one direction ddms


Doesn’t matter how old this video gets it will still be one of the best moments in One Direction history… to me at least haha

(requested) preference: ddm, he’s your stepfather

(Niall, 17) You could hear him cheering before you actually saw him. A smile grew as you glanced out into the crowd and noticed Niall, holding your little brother on his hip as he was stood up, screaming for your team. Your little brother was wearing a scarf and a pair of earmuffs, clinging tightly to Niall while giggling happily, and if you looked close enough, you could swear Niall had painted your high school’s team logo on his cheek in face paint. This wasn’t a big game, you hadn’t asked anyone to come knowing your mum had to work late most days and it was a bigger hassle for Niall to get your little brother dressed and bring him all the way down to the field than was worth it. But he was here and smiling and you weren’t even sure how he knew you had had a game. You couldn’t help but blush happily every time your stepdad would shout your name, echoing over the other parents when you had the football in front of you. As soon as the game was over, you quickly looked for him in the crowd of people, eventually hearing his loud laugh behind you and finding him. “(Y/N)! You were brilliant out there! Seriously! I’m so proud of you!” Niall was gushing the second he caught sight of you, bouncing your little brother up and down on his hip and looking at you with a big smile. “You actually came,” you said softly, looking up at him with wide eyes. Niall’s eyes softened and he spoke quieter, reaching out one hand to brush away your stray hairs, “Of course I did, every game you play is important to me.” “My dad never came,” the words left your mouth before you could stop them and you turned red, looking down. Niall’s hand was under your chin, pulling you up to face him as he spoke, “I love you, therefore everything that matters to you matters to me. I’m proud to have you as a stepdaughter. I’m sorry he never came, I know I can’t make that better. But I promise I will be around for you, I’m not going anywhere.”

(Louis, 14) Sometimes you felt bad that Louis had stayed. You weren’t his child, he could’ve easily given you to foster care when your mother had passed away last year but he didn’t. But he kept you and he kept your family home and the cat and he tried his best to make sure everything stayed the same for you. Every time he looked tired or you heard him sigh or caught him sitting alone with his head in his hands, it felt like your fault. “(Y/N), did you do your homework?” Louis poked his head into your room, putting his phone in his back pocket and looking up expectantly. You looked up at him with sad eyes and nodded, pulling your blanket up to your chin. Louis raised his eyebrows and came into the room slowly, “Why are you in bed, it’s six ‘o’ clock, we haven’t even had supper yet love.” You shrugged, feeling him sit on the edge of your bed and put a hand on your covered knee, “What’s wrong sweetie?” His voice was so soft and concerned you couldn’t help the tear that dripped down, letting out a soft sob when he immediately reached forward to wipe it away. “(Y/N), tell me what’s wrong,” Louis said firmly, coming closer to you. “I feel bad,” you said helplessly, burying your head in your hands. “Sometimes I feel bad that you had to stay for me.” Louis eyes widened considerably before he was quickly pulling you in for a hug, pressing your head against his neck, “No, no love, I stayed because I wanted to. I stayed because you’re my daughter and I love you. This isn’t your fault, I could never leave you.” “You look so tired and sad, this wasn’t supposed to be your responsibility,” you cried, gripping the back of his shirt. “I love you and I don’t want you to be sad.” Louis sighed, closing his eyes and mentally cursing himself as he pulled back softly and gripped your chin in one hand, the other supporting your back, “(Y/N), I need you to listen to me, okay sweetheart? Can you do that for me? Sometimes I miss your mother. A lot. Not because I don’t want to be here but because I loved her and it’s hard to be without her. But I never doubted for a second that I would stay with you when she passed away. You’re my daughter and you have been for six years. You make me very, very happy. I never thought about leaving you or had any desire to, I promise. I love you very much.”

(Liam, 16) “Is my-is my mom home?” you hiccupped, tears streaming down your face as you stood in the doorway into your mother and Liam’s bedroom where he was sprawled across the bed watching TV. He sat up quickly, tossing the remote to the side and looking concerned, “She’s stuck at work for a few more hours. (Y/N), what’s wrong, what’s happened?” You shook your head wordlessly, sobbing like a child and sinking down to the floor at his response. Liam stood up quickly, coming to crouch in front of you and grab your face in his hands, “Sweetheart, please tell me what’s happened. Are you hurt? Do I need to bring you to the hospital?” You shook your head again, pushing out the words, “My friend- my friend’s been hit by a – by a car- he died Liam- I-I can’t-“ “Oh honey,” Liam quickly was pulling you against his chest, closing his eyes as you sagged against him, throwing your arms around his neck and holding on tightly. He stood up, lifting you with him and letting you wrap your legs around his waist like a child as he quickly walked back towards his bed. Liam could feel his shirt getting soaked, feel the way you were struggling you breath against his chest from the force of your crying. He placed you on the bed, quickly settling against his pillows and feeling his heart break when you immediately crawled onto his lap. Liam gripped you tightly, telling you to breath with him as he tried to calm you down, murmuring, “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry (Y/N).”

