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Saturday Detention

by @suddenclarityharry (FallingLikeThis)

“You see us as you want to see us—in the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions. But what we found out is that each one of us is a brain…and an athlete…and a basket case…a princess…and a criminal. Does that answer your question?”

or The Breakfast Club Au that was dying to be written.

Just imagine waking up to this one on a beautiful morning, light little snores coming from his mouth, looking so comfortable and he would have a small smile on his lips and would sleep talk some weird stuff.

Sweeter Than Wine
Author: letsjustsee
Word Count: 15k
Walking up, the bass still pounding loudly in his ears, he furrowed his brow in confusion as he noticed one lone figure still sitting at the bar. Almost every other person in the club had fled to the dance floor, but here was someone that obviously hadn’t been caught up in Louis’ spell.
Confused, Louis thought perhaps this muggle was just so determined to get drunk that his spell couldn’t penetrate.
“You must really need a drink tonight, mate,” Louis said, his tone biting as he slid up next to the stranger and clapped him solidly on the back.
The sarcastic tone he displayed a second before must not have flustered the man, because he smiled widely, his cheek dimpling endearingly.
“I do, actually,” he said, gesturing to the stool next to him. “Why don’t you join me for one?”

When Wizard Louis goes to a muggle club for a change of pace, his one night stand ends up being much more than he bargained for.

Written for the @potterdirectionficexchange, for @lostboysoflondon.

A very special thanks to my wonderful beta @fogandtea, who I could say nice things about forever. You’re the best. 

Running Low
Canadian Nugget
Running Low

So apparently this little shit Shawn said at his Q&A that “one day” he’ll sing running low live. Here’s something to hold you off until then x

You are important. You are beautiful. You are one of a kind. You are loved.


Dianetti College Roadtrip AU | They decide to go on a roadtrip during their summer break. Gina gets an old video camera that she won’t let go of, but would much rather be behind it. 

Rosa smiled as she looked across at the passenger seat where Gina had fallen asleep, the video camera in her lap, one hand still slipped into the padded handle. She turned back to the road, the sun was starting to rise now and she figured they had gotten a good head start on the milage they had planned to cover today, so she pulled over. Silently, she reached into the back seat to grab her hand bag, where her own camera was. Click. It was probably the only picture she had managed to get without Gina’s hands up to cover her face. 

“I’ll delete that when you’re sleeping.” Gina mumbled, her eyes opening slightly, then closing again.

“I’d like to see you try.” Rosa replied, one eyebrow arched. She started the car again and off they went.

Have Me And Hold Me
Word Count: 5.8k
His clumsy trips were now even more burdened by the sudden downpour. Twice he almost fell making his way back to the ceremony area, mostly due to his insistence on running across the lawn in between trips.
The rain was relentless, coming at him from all angles with a deafening wind that muted everything outside of his own heavy breathing.
He felt like he was making pretty good headway, all things considered.
His pace was stalled only momentarily when, on his tenth or so trip, he thought about what someone looking out the window at that moment would see. Louis in his formal shirt and trousers, barefoot, stomping through the muddy lawn to gracelessly lug two chairs at a time towards the building.

Or, a wedding day AU in which Louis will let nothing stand in the way of a perfect day - especially a little rain.

This fic was written as part of an ongoing challenge. We each select random numbers and are given a specific emotion from the book 1000 Feelings For Which There Are No Names. To read the other fics written in this challenge, click here, or you can find the masterpost on tumblr here.

My prompt this week was #598: The anger that it had to start pouring right now.

• I’d just like to say that this is the truest thing I have ever read 😹 .

Princess Florence Elizabeth of Europe was born to rule, and destined to be great. There was no doubt that she’d one day inherit her father’s throne and make the continent something a queen would be proud of, much like her grandfather had done in the wake of the Third World War. Harry Edward Styles’s soul was made for hers in every single way, but being the beloved of a monarch is a large burden to bare.

QUEEN OF PEACE- the sequel to No Light in which queens are crowned, relationships are put to the test, and international security is threatened. Coming soon.

Las Vegas Mood Board as H+L Fics

In honor of the @larriedinvegasficfest!

(To see more mood boards as H+L fics, click here)

Top Left:Oops We Got Married” AU
It all started with a few too many shots and ended with Louis drunkenly betting Harry to marry him – apparently “You won’t” is enough incentive for both of them, because now they’re at a rundown motel with a 24 hour chapel, and they’re giggling and kissing in the pews as they wait their turn. Except Louis sort of lost his buzz an hour or so ago, but he’s too afraid to say anything. Where does ‘marrying your best friend under false pretenses’ fall in terms of moral ambiguity? (Louis almost calls it off right then and there, until Harry admits he’s also dead sober, but… why not go home with one hell of a story anyway?)

Top Middle: Bachelor Party AU
Harry and Louis decided the best plan for their joint bachelor party was a boys’ night out in Vegas. Except now Niall is missing, Liam is drunkenly belting out show tunes everywhere they go, and Harry won’t stop crying over how excited he is to be Mr. Tomlinson. Apparently Louis is the only one who can hold his liquor, and he’s going to need to be the one to come up with a plan to get the Irish one back. If only he could remember where they left him…

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AU: Fans first got the idea of Harry’s hate for you through the annoyed looks and nonchalant/sarcastic replies to whenever your name was brought up. But then after you join the band on tour, you and Harry begin to spend more time together and let’s get it clear - you never hated Harry, and it sure took some work but after a while you two were on good terms. Those good terms turned into hand holding and then some kissing even, which photos quickly leaked onto the internet and fans figured it out. Harry went from being clear about his dislike towards you, to blushing whenever your name came up. *requested by anon*

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harry styles is..

• sunlight
• ginger cookies
• autumn coat
• soft smile
• stars in the eyes
• angel voice
• louis’ kisses
• bun with cinnamon
• white shirts
• old poetry
• dried flowers
• polaroid photographs