one direction belgium

ID #81688

Name: Ruqaya
Age: 16
Country: Belgium

Hello everyone.
I decided to do this because I like talking to new people.
English isn’t my first language. I can speak four languages; English, Dutch, Arabic and French and I’m learning German but I’m not really fluent.
I like bands like One Direction, 5SOS, 1975 but also Queen, The Beatles, AC/DC, … .
I also loveee England and Australia and I really want to visit those places.
I would love to talk to people from other countries but I also don’t mind speaking to people from Belgium.
I’m hoping to find a penpal who I can talk to for hours and share some of my secrets and maybe one day we can facetime. I prefer texting on whatsapp or iMessage. But maybe we should first talk on Tumblr. If you want to contact me on Instagram

Preferences: I like to talk to people who aren’t homophobic or rasict or xenophobic,… . I like to talk to open minded people who don’t judge me. I prefer talking to people between age 15-18.

One Direction in Brussels, Belgium - June 13, 2015