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how do aldnoah work

More precisely, how do aldnoah rights work? As in, the ability to utilise already-awakened aldnoah. I have no idea what’s floating around reddit or tumblr or anything about this so feel free to pm with links. 

I always thought the Rights were exclusive, and passed down through bloodline, such as from Count to child (since Klancain does the Klanclench when he sees the Tharsis, which I interpret as more than a sentimental thing). 

(insert reference to Arthur meme here)

We also get this scene right after the Klanclench. This will be important later.

Dialling it back to earlier in the anime, back in season one (or the First Cour to use their terms) we’re given a brief explanation of the activation factor and aldnoah rights. 

Then, piecing together both Inaho and Slaine’s ability to ‘command’ aldnoah (of the Tharsis and Deucalion, respectively) and the fact that they’ve both tasted that magic Princess spit, we can assume that the requirements of gaining aldnoah rights include ingesting a bit of royal DNA. So, uh, the Counts pictured above maybe had a bit of tongue action when kissing the emperor’s hand. Who knows. 

When Asseylum’s heartbeat stops, the Deucalion’s aldnoah stops working and she has to manually restart it. 

This explains why Inaho needed a bit of her blood as well as his own activation right to power up the Deucalion in Russia. 

(phone home inaho)

This raises a some questions: when Gilzeria died, and when Asseylum’s heart stopped in season one, what happened to all the aldnoah? Does simply having a Count’s rights mean that it keeps going (with the Deucalion failing because Asseylum never delegated its core to a ‘noble’)? Did the Deucalion never switch off during it’s repairs? Or is Inaho now technically a knight, with command of the Deucalion core?

There’s also the matter of Slaine’s right, regarding the Tharsis. In other circumstances, I’d accept that he’s in the same situation as Inaho: honorary knight since the day he arrived on Vers. With the activation right already in his body, he could simply step into any aldnoah-powered craft and be on his way. This is supported by how he could steal and pilot a sky carrier without the permission of Cruhteo. However, the Stygis Squadron is shown in blue uniforms (knights wear grey; Harklight addressed Slaine as a knight in season two and Slaine does likewise after Harklight gets the Herschel) and they pilot the Stygis mechs. So… perhaps aldnoah doesn’t really care who uses it. As long as it’s switched on a raring to go, any Terran peasant and go for a joyride.

(The guy on the left does salute, but he’s a second slower than the rest of the Stygis squad. You better be thankful you’re not serving Count ‘Whippy’ Cruhteo!)

But then they give us this scene:

This happens right after Slaine realises that Lemrina forced the Tharsis to go offline. What does Lemrina mean by that? If aldnoah rights are permanent, then Slaine can operate the Tharsis because he already has experience with piloting Versian crafts. Lemrina is surpsied that Slaine has the right, because as far as she knows, there’s no reason for him to have it (he wasn’t a knight before and Saazbaum made him a knight without telling Lemrina to give him the right).

Which is a nice solid explanation… that fails to take into account what she says immediately after.

Wait, what?

Love? If Lemrina’s talking about “still love” and “in spite of [being a vegetable]”, then she’s talking about the present. This isn’t ‘hey Slaine, did you smooch my sis in the past and get aldnoah rights’, this is ‘the reason you can pilot the Tharsis is because you love my sister now’. 

This implies that it takes more than just having a factor to pilot mechs, or at least the more ‘complex’, unique mechs of the true Orbital Knights.

What if this is meant to be taken more literally. What is loyalty is part of what’s needed for aldnoah to work? To be able to stop and start it, like Mazurek could, to be able to utilise it to its fullest potential, you need to have a bond with the aldnoah’s chosen. 

Which would make for some interesting implications. Firstly, it cements that the comment about Klancain’s loyalty ties in with his ability to pilot the Tharsis, hence the way the scene cuts from him looking at the Tharsis to that comment. It also explains why the Knights are willing to follow Slaine after Princess Lemrissey says she’ll marry him - if they are disloyal, then their aldnoah rights will be forfeit. It explains why Saazbaum needed Lemrina in the coup - he needs be be loyal to someone with royal blood, with the rest of his conspirators following him. This also gives the royal family truly immense power. There’s no need to fear rebellion - rebels will always be outgunned by loyalists. Unless there was a Count who could hold a princess captive. A princess who cannot contact anyone else and has no desire to. Then, perhaps the seeds of rebellion can be sown.

But seriously I have no idea what Lemrina’s crazy line is about. Maybe she was just talking baloney and is bitter that Slaine finds a lava lamp more attractive than her.


Harry Styles - What Makes You Beautiful (One Direction Cover) - Phoenix, AZ - 10.14.17

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