(Zayn, 17) “Isn’t that your dad?” your friend looked over your shoulder nervously, watching the tan man approach your table, his face frustrated. You glanced over, rolling your eyes before grabbing your backpack and standing, “No, my dad lives in another state. That’s my mom’s husband. I’d better go with him and see what he wants.” Zayn stopped a few feet away from your table, watching as you walked past him without a word before he could reach your table and went to wait outside his car. Neither of you spoke in as he got in and drove you both home, Zayn waiting until you were both inside the house before he spoke up angrily, “What the hell is wrong with you? Do you know how worried we were last night when our seventeen year old never came home? Your mum wanted to call the police, she would’ve if your friend hadn’t texted her!” You rolled your eyes again, feeling his glare on the back of your head as you walked over to the fridge and opened it, “Sorry I guess.” You started moving things around, looking for something small to eat before Zayn came over slammed the fridge shut, looking at you in disbelief, “Sorry? You think you can just walk in and say sorry and we’ll forgive you just like that? Where the fuck were you?” “I stayed at a friends house,” you said defensively, glaring at him. “Maybe I should be having this conversation with my mum not her husband.” Zayn rubbed his forehead, looking exasperated, “Don’t give me that bull (Y/N). Is that what this is about again? You are my daughter, you have been for almost ten years now. No matter how much you try and make me hate you or try and make me think you’re too much trouble, it’s not going to happen. I don’t know how I’m supposed to prove that I am not going to get scared and run out, but I guess I can start by grounding you for the next three weeks. That’s what father’s do isn’t it?” “Zayn!” you cried out. “That’s not fair!” “That’s better than your mother would’ve given you,” Zayn said, crossing his arms and looking down. “You deserve that (Y/N). I love you very much and it scared the shit out of me not knowing where my daughter was at three in the morning last night.” You spent years testing Zayn’s patience, trying to prove to yourself that you didn’t need a father figure who would care enough to stick around. But you were stopped short every time Zayn would easily say he loved you. Every time he would discipline you, but make sure you knew it wouldn’t change how he felt. Every time he cared enough to try. Without thinking, you quickly wrapped your arms around his waist, burying your face in his t-shirt and taking a few breaths to calm yourself down. Zayn wrapped his arms around you tightly, knowing what was going on in your head and sighing, “I love you (Y/N). I’m not running away.”

(Harry, 15) “He’s not my dad,” you said quickly and shortly, refusing to look at the man standing behind you whom you had felt tense up as soon as the word dad had been said. The cashier fumbled over her words awkwardly, apologizing with a slight blush and handed Harry the receipt. You quickly walked out of the shop, not waiting for your stepfather as you slipped into the passenger seat of his car and shut the door. Harry put the few bags into his trunk before coming to the front silently, buckling himself in and starting the car. Luck was never on your side as the two of you got stuck in bumper to bumper traffic on the way home, sitting in a tense silence and watching the rain roll down the windows. Harry was blinking a lot, staring straight ahead of him and flexing his hands on the wheel repeatedly. “I didn’t mean it,” you said finally, not being able to take the way he looked like a wounded puppy. “(Y/N), it’s alright, you were right. I’m not your-“ Harry started, not looking at you. “No. You are. I just get worried,” you said firmly, feeling him looking at you now. “I don’t want to consider you my dad and have you disappear one day. I wasn’t trying to hurt you, I was just scared. No one’s called you that before.” “I’m not going anywhere (Y/N),” Harry said slowly. “I promise. No matter what happens, I won’t leave you. I’m not like him.” It was your turn to blink rapidly, bouncing your knee, “You could fight with mum like he did. You can disappear.” You heard him moving before you felt his hand come to rest on your knee, steadying it, “I love your mum very much, I don’t see that ever changing. But even if something happened to us, I wouldn’t leave you (Y/N). I think of you like a daughter and I love you. I don’t leave the people I love.”

