one days: hk

"I want to protect you
Your love will make me
Stronger and stronger
I can go on living today
Just by you being there and smiling
You are my sun"

Day 04 — Music [And Day 03 — Sun]

It’s EunHae Time ~ [Part 1]
  • Hyuk said that he’s used to speaking up in front of cameras to make up for Donghae’s lack of speech n the latter is comforted by Hyuk’s care. (c)
  • Hyuk took a picture of Hae during his fake kiss scene in Saturday Night MV …? (c
  • Remember when Donghae was so shy when he met Hyukjae face-to-face after months away from each other? (c)
  • [Compatible Eunhae] The photoshoot for Men’s Uno Magazine was one day after D&E’s HK concert, when Eunhae arrived at the location, they looked tired and were running their eyes while waving and greeting staffs. But during the photoshoot, they had great chemistry even though they didn’t talk much. When Donghae strikes a pose, Eunhyuk will do a pose that’s compatible with Donghae ^^ (c)
  • What happens when you love someone so much? Warning: This video contains some confessions and Donghae’s husky voice !

  • Remember when Eunhyuk licked Donghae but regretted it instantly because Hae was sweating… (gross :P)  (c)

  • Some things never change (c) (Donghae as king of the world with Hyukjae :) )
  • Once upon a time there was an EunHae couple and… a poor Kangin who trying to talk despite these idiots XD

  • When we don’t understand what Eunhae doing… (collage cr)
  • They have their own famous choreographies, MVs, albums and concert tours now ^^
  • A child loses his bottle to a baby (Hae) + Hyukjae as children’s lover

  • - BONUS -
  • Hae: “People in some countries think we are gay” … (c)

… I wonder why :) 

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Thank you, National Geographic, for making me go to Hong Kong for a month - just to take goddamn city photos. I’m an amateur adventure photographer, not someone who wants to go to Hong Kong to stand on a bridge with a tripod and a camera at 2 am. I don’t regret it, though - this job has taught me a lot about culture and heritage and how we should respect our - and other people’s morals.

But still, it’s good to be back.