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Will you do a part 2 of camping? it was so cute!!!

This is me formally requesting a smutty continuation of Camping. Can be more than one part. Can be a slow simmer to smut. What ever you wanna do. I leave that part in your hands. ;)

I had 2 requests for this one based off a previous request that can be found at the following link:

This one is half really thick tension and a cute resolution. Then, if you want to keep reading… it gets smutty. But it’s cute smut? Kind of. Judge for yourself. Not the most proofread, but it had a skim (I’m trying to just roll blurbs out, but it’s not really working) x. 

009. Camping in the Rain

“Storm came outta nowhere, dinnit?”

You hum your agreement. The two of you are in your tent, peering out through the zipped up screen as rain splatters heavily on it and the surrounding forest. The logs from your fire from the night before are soaked through and there’s a delicious cool, earthy smell that is clean, and fresh, and you can’t breathe in enough of.

The sky had been threatening to burst all morning, and you’d all only had enough time to cook some eggs over a cheap skillet before it had. The forecasts you’d all been checking leading up to this had dictated the storm wasn’t supposed to hit until the night you were leaving, but apparently those forecasts had accelerated and you were left to discover that yourselves with limited mobile signal.

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You quickly unbuckle your seatbelt and push the door open. You’ve been waiting to get out of the car for hours. You smell the fresh air of the woods. Before you have the chance to explore your other friends pull up in their car as well. You see c/n’s mom and dad hop out of the front and they give you a welcoming hello. You wave back.

“Hey y/n sweetie come help us unpack the coolers,” bringing you back to their attention. You sigh and grab your small duffle bag and set it next to the bench. You look and find your Chapstick and put some on.

Looking around, you look around at your environment. There is a dirt patch for tents, and not too far were the bathrooms and showers. You turn behind and notice the big lake as well.
“Hey y/n,” c/n says causing you to turn around before you greet him with a hug.

“Hey c/n, I missed you a lot since last time”. “Me too,” he says as you both pull away from the hug.
“Hey kids come on get your swim suits on the sun won’t be out forever,“ you hear one of your parents say. You guys walk over to your stuff and go walk to change in the bathrooms.
You had trouble tying the back of your bathing suit so you called for c/n. “Hey c/n can you help me tie my bathing suit?” You ask. “Yeah sure,” he says turning you around, grabbing the two strings. You feel his breath lightly hit your neck and his fingers occasionally graze your skin. He chuckles as the goosebumps rise on your skin from the contact.

You guys arrive at and head to the dock.
You look and see both your little sisters who are basically connected at the hip laughing and giggling while their feet dangle in the water. You spend too much time looking at them to react to the force of your body hitting the water.

You gasp for air and see your siblings and c/n laughing their asses off.
“You better get in here c/n or you might want to keep an eye open tonight,” you say while your teeth chatter from the sudden temperature change. His sudden smirk disappeared when he noticed you most likely weren’t joking. He pulls his shirt off, and dives in beside you. He jumps up and flips his hair out of his face before stepping closer to you.

“Please don’t be mad, you know what happens when I see you frown,” he says, inching closer as you back away. “No please don’t c/n. I know what your up to,” as the fear is evident in your eyes. It’s too late. His hands gripped your bare skin, quickly moving his fingers back and forth causing you to fall down into the water. Your laughs were contagious to him as he then started laughing as well.

Your movements were out of control and your arms were just not strong enough to pull his away from you. The voice of c/n’s mom brought your attention away from each other when she said, “Well aren’t you two just the cutest, now don’t be too cute in front of the little ones,” she says and a blush rises in both your cheeks.

You guys took showers and dried off. As your walking back to the camp you notice only 3 tents were set up instead of 4. There is one for your parents one for c/n’s parents and then the small one. That’s bad. “Where is the other tent?”

You ask. “Well sweetie, we seemed to have forgotten the other one so it looks like now we have to take the little ones in our tents so you and c/n have a place to sleep. We would fit you in ours but your too tall,” your mom says. You turn and see c/n’s parents explaining the same situation. You grab your bag and put it in the tent before walking off to the fire.

“Hey y/n grab me a marshmallow stick,” he says as he sits down at the one of the few logs surrounding the fire. You take two of the sticks and hand one to him before taking a seat next to him. You admire the golden fire as the glow reflects onto your skin, giving you a warm feeling. “Uh y/n, your marshmallow is on fire…and now it’s in the fire.”

“Aww dang it, now I have to make another one,” you say reaching for the bag. “No just take mine instead, mine is done,” he says handing a s'more to you.
“okay kids get into your sleeping bags. We’re going fishing tomorrow,” you dad says.