Blurb where he comes home and you're asleep in his bed (BSM)

The sun streamed through the classroom blinds, you couldn’t wait to get out of your last class and then your summer would start. You kept glancing at the clock hoping that it would turn quicker.
Finally after what seemed like hours the bell rang and you said bye to all your friends, you then started your short walk home, it was a lovely day and it made you relax while you walked with the sun beaming down on you.
You made it home after 10 minutes and collapsed on the sofa shouting a quick hello to your mum while she was playing with the twins outside.
“Hi sweetie how was school” she asked as she made her way inside leaving Dan to look after the twins, “it was okay, so glad I’m finished for summer” she smiled at you and nodded knowing how much you were looking forward to this summer as your older brother Louis had invited you on tour. “You’re going to enjoy this summer so much love! Louis and Lottie are coming back tonight, then when they leave for the next show you will be going with them” you were so excited to just see your brother performing again “okay mum I’m going to go up for a nap I’ll come down later for dinner” your mum shouted a quick okay at you while you went upstairs and changed your clothes, you went into your brothers room like you have been doing very often while he was away and laid in his bed for a nap, your mum always asked you why you slept in there and it was just simply that louis’ bed was the comfiest and if he isn’t using it why couldn’t you?
You dozed off feeling extra comfy, you normally woke up in time for dinner but tonight you slept right through. Lottie and Louis had arrived home 30 minutes ago, since it was 11pm they quietly made their way to their bedrooms. When louis opened the door to his bedroom he saw you sleeping.
He quietly crept to his wardrobe to change and then got in his bed, this is when you woke up “you in my bed for a reason?” He whispered to you in the quiet room. “I always come here for a nap, I meant to wake up for dinner but that obviously didn’t happen” he laughed, just imagining that every time you came home from school you got in his bed “do you mind?” You asked looking at your brother “nah I’m not bothered, just get back to sleep love” he smiled and you and you laid your head on his chest “goodnight sis”



DDM #15; Your parents are divorced, and he has a new baby from his new wife/girlfriend and you get jealous (Part 4)

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

Liam; *his pov* “liam? Babe? What’s wrong” I looked around to see my wife talking to me, I shooked my head and run outside of the house, I started driving, I was driving fast that I almost killed myself, but I don’t care, it’s my fault all of this is my fault, it felt like it’s gonna take me forever to arrive, finally when I arrived, I ran inside and started yelling, “where is my daughter”, “sir please calm down” some officer said to me, “I want to see the body” I said, and he nodded his head, “follow me” he said and I followed him, this is a nightmare, “you can enter the room” he said, and I entered the room and he followed me, it was dark and cold room, there was a body covered in a table, and the hand was out, it was small, I held it, it was cold, so cold, I never knew that death would make us so cold like that, “sir I need you to see her face and tell us if she’s your daughter” the man said to me, he removed the cover, “Wha-“. *normal pov* liam got out of the room with tears in his eyes, his wife looked at him with tears in her eyes and ran to him and hugged him, “thank god” he sighed, she nodded her head, “Mr Payne?” An officer said to him, he looked behind him to see you, he ran to you and hugged you tight and started kissing you, “don’t you ever do this to me you scared me to death, promise me” he said while hugging you, you nodded your head and hugged him, “I’m sorry” you said, “you’re okay now and that’s what matters now” he kissed you.

Harry;*his pov* I walked out of the room I can’t look at her, it will make me sad to know that I wasn’t good enough, I always wanted to be good enough so I can raise her and help her but I think I can’t do everything, I was going to call her mom, “don’t” I heard her say, “don’t call her, I didn’t mean what I said I was just mad because you’re spending more time with the baby I didn’t mean what I said” she said and looked at me, “if you want to stay with your mom for a few-“, “no I don’t I want to stay here with you and my new brother” she smiled at me, “c’mere” I opened my arms and she hugged me, “don’t you ever feel like this just know that you’re my number one girl, but don’t tell (his gf name)” I winked at her and she laughed, “I love you dad”.

Zayn; *his pov* “you know she’s really sad” I looked up to see perrie walking into the room, “yeah I heard her, I’m sorry” I said and she smiled, “now go and apologise for her” she said and I nodded and kissed her, I walked to her bedroom, I opened the door and she looked at me, “hey baby girl” I said and sat next to her on the bed, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you feel that way, so I’m going to make it up to you, I’m going to take you to Disney Land” I said and she smiled and hugged me, “thank you thank you” I laughed and hugged her back, “can we take perrie and sister with us” she said and I smiled, “yeah sure” I kissed her, I am so lucky to have this family.

● I won’t do part 4 for the rest of the boys.

Preference, BSM: He Realizes You’re Growing Up

Niall, 18: “Does mum know you’re going out this late?” Niall questions, one eyebrow raised as he leans against the doorway to your bedroom. You looked over, confused, “I don’t know, didn’t really think about it. I’ll probably tell her before I leave or something.” “So mum’s gonna let you go out at eleven at night?” Niall asked, looking disbelieving. “Niall, I’m eighteen now, have been for a few months before you got home” you laughed, continuing to apply your makeup. “I’m in UNI, I’m moving out in a month-“ “What?” he sounded upset now. “I’m moving out in a month,” you continued, ignoring him. “I don’t really need to ask mum or dad’s permission anymore. I run things by them because I respect them. But I don’t ask for permission.” He watched you finish getting ready in silence and watched you from the living room window as you left later on, driving off in your own car probably to go pick up your boyfriend and not come home until the next morning. It wasn’t until later that night, when Niall was alone with your mum in the kitchen, both looking over old photo albums, that he realized why he had been so bothered, “I guess I thought she’d be little forever.”

