one direction everything about you

what if the boys all say they’re gonna release a new solo single all on the same day and it will be something like

niall: buy my new single now, it’s called guess

liam: buy my new single now, it’s called who’s

harry: buy my new single now, it’s called  back

louis: buy my new single now, it’s called again


Lestrade doing some real talk

SOMEBODY DOESN’T LOVE THIS? // A Rucas Fanmix // [listen]

01. Let’s Love - Echosmith // 02. You Are My Sunshine - The Civil Wars // 03. I Know Places - Taylor Swift // 04. Come To Me - Jesse McCartney // 05. Geronimo - Sheppard // 06. Hunger - Ross Copperman // 07. Carry You - Union J // 08. I Really Like You (Carly Rae Jepsen Cover) - Anthem Lights // 09. Just Friends - The Jonas Brothers // 10. What You Mean To Me - Christopher Wilde // 11. Everything About You - One Direction // 12. Certain Things - James Arthur // 13. Fearless - Taylor Swift // 14. Beside You - Marianas Trench // 15. D.N.A. (Little Mix Cover) - Jonnie Edwards // 16. Real Life Fairytale - Plumb

Feel free to print this shit and give it to Liam at the next meet and greet

Dear Liam Payne,

So. I have had so much love and respect for you for almost 5 years now. You have said some things I don’t agree with in the past but this article really did it in for me.

I’m queer. Like super queer. I’m bisexual, actually, and I’m not out to my parents. At this point in my life I feel I cannot come out to them for a number of reasons, and I’m comfortable about that. I’m comfortable because I have other outlets that allow me to be my true self. One of those things is rainbow direction.

You and other individuals have completely misinterpreted the point of rainbow direction. It has absolutely nothing to do you with your sexuality, or the sexualities of your band mates. It has everything to do with how queer one direction fans feel about themselves. You should know more than anyone that these fans can feel alienated and even hated by members of your band and team. RD was a way to unify us and make us feel safe together and still celebrate a band we love so much.

We bring our rainbow and other such lgbtqa* merch to your shows to represent our group and to let other people know who among us like them. Going to the 1D shows the past two years was like going to Pride all over again for me. It makes me feel safe and loved when I know I will not get that reaction at home.

Honey. I don’t care about your feelings at this point if you don’t want to educate yourself. I don’t care that you have gay friends, because that doesn’t mean you can’t make mistakes. When we call you out on social media, sometimes it comes off as an attack, but you should take it as you making a mistake. I have defended you so much, but you’re getting a bit too old to still be this ignorant. You’ve been correct too many times by fans to still be this ignorant.

So please, learn about Rainbow Direction, and learn to appreciate us. Show that you find our feelings and our lives valid, because you more than the other boys upset us. I only say this because I care. I only say this because when I watched X factor, I fell in love with the boy with a dream who didn’t make it the first time. I want you to be the best person you can be. And making comments like you did in attitude magazine only shows that you haven’t learned, that you aren’t growing up.

Love, a fan who just wants to see you do better.

  • naughty boy: okay zayn lets hear it
  • zayn: ok here we go...
  • zayn: and you have always been the only one i wanted and i wanted you to know without you i cant face it, all we wanna have is fun but they say that we're too young, let them say what they want
The Signs as Songs from Up All Night

Aries: What Makes You Beautiful
Taurus: I Wish
Gemini: More Than This
Cancer: Everything About You
Leo: Stole My Heart
Virgo: Same Mistakes
Libra: One Thing
Scorpio: Gotta Be You
Sagittarius: Up All Night
Capricorn: Tell Me A Lie
Aquarius: I Want
Pisces: Moments