Everybody heads off to their tents and c/n walks in first. You walk into the tent awkwardly. Once you’ve settled down in your sleeping bag, you realized how cold it’s become without the fire. “Gosh it’s freezing in here,” you say with your teeth slightly chattering. You try shuffling without bumping into (c/n) in the small tent. “Here why don’t we open up the sleeping bags so it’s warmer,” c/n says turning to you. You nod quickly and unzip your sleeping bag laying it on the ground while c/n lays his on top of you guys.

You felt so nervous being this close to c/n, and it wasn’t helping that you guys were completely alone. You were facing away from him, scared of what would happen. He sets a hand on your side and asks, “is this okay?” “U-uh s-sure yeah that’s ok yeah sure,” you say while mentally slapping yourself for being so nervous. “You don’t have to be so nervous y/n. We’ve known each other for so long,” he says fiddling with a part of your shirt. He pulls you closer to his chest with the heat radiating off his body.

“Sorry, I guess I’m just nervous,” you say now wrapping your hand around his that’s draped over your stomach, relaxing into his touch.

“don’t be sorry. I just have a hard time admitting that I really like you. I don’t want to take away what we have,” he says while nuzzling his face into your neck. Your surprised by what he’s just admitted “I like you too, it’s just that being this close to you, not being able to kiss you when I sort of want to,” you say with a nervous laugh.
“Can I kiss you now then?” c/n asks.

You don’t say a word. You turn around and lean your body against his so your half on top of him. Looking into his eyes you set your hand on his jaw directing his lips to yours. You plant your lips on his and feel as the butterflies ease from your stomach but erupt all throughout your body. It was a quick kiss as you both pulled away. You felt a smile form on your lips and craved his lips once more. With more force you planted your lips back on his. He relaxes into the pillow beneath him and rests his hands on the small of your back, bunching up a small section of your shirt, allowing his hands to graze your skin.

His lips were cold from the air but the both of your lips together created this electrifying heat. It wasn’t your first kiss and it most likely wasn’t his. You pull away, laying down beside him, breathing in sync from the kiss. He smiles greatly and kisses the side of your head. “Does this make us a thing.” He says to in a small whisper. “It makes us way more than a thing,” you say rotating. You return back to your original spooning position, and with that, you both fell asleep.

You feel small light on reflecting onto your face. You ignore it and bury your face into the pillow to ignore the light. The shuffling of your head causes your hair to tickle c/n’s nose. He grunts before pulling you slightly closer and continuing his soft snores. You suddenly feel something, against your butt. You shuffle around only to realize that it’s c/n. With morning wood. Your cheeks blush ferociously but you decide to have some fun so you slightly push your butt back into his crotch, slightly grinding against it. He grunts again and this time you hear him gasp.

You hear footsteps appear closer to tent. You try to stay still as you don’t feel like talking to anybody this early in the morning.
Hearing your tent unzip, you then hear c/n’s mom say, “Hey kids rise and shi- oh well would you look at that. Hey (moms name), look at these cuties, come take a picture to show these little lovebirds”.

“Well aren’t they just adorable. Well I guess we should just let them sleep in and go fishing without them,“ your mom says and you hear a subtle ‘click’ of the camera before they close the tent once again. You sigh and open your eyes, trying to adjust to the light.
“You heard that too?” You hear c/n now say in his sleepy voice.

You laugh, “yeah, I can’t believe they just took a picture, especially while you had a hard on” you say turning around to face him. You notice his ruffled hair and sleepy eyes. “Well that just shows the things you do to me,” he says pulling your hips closer, pulling you on top of him.

“Well what should we do now horny boy,” you ask pushing the hair out of his eyes,feeling his boner is now gone. “I’m thinking we make out a little bit, then sleep some more,”.

“Let’s make out a lot then sleep some more,“ you say watching his eyes light up at your idea.
“Fine by me, but let me warn you, once we start theirs no stopping. “ he says turning so your on your back. You pull him down from his neck and begin to kiss him slowly.

Okay so I am at a camp right now but I wrote this before hand so you guys could have something because I hate to warn you guys but school is not far. This is not requested but I wrote it for my other blog that I decided not to post for so consider it a little treat. My next imagine will be within two weeks stay hot babes. xx

Anon: Can you do One Direction Hogwarts AU or Camp Half-Blood or both…
Me: *Puts everyone in the same house, so they can all be together*


You’re on a camping trip for the weekend and you and your two friends are watching, amused, as your boyfriends attempt to pitch the tents. Liam, being a previous boy scout, has his up in two minutes. Meanwhile, Niall and Harry make no progress ten minutes later. The whole time they keep insisting they don’t need help, trying to impress you girls. Finally after Niall glancing at Liam about 100 times, he comes over and helps them.