Zayn, 20: “We’ve been talking about moving in together,” you said slowly, looking across the table to your older brother who had stopped eating. You waited as he cleared his throat and nodded slowly, looking at you with a strange expression, “That’s…that’s great babe. You’ve been dating since you were 16, known each other since you were five. I think that you’ve been together long enough to do this.” You nodded in agreement, narrowing your eyes at him as he picked his fork back up and stared at his plate, not eating anything. “You don’t look very excited for me. I thought you liked James,” you said after a few seconds of silence, not being able to help the feeling of being crushed. Zayn’s head shot up at the sound of disappointment in your voice and he shook his head back and forth quickly, looking worried, “No I do, I do! He’s amazing (Y/N), you two really love each other.” “So what’s the problem then?” you asked sadly. “I thought you’d be happier for me.” “I am happy, I am,” he repeated forcefully, before lowering his voice and looking back down. “’S just weird, you know? You’re my baby sister. Don’t really like thinking how you’re not always going to be the baby.”

Liam, 17: “You bought this?” he asked incredulously, running his hands over the outside of the beaten down car and feeling somewhat upset. “No help from mum or dad at all?” “I did it all on my own,” you said proudly, eyes gleaming. “I work a lot of hours and I’ve been saving ever since I was little.” “I could’ve helped, I could’ve gotten you something new,” Liam said, not sure why he was feeling so lost suddenly. “I don’t mind it,” you said happily. “It’s better knowing I did this all on my own.” “You’re like a little grown up aren’t you?” Liam teased softly, his eyes crinkling as he smiled at you but swallowed the lump in his throat. He was feeling a lot of pride, but he couldn’t help and feel the nostalgia kick in as well. “Don’t need your big brother to take care of you anymore then?” There was the slight crack in his voice that you missed as you answered, laughing. “Hopefully I’ll be able to take care of myself. But I’ll still keep you around, I’ve grown fond of you.” Liam laughed along with you, keeping his head tilted down so you couldn’t see how red his eyes were.

Harry, 19: “So what do you think?” you smiled softly, watching your older brother and sister turn in a full circle in the middle of your living room. Harry and Gemma exchanged looks before Gemma nodded her head proudly, “You’ve done well (Y/N). I thought it would look like a garbage truck to be honest, with your sense of taste, but you’ve made me proud.” You laughed loudly, shaking your head, “Ass.” “I think it’s quite lovely (Y/N),” Harry said in a quiet voice, hands behind his back as he smiled. “You’ve done an amazing job making it seem like home.” “I know, I already feel comfortable,” you ran a hand across the back of your couch and grinned. “Course the first few nights I was miserable, it was so quiet. But now I love it. I can’t believe I have my first apartment.” They both continued smiling, nodding when you asked if they wanted tea. As you walked into the kitchen, leaving them alone, Harry collapsed onto your couch and stared blankly at the wall. Gemma chuckled, sliding down next to him and putting a hand on his back, “Weird isn’t it? Seeing her grow up? Felt the same watching you.” “I always just sort of thought,” Harry started slowly. “That she’d be the baby forever, you know? It was natural seeing you grow up, you were older than me. But watching her is scary, I don’t like it.”

Louis, 19: “Aren’t you worried about her?” Louis asked, his eyes constantly flicking towards the front door. “Of course I am,” Johanna laughed. “I’m worried about all of you, all the time.” “So why don’t you tell her to come home, I mean it is one in the morning,” Louis ignored the last part of his mother’s sentence, his fingers drilling impatiently against the kitchen table. “Because she’s nineteen now Lou,” your mother said patiently, smiling softly. “She’s allowed to make her own decisions.” “She’s just a kid,” Louis said indignantly, ignoring the way his voice shook. “She should be home right now, sleeping where we can keep an eye on her.” Johanna stopped loading dishes into the washer, looking over with soft eyes, “Oh Louis. I know how you feel, I felt the same about you. She’ll be okay.” “They’re all going to be old one day, fuck,” Louis said in a shaky voice, resting his head on the table.

