air of compassion, “Get Louis over there, mate, I can’t come over.” Zayn had stopped yelling completely, “No, no don’t come over. She needs a little time. I know, I know, I’ll try and get her to call you.” You knew you had to talk to him, you also knew that if you didn’t go back there tonight you’d never have the courage again. Before Zayn had even come out of his room you were out the door and back in your car.

    The rain had stopped by the time you pulled into your driveway. You’d turned off the headlights before you got there, you didn’t want him to know you were coming in case you couldn’t bring yourself to walk inside. You walked up onto the porch, for a moment you thought you should knock even though this was your house as well, everything felt a little alien tonight. You pushed open the front door and you saw a disheveled head of curly hair sitting on the couch, you cleared your throat, making your presence known. Harry turned around to face you, his eyes were outlined in red and he looked broken. “(Y/N)?” He questioned, voice cracking. Before you could respond Louis came running into the room from down the hall, anger flashed in his eyes as he saw you. 

“Look what you did to him! He hasn’t stopped crying! It’s been hours.” Louis exclaimed, taking a dangerous step towards you. You stayed silent, a pang of guilt made its way through you but you shot it down, you weren’t the one who should feel bad. 

“Stop, Lou. Give us a minute.” Harry said, his voice sounding a little stronger this time. Louis turned to go but put his hand on your shoulder first, you knew he felt bad for what had happened to you but his alliance remained with Harry. Even after Louis had left you stayed where you were, you had no idea what to say to Harry so you didn’t say anything. He gave you a weak smile and patted the empty space that was next to him on the couch. You shook your head, if you got near him you would cry and you were absolutely not going to cry in front of him. 

“I’m so sorry, (Y/N), you need to understand that. I never meant for this to happen, I don’t know what I was doing. You’re all I’ve ever wanted, please you have to forgive me.” He was begging at this point. Your expression remained the same. You watched his face fall when he realized that his words wouldn’t change anything. 

“You cheated.” You managed to squeak out. Your knees began to tremble, you silently willed yourself strength to get through this. Tears rolled down Harry’s cheeks, you had never seen him cry before. 

“I need you, (Y/N). I’m nothing without you.” You walked over to him and kissed him one last time. You could taste salt coating his lips from all the tears, butterflies still erupted in your stomach from the feeling of his touch, they made you sick. 

    You didn’t really remember driving back to Zayn’s but all of a sudden you were there, being ushered inside by Zayn. Niall and Liam sat at the table, worry lines present on their foreheads. You were quickly enveloped in a big group hug. 

“We’re here for you.” Niall reassured you in his thick Irish accent. You were thankful for all the support but you just wanted to be alone. You retreated to Zayn’s guest room, not even bothering to ask if you could spend the night. You burrowed under the covers and curled up next to your phone that was displaying at least fifty missed calls from Harry.

A/N: I hoped you liked this chapter, I feel like it was a bit boring but it’s necessary for the story. Part 3 should be up sometime in the next two days. 

Preference #3 - Movie Day (outfit preference)







Never did a preference in a while so i made one for you guys!

ok maybe the reason why i did so is because omegle wasn’t working for me so i couldn’t join any chatzys (i have a bad addiction)

but i hope you like the preference :)

There is no place I’d rather be (1D preference)

Harry: ‘Oh my God!’ You cried out when you felt the rain hit your skin. It was like suddenly the clouds separated and decided to throw thousand buckets of water to the earth. One moment it was this sunny day and the other moment hell broke loose with so much rain falling down. You were drenched in only five seconds. You felt Harry grabbing your hand and you followed his lead to find a place to hide. Maybe it wasn’t such an amazing day to go for a walk in the park. There were not so much things here where you were able to hide from the rain. It took at least three minutes for you to find a little covered wooden platform where you could sit. ‘Well… That was interesting.’ Harry spoke for the first time when you both stood dry. ‘Are you okay?’ He asked while searching for your eyes. And when you looked up at him after checking out your drenched clothes, your face didn’t flinch while saying the words ‘I’m wet.’ And it was silent for a moment. Just you and your boyfriend looking at each other, before you both burst into laughter at the sight of the other. Harry’s hair was dripping and you were amazed by how hot he still managed to look. ‘Are you cold?’ He asked again, a dangerous smirk forming on his lips. And when you shook your head, he suddenly grabbed your hand and ran in the rain again. ‘Styles, what are you doing?’ You laughed, trying to yell over the noise from the rain hitting the ground and the trees. ‘I am kissing my girlfriend in the rain.’ He just said, before his lips crashed into yours. And you never imagined a kiss in the rain would feel this amazing.

