one desi direction

As a Pakistani American girl life is fucking difficult. I grew up only seeing white people as pretty or attractive. I was convinced that being white was the only way to be good looking. Then one day my 14 year old self stumbled upon the song “that’s what makes you beautiful” and I saw the video and noticed that one of the guys had a Muslim name so I googled him and found out that he was half Pakistani. And this was the best moment ever. I mean I can’t think of any other brown person in the media that isn’t portrayed as a terrorist or in another negative light. Zayn Malik was my hope in this western world of bs. Finally, brown people had a place. Now he’s leaving the band and they might as well call themselves “another band of 4 white dudes” bc they’re simply vanilla without Zayn.

i think…it was so cool to see a pakistani muslim in a boy band, because we rarely ever get recognized in the media. but to see someone like zayn malik, someone that was like me, that celebrated Eid, and ate biryani just made me feel like hey maybe we can make it and be considered beautiful. 

it just means a lot when i see a desi making it out there.