The day you were born - Niall Horan one shot

It was a late night in the house, it was edging on 10pm and Niall was sat on the sofa while you slept peacefully upstairs, the cold you had caught making you tired and weak.
Your husband was waiting up for your 17 year old son who went to see a movie, to waste time he watched TV laughing at the comedy show what was on. The beer in his hand was nearly all gone which made Niall get up and walk to the fridge to see if there were anymore, at that moment your son James walked through the door shrugging his coat off and hanging it up and walking through the door leading to the kitchen
“Hey dad” James smiled at Niall while going over to the cupboard and grabbing some crisps, “oh nice of you to come back” niall smirked at his son
James laughed at his dad and sent him a wink “it isn’t that late old man” your husband acting offended and went over to him and put him in a joke headlock “I’m not old” he said with James giggling below him.

“Cmon James lets go to bed” Niall suggested while starting to walk up the stairs while his son followed, James opened his door to his bedroom and niall followed “uh dad you’re in the wrong bedroom” your son laughed at his dad, “very funny son but I’m just tucking you in” your husband smiled at him while James looked at him in disbelief “dad im 17” he said while he climbed into his bed “I know I just saw this photo while I was downstairs and I wanted to show you it” Niall said while he sat on his sons bed near his legs, he handed the photo over (shown above) “that’s the day you were born, first time I held you, you were so small and cute” Niall tried to blink his tears away but a couple fell on his cheeks, “dad don’t cry” his son leaned forward and hugged his dad “I love ya son don’t forget it yeah?” James nodded into his dads shoulder “night dad” he smiled up at niall “night buddy”

The next morning at 8am, you were up getting ready for work while your husband was still snoring in bed, you walked over and kissed his head and off you went to work.
Niall woke up about an hour later, since it was the school holidays he expected James to be up and going out with his friends as usual, but as he got up and walked out on the landing he saw his son still tucked up in bed, under the mountain of covers.
Niall walked into his room and shook him awake “morning mate, do you want any breakfast” he smiled softly at his son, James shook his head and sneezed “no I don’t feel well” he frowned at his dad, while your husband looked down at him concerned “oh, well guess it’s a lazy day for you then” your son looked at him upset, he hated being clingy when he was sick but he couldn’t help it “stay with me dad” Niall sighed knowing there was a few errands to run today but what harm could it do to do them a day later “okay scoot over” James shuffled over and his dad got into the bed with him, he put his head on Niall’s chest and got comfy “just get plenty of sleep buddy, I’ll be here when you wake up” Niall couldn’t help but enjoy having his son close every since the day in the photo from the day before.

BSM You think he likes your twin more - Liam

Well done Anabeth. Congratulations Anabeth. Oh, Anabeth you look beautiful! It was always about your twin sister, never about you. It was pretty obvious from the beginning you weren’t like the other girls of the Payne family, you never really liked the idea of being a girly girl, which unfortunately was the way your mum had insisted you dressed until the age of 12 when you took matters into your own hands. You started to refuse to wear clothes your mum bought you so she eventually gave up and started allowing you a clothing fund for the month, which worked both ways as you got what you wanted and your mum didn’t get any grief. Anabeth was completely the opposite, she was a mummy’s girl through and through, where as you were hands down a daddy’s girl. She would wear pink girly clothes and her wardrobe sparkled when you opened it. At school you were both pretty popular, Anabeth being the bitches queen and you being the misbehaved. It wasn’t like you guys hated each other, you still loved one another but the difference was awkward to over come, most of the time putting strain on your relationship.

Yours and Liam’s relationship was kinda awkward as he didn’t approve of the way you were (well you thought that anyway), partying, going out and dressing head to toe in black didn’t really work for him.

It was Saturday night, Liam had the boys over and currently it was just you and them in the house as your parents had gone out for dinner with your sisters. You, however, had just finished getting ready, your hair was done and your makeup was perfect. This wasn’t a major party it was just one of your closest friends house parties as her parents were away for the weekend but you still had to look good. You waltzed down the stairs and walked past Liam and the other members of One Direction mumbling a good bye as you did.

“Annnd where do you think your going missy?” Liam questioned pausing the xbox game he was playing causing 4 extra pair of eyes to fall on you.

“Out.” You replied fumbling for your keys which were suddenly surprisingly hard to get out of your pocket.

“Er, no your not.”

“Er, yes. I am." 

Defiant, you stood there facing him, arms crossed, face stern. He just let out an exasperated sigh, turning back towards the game.

"Your such a nuisance, bloody hell, why can’t you be more like your sister?” You heard him mumble.

“What did you just say?”

“Me?” He turned back around, “surprised” “Nothing, I said nothing.”

“Yes you did, I heard you,” Sneering, you edged closer to him. “So I’m the nuisance now am I?”

Now it was his turn to be shocked.

“Yeah that’s right you heard me, all you do is play video games and sing maybe that’s a nuisance.”

All of the boys eyes widened as they heard your words, what were you saying?

“Really? That’s all you think I do? Little girl, you need to look around I’m bigger than you’re ever going to be." 