Louis: ‘This sucks…’ Louis sighed while moving the car just a little bit forward. You were stuck in traffic for almost half an hour now and it wasn’t looking like you were able to drive through in the next couple of minutes. So there was nothing left other than to wait. ‘We can play a game?’ You proposed happily, meeting his eyes. He frowned at you with a smile. ‘Which game do you want to play?’ He asked curiously, while he stepped softly on the gas again. ‘Okay… So…’ You started, thinking about which object you were going to take. ‘It’s brown. It has a little handle-‘. ‘No not that game!’ Louis complained, but you didn’t care. ‘It has little silver studs on it. And-…’. ‘Your handbag.’ He cut you off again. And you gave him a little win sound, along with an applause. ‘See! You are good at it! Now it’s your turn!’ You smiled, turning you a little bit so you would face him. ‘Well… It has this flesh toned colour. With tiny red details and-.’. ‘Me!!’ You exclaimed happy, thinking about the red nail polish and lipstick you were wearing, and he chuckled because of your excitement. ‘I wasn’t ready yet. Give me a minute to describe please!’ He said again. ‘But it doesn’t work like that, I-…’ You tried to fill him in, but he didn’t listen. ‘It’s cute and has nice legs. Did I mention it’s a ‘she’?’ He rambled, with his eyes on the road, but definitely enjoying himself. His constant smile made you smile as well. ‘Her hair is really nice. She has a bun at the moment. I love her buns. It looks very classy.’ You giggled and you placed your hand behind his neck. ‘Go on…’ You told him, definitely not bothered by the traffic anymore. ‘I love the dress she’s wearing. Mint green really suits her. Did I already tell you she’s quite beautiful? Probably the most stunning girl I’ve met.’ He said, while locking his eyes on yours when he had to stop the car again. ‘She is?’ You giggled, mesmerized by his blue eyes. ‘She is.’ He confirmed, leaning in for a kiss, and you gladly gave him one… Or two.

Niall: You felt Niall lean into you and his lips reached your ear. ‘This movie sucks like hell.’ He whispered in a low voice and you couldn’t hold back a chuckle, because you were thinking the exact same thing. It was your date night and you both decided to go watch this random movie. You read somewhere that it was a good film so you thought it would be okay. But that definitely was not the case. ‘I was better in This is us, and I didn’t even act.’ You heard Niall mumble. And he was right. The actors were so bad, it was even funny. ‘If they just made the car a transformer, this wouldn’t be too bad.’ He said in your ear, and you couldn’t hold in your laugh at that statement. Immediately you heard people shush you and you tried to keep yourself together. ‘A transformer? Out of everything you could’ve added you take a transformer?’ You reacted unbelievably. Niall sat up and looked at you with a frown. ‘Of course! What would you pick then?’ He said like there was nothing better than transformers. You knew he liked the movies, unlike you. ‘I don’t know… Maybe they could have a son with round glasses and a scar on his head, going to Hogwarts? And then he would be friends with this glittery vampire that lived under his bed.’ You rambled, and you saw Niall stare at you with this unreadable look on his face, until he suddenly burst out in laughter, much louder than you did, not caring about all the people shushing him. ‘Best. Idea. Ever.’ He cried, while he took your hand and led you out of the cinema. When you both walked out of the theatre, he laid his arm around your neck and pulled you close. ‘My little movie writer.’ He chuckled, while pressing a kiss on your head. ‘Even the worst movies turn out to be the best with you.’

