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anonymous asked:

when will they stop abusing us tho?

They won’t? To paraphrase Kanye and Jay-Z, the motto seems to be stunt so hard motherfuckers wanna fine me. For celebs, this shit is working. So many are on the stunt train these days. Meanwhile I’m sitting here, to quote Kanye and Jay-Z, like that shit cray. LOL

This is the brave not-so-new world. Things are just more blatant these days–inside and outside the fandom.  Ironically, despite the fact that we’re living in the information age, it’s even easier to manipulate people. The fact that you can now tailor what you consume to your own tastes means unless you seek out a broader pov, you could very well be playing the fool.

But just from your question it seems you’re woke enough to know everything is not what it seems, Lawrence. Therefore, I say to you that you aren’t being abused. It’s the ones that don’t know any better or won’t accept that things are shady that are being abused. You, like a whole bunch of us, are just having a less than great experience as a fan due to said shadiness.

Knowledge is power. How can you get played if you recognize game? Stay woke, my friends.