Line = Crossed.

"Oh, I’m sorry dear brother but you don’t know anything about my dreams, you don’t even know what I want to be when I grow up, do you?” His face softened as you said this but you continued, “ Maybe if you stopped talking to Anabeth so much and put your head in the real world for a minute you would realise other people have feelings to, my life is not a side effect of hers okay?

"Y/N, Look…" 

"Save it.” You exhaled, beginning to walk out the door, “ At least I made my feelings clear.”

DDM #15; Your parents are divorced, and he has a new baby from his new wife/girlfriend and you get jealous

Liam (7); ever since your dad’s girlfriend give birth to a baby boy, it was all about him, you felt like he had now a new family, a new family without you, you always felt like you don’t belong to this family anymore, you were sitting in your bedroom alone, as usual, “hey, we’re taking josh to the park, do you want to come with us” liam asked, you shooked your head, you really wanted to go, but you know that if you went with them, they will ignore you and forget about you, so that was the best decision at the time, “okay see you later” he said and closed the door, you looked at the door and the tears fell from your eyes, you just  want your dad back, is it that hard?.

Zayn (13); “dad can we go to the zoo” you said to him, “ehmm sorry baby, perrie went out and I can’t leave the baby alone” he said, “but dad even if perrie was here you won’t go with me at the zoo” you said, “like I said before I will take you later” he said, this is what happening since perrie gave birth, zayn always wanted to stay with the baby, and never stayed with you, it’s like he forgot the he has a baby girl, “you always say that and never take me to the zoo” you whispered, “oh god will you stop nagging, when I’m free I will take you to the zoo” he said annoyed, you looked at him with sad eyes, ” I don’t want to go to the zoo anymore” you said and ran to your room, you’re only 13 you shouldn’t feel ignored by your dad because of your step brother.

Harry (8); harry loves babies, and now that he has a little new born girl he wanted to do anything with her, and that’s what annoyed you, she’s here for only a few weeks and he’s already spending more time with her, you are scared of the idea that you won’t be his little girl anymore, he has a new baby girl and it wasn’t yoy, and you couldn’t do anything about, only to sit and see him with her, you walked to him and said, “dad-“  but he already cut you and said,  “shhh we don’t want to wake her up, come back later” he said,  but had enough you couldn’t hold it all inside,  like you’re only 8 you shouldn’t feel this way, “I want to go back to mom, I don’t want to stay with you” you cried and ran away from him, leaving him staring at where you were standing not believing what you just said.

Louis (14); you always tried to look like louis, playing fifa with him, or go to the park with him, and that always work you were so close,  that’s until his new wife gave birth to a baby boy, you knew he will take your place, like he’s a boy and your dad will LOVE to be around him, and teach him things,  even though he was a new born he always talked to him about what he will do with him when he grows up, “I will teach how to play fifa, take you to the park to play football with me and the boys, and when you’re older help you with girls, and take you to some clubs, I can’t wait for you to grow up” he said to the new born baby,  “dad he’s just a baby, you already planned what you will do with him for the next 19 years” you said,  to be honest you are jealous from him, “will yeah because I can’t wait for him to grow up,  it’s great to have a boy in the house” he said and smiled at the baby, and started tickling him, you can’t believe what he was saying, “will you know I always do these things with you, but now you made it clear that you don’t appreciate it, well thanks dad” you said and walked out of the room.

Niall (9); you were watching TV with your dad, and his girlfriend was taking care of their new baby girl,  she came in the room, “niall babe will you take care of her until I go to the store” she asked,  you were hoping that he will say no, “yes, give her to me” he said and took the baby from her hands, “we’re gonna have alot of fun together” he kissed her, yes you were jealous from a baby, cause that baby stole your dad, “NO DON’T LEAVE THAT THING HERE” you yelled, they looked at you, “what do you mean she is your sister” niall said trying not to sound angry,  “no she isn’t if she is really my sister she won’t be stealing you from me” you cried and ran to your room, and they just stared at each other not knowing what they did to make you feel like this.