Zayn: You came home with Zayn late at night. You both had been to Niall’s birthday party, and it was so late, you hardly where able to keep your eyes open. When you walked to the front door, you waited for Zayn to come with the key and open it for you. You leaned against the door, definitely able to fall asleep right there, in that position. ‘Aren’t you going to open the door?’ Zayn said, when he finally arrived after parking the car. You gave him a questioning look. ‘I don’t have the key. I thought you grabbed it?’ You yawned at him, still not realizing that it might be a little problem when he and you both had no key. ‘I thought you had it?!’ Zayn groaned desperately. He was obviously longing for his bed as much as you did. And when you realized the bed was not something you were going to see in the following hours you slid down against the door until you sat on the porch. ‘No…’ You cried out, now not able to keep your eyes open anymore. ‘Okay… Wait a minute.’ You heard Zayn speak and the sound of his footsteps faded away. It was 3 am. There was no way they were going to reach someone for help this early in the morning. But you definitely didn’t want to sleep outside. You heard Zayn’s footsteps come closer again, until his hands found yours and helped you get up. ‘Come on, baby.’ You heard his voice in your ear. ‘I laid the car seats down, we can sleep there.’ And immediately you liked the idea, even though it wasn’t the best place to sleep, it still was a place to sleep. And as long you were with him, you were happy. Five minutes later you felt yourself fall asleep, in the car, more comfortable than you imagined, wrapped in the arms of your boyfriend. And there was actually no other place you’d rather be.

Liam: ‘Hi baby.’ You kissed Liam fast on his lips, when you met him outside the building where the meeting would go on. It had been three weeks since you last saw him. And it was a shame you had to meet like this, but of course it was better than nothing at all. ‘Okay. Louis and Zayn are already here. Just like El and Perrie.’ Liam explained, while you both rushed into the building, searching for the elevator. You were already late, and this wasn’t something you wanted to be late for. Management didn’t like it when you were late. ‘They are just going to talk through some things about the new movie. They want to add the girlfriends as well and they have some ideas for it.’ Liam went on, while he pressed for the elevator to open. ‘If you don’t agree, just pinch my hand, I will handle it. They’re not easy to handle so it’s better I react. I know them.’ You nodded at his words, while stepping into the lift, leading you to the sixteenth floor. ‘Louis hates the idea already. Zayn doesn’t want it either, so I think we have a great chance to hold this thing back, and-…’ But suddenly he was interrupted with his speaking when the lift shut down somewhere between the ninth and the tenth floor. The emergency light turned on and the light of the elevator buttons turned off. ‘You’ve got to be kidding me.’ Liam breathed out after a short moment of nothing but silence. ‘Are we stuck?’ You asked him softly, when you saw your boyfriend push all the buttons, with no reaction. ‘I think we are…’ He stated after a while, adding a sigh to his sentence. ‘But…’ He continued when he grabbed his phone out of his pocket. ‘Maybe it’s not that bad.’ After that, he called Zayn, to tell him you guys were stuck in the lift. And you frowned at him laughing softly. Like he had some pleasure off of this whole thing. Until he hung up on his band member, sat himself down on the floor and patted the place next to him, telling you to sit there. ‘Why are you so smiley about this?’ You asked him confused, when you did what he asked you to do. And immediately he laid his arm around you. It was nice to feel his touch, you had missed it a lot. ‘Zayn said it could take an hour or something. Maybe two.’ He said with a happy smile, and you didn’t get why this was so good, until he spoke again. ‘For me that just means one or two hours with you. And I need that. A lot.’ He met your eyes and kissed you after he finished his sentence. ‘So maybe we can start over again…’ Liam smiled at you after he left your lips. ‘Hi, baby. I’ve missed you. How was your day?’ And your lips instantly curled upwards, at the sound of his words. He was right. Maybe this was exactly what you both needed right now. One hour… or two… of spending time together. Finally.  

NOTE: The idea for this preference was actually to be in a situation with him that isn’t the best, but still there is no place you’d rather be. Hope you liked it!! 

