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@huxloween day 18: Witches

A (late) gift for @smol-hux‘s birthday

featuring Kylo as a dark witch and Hux as some kind of pastel witch (???). Chibi-er than usual because I wasn’t satisfied with my primary sketch and stuff… inspiration is running away again.

non-gif version and better quality here

Final Fantasy XV is coming out very soon! What better way to celebrate than to give back to the people who made it all possible? So for #FFXVweek: FFXV Staff Appreciation Day, I’m putting together this fun project to say thank you to the team. This is something EVERYONE can take part in, whether you’re an artist, cosplayer, or simply a just fan!

Together we will be making a beautiful 22"x 28" poster featuring YOUR art/photos/messages for the FFXV team to say thank you for making Final Fantasy XV. As of right now, the poster can hold up to 56 canvases (rough idea of what it’ll look like, not actual size), if more than 56 submissions are received, the canvases will be slightly resized to fit more.

Each fan is given a space of a 800x800 pixel canvas that will go on the poster. On the canvas, show your thanks to the Final Fantasy XV team in whatever way you wish!

Fanart, photos (ex: cosplay, you with your merch, you crying over your preorder), a message in English or Japanese (please don’t write really small, the space you’re given on the poster is a little over 2″ all around).
- Some great ideas: fanart - include a team member in your art with one of the chocobros, cosplay - hold up a “thank you” sign or make a heart symbol with you hands. Get creative! Content created must be your own. Please no edits of screencaps/official art.

Your Twitter or Tumblr username (your preference) will be added to bottom right corner of your canvas by @verryfinny.

Here’s the formatted template for the project, please use it to ensure the size is correct: PSD or JPEG
- Save as JPEG (Preferred resolution: 300 dpi/ppi)

E-mail: or private message: @verryfinny on Tumblr. If done by e-mail, please include the username of your Tumblr and/or Twitter.

Reblog this post to let other fans know about the project! Tell your friends who are on other social medias as well.

Here’s an image you can use to promote the #FFXVFanProject on other social medias. Be sure to link back to this post!

Deadline: Saturday, November 26th at 11:59pm CT

ok I just wanna say that after the seemingly endless shit Taylor has been through over the last decade, she never once gave in, she never once let anyone else control her, and she remained true to herself no matter the circumstances.

10 years on, and with a bad cold, she just played to 100 000 people who knew every single word, at an event that wasn’t even her own.

As the woman herself says, “if you just focus on the work and don’t let those people sidetrack you, one day when you get to where you’re going, you’ll look around and you’ll know it was you and the people who love you who put you there, and that will be the greatest feeling in the world.”

God bless Taylor Alison Swift.

!!!! PSA !!!!

I fucking love Shinee

charmingpurple  asked:

I'm curious, what do you think of Talia al Ghul and her relations to Batfam?

Hi there, friend! 

I really like Talia as a character, and I think she was mishandled at a few points. She’s a fascinating woman, and I love how she was drawn in the RSOB series, and it brings me hope but then you see things like the animated movies and her depiction there makes me want to shove my head through a window. 

RSOB Talia:

Animated Talia:

Even as she’s getting tortured her boobs must defy gravity. And there’s that cringey scene in Robin: Son of Batman, where Damian is hiding behind a curtain and Talia is wearing a ridiculous dress and she like grabs him with her leg while Damian is watching and I think the words “shared moonlight” are uttered to refer to a sexual encounter and I almost had a conniption.

I think a big problem with Talia is that she’s often written by men. Sexy does not mean naked or form fitting clothes (or gravity defying boobs). And Talia is a sexy woman. She uses that to her advantage, makes use of the distraction and the opportunity it can afford. But I am firm in my belief that Talia would be sexy wearing a paper bag so these sorts of outfits are completely unnecessary. 

And then, of course is the whitewashing problem. Talia did not grow up in Western culture. The clothes she wares and things she says indicate this. So I am still desperately waiting to see that shown in the comics. Good lord.

But all of that aside… Talia was raised by Ra’s al Ghul. And I think that people forget that about her. She has a skewed perception of reality. She loves Damian. But her love is warped. Her love shows through harsh lessons and high expectations and even physical violence. Her love is hard and encouraging. She wants him to be the best, but she wants him to be her best. Her love is not always good. And that’s what makes her interesting.

I think Bruce genuinely loved her. I don’t think he loves her anymore, but he does have a soft spot for her. Bruce is a bit messed up when it comes to love as well. But the one thing that rings untrue about Talia is the way Damian died. I think it’s entirely plausible that she could be the cause of his death. But I think she would have to be constantly convinced by Ra’s, try to keep her distance, because Damian is her son and she spent 10 years building him up so he could be strong and successful (in her eyes). What would it take for a mother–even as one as ruthless as Talia al Ghul–to kill her son? I don’t think that was even touched upon. It definitely would have taken more than what they showed us. I also think it was necessary for there to be a reason why Damian would have to stay with Bruce. Otherwise he would be always torn (much more so than he is now) about what his place is in the world. Was Damian’s death necessary to achieve this? Eeehhh… I’m not convinced. But if it had to be, I think there were some better ways to handle it narratively.

Ultimately, Talia is a villain, and people shouldn’t forget that. She is capable of some nasty things. But she does love Damian, and that contradiction is what makes her so fascinating.