“This is how it’s done, boys,” and with a few motions, he’s got it set up.

Harry rushes over and grabs your hand, pulling you up from the ground. “We call this one!” He dives into the tent him and Niall just put up and you hurriedly crawl in after him.

“No pot of gold for you, Harold!” Niall yells through the opening. You and Harry just laugh at him, refusing to give up your acclaimed tent.

“Liam!” You hear Niall call a few minutes later. “Can you set this one up too?”

It’s going to be a long weekend for Liam.

How come when I’m camping, I still manage to look like I’ve battled it out with Satan himself, and then there’s these boys … ? 

“Do you think if one of us wasn’t in the band we would be this big?”“No”“No absolutely not”“I think we balance each other out”“I think when we look back nothing will ever be this big”“But isn’t that scary? the best times of your life are now”“It’s like a Benjamin button thing that we get to do it backwards? we get to do this and after have a proper normal life with a wife and kids”“What’s mad is we won’t be doing this”“Yeah” “So do you think like we’re still going to be mates” “I think so” “I think we will” “Of course” “Do you want my email now or later?” “I think we’ve gone through too much together”“We’ll always be a part of each other like growing up and i’m just glad we did it from the start how we wanted to”“There are so many bands that come and gone i would like to be remembered to for the records we did”“You know what it will be nice to be remembered even a mother telling a daughter the boy band at my time one direction just had fun they were just normal guys but terrible terrible dancers”

** Harry Styles Imagine**


Your best friend had invited to to a camping with a couple of other people you’d never met before. You’d never been camping before so you didn’t mind coming along.  Your best friend went off with her  crush, while everyone else that you didn’t know were doing their own thing and you were left with a boy in a beanie.  He looked kind of upset and kept looking at his phone. You were getting bored so you decided to strike up a conversation with him. 

“Hi.. I’m Y/n” You said sitting in the chair beside him. 

“ Harry.” He gave you a half smile then looked back down at his phone

“ The service out here sucks.” You told him 

He just nodded. You could tell some thing was up.

“ Are you okay? I could leave if you want?” You asked 

He was quiet for a second then responded “ it’s okay ..I’m sorry. I’m just going through a break up. “

“ Oh I’m sorry to hear that.” 

“ Don’t be ..she cheated on me.” 

“ Well that was dumb of her.” You accidentally blurted “ Sorry didn’t mean to say that.”

He just chuckled. “ No worries.  I needed someone to make me laugh.” 

“ I’m glad I was able to do so.” You laughed

Harry asked if you wanted to go on a walk so, you did. Told how you tagged along with you best friend that was very preoccupied by her crush.  Harry laughed at all your jokes  and you laughed at his. You really got to know each other. When you returned back to the camp ground everyone was already in the cabin but the fire was still going.  

“ It’s so beautiful.” You said looking the fire.

“ Just like you..” He admitted

You giggled “ That was so cheesy but thank you Harry. You’re sweet.” 

He just laughed 

“ I think we should hang out again of that’s alright with you.” 

“ I think we should.” He said grabbing you hand then walk with you inside the cabin that was currently blasting music. 

“ You dance?” You asked

“ I guess you’re gonna find out..” 


This isn’t so bad..

Harry Styles - 1140 words (Requested)


“I don’t know why you would want to go camping.” Harry huffs as he almost trips on a tree root sticking through the soil, his hands bracing himself along the tree that almost forced him flat on his face. A chuckle leaves my lips as a silent breath, my fingers brushing against the bark of the tree I am leaning against, waiting for Harry to catch up. 

“I like nature. The sounds, the clean air, the leaves.” My gaze trails up towards the thick foliage, the leaves already turning shades of yellow, brown and red. Harry’s labored breathing hits my ear, indicating he had indeed caught up to me. “I like my lazy chair, a beer and you on my lap.” Harry wiggles his eyebrows as he pushes me against the thick tree, face inches from mine, lips ghosting over my parted ones. 

“You’ll have the rest of the week for this. One night in the forest, you promised Harry.” I rest my flat hand against his broad torso, lightly putting force as to push him away so we can resume our path. “I am here, aren’t I?”

“Physically maybe.” I grin, jumping over another  thick root, walking ahead as I glance back. “It isn’t far anymore, the lake is beautiful late summer.” I push a branch to the side, my lungs filling with clean air, eyes closing as a slow breeze flows past my face. 

“See?” Harry stops besides me, his fingertips brushing along the inner side of my lower arm, gaze following mine to the little lake and the few lone trees. “Wow.” He seems as mesmerized as I was the first time I had found this particular place, staying for a swim and falling asleep underneath the stars. 