He finds your (depressing) journal

A/n: this was inspired while writing in my journal and just looking at previous pages. I really hope that none of you feel the same way. So this preference is going to be triggering so don’t read if it doesn’t do you good. I love all of you and you can always come to me with anything. Tell me if you want a part two.

All in his POV:

Niall: “Come on baby this dinner is very important to me and I really would like you to come! You said you would last week" I begged Y/N. for some reason she’s trying to flake out on the celebration dinner that was set for ‘Best Song Ever’. “I know but Ni I had a late lunch and-“
“Then you can order something small. Please baby” I begged giving her the puppy dog eyes. “Okay fine. I’m showering though.“ She said getting off the couch. “Okay ill pick out your outfit.” I said following her.

While Y/N was in the shower I picked out a black dress that was strapless, gold thick necklace and now I was picking out the earrings. Just as I found the perfect studs I dropped one after trying to place it next to the dress that was lying on the bed. “Shit" I muttered getting down on my knees and looking under the bed where I thought it dropped.

Instead of an earring I found a a black book and it got my attention so I took it out and opened it up. Realizing it was Y/N’s journal I was tied between reading it or letting her have her privacy. “Ehh what the heck. She’ll never find out" I whispered to myself and opened it up wishing I hadn’t after reading a few pages.

Never realized that throwing up purposely would be so difficult” and “I know starving myself isn’t the answer but Niall seems to be more happy about bringing me out in public" or “I got so mad at myself today because I ate the whole salad and a peice of bread today when going out with Niall. But if I didn’t I know he would have said something. God why am I such a pig?!“ There were multiple sentences like that.

I was heart broken to say the least that Y/N who was the perfect shape, image, most beautiful person in the world thought she had to starve herself to be pretty. To like herself.

"Niall did you find my outfit?!” Y/N called out from the bathroom. I didn’t even hear the water turn off. I wiped my eyes and slip the journal under the bed quickly.

“Yeah I found something” I muttered.

Liam: “I can’t believe that you finally moving in with me.“ I said with a big smile on my face as I grabbed the last box out of her car.

She smiled “well I’ve been bust with school and I had to wait until my last rent payment was up-”

“I know why I’m just excited babe" I kissed her forehead.

**** I was emptying her box filled with books while Y/N was putting her. clothes in the closet. I picked up what looked like a journal. I picked it up and looked at Y/N with raised eyebrows. “Babe?“ I ask holding up the book

She gasped before running at me and snatching the book. “Don’t look at that!”

“What’s the matter?! Don’t want me to see what you really think of me?“ I teased and poked her sides.

She gave a small smile. “Yeah. That’s why” I of course was unconvinced by I let it go and have her the privacy she wanted..for now ****

****Three weeks later****

Y/N has been acting really strange lately. Not smiling like she used too. Taking much longer than needed in the shower and not using social media as often. When I ask her about it she shrugs it off like its nothing.

“Babe I’m going on a run" she said walking in to the living room where I was.

“Okay babe want me to come with you?“ I said getting up.

“No thanks babe. But I just have to clear my head. Do something thinking by myself you know?” She said and gave a small grin before giving me a peck on the lips and leaving.

After she left I went upstairs to investigate. I knew what I had to do to find out and that was to bring out her journal. Each flip to the page broke my heart. It was all about how her two best friends are fighting. One of the two is blaming the fight on Y/N. And the other is saying that it’s both of Y/N’s and Y/BFF/N because they hang out to much without her. But what I saw next was too much. “It’s too much. Being blamed for your best friends fighting. I can’t handle it anymore. I’m literally beating myself up about it. Literally. I hit myself multiple times a day. I do it because I deserve it. Liam hasn’t seen it. I’m careful about where the bruises will be" this was written two days ago.

Louis: I was bored to say the least. Y/N was out with her friend for lunch leaving me alone in a house with nothing to do. My car was in the shop and all the boys had plans. I decide to do some payback on Y/N for leaving me all alone to my boredom. Jokingly of course but it was still going to be funny.

