one direction animation



I figure I can’t expect 1DHQ to live in my head and produce my dream music videos, so I made my own. It’s kinda like The Hangover meets Ocean’s 11.

Car chases! Mysterious briefcases! Irresponsible use of handcuffs!

Please enjoy. I had a lot of fun with this.

Tiny Louis is so smol, confirmed by Harry Styles

*did another animation! This time 8 frames I think? And this time I cleaned up a bit. Wooooh*


Everything you say and do.. 
It all sparkles so brightly.
It’s too blinding for me, and I end up closing my eyes.
..But I can’t help aspiring to be like you.


* SETTING THE SOUND TO NOT SO LOUD, LIKE IT COMES FROM AN OLD RADIO IN THE BACKGROUND and imagine that you see a very smooth, soft, lovely morning between two beautiful men who are loving each other with all of their heart*

A million years ago, the dearest @lornasaurusrex showed me her amazing idea how a beautiful Larry morning would be.

So I could not wait to see. Maybe it was not the best idea to doing by myself, but until I will be better, here is this sample. Yeah, we can say that. Just a sample pretty far away what I really wanted.

I want to thank you, Lorna for keeping me in this sweet, soft and intimate mood for days, helping me with it when I was needed.


A little 1D animation I made during lunchbreak today! 

Bros Make Other Bros Feel Better.