“Come on.” I jog the last bit to the open area, dropping my bag on the soft grass with a loud thud. I pull the one second tent out of the bag and it pops into place, a small glare thrown in Harry’s direction. “This takes away so much of the camping experience.” My hand wave in the direction of the already set up tent exaggeratedly, Harry laughing loudly as he drops his bag next to mine. 

“I am a city person. Not everyone is princess of the woods.” He rolls his eyes as he sticks one of the pins through the designated hole, stomping on it to drill it into the soft ground. “Tell me you brought food because I’m starving.” My boyfriend groans, bringing his water bottle to his lips to take large gulps. 

“No, there’s a pond. Fish.” I point me hind me but can’t keep a straight face as I burst into hysterics, clutching my stomach as I double over. “Bitch.”

“In your back pack.” I let my bum fall into the hard surface beneath me, sprawling out my legs, leaning back on my hands. 

“You make the best sandwich, you amazing woman.” Harry groans and he stuffs his face with half the sandwich before he stills, eyes trained on my form. 

“What are you doing?”

“Going to enjoy a swim before the water cools.” I shrug my shoulders as I throw my shirt on my back pack, jeans soon to follow. 

“You’re crazy.” Harry breathes but I can feel his gaze burning onto my bum before I dive in and my skin is engulfed in cool, fresh water. 

“Isn’t that why you date me?” I yell back, legs moving along to keep my body afloat. 

Harry is soon to follow, his shirt and jeans following mine onto the pile before he dives in with me. He swims over, stopping in front of me. Harry is taller to he can plant his feet onto the rocky surface of the lake, hands cupping my waist to help me keep my head above the water. 

“There are a million reasons why I date you.” Harry breathes, a small smile resting on his lips before they meet mine, my hands cupping his neck to reciprocate his sweet, gentle kiss. “You are such a sap. Where is that arrogant twat that I met two years ago?”

“You fucked him up, you’ll have to deal with this now.” Harry chuckles as he squeezes my waist briefly. 

I shake my head, a stupid grin permanently etched onto my skin as I hug his body close to mine, his fingertips trailing over my lower back. “Thank you for coming. I know you hate the outdoors with that fiery passion of yours.” The last bit of my sentence leaves my lips in a breathless chuckle, squeezing Harry’s neck as I press my lips against his stumbled jaw. 

“It’s not that bad. As long as I’m with you.”

“Stop being so god damn sappy! Show me some spine.” I laugh, pushing Harry away from me, legs paddling again to stay afloat before my cup my hands to splash water in my boyfriend’s direction. “Yesterday you didn’t complain about my spine.” I shudder, partially from the cold water and partially from his remembrance of our night spent together. 

“Unbelievable, you horny fuck.” I chuckle again, swimming towards the shore as Harry follows my lead. “Shit the water was colder than I imagined.” I rub my water droplet coated arms, paddling over to Harry’s bag where I had stuffed a few towels into right before we left. I throw one in the general direction of Harry, throwing one around my shoulders immediately. 

“You’re cold.” Harry steps closer, his hands rubbing over the rough towel to warm my skin faster. I press my lips to his chin, pressing my wet body against his to extract his bodily heat. 

He towels himself off quickly, handing me the towel for my hair as he starts to rummage through his large back pack again. 

He throws a shirt my way, my jeans already covering my legs again as I catch the white shirt with one hand. When I open my eyes again, Harry is already clothed in a shirt and his old jeans, his hand holding out his blue checkered flannel for me to wear. “’M not cold yet.” I roll my eyes as I stuff my arms through the designated holes, wrapping the ends over my chest to hide from the sunset and light breeze. 

We both eat our sandwiches, popping two cans of beer as we enjoy the sunset over the tree line, my head resting on his chest. 

This place, along with the chirping of birds and the presence of the person I will spend the rest of my life with, I am certain I am the happiest I will ever be. “I told you, it’s magical.” I breathe, Harry throwing his arm around my shoulders, pressing me into his chest, let lips resting on the shirt where it covers his heart. 

“Maybe it isn’t so bad.”

Lots of love,
L. xox

Room for Two? {N.H}

Requested: Yes

Word count: 2,774
Rating: R
Summary: usually camp is just a wholesome kind of fun, but as your second year as a counselor instead of a camper, your campmate Niall switches it up a little.

You readjust your cap as you head back down the dirt path, smiling at the thought of how you used to be just like the fourteen year-old girls who begged for cabin transfers. Not that it mattered, you thought. They’d just sneak over to each other’s cabins, anyway. On the path opposite yours, you hear obnoxious bellowing and laughing, knowing that it could only be the only other campmate you had still present at camp.


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