I went up to our room and looked through her closet for something embarrassing. Old pictures maybe? Old clothes? Nothin in there. Then I had an idea. I’ll go into her underwear drawer and pull out her most embarrassing ones. See how she reacts and if its okay post it to twitter.

But instead of searching for grannie panties I found a thin black book. I opened up and realized it was her diary. I laughed in victory. Then I heard the door close indicating that Y/N was home. I skipped down the stares. She smiled at me until she saw what I was holding. I smirked and opened it.

“Louis don’t please!“ She pleaded. Begged. I didn’t know why she didn’t want me to read it so badly but I did anyway.

I read it out loud. “Dear Diary today I relapsed again. I’m not proud…”The smirk quickly fell of my face and my voice was lower than a whisper. I looked up at Y/N who was crying so hard but she was silent at the same time. “Y/N…" I said y voice breaking.

“I’m sorry" she said grabbing the book and running upstairs.

Harry: I slammed the door behind me following Y/N into the house who was also fuming with anger. “What the hell was that?!“ I yelled at her motioning towards the door.





I screamed instantly regretting my words but I was too stubborn to apologize. Too angry to care.

She stopped yelling. She put her hands up in surrender. “Fine! I’m leaving!”

“FINE" I yelled at she slammed the door.

I was so angry I started throwing books off the shelves. I eventually pulled the shelf down with it.

After ten minutes I started to cool off and clean the mess I made. I picked up a book that looked like a diary. I started to read it hoping that it would cause me to smile. But it did the opposite.

“Before I met Harry I’ve been in the hospital two times for attempting to kill myself. Suicide watch was a normal thing for me. God I just hated my life. But I met him. And he turned things around for me and he doesn’t even know. I don’t know what what I would do if he found out. I’d be so afraid. And God only knows what I would do if we broke up" This was written two weeks ago. I knew I had to go do something. I can’t let her be out on her own. Now not in this state.

Zayn: Y/N went up to go to sleep way too early. Well not way too early but earlier than she has ever gone. It kind of worried me since it was only 9. 

I turned off the Tv and made my way up to our shared bedroom. I heard silent whimpers from the other side of the doorway. Instantly opening the door and speed walking to my crying girlfriend who was violently writing in some kind of book. When she saw me she closed the book and hid it behind her. But it was too late. I already saw it. 

“Baby, whats wrong? Why are you crying?” I asked wiping the tears off her eyes. 

“I didn’t think you were  coming upstairs for a little while” She responded ignoring my question.

“Please baby tell me why you’re so upset” I wiped away the tears with the pads of my thumb and held her chin so she was looking up at me. 

“I-I can’t” She said looking away

“Give me your journal” I gently demanded. She shook her head but I kept my hand out. I knew she knew that I wasn’t going to give up. “Y/N I need to know what has gotten you all upset. Please.”

She hesitantly took it from behind her back and handed it to me. “Please. Please dont leave me. Please.” She begged causing her to cry more and harder. 

“Never in a million years” I said kissing her forehead before going off to sleep.

I opened up the journal. The last page, which she had just been writing in had some water stains from her tears but all the words were still clear. I read slowly.

“The hate. The hate. The hate. That’s all I ever get. Not even on just twitter. It’s all over the place. Sometimes Zayn’s fans physically hurt me. One girl today pulled my hair causing me to fall. Picking up my old habits might have not been the answer but they help a little. I have a lot hate relationship with cutting. Im afraid to tell Zayn about the hate and about the cutting cause then he might realize that Perrie would be an easier girlfriend to have. A girlfriend who wouldnt cause much stress. A girlfriend who wasn’t a cutter. A girlfriend that was everything but me. Nothing.”

I looked up at her with tears silently falling down my face. 

“Please dont leave me” she whispered before burying her head into her knees and crying harder. Leaving me speechless and crying a little harder. 


A/N: Sorry if it’s long. Remember you can always talk to me. Hope you liked it x happy three year anniversary everyone x