Preference: BSM, Christmas

Liam (Age 13): “Open it (Y/N),” Liam prompted excitedly. “Santa put a lot of effort into this.” “I’m too old for Santa,” you said grumpily, ignoring his eye roll and beginning to tear the wrapping paper off the small present in front of you. Sometimes being the youngest in the Payne family was awful, especially on Christmas when you were made to sit on the floor by the tree in front of the fire and endure all the cooing as everyone paid attention to you opening presents. “Ruth can’t you open one as well,” you begged, not liking how everyone was sat staring at you only. “After you open this one, we’ll all join in,” she promised, smiling. “Yeah, like Liam’s said, Santa put a lot of thinking into this and we all want to see what you think of it,” Nicola added, sharing a grin with Liam. “You all know full well I haven’t believed in Sa- oh my gosh, Liam!” you shouted, staring in disbelief at the things in front of you. It was a testament to how well Liam knew his little sister despite being away for months at a time, seeing as you were practically sobbing. A personalized video message from your favorite Youtubers, Dan and Phil as well as a formally written, and very goofy, note from them asking you to join them for a “Day in the Life of Dan, Phil, and (Y/N) Payne” video. You placed the things on the ground before throwing yourself into Liam’s lap, wrapping your legs around his waist and burying your face in his neck. He laughed loudly, gripping you tightly and biting his lip happily as you thanked him over and over again. “I’ve told you (Y/N), Santa did this for you,” he said stubbornly, pulling you back a bit and running a hand through your hair. And if Liam wanted you to pretend to believe in Santa for the rest of the day and make believe you were still the baby, you were sure as heck going to do that for him.

Niall (Age 17): “Santa made sure I got home to you,” Niall winked, ruffling your hair as you both watched the News talking about the massive snowstorm that was shutting down Dublin airports hours after Niall’s flight had arrived. Your mum had promised you would all watch Elf as soon as Greg, Denise, and Theo got here so for now you were positioned on the couch with your brother and hot chocolate. You watched the snow on the screen and from the living room window with a bored expression before smirking. “Shouldn’t have bothered, Santa could’ve gotten me a way better present,” you shrugged, laughing as he threw a pillow at your face indignantly. “What a lie,” he countered, crossing his arms and pouting. “Mum told me you cried everyday about how much you missed me. “Well mum lied,” you teased, grinning as he stood up and towered over you. Without warning, he dove down towards you and tugged you to the floor, beginning to tickle you mercilessly. “Didn’t miss me huh? Really now? Wish that storm kept me away for Christmas? You wanna say that again?” he smirked, laughing as you desperately tried to crawl away from him. “I was joking!” you gasped, trying to push his hands away. “I missed you! I missed you!” He instantly stopped and smiled widely, “Knew you did.” “But at least if you weren’t here we wouldn’t be wearing this itchy Christmas jumpers,” you muttered, eyes widening as he was on top of you again, beginning to tickle.

Louis (Age 19): “So I flew all the way home for Christmas and you couldn’t?” your brother hissed into the phone, making you wince. “Louis, there’s still a few days left, maybe I can catch a train Christmas night,” you sighed. “And if I can’t, I definitely can get one the next day.” “It’s not the same!” he whined, ignoring the muffled sounds of your mum telling him to leave you alone. “Louis, it’s not my fault I’m working all day at the diner on Christmas and Christmas eve, I need the money for my flat,” you countered, running a hand through your hair. “Don’t understand why you won’t just quit that awful job and let me pay your rent until you find a decent one,” he muttered. “Louis! The whole point of moving out and being independent is being independent. Which means sacrificing things and dealing with bad situations instead of having my older brother bail me out,” you growled. “I’m going to be home the second I can, the entire family will be there until New Years.  If you’d like to be mad at me all break, go ahead. Goodbye Louis.”

Zayn (Age 7): You heard the front door open and muffled voices whispering downstairs. It had to be Santa, no one else would be coming to your home after midnight. You quickly grabbed your stuffed Lion and pushed back your blanket, beginning to make your way over to the staircase. Once you reached the top, you quickly peeked over the banister with wide eyes, noticing the fire was still crackling. Your eyes traced the room but it was empty; the voices were coming from the kitchen. You softly crept down the stairs, holding your Lion in front of your face and walked over to the entrance of the kitchen. “You’ve got to be quiet,” your mum was scolding quietly as your dad and another man laughed loudly. “You’ll wake all the girls and the surprise will be ruined.” “Sorry, sorry mum,” a very familiar voice chuckled warmly. “Just good to be home.” He was walking over to hug your mum but didn’t make it as you came hurtling into the kitchen, throwing yourself against his waist, “Zayn!” He looked down surprised, but laughed loudly again, crouching down to pull you into his arms, “So much for the Christmas surprise. Hey baby! I missed you!” “Zayn came home for Christmas!” you shouted to your parents who also began laughing and nodded happily. You looked back up at Zayn, who was smiling widely, before repeating, “You came home!” and throwing your arms around his neck. “Of course I did sweetheart, I would never miss Christmas with my family.”

