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This is bad. This is very, very bad. Louis’ faced many Gym leaders since beginning his journey as a pokémon trainer, but he’s starting to realize he overestimated his abilities and underestimated the leader of the Fuchsia City Gym.

With a sigh, Louis steels his expression. He can’t let his fear show. Not now. “Sawsbuck, return.” He keeps his voice as steady as possible, watches his deer pokémon disappear back into its pokéball in a flash of red light. He’ll need to take it to a Pokécenter after this battle is finished, just to be safe. The Sawsbuck easily defeated the leader’s Nidorina, but was no match for the Arbok.

“This battle’s not over yet.”

Louis looks across the battle arena, locking gazes with the Gym leader. He’s right though. Louis has one more chance. He can still win this battle, still earn his Soul Badge.

He reaches down to the string of pokéballs attached to his belt. “Flareon, I choose you!”

“Arbok, Poison Sting!”

“Flareon, dodge it!” Louis yells, and his fiery pokémon does so just in time, narrowly escaping its rival’s jaws. The two pokémon continue to fight, blurs of purple and orange moving around the arena. It’s a deadly dance, and Louis knows Flareon will tire quickly if it keeps it up. “Flareon, use Flamethrower!”

The pokémon flips in midair and exhales a stream of fire from its mouth. The attack finds its target, and Arbok retreats. The giant snake is moving slower than before, though.

This is it.

Before the Gym leader can counter, Louis calls out, “Flareon, let’s finish this! Heat Wave!” With a quick nod, Flareon spins rapidly in a circle, warming up the air around it. Then, with a violent flick of its fiery tale, Flareon shoots the concentrated and molten hot gust towards its opponent. Too worn out to dodge, the Arbok is hit. It’s thrown backwards and lands at its trainer’s feet, unconscious.

“Arbok, return.” The Gym leader’s voice is quieter than before, perhaps even defeated.

Flareon runs up to Louis’ side, and he ruffles the fur on its head. “Good job, lad. We did it.”

Louis looks up as the Gym leader approaches. “Congratulations, Louis,” he says. “You’ve beaten me, and you’ve certainly earned this.”

In his extended hand sits a bright pink heart. A Soul Badge. Louis takes it, pinning it to the inside of his jacket with the rest of his collection. His dream of becoming the best pokémon trainer in the world is now one step closer to coming true.

Louis, Team Valor

the boys as pokémon trainers - part 3/5