one direction au edits

• I’d just like to say that this is the truest thing I have ever read 😹 .

Just imagine waking up to this one on a beautiful morning, light little snores coming from his mouth, looking so comfortable and he would have a small smile on his lips and would sleep talk some weird stuff.


The car smells like minty smoke and old leather and looks like Harry’s dreams.

It’s dark outside, and it would all make a beautiful picture, one to keep and frame. It’s lovely, is the thing. And yet all Harry sees is Louis.

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Harry styles lockscreen


this is the work of satan.

You should probably stay here with me a couple more days


“Well, that was a nice last touch,” Louis snorts. 

Harry closes the door behind his back and looks at him, quiet and small all of a sudden. Louis can still hear the steps of his family descending the staircase out of his apartment and a cloud of giggles trailing behind their backs. Jesus, that was embarrassing. Pretty brilliant, but embarrassing no less. 

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