Harry (Age 3): “So Harry wont be home?” you questioned sadly, watching him clench his hands over the screen. He shook his head slowly, looking up for a second before looking back down at you, “I tried everything I could to get home tonight so I could be there when you woke up angel. But there’s a lot of snow and all the flights are canceled until further noticed.” “So you miss Christmas?” you confirmed, grabbing your blanket tightly. “I’ll skype you again in the morning to see what Father Christmas has brought you,” he reassured you, biting his lip. “And watch you unwrap everything. And the second I can fly home, I will. Maybe I’ll even get a flight tomorrow afternoon.” “But you’ll miss Santa,” you whimpered, placing your chubby fingers on the screen of the laptop. Anne, Gemma, and Harry all sighed sadly, Gemma moving to place you in her lap as you both stared at the screen with your brother on it. “You’ll make sure to save the presents Santa brings me so that I can open them when I get home right?” Harry asked, running a hand through his hair. You nodded doubtfully, looking up at Gemma who was suddenly smiling, “You know what (Y/N)? We can have a whole second Christmas when Harry gets home? With more puddings and cakes and cuddles? How does that sound?” “Second Christmas?” you bounced in her lap excitedly, giggling. “Really?” “You bet squirt,” Harry promised, sounding relived. “ Now get your bum in bed, you don’t want Santa to skip the house because someone’s up past her bedtime, do you?”

(Requested) Daddy Zayn: He Finds Out You Were out Until Three AM

the request was to keep it short and sweet, so I’ll leave the ending for you to decide

Your mum had promised not to tell, because in her words, “I’ve done my fair share of stupid things when I was seventeen and as much as I am looking forward to punishing you for worrying me so much, I would never subject you to your father’s wrath over something this bad.” It wasn’t like you had planned on staying out until three in the morning on a Sunday night, really it was your parents fault for not getting you a car already and making it so that you had to rely on your careless friends who didn’t seem to care that you had a 1 am curfew. Well it wasn’t exactly like you were pushing them for the ride home, technically you hadn’t even asked once. But as long as dad wasn’t finding out and you were merely dealing with mom’s stupid lectures and a few days grounded, you could handle- 

 “My wrath over what?” Zayn appeared in the kitchen, grabbing an apple from the bowl on the counter and raising an eyebrow. Your mother sent you an apologetic look, biting her lip, which you returned with a face showing pure terror; you knew when it came down to it, your mum wasn’t going to lie to your dad. 

She slowly walked towards him, speaking softly, “Listen Zayn, it was a stupid decision. One that I’m sure both of us made a hundred times-“ Zayn watched her come closer, making him raise another eyebrow and place his apple back down, “What the hell did she do?” 

 “She…she didn’t happen to get home until three in the morning last night, but she was safe and-” 

 “She fuckin’ what?” Zayn shouted, turning to stare at you with wide eyes, his hands gripping the counter tighly. 

 “Zayn the important thing is that she’s home now, and safe, and very sorry-“ 

 “The important thing, is just how sorry she’s going to be when I’m done with her,” Zayn snarled, walking towards you. “Do you think she’s too old for a spanking, honey?”

My Little Boy - Harry Styles One Shot

It was a quiet and sunny Saturday morning, the styles household had yet to wake up. Yours and Harry’s life had changed in the last couple of months, your little boy making you so happy but so very tired at the same time.

The little whines through the baby monitor is what wakes harry up, he used to be such a deep sleeper but ever since your son was born his sleep had been light as if he was on alert all the time. He rubbed his eyes as he sat up in bed looking at the time what read 7:00 AM, he stood up and made he way quietly into your sons room as if not to wake you.

“Morning little guy” he said as he saw his son lying in his cot looking at him, he couldn’t get over how he had his son here after all those months looking after you, these mornings waking up early didn’t mean anything because he got to see his little miracle.

He walked over to the cot and picked little Jake up and held him close to his chest, “you need a change don’t you little one” he smiled softly and took him over to the changing table where he got him into a fresh nappy and onesie for the day

“Bet your hungry aren’t you buddy, shall we go wake mummy?” He picked Jake back up and exited the room, walking down the long hallway rocking his son and singing lightly to him. He opened your bedroom door and walked over to the bed to lay down, “sweetheart can you wake up please” he said to you. You shuffled a bit and opened your eyes and looked up to your husband and little boy on his chest “hey darling sorry to wake you its just that he’s hungry” he smiled at you while you were adjusting to the light “sometimes I wish you had boobs” you smirked at him while he threw his head back laughing

You took Jake from him and pulled your bra down to feed your son, harry gave you a quick peck “i love you, you know that right?” You giggled at the phrase he said everyday “I know you do harry we wouldn’t have this little one if we didn’t love each other” he dropped his sight to look at the baby attached to your breast opening his eyes like he knew his dad was watching him.

“I can’t wait to see him grow up, he’s going to be such a charmer in the words of Mr Payne” he smirked at you and you kissed Jake’s forehead “He will because he takes after his dad”

I’ve told a million lies
But now I tell a single truth
There’s you in everything I do