one direction fan faction

If they expected this to quiet the Larry fandom they did the exact opposite, because I’ve been seeing more and more stories coming out about meeting/seeing/hearing about Harry and Louis being spotted places together.

This is a really weird situation because if you think about it its doing different things for different people.

People outside of the fandom that have no idea about the boys or Larry are becoming more aware of the boys with less of a focus on Harry. So its pulling interest from people that would not originally give two shits about One Direction. Aside from that I find it really important that the media made sure to continuously note that Louis and Bri were “just good friends” and that she was a stylist. Check the articles every single one of them mentions that. So therefore, not only is Louis getting PR but she is as well. 

While it worked in terms of PR, its a really shitty situation for the actual One Direction fans. You have two factions, one that is like okay whatever, and then you have one that is PISSED! 

This story ignited Tumblr in minutes, to be honest I’m surprised we didn’t crash the site. 

While I feel like this story was meant to slightly push the boys further into the closet it actually did the complete opposite within the Larry fandom itself. 

It worked for most of the day but now I’ve been seeing post after post about secret fan stories that have not been talked about. Stories about how often Harry and Louis are talked about and seen about. 

If the team wanted to quiet the fandom they probably shouldn’t have pushed us so far. This caused an onslaught of Larry confirmation coming from lots and lots of people. 

If their plan was seeding for the coming out, well then they certainly choose an interesting way to do it.