one direction dashboard

Spoiler: No one actually enjoys small talk. Maybe every person has a different consideration of what ‘deep conversations’ are, but you’re not special for craving some level of intellectual equivelancy in your relationships.

Basic human needs don’t make you special no matter how romantically they’re worded.


“Off to Never Land!" It’s the opposite of One Direction Falling Down Your Dashboard

Zayn is taking pictures of the London skyline from artistic angles and Harry is Nana.

(I recognize that Liam clinging to Niall is very similar to channybee’s adorable cut outs. I drew it without realizing and then… it was too cute to change.)


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Wanted to draw One Direction falling down your dashboard. It’s all aki-anyway’s fault. All my drawings of the boys are her fault from now on <_<; 

Zayn is pretending to be ironman, Liam seems to be the only one really concerned about what’s going on, and Harry is just- bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S. 

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