one direction confessions

Zayn Malik confession

Zayn fat shamed his ex producer, RT’d a tweet fat shaming a random girl, cheated on his ex-fiance at least 4 times and blamed her for his affairs, waited till she was in another country before texting her to break up with her after four years claiming he wanted a ‘fresh start’, forced her out on the streets and since she has several pets she couldn’t stay in a hotel or room with friends so she had to live in a Modest co-owners guest cottage, he lied about all this claiming he ‘had to much respect for her’ until she exposed him, several of his ex girlfriends have exposed him for cheating on them, said the N word and instead of apologizing just had his team remove the video from online, has done many cultural appropriating things, said black people aren’t victims of police brutality, supports All Lives Matter, used a black women in his PillowTalk music video as a nude tribal prop, has made many misogynistic comments, diminished Bob Marley and Jamaica to just ‘weed culture’, defended his girlfriend after a video came out of her mocking east Asians by making a sex joke, liked a tweet bragging about how she gets to ‘play with his dick every night’, and has done so much more disgusting, ignorant, problematic things. And his equally as problematic and disgusting stans defend all this by saying he has depression/anxiety, is Muslim and called a terrorist, and blames Perrie, the other LM members, 1D, and others for his behavior.

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  • Me: If I ever saw one of my celebrity crushes in real life, I wouldn't approach them. Instead, I would pay a homeless man twenty bucks to punch me right in the face. Because based on all the fanfiction I have read they would rush to my aid and then invite me back to their apartment to get an ice pack and then I say something cute and witty that makes them want to kiss me and then we fall in love, get married and have babies.
  • Friend: Oh God. WHYYYYYY?

Anon: Can you do One Direction Hogwarts AU or Camp Half-Blood or both…
Me: *Puts everyone in the same house, so they can all be together*

Preference: He has a migraine - 2/5

“Babe, would you mind getting me some Advil?” Zayn didn’t usually ask for anything so I was naturally concerned, “You okay?” He showed me a weak smile, “Yeah, I just have a migraine. Think I’m over tired.”
I knew this would happen, it’s normal, “Let me get you some Advil then we can lay down and fall asleep. How does that sound?” I went and got the Advil and when I got back he was half asleep. I shook him a bit, “Zayn, take this.” He grabbed his water next to the bed and took the Advil, closing his eyes seconds later. I laid down and cuddled into him while whispering, “Love you darling.”

I heard the door slam while I was heating up some of last nights Chinese food. So I peaked my head around the corner to see Liam with his head against the wall, “Babe, are you okay?” I placed my hand on his shoulder only to be shook off. I knew it would be better to let him cool down so I just shook my head and went to take my food out of the microwave. About twenty minutes later I was sat at the kitchen island eating when I heard feet shuffling from down the hall. I felt Liam hug me from behind, “I’m sorry, I just have a migraine and I’ve had a bad day.” I put my hand back onto his cheek, kissed his forehead and just told him, “It’s okay, my love.”


Little Mix confession

This year, Simon Cowell somehow managed to pluck five of the most painfully mediocre looking/sounding guys (what seems like off the street tbh), throw them in a group, and start marketing them as the next 1D. Yet for some reason, he’s still unable to give Little Mix, a group that’s been with him for 6 years, actual promo. I see how it is.

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How to tell I really like someone

“I like you more than I like Niall Horan”

Or the ultimate love

“I like you more than One Direction”

One Direction Confessions #1:

I love how the boys are just so, carefree and interesting. When I first got sucked into this fandom, I didn’t see just, uptight singers singing in a straight line, I saw five friggin idiots, who ran around the stage, used cuss words constantly, and pantsed each other.

Of course it was love at first sight.

(A/N some of the confessions will be incredibly short and some will be incredibly long. Depends.)

“I said can I take you home with me, she said never in your wildest dreams.” Excuse me? More like, every night in my fucking dreams….